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a weekly hour of the best live Grateful Dead music


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a weekly hour of the best live Grateful Dead music




Dead Show/podcast for 2/19/21

This week we do a little carryover from Fat Tuesday with this Mardi Gras set from February 7, 1989 at the Kaiser in Oakland California. The set starts with the sounds of the Mardi Gras parade, backed of course by Mickey and Billy on drums. The band starts with a rather unique introduction to Iko, Iko, but its certainly a good choice for the date. The 'Victim' that follows starts as a total train wreck, but does settle down into a trancelike beat. Brent's 'We Can Run' follows, with its...


Dead Show/podcast for 2/12/21

Seeing as how Fat Tuesday is coming right up... I decided to feature a Dead show that took place on Fat Tuesday back in 1989.. This one from Oakland on 2/7/1989. This is a fairly newly released UltraMatrix recording, and I think it sounds great. The first set which we present this week, features two very new (at the time) numbers - the first performance of 'Just a Little Light' and the second, of 'Standing on the Moon'. Naturally these sound different than what they would become, but I love...


Dead Show/podcast for 2/5/21

Hey Now! It was such a cold and snowy day I almost didn't get this one ready but never fear.. we have a great set this week featuring some wonderful Pigpen and early, high-energy Grateful Dead. As promised we have the remainder of the show from January 24, 1971 at the Seattle Center in Seattle Washington. It starts with Bobby saying they were 'running short on time' and then they proceed to play another 35 minutes or so of high voltage jammin' Dead music. Pig is in prime form on Lovelight...


Dead Show/podcast for 1/29/21

I guess I just can't get enough of that good stuff.. .. :) but at any rate this week I've decided to bring you a rather rare treat. Back in 1971, the band finished a short, 3 show swing in the Northwest with this blistering performance in a small venue in Seattle on a Sunday night. This took place on January 24, 1971. This one is sparkin' from beginning to end, but I've split it up so we will hear part 1 this week and part 2 next week. It starts appropriately, with Truckin', then a wonderful...


Dead Show/podcast for 1/22/21

It's a new year but I've decided to go *way* back for some primal Dead on this week's Deadpod. This comes to us from January 17th, 1968 at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco. What a treasure of early/classic tunes we have here! Now I'll admit, the sound is sometimes muddy and the vocals are at times less than clear.. however give the age and provinance of this recording I thought it very worth listening to and hope you enjoy it as well. Some of the highlights of course are Pigpen on...


Dead Show/podcast for 1/15/21

This week we wind up our 'holiday' series of Deadpods with the fabulous third set from the band's New Year's Eve performance in Oakland on December 31st, 1982. This third set features guest appearances with Etta James and the Tower of Power horns. The band clearly has a blast here, and despite it being the third set play with a great deal of passion and energy.. Phil opens with that familiar bass line from 'Lovelight' and Bobby leads them into it. After a couple of verses and a quite...


Dead Show/podcast for 1/8/21

Hello Friends! Hope this week's Deadpod provides a bit of a respite from the storms swirling around our heads... this week we get to hear the second set from the band's New Year Eve performance on December 31, 1982. NYE is of course the one time of the year when everyone knew what was going to open the second set - and while you'll hear some decidedly 'un-grateful dead' like sound effects at the opening, Sugar Magnolia eventually comes through like ringing a bell, and the band, and Bobby,...


Dead Show for 1/1/21

Happy New Year! From a request from a longtime frirend of the Deadpod - I've decided to celebrate the end of 2020 with this fun and raucous show from NYE 1982. I'll present this one over the next couple weeks and hope can feel and enjoy the fun that the band and everyone in attendance had on this special night 39 years ago. The first set which we'll hear this week is a bit short, but still well played and tight. Garcia's voice is a bit creaky but he makes up for it with some very nice work...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/25/20

Merry Christmas! I hope that this edition of the Deadpod finds you safe and warm with those you love. I hope the music brings a smile and a memory of happier times and places.. It is my reward to think that it makes someone a little happier.. this week the second set form the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis Missouri on December 12, 1971. This one starts with a fabulous Pigpen 'Good Lovin', followed by a sweet 'Brokedown Palace'. It includes, just for Christmas, a fun 'Run Rudolph Run', and a...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/18/20

For your Christmas week enjoyment.. a stunner from very late Fall, 1971.. Pig and Keith were both in fine form on this night at the Fabulous Fox.. This first set is a fine, uptempo collection highlighted, I think with the two Pig tunes, 'Mr. Charlie' and 'Next Time You See Me', as well as a great 'Loser' and 'Jack Straw'. Jerry kind of misses some of the lyrics on 'Tennesee Jed' but makes up for that with some great guitar work on that one. I'll present the second set for your enjoyment...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/11/20

