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Episode 28

Hey yall! Welcome back! This week we talk about bad nicknames, shitty knives, parenthood and crazy people in nursing homes! Enjoy and don't forget to get ahold of us to order your T-Shirt! Patreon.com/OffDuty OffDuty.Podbean.com 107OffDuty@gmail.com Facebook and Twitter/10-7 Off Duty Please Like, Subscribe and comment on iTunes and Stitcher or anywhere you get this horribly funny podcast. See our friends at Medicelement.com and use the discount code "Medic18" for buy one get one free...


Episode 27!

Hey yall! Welcome back! PSA, We have Medium, Large and Extra Large shirts left or 16$ so message us on Gmail, Facebook or Twitter to order! This week Drew and Clyde talk about pranks we have done or have been done to us at work and school so you should message us with yours! We discuss some drugs and how they have been used by the military and we dip a little bit into if "Creatures" exist and weird history. Thanks for listening! Don't forget to message us any questions and go check out our...


Episode 26! The non Thanksgiving episode.

Hey yall! We're glad you joined us yet again this week! Sorry were a bit late due to the holidays be we hope you enjoy! BTW, We still have shirts! This week we find out what Jon and Clyde have, they give us their favorite dirty jokes and Clyde tries to outdo his "Waffle Stomp" story. Andrew talks about seizures, we talk about drug issues in the jail system and in the general public plus how drug culture has changed both elicit and prescription. We bring out our different issues with...


Episode 25

Hey everybody! This week its Drew and Clyde so we inevitably talk about some gun things that have been in the news recently. We talk about some of our fire experience as well as first responder training and issues with forgetting what you were taught and how it can get you hurt. This week we answer a question we were sent on food plus Clyde gives us a short story from being a Corrections Officer and forgets there was a mic in front of him. We hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! Message...


Episode 24!

Hello Y'all, welcome to the episode! This week Jon and Clyde talk about raising children and Drew's thoughts on childproofing and the elderly. Drew lost a bit of his soul at the DMV and has some stories from the town he last worked in. We answer a question on what people should keep in a first aid kit to keep in your vehicle also what we think should be in a "Go Bag". Thank you for listening! Go buy our shirts! Patreon.com/OffDuty OffDuty.Podbean.com 107OffDuty@gmail.com Facebook and...


Episode 23!

Hey! This week Jon is back! Buy our T-Shirts! We talk about cartoons, both adult and adolescent aka, our humor! Do you guys like the older cartoons? BTW what do you think about "Are you afraid of the dark?". Drew and Jon talk about their take on drinking these days as well as horrible drinking stories and the fancy apartment both of us used to live in. Jon talks about his High School days and Drew talks about a strange call he went to at the local college, plus how a person talked to Drew...


Episode 22, Media expert guest!

Welcome children! This week we have Drew's friend Ryne! Ryne is an EMT and had formerly been a Photographer and Editor for a local news outlet. We talk about wanting to go to haunted buildings plus haunted placed we have been in the past, also the previous EMS companies that we have worked at together. We have a bit of an in depth conversation about how the news films and edits the news and our feelings on the way that news handles a story, we also have a conversation about our feelings...


Episode 21, We can drink for Halloween!

Ferris Bueller welcomes you to the SPOOOOOOKY! 10-7 Off Duty Podcast!!!! We get really scary to begin with by talking about common core math, GASP! Jon and Drew talk sproradically about Halloween costumes, Drug overdoses, Narcan, Jon learns about the Trauma assessment involving a NoNo place and Drew's first gunshot victim. Drew talks about doing ride time with Chicago Fire years ago and our thoughts on Church of Walmart plus something gross Jon saw while working there and Drew gives an...


Episode 20!

Hey yall! T-shirts are finished so get ahold of us on facebook, twitter or e-mail to order one! This week we have a new discount code for Black Rifle Coffee, use 107offduty for 15%off! We talk about The way that some conspiracy theories have went too farr and how we really feel about the school shooting's that have happened. We also talk about a good newer TV show that is probably killed, answer a question about the show Shameless and Ian beign an EMT and how we feel about some Nerd Movies....


Episode 19, guns?

Hey yall! So glad you want to listen! Jon isn't here this week because of family things but Clyde and Drew talk about gun rights and how we feel about some things going on in the news these days. We also talk about a band that we both loved growing up and how we feel about the new things they have been doing, don't forget about our friends at MedicElement.com and use the discount code Medic18 for buy one get one free on...


