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DragonKing Dark Podcast - Magic - Episode 132

On this edition of the DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern talks about magic. Not the stage show kind, or what Penn and Teller or doing but the belief that by spells or incantation, people can effect the future or events in their lives. It's easy to understand why humans, before the age of science, might have believed in magic but the big question is- why would anyone today believe in magic? Is there any evidence that real magic exists? What exactly is magic? When It Was Cool invites...


DragonKing Dark - Pressed by the Beast - Episode 131

On this episode of the DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern tells us two tales of odd and unusual tombstone inscriptions. The first, located in Salt Lake City, UT ascribes the death of a local elderly lady to The Beast - 666. We explore why The Beast from John's Revelation in the Bible may, or may not, have claimed this poor woman and why it is inscribed on her headstone. The second story tells of a tombstone in New England that describes the deceased souls method of death - pressing....


NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast - Special - Would Metallica Exist if not for Dave Mustaine

On this special edition episode of the NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast, host NoFriender discusses the question - Would Metallica exist if not for Dave Mustaine? Mustaine, of course, went on to great success with his own band Megadeth, but he was also very important in the founding of one of the biggest bands of all time - Metallica. Check out this When It Was Cool and ThrashMetalShow.com special.


DragonKing Dark - Haunting Architecture - Episode 130

On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern talks about the draw and allure of old buildings. There is sometime haunting about about buildings that outlive multiple generations of people. We take a look old homes, mansions, cathedrals, castles, and more. Karl discusses his trip to the National Cathedral last year and seeing all the famous people buried in the basement. All over the world there are buildings that out live you and me and we discuss the ghosts, both real and imagined,...


When It Was Cool Special - Smokey and the Bandit Review - RIP Burt Reynolds

This is a review of the movie Smokey and the Bandit that When It Was Cool originally did for our Patreon supporters a few weeks back. In memory of the late Burt Reynolds, we are releasing this for free today. Smokey and the Bandit was a 1977 action comedy that became a smash hit and launched multiple sequels. You can get daily content just like this by supporting When It Was Cool on Patreon.


When It Was Cool - Where Are They Now - Episode 57

On this edition of the When It Was Cool Podcast from WhenItWasCool.com Karl and Tonya each pick some people that they wonder whatever happened to? We find out the fate (in some cases the final fate!) of some of our favorite actors, musicians, and more. We discuss Dark Shadows, Poltergeist (was their a curse on the movie?), Jefferson Starship, Nirvana, 1980s movies, classic TV shows, and more. You might even pick up some interesting trivia along the way! When It Was Cool - Where are they now?


NoFriender Thrash Metal Show - Megadeth Peace Sells But Who's Buying - Part 4

NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast returns with it's fourth installment looking at the iconic thrash metal album by Megadeth - Peace Sells But Who's Buying. The Thrash Metal Show is a docu-series style podcast looking in detail at the origins and evolution of thrash style heavy metal music by examining the most influential bands, albums, songs, and culture of the thrash metal scene.


DragonKing Dark - Dark Tourism - Episode 129

There is a series on Netflix called Dark Tourism where a host takes you to various taboo hotspots around the world where a tourism industry has sprung up. On this week's DragonKing Dark podcast, host Karl Stern talks about the allure of seeing places of tragedy, disaster, and the macabre. Why are we drawn to such places? Why do people want to see the spot where someone was murdered, or where life changing accidents occurred? DragonKing Dark explores the dark side of our curiosity.


DragonKing Dark - El Santo - Episode 128

On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a look at Mexican lucha libre legend El Santo... wait what? Why are we talking pro wrestling on DragonKing Dark? Because El Santo transcended pro wrestling into movies where he fought vampires, werewolves, mummies, witches, monsters, and more! El Santo starred in dozens of B-level action adventure movies and even spawned a whole sub-genre of horror and action movies. Also, he has a statue in his honor, people still revere his name,...


When It Was Cool - 27 Club and More - Episode 56

This is a packed episode of the When It Was Cool Podcast from WhenItWasCool.com with a focus on music and classic rock this week. Karl and Tonya discuss Steve Perry and his new album and his time with Journey and Arnel Pineda. A Russian Chicago tribute band. And then we discuss the 27 Club and all the famous musicians that have died at the age of 27 including Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and numerous others. We argue...


NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast - Megadeth Peace Sells but Who's Buying (Part 3)

This is part 3 of a series on the Megadeth album Peace Sells but Who's Buying. The NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast covers the origins and evolution of thrash style heavy metal music in a documentary conversational style. The show discusses such bands as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill, and many more taking a look at the bands, songs, albums, and personalities that formed thrash metal music. Brought to you by WhenItWasCool.com


DragonKing Dark - Giants - Episode 127

On this week's DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern takes a look at giants. Since the dawn of time there have been legends, myths, and eyewitness reports of giants on Earth. But where are the remains? Make no mistake there have actually been some giant skeletons uncovered but the reality doesn't match the mythology. This week we will talk about giants, Nephilim, and more.


DragonKing Dark - The Future is Wrong - Episode 126

On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern talks about why it is virtually impossible to predict the future. Chaos takes the future in unforeseen directions. Trends we think will lead to future tech often fizzle out or go in previously unconsidered directions. We take a look at predictions made in the past by leading magazines and see how completely wrong they guessed the future to look like but try to understand why they believed the way they did and what we today think the...


When It Was Cool - Then and Now - Episode 55

Karl and Tonya from WhenItWasCool.com talk about retro pop culture, gadgets, and more on this episode. We take a look at a couple of recent internet articles comparing and contrasting products of the past with their modern replacements. What is the modern Trapper Keeper? The modern scrapbook? The modern Rolodex? Plus, things that make you feel old and a look at just how much tech has changed things since the 1980s. Karl also has a few notes on Foreigner reuniting for some shows and more!


Thrash Metal Show - Peace Sells But Who's Buying by Megadeth (part 2)

The NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast returns this week with the second part of it's series on the hit Megadeth album - Peace Sells but Who's Buying. Host NoFriender talks about Dave Mustaine and the Megadeth band and their influence on thrash metal music.


DragonKing Dark - Nothing Left Standing

This is episode 125 of DragonKing Dark Podcast and host Karl Stern takes a look back to April 4, 1974. He was just a young kid but there are faint memories etched in his mind of a night that killed many, forever changed the landscape of his state, killed family members, and altered the way everyone around him lived their lives. A massive F5 tornado (and the longest on ground tornado ever recorded up to that point) leveled towns and passed within a mile of where he was, killing a family...


Uphill Both Ways - Sign, Sealed, Delivered - Mail bag show

This episode host Mike Imboden and Joseph Perry Uphill Both Ways - Sign, Sealed, delivered - Mailbag show the duo answer listener questions and topic requests. Just a few include Destroy All Monsters!, Lou Reed, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Beastie Boys, Shazam!, Rubik's Cube, fast food, mood rings, pet rocks, and more! A very fun retro pop culture edition of Uphill Both Ways Podcast!


DragonKing Dark - Ghosts and The Bible

Did you know that The Bible actually talks about ghosts? No really, it's not something you were probably taught in Sunday school and I don't mean it in the sense of the resurrected dead either. I mean there are literally multiple scenes in The Bible where ghosts were contacted by mediums. One story in the Old Testament relates how a prophet was summoned from the dead to give advice to the King including how and where it happened. Today on DragonKing Dark we discuss ghosts in The Bible.


When It Was Cool - Diners, Metallica, ACDC, Prince, Summer of 1987

On this edition of the When It Was Cool Podcast from WhenItWasCool.com Karl and Tonya discuss retro diners, Granny's cooking, Bigfoot and Wildboy, Metallica, AC/DC, Prince and Purple Rain, the summer of 1987 in music, metal health, and much more!


DragonKing Dark - Episode 123 - Devil in the Details

On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern revisits the Satanic Panic series to answer listener questions about the time in the 1970s and 1980s when everybody was afraid the devil was out to get you. Satan was in the music, in the television, in toys, and in vans waiting to kidnap you. Television fear mongers preyed on the hysteria and many moms and dad threw out their kids records and took away their toys... all for seeming nothing. On this weeks DragonKing Dark we take a look back...