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Welcome to the Word of Light Community Church podcast. Here you can listen to Pastor Doss share the Word of God each week.

Welcome to the Word of Light Community Church podcast. Here you can listen to Pastor Doss share the Word of God each week.
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Culloden, WV


Welcome to the Word of Light Community Church podcast. Here you can listen to Pastor Doss share the Word of God each week.




Rain on my Parade

Our study on the life of King David continues today with a look at David's, and the Israelite's, actions concerning the Ark of the Covenant. Won't you join us in discovering how even the most (apparently) worshipful actions may be the reason for your difficulties? click here to listen [...]


Freedom on the Ground

Last week Pastor Doss showed us that no sin can keep us from God's love and acceptance as long as we are willing to repent. (If you missed it, be sure to check it out here. ) For many, a reluctance to accept God's forgiveness for our own sins keeps them from a meaningful relationship with our Father. But what if you have confessed and accepted His forgiveness and you still feel a separation? Today Pastor Doss takes us through the next step of establishing that conn [...]


At the King's Table

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, and pecan pie, family, friends and fellowship. Thanksgiving is day that we stop and celebrate all that we have been given. And while many of us celebrated this holiday this past week, there is still a lesson to be learned.This Sunday, Pastor Doss guides us through the life of David, a person that God describes as a 'man after God's own heart.' Yet, David had a dark secret that could have forever destroyed his fel [...]


Steel Wicks and Empty Lamps

If you have been around a church for any length of time you have probably heard the often quoted, "let your light shine before men," verse. It's great advice, but what exactly does it mean? Where does the light come from? How exactly do you let it shine? Today Pastor Doss explains that our "light" comes from the Spirit of God, and it can only shine from us if we are walking with Him. But how do we do that? Listen in to find out. click to listen [...]


No Other....

Whether you are curious about Christianity, a new believer trying to figure it out, or a long time follower of Christ, this message is for you! Today Pastor Doss walks us through not only historical evidence that supports our faith in God's word, but he demonstrates how no other religion in the world is as trustworthy as ours, as steeped in fact than ours, as accurately prophetic as ours. This is a great message to share with others, and to boost your own faith. click here [...]


The Good Seed

One bitter seed can influence all your decisions, all you actions, all your thoughts, and make them displeasing to God. While another seed can bring about the exact opposite. Which are you choosing to nurture and grow? click to listen [...]


An Honest Moment

Written over 2500 years ago, Psalm 73 is just as applicable to followers of Christ today as it was to Asaph, its author, when it was written. Today Pastor Doss switches things up a bit and we spend the morning examining a single chapter from start to finish: Psalm 73. click here to listen [...]


Spiritual Preppers

preppers (plural noun)a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies. Since Jesus death we are all called to be prepared for Him to return, to spiritually prep for it. But what does that mean? How do we prepare? What does a spiritual prepper look like? Today Pastor Doss reminds us that represent Jesus to the world, a worl [...]


The Big Picture, part 3

Today we continue our "Big Picture" journey through the Bible by looking at the New Testament and how it fits into the story. Click below to listen. click to listen [...]


The Big Picture, part 2

Continuing with our broad overview of the Bible, today Pastor Doss goes through the big themes in the Old Testament. When we can see the whole picture, it makes it easier to see how the pieces, or individual books of the Bible, fit together. Click below to listen to the sermon in its entirety. click here to listen [...]


The Big Picture, part 1

Weighing in at over 780,000 words, the Bible can be a bit daunting. Where do we start? Do we need to read the Old Testament or the New Testament first? Do I need to read it all? What if I don't understand it? Do I even need to read it at all? Today we begin a new series to help you understand the importance of this book that sits in 9 out of 10 American homes and yet only 20% of Americans have read cover to cover. Pastor Doss will help to break dow [...]


Let it be me...

Throughout Scripture, in every BIG act of God, He used a person to bring about the change. Want to know a secret? He wants to use you too. It can be a scary thought. Am I worthy enough? Am I good enough? Will I have to sacrifice something? Do I even want to be used? Today Pastor Doss takes a look at moment in Gideon's life in which he questioned why God seemed to have forsaken the world and given them to the enemy. The people were scar [...]


The Lord of the Things

Anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease. Most of us have experienced it as some time or another. And yet we are often told to, "Let go and give it to God." For many of us that doesn't bring about a peace or a joy that surpasses all understanding. Why not? Is the Bible wrong? or are we doing something wrong? Today, Pastor Doss answers this question and helps us to understand how we can obtain that peace. Listen below to find out th [...]


Are You Man Enough?

What is a "man"? Is it having the right job? Perhaps it is having the right physique? Today Don Kinser presents a different view of what it is to be an man and challenges us with the question, "Are you man enough?" Click below to listen. click here to listen [...]


I Want a Love Like That

Are you a sucker for a love story? Especially one where love conquers all? Then today's message is for you. Listen to the true story of a love that survived the lowest of lows and the darkest of nights. A love that was unearned and undeserved. The story of a man who loved a woman and taught her what love could be. Sound too good to be true? It isn't! Listen to find out what happened and how their story could be yours too! click to listen [...]


I am Yours and You are Mine

Marriage isn't an easy task. And yet God compares the relationship between Christ and the church to the relationship between a husband and wife. Today Pastor Doss extols the joys of marriage, even in the sacrifices. click to listen [...]


Life Preservers That'll Kill You!

Even the best news, presented with only part of the information, or with the wrong attitude, can be perceived as not so great. Think about it. You just found out you are having that baby you always wanted and you tell your spouse right after he shares that he lost his job. Great news that otherwise would have been celebrated has now lost some of its joy.Unfortunately, that often happens with the salvation message of Jesus. Sometimes well meaning followers present t [...]


Lessons from an IV Bag, pt 3

Today Pastor Doss concludes his series, Lessons from an IV Bag, with a message about the most important ministry you have been given. Want to know what it is? Click below to listen. click here to listen [...]


Lessons from an IV Bag, pt 2

Thank you so much for your prayers for Mark and his family after we had to cut last week's sermon short due to an emergency. Pastor Doss will give you an update, before he continues with his message on loving as Christ loves. Click the link below to listen. click here to listen [...]


Lessons From an IV Bag

Today we welcome back Pastor Doss to the pulpit after his 40 day recovery from being a live liver donor. He shares with us a few of the lessons that this time has taught him. Unfortunately part one of this series was interrupted by an emergency phone call in which we were notified that the liver recipient was being flown back to the hospital due to complications. Please join us in prayer for his family and we will continue the lesson next week. click here to listen [...]