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Christian Radio. Providing you the best celebrity interviews on the internet today.

Christian Radio. Providing you the best celebrity interviews on the internet today.
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Christian Radio. Providing you the best celebrity interviews on the internet today.






Welcome Back Psychic Chris Dufresne

One of our favorite guests on our show, Chris Dufresne is back once again to delight us with his knowledge and Spiritual power of helping people by telling them their Future, Past and Present. Chris is the son of the well known Psychic the late Mrs Sylvia Browne. We were very fortunate to welcome Sylvia on our show many times and miss her greatly. Thankfully we have Sylvia's son Chris to carry on Sylvia's incredible legacy! LIKE our Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/WAEJTheDrewShow


We are BACK! With Special guest Chris Dufresne

After a very long break, We are excited to bring back The Drew Show. Biggest and better than ever! We are excited to bring back our Friend Chris Dufresne. As most of you know Chris is the son of the late Sylvia Browne. We welcomed Sylvia on our show many times, And we are so delighted to have Chris carry on Sylvia's Legacy. Come and join us as Chris will answer your calls LIVE! Come and ask Chris your questions about your Past, Present and Future! Book your Private Reading with Chris...


Speaking with Chris Dufresne

Today we will welcome Psychic and Spiritual teacher Chris Dufresne to the show. Chris is the son to the late Sylvia Browne. Come hear as Chris will reflect on his mother's life, And tell us about his mother and how much she truly meant to him. Chris will also take your calls LIVE to answer your questions about your future, past and present. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to speak to Chris Dufresne! Follow us on Twitter @DrewBTR Please subscribe to us on YouTube at: Backstage with...


An Interview with Melissa Gilbert

On Today's show we are pleased to welcome Actress Melissa Gilbert. You have seen her as Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie, Dancing with the Stars, Nip Tuck, and many other great films. Today we will discuss with Melissa her upcoming guest appearence on The Night Shift that airs on NBC Friday's at 10/9c Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! http://www.YouTube.com/DrewUnscripted Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/WAEJTheDrewShow Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/DrewBTR


An Interview with Josh McDermitt

Today we welcome from AMC The Walking Dead Actor Josh McDermitt. You see him play as Eugene on the most popular show in our time. Come listen as Josh will tell us what makes this show so successful and what we can look forward to in the new season.


An Interview with Ryan Bell

On today's show we welcome Mr Ryan Bell a Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor for 19 years. He left his church to live without God in his life for 1 Year. After the 1 year Ryan Bell decided that he no longer beleived in God and would continue his life as being and Athetist. Come hear as we will speak to Ryan about his decision as well as his current projects that he is working on. 'LIKE' our Facebook: http://www.Facebook/WAEJTheDrewShow Year without God Facebook:...


Special Episode with Chris Dufresne

**If you would like to speak with Chris Dufresne, Please call 818-495-6928 and choose option 1. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as our show page http://www.youtube.com/DrewUnscripted** The Drew show is back for one special show to bring to you Psychic Chris Dufresne. Growing up with his Spiritual mother the late Sylvia Browne, Chris learned at a very young age that he also had the same abilities help people by guiding their life in the right direction by perdicting...


An Interview with Yuri Sardarov

Check out Yuri Sardarov's Current Project and how you can help! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/becket--2#home On Today's show we welcome star of NBC Chicago Fire Actor Yuri Sardarov. Come listen as Yuri will tell us about what makes Chicago Fire so special and how much he enjoys being apart of this show. Also listen in as Yuri will talk about his current projects that he's working on! Check out Yuri Sandarov's Current Project and how you can help!...


An Interview with Chris Dufresne

On Today's show we welcome back Psychic Chris Dufresne to answer your calls LIVE as well as talk more about his late mother Sylvia Browne. Come join our show as Chris will give us more insight about his mother and answer your deepest questions that you've always wanted to ask! http://www.SylviaBrowne.com/ If you would like to schedule a private reading with Chris Dufresne call 408-379-7070. Make sure to 'LIKE' our Facebook page to have a chance to speak to Chris!...


