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141: What's Your Sermon Prep Like For Youth Ministry?

How do you prepare your sermons or talks for students in your youth ministry? Does it look the same every time? What's your secret sauce? In episode 141 Chad and Zac break down their routines and recipes for crafting thoughtful and actionable sermons. They also discuss leadership and the latest with Tyler "Ninja" Blevins implementation of the "Billy Graham Rule." Show Notes: Fortnite StreamerTyler "Ninja" Blevins FortNite Streamer & The Billy Graham Rule SermonSmith Podcast After 9 Podcast...


139: Andy Harrison: Make Youth Ministry Summer Camp More Awesome

In this special summer episode camp guru and Falls Creek Director Andy Harrison speaks truth about student ministry summer camp for both the experience and the evaluation. Borrowed from the Youth Ministry Booster member library, the audio from this practical webinar will help guide youth ministry leaders and youth pastors towards better expectations and success during the summer camp season.


138: How Do You Keep Youth Ministry Volunteers Motivated?

It's summertime and everyone is overloaded in a hundred different ways. Most of all, your youth ministry volunteers! So how do we honor, encourage, and motivate our priceless and precious volunteer adult leaders that make youth ministry possible? Learn more in this episode with Zac, Chad, and Kristen Stay healthy this summer! Don't be tempted to devalue long-term health over short-term gains. Summer


77: Kristen Lascola: North Coast Church

In this episode of After 9 Zac interviews blogger, speaker, and middle school minister extraordinaire Kristen Lascola. Listeners will love her story of falling into ministry time and time again. Lean in as she shares her struggles of moving from being a volunteer, intern, director, and pastor. Share with her in the difficulty of being both pastor and parent to a newborn. You are going to love the honesty and humor that this episode brings. Show Notes for this episode:


Episode 76: How Do I Recover From A Ministry Hangover? PostEaster Edition

In episode 76 of After 9, the guys are tired. Are you worn out from a busy Easter season? Are you feeling motivationless? Has the glow of post-Holy week worn off? Feel like you just can't even? This episode addresses the growing apathy, office aversion, and waning attendance that seems to pop up post-Easter. If you are feeling down and out and worn down and out then this episode is the leadership encouragement you need. Show Notes: Get...


Episode 75: Ben Trueblood: Director of Lifeway Student Ministry

In this episode of After 9 Zac interviews Ben Trueblood director of Student Ministry for Lifeway. It's a big job but somebody has got to do it. Listen in as your hear Ben share his heart for youth workers and student pastors, his own stories of success and failure, and what it means to evaluate the numbers that really matter. Whether you are a veteran youth pastor or the new kid in town you will sincerely appreciate Ben Trueblood's heart and hopes for youth ministry. Show Notes For This...


Episode 74: How Do I Handle Being Backstabbed In Youth Ministry?

In episode 74 of After 9, Zac and Chad open up about the ways in which relational wounds can inhibit our ministry and divert our direction. The feelings of betrayal, deceit, and hurt that can happen in church ministry are far too often the reality of many youth ministers and student pastors. Here is a conversation that helps to shape and guide your hurt towards help, health, and an all important mentor relationship. Show Notes: Facebook...


Episode 73: Mike Keahbone: Pastor and Host Of The Devo

In this episode of After 9 Zac interviews Mike Keahbone youth pastor turned senior pastor and the host of an upcoming podcast, The Devo. Listeners will love Mike's heartfelt spirituality and warm story-telling style. The relationship between a youth minister and a student pastor is an important one. Listen in as Mike offers advice from experience and practices for better church staff communication. Show Notes For This Episode:


Episode 72: How Do I Get More Money For My Youth Ministry?

In episode 72 of After 9, Zac and Chad debate the value of fundraising and give you a plan on how to get more budget money for your student ministry. Hear us on this one youth pastor; money, budgets, and fundraising are perennial questions in youth ministry and we don't always get a chance to talk about them honestly as youth workers. No matter what you think give the guys a chance this week to help you think through the best ways to get the most ministry bang for your buck. Show Notes:...


Episode 71: Ryan Baker: When You Gonna Be A Real Pastor?

In this episode of After 9 Chad interviews Ryan Baker from the amazing youth ministry podcast "When You Gonna Be A Real Pastor?" Ryan shares his wealth of 17 years of youth worker wisdom and reminds us that the best lessons for youth ministry are learned by teaching preschool students and remembering that we are not the hero. There is great humor and important insight here student ministry friend. Enjoy this interview. Show Notes For This Episode:


Episode 70: Can I Discipline The Students In My Youth Ministry?

