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#001 Launch, Big Daddy Tie Dye and Hard Days Robert

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#050 Eddie Van Halen Rumors, Nikki Glaser Interview

In this episode I talk about the rumors surrounding Eddie Van Halen POSSIBLY being terminally ill and what he has meant to me, Rick Ocasek of The Cars passing away, MLB Playoffs, KISS in Cadillac and I replay my interview with Nikki Glaser from 2015 at the Traverse City Comedy Festival, before she was the huge star that she is today! Check out her new special on Netflix out this week called, "Bangin'"! Music credits: The Cars - Since You're Gone & Van Halen - DOA


#049 RIP Eddie Money w/ High School Football Guy

High School Football Guy joins me for a Sunday morning salute to Eddie Money who just passed away on Friday! We also talk about comedian, Doug Stanhope who is in Traverse City tonight for a sold out show at Union Street Station . We also talk a little Lions football... We play some Eddie Money & Doug Stanhope... also, I play my Eddie Money from an interview I did with him 4-5 years ago. All of this in less than a half hour! Enjoy!


#048 Kamp O recap w/ Don Swan from Sail Inn

Don Swan joins me to recap Kamp Omelette from the patio at the Sail Inn on this sunny Monday morning! He was at Kamp O and I ran into him at the Holiday Inn yesterday afternoon for the 3 Hearted Band. Music credit: Woodstock by CSN&Y also Rhumba Man by Jimmy Buffett


#047 Live from Kamp Omelette 2019

Coming to you from the location of Kamp Omelette in Empire, Michigan! We are once again raising money for the Cherryland Humane Society (Click the link here), so please give what you can and tell them it was from Kamp Omelette! Thank you!! Come on out to Kamp O this weekend, Sept. 6-8, 2019 …. It's Free!! Thanks to show regular Gas Guy Greg joining me on the podcast! Song credits: Fastball - The Way and Jimmy Buffett - When the Coast is Clear


#46 Roger Popa – Rest in Peace

I recorded this podcast with our friend and loyal P1, Roger Popa when he was receiving treatment for his second bout with Leukemia in the Spring of 2017. We recorded it right in his hospital room and an undisclosed medical facility in Northern Michigan on a Saturday morning. Rest in Peace, Roger! You will me missed!! Music Credit: John Mellencamp - Longest Days


#045 The Final Podcast (for now)

Two weeks ago, I announced at Kamp Omelette that Rick Coates and I are going to be hosting the morning show on Northern Michigan's Classic Rock, The Bear (98.1 & 97.7)!! I felt it was important to give an explanation of why I'm going to take a break from doing these podcasts and focus all my energy into the radio show! Thank you all who ever listened to this thing and believed in me! You're encouragement and support kept me going! See you on the radio! Follow us on The Bear's facebook page!


#044 Kamp Omelette / Bloodshot Victory

Boston Brian of the band Bloodshot Victory joins Rick and I for this special Labor Day Weekend episode! We share stories from past Kamp O's (Bloodshot Victory has played all of them) and what people can expect when they play Kamp O this year, Friday night at 7pm. We talk A LOT about Kamp Omelette!! BUT, we also talk about the Stephen King movie "IT" coming out this week, Justin Verlander leaving the Detroit Tigers, a little about College Football, appreciating Northern Michigan every time...


#043 Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Night

Rick and I along with Houser gathered at High School Football Guy's house to watch the big fight. We talk Kamp Omelette, make predictions about the fight, talk smack, talk to Houser about politics... ask some of the other guests about many things... We do what we normally do... have a few laughs and have a good time! It's a House Party on a Saturday Night!! Enjoy! Music Credits: Survivor and The Rolling Stones


#042 Billy P. / Kamp O

Billy P. joins Rick Coates and myself for another Sunday morning podcast... We talk a lot about Kamp Omelette coming up in less than 3 weeks! Billy P. tells us all about what his set will be like at Kamp Omelette (He plays Saturday), his musical journey growing up in the Detroit area, we also talk about the Eclipse coming up tomorrow, Rick's first wine tasting with Wilderness Creek wine... then Billy P. plays a little CCR for us! Music Credits: Billy P. (Too Damn Old), Credence Clearwater...


#041 Drinking Wine on Sunday Morning with Old Friends!