An Interview with Chris Powell

Today we welcome the Host and Trainer of Extreme Makeover on ABC Mr Chris Powell. Come hear from Chris as he will give you tips on your weight loss and fitness journey as well as talk about the upcoming season of Extreme Weight Loss that will Premiere in May. Make sure you check out Chris's books he has out as well 'Choose 2 Lose' And Choose More, Lose More, For life. Chris Powell's website: http://www.ChrisPowell.com Casting Extreme Weight Loss: http://www.extremeweightlosscasting.com/...


Remembering Sylvia Browne with Special Guests

You must 'LIKE' our Facebook page in order to be able to call in and speak to Chris! http://www.Facebook.com/WAEJTheDrewShow On November 20, 2013 Sylvia Browne went home to be with God. We welcomed Sylvia on our show twice and she meant so much to us. On Today's show we welcome Sylvia's son Chris as he will take us on his mother's journey through her life and tell talk about her as no one knew her. Chris will also take your calls LIVE to answer any questions you may have! *Please wait...


An Interview with Rachel Frederickson

On Today's show we welcome Winner of Season 15 of The Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson, Rachel will be here today to discuss her time on The Biggest loser ranch and what she's doing to keep it off. We will also be joined by a Season 7 contestant of The Biggest Loser who will be talking to us about the finale and what they have been up to since their journey!


An Interview with Ruben Studdard

Today's show we welcome American Idol Winner and now current Biggest Loser contestant Ruben Studdard. Ruben has joined The Biggest Loser Season 15 as the heaviest contestant on the show. Come hear as Ruben will tell us about his journey!


An Interview with Mike O'Malley

On Today's show we are pleased to welcome from NBC 'Welcome to the Family' Mike O'Malley. Mike O'Malley will discuss his role as Dan Yoder on the show and will also discuss his roles on Glee, Yes Dear, and My Name is Earl just to name a few!


An Interview with Mary McCormick

Today's show we welcome the Amazing Actress Mary McCormick. You have seen her in such films as Stephen King's 1408, In Plain Sight, Deep Impact and many more. Now you will see Mary in the NBC show Welcome To The Family. Come listen as she will share with us about the show in it's Season premiere.


An Interview with Spencer Grammer

On Today's show we welcome Spencer Grammer from the NBC show IronSide. Come hear as she will tell us about the show and what we can expect in the Season Premiere! Spencer Grammer stars as Holly, the strong feisty detective who loves the rush of being undercover and the danger that goes with the job.Grammer shined in her role as Casey, star of ABC Family’s hit series “Greek.” Previously, she starred in “As the World Turns,” playing the role of Lucy Montgomery for close to 100 episodes. Other...


An Interview with Matt Bryant

On Today's show we welcome 12 year veteran in the NFL Kicker Matt Bryant. Matt has spent the last 12 years in the NFL as one of the most accurate and game winning kickers the league has known. He is in his 5th season with the Atlanta Falcons. Come hear as Matt will talk to us about his career in the NFL and also discuss with us his game winning kick against the Seattle Seahawks last year in the Divisional Playoffs!


An Interview with Charlie Barnett & Eamonn Walker

Today's show we Welcome Charlie Barnett & Eamonn Walker from NBC Chicago Fire. Come join us as Charlie Barnett (Peter Mills) And Eamonn Walker (Battalion Chief Wallace Boden) will talk to us about Season 2 of Chicago Fire and what we can look forward to!


An Interview with Judge Alex Ferrer

On today's show we welcome from 'Judge Alex Show' Judge Alex Ferrer. Come hear as Judge Alex will tell us about his national running TV Show and will also discuss with us topics that are making the news today!


An Interview with Rev Brian Fesler

Today's show we welcome Rev Brian Fesler from the Church of Scientology in Nashville Tennessee. Come hear as Rev Fesler will open up and tell us about their beliefs and practices and will also discuss with us topics that are in the news today!