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#27 – Coronavirus would you rather: Partial or Full lockdown? Feeling helpless getting repairs

Started off today talking about the current Coronavirus pandemic. We did a Would You Rather regarding the lockdown. We created a hypothetical partial and full lockdown with set paramaters. We also talked about feeling helpless when we have to go to a professional to get something fixed, whether it is our car or a computer.


#26 – Fast Food dilemma, Package design problem on Fiverr, Cable Companies suck part 873

Episode 26 - Bob starts off the show talking about a recent fast food dilemma, then we get into a packaging problem that we are trying to use Fiverr for, Austin then tells about his most recent cable company nightmare.


#25 – Better to have local fame or social media fame? Is Best Buy still relevant?

Episode 25 - Start off todays show with a Would You Rather? This time it was: Rather be locally famous or social media famous? We talked through both sides of it, and in the end we each picked a different side as our preference. Then we talked about whether Best Buy still works as a business, or if online shopping is going to kill them like it has other electronics stores.


#24 – Haunted house or Stuck in the woods for $1 Million, Battling sugar addiction

Episode 24 - Kick off the episode with another Would you rather? This one was: Would you rather spend 3 days alone locked in a haunted house or 3 days alone in the woods for 1 Million dollars?Then we got into Austin's battle with sugar addiction, and Bob's daily sugar needs.


#23 – Debate Time Returns! Better to know How or When you’ll die, Overhyped vs Underhyped

Episode 23 - We are back after an unexpected hiatus. Coming back with the Debate format again. Started off with an interesting Would You Rather? that was sorta like a debate. It was would you rather know how you are going to die or when you are going to die? Then we got into our real Debate topic, Do you prefer when something is Overhyped or Underhyped?


#22 – Debate time! Better to be a Superhero or Sidekick? Growing up with or without the Internet?

Introducing a debate format for our show. We pick neutral topics, and flip a coin to see who gets to argue which side of it. Then the loser of the toss gets first pick on the 2nd topic. Today our topics were: Is it better to be a Superhero or a Sidekick? & It is better to grow up with the Internet or without?


#21 – Podcast Changes, Peacock Streaming, Hulu & Netflix, Astros Cheating, Fixing Baseball, NFL Playoffs

Episode 21 - We discuss a new show format we are going to try next week, news of the new NBC streaming service Peacock just came out, we talked about that and how it compares to Hulu & Netflix, it turns out competition is a good thing! The MLB cheating scandal has been all over the news this week, the Astros might just be the first of many teams caught. We also talked about how Baseball could be fixed and compete with football and basketball again. Our last topic was a little about how this...


#20 – Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais, Royal Family, Meghan Markle & Prince Harry, New Year’s Resolutions

We are back for the new year! Start off talking about the Golden Globes and Ricky Gervais' monologue, Shift into breaking news out of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are "stepping back", we talk about what that means because we have no damn clue. New Years Resolutions are all the rage this time of year, but we think they are pretty worthless. Bob had an unfortunate restaurant experience over the holidays.


#19 – Privacy on smartphones and computers, Facebook, Hacking

Episode 19 - We talked about how Privacy affects our lives, apps and companies that invade our Privacy and what we can do about it. (We recorded this episode before our show ever launched but didn't release it because you could tell we were new and bad at this. With the Holidays we couldn't get together to record this week, so we decided to release it now.)


#18 – Christmas Pod: Holiday travel sucks, Weird Christmas traditions, Ungrateful people, Real vs Fake tree, Decoration etiquette and more!

Episode 18 - It's an all Christmas episode. We talk about the how much it sucks to have to travel on Christmas and being forced too when you have family spread out across the country, Some people have strange Christmas traditions that we are forced to follow, Are real trees or fake trees better?, Buying gifts for people that are ungrateful, How long do decorations stay up before its weird? And plenty more!