The old gang of friends get back together for this episode! While we taste Rick's new wine from his company, Wilderness Creek at 9am on Sunday morning... we talk Kamp Omelette, stupid questions people ask, Rick's golf outing during Kamp Omelette, what's going on in Charlottesville, VA, the bands we saw at the TC Microbrew and Music Festival, the upcoming McGregor / Mayweather fight, playing and listening to vinyl, real-estate talk with Mike of TCarea.com, Football with HSFG and so much...


#040 Sam Porter & Rick Coates / TC Microbrew & Music Festival

Sam Porter joins Rick Coates and myself for another podcast on this beautiful Sunday morning in Northern Michigan. We talk about Kamp Omelette updates, Sam's upcoming Microbrew and Music Festival http://traverse.microbrewandmusic.com/, how he picks the music, growing up on a farm, trying to get things done in Traverse City, Food Trucks and so much more... all while Sam's puppy, Joe plays with Cooper and Scorch on Omelette's deck. Music Credit: Led Zeppelin (or whom-ever they stole from)


#039 Rick Coates / Happy Anniversary

Rick joins the podcast again to discuss many things including his health scare after this last appearance on the show, Kamp Omelette, Rick's wine, Omelette's trip back to New England, the UFC, Detroit Tigers trade deadline, Detroit Lions, Festivals in August, Traverse City Film Festival, Omelette's wife Jill (Hank) makes a frittata for the guys and makes an appearance on their 7th wedding anniversary. Music Credit: Johnny Cash and Roger Miller


#038 Western MA. & Glenn Grilley

My lifelong friend, Glenn Grilley joins me on this episode as I record it from his kitchen in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts! We grew up together, so needless to say we have many great stories for The People!! There's more info on Kamp Omelette happening Sept. 8-10 at the Sleeping Bear Eagles Campground on Rt. 72 in Empire, MI in this episode too! Can't wait to see you all there! Info coming soon my web site... www.omeletteradio.com


#037 Rick Coates / Kamp Omelette

Rick Coates and I sit on the deck on this Sunday morning to discuss the planning of Kamp Omelette 2017 slated for September 8-10! We also talk about my recent trip to Grand Rapids to see Bill Burr and Dean Delray do stand-up at the Fountain St. Church... we recap Cherryfest, talk about Crazy Cat passing away, Kid Rock, my upcoming trip to New England, Brother Wease and people shooting off their own fireworks! Music Credit: 311 from the new album, Mosaic "Till the City's on Fire" and...


#036 Rick Coates returns!

(Sorry for a little bit of static in the beginning of the episode) Always a pleasure to have Rick Coates back on the podcast! It's Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend and we record this episode on the deck of Omelette's house. It's a beautiful morning as we talk about everything from Chris Cornell, the grunge movement in the 90's, mental health, anxiety attacks, TMI on Facebook, getting fat, Kamp O, radio prospects... Enjoy! Music Credits: 2 songs from Temple of the Dog


#035 Morel Mushroom Hunting w/ Mr. Windy

I cruised around morel mushroom hunting in the west side of Traverse City, Michigan with my old friend, Mr. Windy in this podcast. Music credit: 2 songs from Warren Zevon


#034 Dr. Jeff

An old friend and regular of the radio show, Dr. Jeff stops by the podcast to talk everything pets and agriculture...he's always a great guest!! Music credits: Jimmy Buffett (James Taylor) and The Allman Brothers


#033 God Help Me!

On this episode I talk about a few things... My father-in-law and his wife came for Easter weekend from Virginia and they are Southern Baptist... so there's plenty of stories there! I also talk about the recent news with Aaron Hernandez, Bill O'Reilly fired from the Fox News Channel, Upcoming concerts in Northern Michigan and a bunch of other stuff in between... enjoy! Music Credits: J. Geils Band and Ted Nugent


#032 Just You and Me

Another solo podcast where I talk about attending Puma's 'Celebration of Life' party in Mio, Update you on my job search, Talk about the Detroit Tigers season so far and their television announcers Kirk Gibson vs. Rod Allen, the passing of Don Rickles and my Don Rickles story, Podcasts that I listen to, helping Sebastian with his show (Sebastian Uncensored) from afar, A guy that was literally pulled off a flight, another school shooting in California and advice on the right way to commit...


#031 Opening Day Special!

This episode is my annual "Opening Day Special"! I was very happy to have a couple of great friends and co-hosts this week... 11 year old Aiden and his dad, Steve Reamer! They came over to celebrate Opening Day and we talked about the Detroit Tigers. We go around the league a little bit... We talk about sports in general and have a lot of laughs along the way! Fun episode! Enjoy!