This week we go back 30 years to the band's second set at McNichols Arena in Denver Colorado on December 13, 1990. I'm always a fan of a Help>Slip>Frank opener and here it heralds a fine show. A latter day 'Saint of Circumstance' is followed by a nice 'Eyes of the World' which opens up nicely towards the end as it goes into Drums and Space. The highlight of the set is the fine 'Other One' that comes post-drums and leads into 'Morning Dew'. Phil steps in after that with a great 'Box of...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/4/90

We roll into December with a show from late fall 1990 - this one from McNichols Arena in Denver Colorado on December 13th, 1990. This is a fine, energetic show, and starts off with a very uptempo Jack Straw into Sugaree. 'Wang Dang Doodle' follows to get everyone dancin', then Jer slows it down a touch with 'Friend of the Devil'. Uncle>Big River contain some tasty Garcia tones, and I think the 'Ramble on Rose' that follows is appreciable different without Brent's touch, but still tight....


Dead Show/podcast for 11/26/20

Happy Thanksgiving! As is our tradition, I present an acoustic Dead show for your pleasure this Thanksgiving morning. While it is becoming difficult to find an acoustic set (in good quality) that I haven't presented before, this is a wonderful recording and while the songs will be familiar to you they are still a joy to listen to, I think. Grateful Dead Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA 10/13/80 - Monday One On The Road Again [2:52] ; Bird Song [7:21] ; El Paso [3:57] ; To Lay Me...


Dead Show/podcast for 11/20/20

Two factors influnced this week's Deadpod; first a request for more 1969 Dead from a friend of the 'pod, and secondly my desire to find a one-set tape that wouldn't run over into next week's Thanksgiving podcast. The result, I think, is this outstanding recording from October 25, 1969 at Winterland. Sure, its only four songs... but what songs these are.. I know I played a 'Dark Star' last week but I'm confident you'll forgive me when you hear this rendition, complete with the very first...


Dead Show/podcast for 11/13/20

Here is an appropriate Dead show for Friday the 13th! This is the second set from the band's performance at the Hofheinz Pavilion at the University of Houston on November 19th, 1972. A fine second set and while the tape has a few imperfections (the quality of the Sugar Mag>GDTRFB is degraded sadly) I think overall it is certainly worth your time.. Why do I say its appropriate for a Friday the 13th? Take a good *long* listen to this Dark Star.. :) I'm going to leave the music speak for...


Dead Show/podcast for 11/6/20

Long considered a classic show, I decided to start off our November here on the Deadpod with this gem from 1972.. from November 19th in Houston Texas. While this tape does have some faults I think overall it is well worth a listen.. The band was originally scheduled to play this show with the Allman Brothers, but the tragic death of bassist Barry Oakley the prior week left them to fill the evening alone - and they more than did.. The opening 'Bertha' suffers from poor mixing but that clears...


Dead Show/podcast for 10/30/20

We close out October.. and welcome Halloween :) with a great second set from October 21st, 1971 in Chicago. While this may be Keith Godchaux's second night of his tenure with the band, he sure doesn't sound tentative here - especially on his first 'Dark Star'! This one is made even more unusual when the band goes into 'Sittin' On Top of the World' then back into the Star.. (the first Sittin' since 11/5/70).The 'Brown Eyed Women' is only the 3rd time they've played it, and this is the second...


Dead Show/podcast for 10/23/20

This week's Deadpod features a show from the Fall tour of 1971.. this one was the 2nd night for Keith Godchaux in the keyboard seat.. and features a whole bunch of songs that were still finding their way in the repertoire.. in fact five songs in this first set are being played for the 2nd time.. the first time being the night before for Tennessee Jed, Jack Straw (with some out of tune guitars :), Mexicali Blues, Comes a Time and One More Saturday Night! For the most part these sound great.....


Dead Show/podcast for 10/16/20

This week we conclude our presentation of the band's performance from October 11, 1980 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. What great days when the band would perform three sets at a show! This is not a throw-away set by any means.. After a rather standard China>Rider things get very interesting 'Let It Grow' leading into Drums and Space, followed by a guest appearance by the late John Cipollina from Quicksilver Messenger Service. Together they do a most interesting post-drums,...


Dead Show/podcast for 10/9/20

Great set this week - the 2nd set from the band's performance at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco on 10/11/80. Great quality tape - and right off they sound hot .. a wonderful 'Stranger' punctuated with some smoking guitar. Even the Mama Tried>Mexicali has some real smokin' licks. Personally I find the post-Donna 'Passenger' to be one of the best of this period.. really well done. There's nothign shabby here, and the closing Sailor>Saint has some great jamming in it. Grateful...