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137: What Have You Been Learning Recently About Youth Ministry?

An honest insider phone call between Zac and Chad as they discuss their shortcomings and learnings in youth ministry in the last few weeks and months. What do you do if your heart is not in it? How do we care well for people while serving as student ministers and youth pastors?


136: Why Do Falling Attendance Numbers Hurt So Bad In Youth Ministry?

We have all been there. The slump, the drop-off, the "slow season" are not just terms for baseball, but in the calculus of youth ministry, a change in attendance can affect change in the motivation and purpose of a youth ministry. Why is this is true? What can we change? What can we course correct? What more is there to say on the topic? Tune in for more!


135: Jumpstart Student Discipleship This Summer In 100 Days

In this interview episode, Zac sits down with Angela Sanders author, speaker, and editor to talk about her latest project 100 Days: The Glory Experiment. Encouraging and sincere, Angela brings firsthand experience and insight to help students jumpstart their discipleship in your youth ministry. Moreover, she shares her story of seizing the opportunities placed before you and staying faithful to the work. Enjoy this interview and check out this great resource! Get 100 Days Today Check out A...


134: What numbers count in youth ministry? w/ Kenny Campbell

In this special interview episode of Youth Ministry Booster, Zac chats with Kenny Campbell from Stuff You Can Use and Grow Numbers to talk about what should get counted in youth ministry. Attendance matters, but are there other numbers that matter more? Which of those matter and how do we gather the other numbers to really see how well our youth ministry is growing?


133: Summer Camp Is Memory Making For Youth Ministry with Matt McClure

Summer camp is awesome! At least that's what Matt McClure will tell you, with 20 years of youth ministry experience behind him. Enjoy this interview episode of the Youth Ministry Booster podcast and learn from the wisdom and creativity of one of YM's most enthusiastic and honest leaders.


131: Youth Ministry Life After Easter with Becca Bibee

What does the season after Easter Sunday look like for youth ministry leaders? Pre-summer of course! Enjoy this interview episode with Becca Bibee about serving in your home church and growing smart as a leader.


127: How Do I Max Student Leadership In My Youth Ministry?

Youth ministers everywhere agree, student leadership good, student leadership is important, student leadership is best done when... In principle youth pastors know the value of quality student leadership but how do we maximize the impact and engagement of student leaders in our youth ministry? Join us for a series of episodes on the important topic of student leadership development, disasters, and success for your youth ministry. Visit to learn how you...


126: After 9 Interview of Karl Romeus Bayside Church Youth Ministry Communication For Pastoral Impact

In this interview episode of the Youth Ministry Booster Podcast, Zac calls up Karl Romeus from Bayside Church to talk about wild origin/call stories into youth ministry and what true communication means for student ministry. Youth pastors will appreciate Karl's warmth and honesty as he shares his journey from college basketball, nightclub ownership, preschool reading circles, and youth ministry at a multi-campus church.


125: Make Success Changes In Youth Ministry A Guide

Making changes in ministry is tough, making them successfully almost feels improbable. What if there was a helpful guide to grid and map out the requirements for navigating change. Whether you want to increase attendance, engagement, volunteers, or alter programs change requires more than just the problem and solution. Visit to download the free guide!


124: How Honest Can A Youth Minister Be In Youth Ministry?

Youth ministry, the most relational job on the planet, but how honest can we be in our relationships with students, volunteers, parents? We get that we shouldn't lie, but when is sharing personal stories overshare? When is cultural relevance costly or inappropriate. Sometimes it is easy other times it feels a little grey. If you have ever wondered and wanted a safe place to talk about it, here is an episode for you fellow youth worker or student pastor!


123: Kevin DeShazo Using Social Media In Youth Ministry

It's Booster time! In this special After 9 interview of Kevin DeShazo we learn about what it means to take a passion and turn it into a profession. Though not a youth minister in the traditional sense, Kevin DeShazo of Fieldhouse Media has worked with thousands of students and parents about responsible social media use. Learn more about Kevin and social media use in youth ministry


122: Giving Talks, Sermons, Communication That Kill In Youth Ministry

It happens every week for almost every youth minister, the talk, the sermon, the chapel communication. The large group delivery to the youth ministry is an important vehicle for truth, but what is a healthy assessment and evaluation of that message. How do we know when we have done a good job (killed/crushed it)? or we felt (crushed/killed) by it?


121: Adam Mashni Willow Creek Jr. High Youth Ministry

In this After 9 episode, Zac interviews Adam Mashni from Willow Creek's Elevate Jr. High Youth Ministry on the journey of the call into youth ministry and what it means to communicate for change. Learn with Adam about growing as a student minister and what it takes to lead a large ministry and develop as a youth communicator.


120: How Do I Deal With Upset Parents In Youth Ministry

Frustration happens. If you plan, program, and live into your relational calling long enough something or someone will feel or get missed. "It is inevitable, parents will get upset."


119: After 9 Interview of Dr. Tim Elmore

Enjoy this After 9 interview episode as Zac sits down with Dr. Tim Elmore youth ministry thought leader, influencer, and founder of Growing Leaders. Learn more in this episode about self-leadership, personal growth, the importance of practicing the spiritual disciplines, and witnessing to the rock band KISS. Get all the details at


118: 4 Things You Should Not Do In Youth Ministry in 2018

It's a new year full of promises and planned changes. but what are some things you should resolve not to do in youth ministry? Check out this episode when Chad, Kristen, and Zac address the things that youth pastors should not be doing in 2018. Learn more:


117: After 9 Interview of Brandon Holloway: How pins are wins for youth ministry!

In the opening episode of 2018 Youth Ministry Booster interviews Brandon Holloway about his unique approach to discipleship and student leadership. It is both commemorative, collectible, and infectious. You are going to love this fresh and surprisingly cost-efficient way to connect a whole subset of your youth ministry students with the spiritual disciplines and service. For more info and pics check out the blog post @


116: Your Favorite Youth Ministry Episodes of 2017

As we countdown to the end of 2017 check out your favorite two (or at least most listened to) episodes of 2017. In episode 91 we tackled the question of success and the people listened. Did you agree or disagree? In episode 71 Ryan Baker from our partner podcast "When You Gonna Be A Real Pastor?" shared his stories of calling and longevity and a near-death experience. It must have resonated because a whole mess of people loved and listened to it! Thanks for making 2017 awesome! We are...


115: The Extreme Youth Ministry Podcast Show; A Comedic Take On Student Ministry Podcasts

This episode is a funny and playful satire of some youth ministry characters, student pastor stereotypes, and other goofy generalizations made about those that love and lead youth ministry. Enjoy this holiday humor and Christmas comedy episode. No animals or middle school students were harmed in the making of this podcast. You can learn more (seriously) about improving your youth ministry at Test drive a 2-week free trial today! Big thanks to Josh (Carll) from...