#17 – iMovie and Apple Devices, Spoiled TV generation, Oscar winners on Netflix, Disney+, Mandalorian

Episode 17 - We start off talking about our recent Video Podcast, which was our first ever and obviously had some hurdles, using iMovie helped though as well as other Apple devices. This generation is so spoiled with the quality of TV shows, we have Oscar winners doing Netflix shows and movies. Speaking of Netflix, we discussed their content model versus Disney+'s model, we ended with a brief discussion of the first 5 episodes of The Mandalorian(which does contain spoilers in the last 5...


#16 – Video Pod – Chicago Special: Bad dog owner, Airplane behavior, Deep Dish Pizza, Downtown & Parking, Awful breakfast

Austin made it up to Chicago to do a live podcast with Bob. We talk about the eventful things that happened during the trip, which includes: a bad dog owner, people's selfish behavior at the airport and on the airplane, deep dish pizza, downtown, parking rates, an awful breakfast and a couple redemption opportunities for us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh5NNxu2D-U&feature=youtu.be


#15 – Podcast Hosting, Social Stigmas: Guns vs Star Wars, Video Games: Nintendo vs Playstation prices, Big and Tall stores

Episode 15 - We recently switched Podcast hosts and of course ran into some major problems, We discuss how some hobbies have a negative social stigma attached to them when they shouldnt(gun collecting vs star wars), How come Nintendo prices never drop but Playstation and Xbox do?, Big and Tall stores are not great for us, even though one of us is big and one of us is tall.


#14 – One of us hates Thanksgiving, Black Friday rant, Sports fans are the worst, Dallas Cowboys always on TV

Episode 14 - Start of talking about Thanksgiving coming up, we have some mixed thoughts on it. One of us hates Thanksgiving, both of us hate the day after, Black Friday. We are both sports fan, but we are not obnoxious ones, those guys are the worst. Why are the Dallas Cowboys so popular? Why do they get to be on every Thanksgiving?


#13 – Screw Daylight Savings, Motivation, European meals, Women in the gym

Episode 13 - We briefly argue over who should do the intro and outro for the show. We have problems with Daylight Savings. Harder to be motivated at night versus the daytime. Austin gives a vegetarian update and we talk about portion size in the USA vs Europe. Finally we discuss going to the gym, and the people we see there, which includes gym bros and women in revealing gym outfits.


#12 – Macbook, Disney Plus, Instagram, Iphone, The Irishman, Scorsese, Netflix

Episode 12 - We talk about the new Macbook, Disney Plus just launched, Instagram posts, Apple and new Iphones, Some discussion on The Irishman coming to Netflix soon and its director Martin Scorsese. Also Bob is taking a new supplement to help build muscle, but his Mom is worried about it. We yell at each other over possible side effects, and then we just keep yelling at each other. We were pretty #Firedup


#11 – Damn you Fiverr, Google, Apple and Samsung apologists are annoying, Austin goes vegetarian?!

Episode 11 - We start of talking about our almost finished website(coming soon), which reminds us how much we do not like the website Fiverr. That leads to us talking about all these big company apologists out there, whether its Apple or Google, people defend them to death. Austin ends the show by dropping a bomb about suddenly being vegetarian.


#10 – All things Halloween, Trick or Treating, Horror Movies, Costumes/Cosplay

Episode 10 - Its an all Halloween episode. We discuss Halloween as a kid versus as an adult, Halloween themed weddings, Are kids afraid of Bob?, Scary movies, wearing Halloween costumes leads to adults who Cosplay?


#9 – Stubhub, Tom Brady, Patriots, Data breaches, The Olympics

Episode 9 - Bob talks about a surprise birthday request from his girlfriend. Stubhub tried to ruin plans to go see Tom Brady and the Patriots. Are we supposed to care about Data Breaches? Why does the Olympics have such a short shelf life in the news cycle?


#8 – Same generation but different mentalities, Using new technology, New Segment, Jared Goff

Episode 8 - The 2 of us are only 6 years apart, but sometimes it feels like we are from different generations. We talk about old school vs millennials(Bob doesn't realize he is one), Adapting to new technology, Introduction of another new segment, Discuss Jared Goff and Jameis Winston