Episode 18

We have a friend, Medic Element that has gave us a discount code for buy one get one on stickers! We talk about the California Prop 11 having to do with breaks for Security guards then police, fire and EMS, so what do yall think on breaks? We also answer a question regarding Drews first call, first full arrest and any regrets with going into EMS, lots of good stories involving things that Jon will never understand! Thanks to People Are Wild Podcast for the shout out last week and we will...


Episode 17, New Co-host!

Hello yall! We have a Discount code from Medic Element for you! Go find them at www.medicelement.com and use the code Medic18 for buy one get them free on stickers! This week we introduce a new prior corrections co-host, we talk about our failures in sports and how heavy equipment is made as well as scary industial accidents. We talk about how awesome it is that people have enjoyed this dumb podcast and how much we appreciate all the followers on Facebook and Twitter, plus getting a shout...


Episode 16! The semi 9/11 episode...

We start out funny with talks about Andrews dorm maybe haunted, some issues with attitudes from new Medics and old Medics, Code Green Campaign are going to give us support! Plus our experience with 9/11/2001, where we were and how it changed our lives. For you younguns out there, some of us have had our hearts broken many times, just know we still want to help you! Please Rate and Comment on iTunes and Stitcher or anywhere else you find this Podcast! Continue to like and share us on...


Episode 15, The "Serious" Episode

How are Y’all?! This week we do a bit of a more serious episode, Andrew talks about a B&E at his house and some “issues” that he has had to deal with because of it. We also talk about some mental health issues that First Responders, how some people are critical of it and how we deal with it. We also finally got a question! We answer what to do as a new EMT/ Medic! Please Rate and Comment on iTunes and Stitcher or anywhere else you find this Podcast! Continue to like and share us on...


Episode 14.

Whats up! This week we talk about Andrews plans when he gets old and talks about his new ambulance company. He also talks about the difference between urban and rural EMS, falling asleep while driving, driving in the snow and car wrecks. Andrew also talked about the most obese patient, the danger of “frequent flyers” AND wanting to screw with a former QA officer. We also have a conversation on common EMS fitness and health, plus the misconceptions of seizure patients. Please Rate and...


Episode 13

Hello our awesome listeners! This week we talk about Jons first week as a Daddy, we also hear more about growing up in Central Illinois, plus some stories Jon’s wife allowed him to share. Andrew talks about dodging flying oral output from patients, plus we have a discussion on “Adult Entertainment” Stores, a strange video Andrew found and “finding the bottom of the internet”. We also talk about how Jon could not do the EMS job and Andrew’s history with Pediatric calls. We hope you enjoy this...


Free Exclusive! Chicago Fire S1E1 Commentary!

This exclusive is the Chicago Fire S1E1 Commentary! Andrew hates it because they do things wrong, enjoy!!!! If you like this we will do more! Let us know please! Please Rate and Comment on iTunes and Stitcher or anywhere else you find this Podcast! Continue to like and share us on Facebook and Twitter: 10-7 Off Duty Feel free to E-Mail us with questions! 107OffDuty@gmail.com. Support us on Patreaon: https://www.patreon.com/OffDuty. Podbean Link: https://www.offduty.podbean.com.


Episode 12

We again try a horrible intro including an ASMR experience. Andrew and Jon talk about anesthesia experiences and eating after plus we have some multicontinetal listeners! We talk a bit about how Andrew lost his previous job and NHTSB recommendations on EMS involving EMS deaths. We also talk about Andrew’s interview with different ambulance’s that do more than expected… Please Rate and Comment on iTunes and Stitcher or anywhere else you find this Podcast! Continue to like and share us on...


Episode 11

This week Andrew and Jon talk about Andrew’s Facebook habits, Capnography, Jon as a Dad and older work concepts. We also talk about Andrews new job and how hard it is to find a “good company”. Jon talks about a job he would like to do and testing his wife’s Pepper spray and hot sauce, as well as how we don’t know how Jon is still living. Thanks for listening! Please Rate and Comment on iTunes and Google Play Continue to like and share us on Facebook and Twitter: 10-7 Off Duty Feel free to...


Episode 10

This week we talk about good PBS Shows, EMS Service testing, talk about some weird conspiracy theories that we think may be true. Gun issues involved in the theories and famous people craziness. Plus we talk a bit about how Andrew could have died and parenting as Jon will soon be a Daddy! Please Rate and Comment on iTunes and Google Play Continue to like and share us on Facebook and Twitter: 10-7 Off Duty Feel free to E-Mail us with questions! 107OffDuty@gmail.com Support us on Patreaon:...