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Sean's Mum's plane story, Nath Curry @ Channel Nine's Mia

Sean's mum is not a fan of the in flight enteratinment on a plane, you won't believe what she does for hours on end. Nath Currie spoke sport and Mia from Channel Nine News popped in for a chat.


Desperate Dees Fans, Seany's Gym Sign up and a comedian celebrant?

Seany spoke to his mates on a roadtrip to Perth to see the Dees, whole idea is to save $$ and they are running very late. Seany joined the gym and gave Billy some Arnie inspo and he also spoke to an old mate from school who is a stand up comedian celebrant and a mad mad mad dees supporter.


Crime Watch - Local fruit contamination, Ardmona shooting and Sporting complex arrest.

Seany spoke to Detective Senior Sergeant Will Watkins this week, they discussed an arrest that's been made about the sporting complex break ins. Also Will revealed that there has been cases of needles/pins found in fruit in the Goulburn Valley. They finished with the recent shooting in Ardmona. #TripleMGVCatchUp: Crime Watch 19th August Crime Watch is powered by Insight Protection Solutions Pty Ltd. Eyewatch - Greater Shepparton Police Service Area Eyewatch - Campaspe Police Service...


Ryan's Fruit & Veg Strawberry chat, Crime Watch & Would ya Rather Wednesday.

Seany spoke to local fruit shop owner Ryan about his strawberries and what he is doing to support his suppliers who have looked after him over the years. Crime Watch happened today with Detective Senior Sergeant Will Watkins and he also discussed with Seany about how the fruit contimination has hit the GV. Billy popped in as always for a bit of "Would you Rather Wednesday"


Needle found in GV Fruit

Seany spoke to Detective Senior Sergeant Will Watkins this morning about the fruit contamination crisis that has swept right across Australia including the Goulburn Valley.


Scott Darlow and Seany discuss new single "Rain"

Seany spoke to Scott Darlow about the new recent group he formed called The Drought Breakers. It's him and a bunch of music mates that have covered Dragon's 1983 hit "Rain" with all proceeds from the song purchase going to Buy a Bale. Make sure you purchase the song through itunes to help the struggling farmers, it's only $2.19 and every dollar really does make a difference!


Scott Darlow, Deconstructed BS and things you've Stolen.

Seany spoke to local boy Scott Darlow about the new single "Rain" by The Drought Breakers which he formed with a few music mates. All proceeds from the song purchases are going to the Buy A Bale campaign. Seany fired up Billy about hipster deconstructed crap from cafe's! Also he spoke about (dont tell anyone) stuff you've stolen. Oops.


Brian Taylor, Nath Currie & Kim O Keeffe

Seany spoke to BT ahead of the Dees and the Hawks at the G tonight. Nath Currie joined Seany as well for a chat about AFL but also Glenn Maxwell's unlucky way he found out he ain't in the Aussie squad! The mayor of The Greater Shepparton City Council joined Seany as well for a chat about her recent trip to China.


How do you know if your stressed? Your tongue!

Seany spoke to Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chiropractor Dr Damian Kristof. He is a highly sought after presenter and speaker in the Wellness industry. With over 20 years of experience. They spoke about how you can tell if you are stressed by the position of the tongue in your mouth! They also discussed tips on sleeping and covered the very important Are You OK Day which is today.


Sam Wood talks weekend boozin & does he rate The Honey Badger?

Seany spoke to ex Bach and Fitness guru Sam Wood about weekend boozing and how much is too much? Also the Honey Badger got a mention, Australia's funniest Bachelor by a mile. For sure.


Sam Wood, Adam Yze & Tongue stress tricks!

With Spring well and truly here and less clothes being worn it's time to get serious, Seany spoke to Sam Wood about getting some health and fitness back in our lives. He also spoke to Damian Kristof who is a wellness expert. They spoke about how the position of your tongue in your mouth can tell whether you are stressed or not?! Also Shepp boy and Hawthorn assistant coach Adem Yze joined Seany for a chat ahead of the Dees Vs Hawks clash at the G tomorrow night.


Shirley's Footy Wrap, Nath Currie & Billy's Banter

Shirley called in again on a Friday which makes Seany's day, she doesnt wanna go to Bali with Sean, she thinks Geelong will win and has Corn Flakes on a Friday. Nath Currie spoke about the Aussie battler that is John Millman and his rise to fame and also chatted AFL finals as well. Billy popped in for a yarn and as always the conversaiton kind of just goes all over the place!


Crime Watch Seany & Crime Inspector for GV Matt Gleeson

#TripleMGVCatchUp: Crime Watch is powered by Insight Protection Solutions Pty Ltd. Seany spoke to Crime Inspector for the Goulburn Valley Matt Gleeson about the increase of Livestock and Farm thefts including cattle and equipment. Also, what happens when police pull over a suspect in possession of suspected stolen property? Matt explains. Eyewatch - Greater Shepparton Police Service Area Eyewatch - Campaspe Police Service Area Eyewatch - Benalla Police Service Area


Seany & Troy Bayliss plus Cam Luke talks AFL

3 time Superbike World Champion Troy Bayliss joined Seany for a chat ahead of Round 5 of The Australian Superbike Championship this weekend at Winton. The king of the cardigan and Jeans with holes Cam Luke spoke AFL ahead of round 1 of the finals and gave his predictions on who will win and why.


Mad Monday & Vegetarian Dogs??

Mad Monday celebrations making the news, again! Also Seany speaks to a vet about vegetarian dogs, seriously?


Psychologist Tahnee Schulz on Women's Health Week

Monday 3rd September kicks off Women's Health Week, Seany spoke to psychologist Tahnee Schulz about how important not only women's physical health is but mental health as well.


Daggy Dad Joke Winner!

Some shockers, actually, they're all shockers and that's why they are Daggy Dad Jokes but there can only be one winner!


Richard Champion & Battle of the Battlers

Seany spoke to Brisbane Bear and Lion Richard Champion about the upcoming EJ Whitten Legends game this Friday night. Also there's another big footy game this weekend - Ardmona are playing the Nunawading Lions in the "Battle of the Battlers" this Sunday in Melbourne. Seany spoke to the president of the Ardmona Cats Tim Magann and also Hummers from Sportsbet.


Shirley is BACK + Crime Watch

Shirley has been a bit quiet but geez it was nice to hear her on the wireless today! Seany also spoke to Inspector Troy Hargadan about the Tatura break ins that occured a few days back, an arrest has been made.


Shepp Biggest Lunch, Seany "Craig David" & Yarck Pub fundraiser

Seany spoke to Shane O'Sullivan about Shepparton's Biggest Ever Blokes Lunch in it's 10th year. Shepp running festival is on this Sunday and he spoke to Liz Connick about that. Also, Seany had a crack (very bad attempt) at a Craig David Prime Minister type song and yeah, not great. Yarck pub have been doing great things fundraising for the drought up North and Seany spoke to Tanya the publican.