In this episode of After 9, Zac and Chad talk honestly about discipline and behavior issues in student ministry. As a youth pastor you are going to face youth and young people that don't behave, but what can you do about it? What should you do about it? Listen in as the guys share some wisdom and outline a ministry plan for discipline in your youth ministry. Show Notes:


Episode 69: Zach Hummer: When You Gonna Be A Real Pastor? A Youth Ministry Podcast

In this episode of After 9 Zac chats with another Zach from another amazing youth ministry podcast. Zach Hummer is on the podcast this week answering the tough After 9 questions and sharing wisdom on starting out in ministry the hard way, the importance of spiritual dropkicks, and the ministerial significance of silence and church van rides. Enjoy this honest conversation about growing volunteer leadership, ministering to young adults, and the best use and defense of Snapchat Zac has ever...


Episode 68: What Do Parents Want From Youth Ministry?

In this episode of After 9, Zac and Chad get real about what parents probably want and expect from their youth minister. Remember, there would be no student ministry or youth ministry without parents to birth, raise, share them. So here is some good insight that will help you rise above the expectations and move towards a destination.


Bonus: Get Inspired, Stay Encouraged Youth Ministry Friends!

The days are long and the weeks will tarry, never fear Chad and Zac and a few minutes left on the clock are here to encourage you and brighten your day. You are loved youth ministry friend and we are thankful for your hard work. Stay healthy, find humor, and know that those forms never get turned in on time!


Episode 67: Seth Muse: Host of Seminary Of Hard Knocks Youth Ministry Podcast

In this episode of After 9 Zac chats with Seth Muse: youth pastor, ministry coach, blogger, and podcast host of Seminary of Hard Knocks. Listen in as the guys talk honestly about learning the ropes of youth ministry, finding growth in failure, and growing up as a leader. They also annotate some Andy Stanley quotes. Show Notes For This Episode: Love After 9? Follow us on twitter @after9ministry and like us on Facebook. Want more After 9? visit...


Episode 66: How Do I Stay Productive With My Time In Youth Ministry?

In this episode of After 9, Zac and Chad get honest about the importance of time management and staying productive in youth ministry. It is easy to stay busy, but difficult to keep the most important and significant work in front of us. Listen in as Zac and Chad talk to their younger selves and offer insights and a free resource on how to better Boost your productivity and make your days count! Download our free productivity booster @


Episode 65: Rush Beam: UMC Youth Pastor & Artist

In this episode of After 9 Zac chats with Rush Beam North Carolina Youth Pastor, Artist, and fun guy. You will appreciate their wit and insight to youth ministry, leadership, navigating transitions, and remaining optimistic during painful seasons. For over 17 years Rush has served in volunteer, intern, and full-time student ministry roles. Learn from his wisdom, struggles, failures, and successes. Hear the depth of hurt that comes from staff relationships gone wrong and leadership that...


Episode 64: Is Social Media Even Worth It For Youth Ministry?

In this episode of After 9, Zac and Chad banter about the climate of social media in 2017 and what changes you might need to bring about in your personal and ministerial social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). Not only is there great insight about some right and wrong practices for building your social media platform in this episode there are also some great tips and tools to help you build your social media in the right way. Check out more at...


Episode 63: Samantha Hanni: Author & Youth Worker

In this episode of After 9 Zac chats with Samantha Hanni (Mrs. Hanni) about youth ministry, volunteering, leading small groups, and youth ministry resource writing. Be encouraged and inspired by her thoughtfulness and keen reminders about the slow and difficult work of youth ministry. Show Notes: Thankful for Zac and Chad? Love After 9? Follow us on twitter @after9ministry and like us on Facebook. Want to support After 9? Visit...


Episode 62: How Do I Maximize My Youth Ministry Volunteers?

In this episode of After 9, Zac and Chad examine four helpful tips and heartfelt insights on getting more out of the most important people in your student ministry, your volunteers. It's true youth ministry without volunteers would make youth pastors look a little foolish. Listen for guidance on unleashing passion, setting expectations, making space for value, and expecting restlessness. Check out more at Thankful for Zac and Chad? Love After 9? Subscribe...