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3B3B 35: Lick It Off a Wooden Bench

The Boys chime on Ben’s bell bottom, speculate on eel futures, meet Big Jake, define “insane” with regard to hops, graphically describe horse death with regard to dive depth, lose a section, and welcome first time guest, Alistair Moffatt. BEERS REVIEWED Palm Speciale Belge Brewdog Dead Pony Club


**BONUS EPISODE** BATWLF 13: Better Than Death

In our second BONUS instalment / attempt to make up for missing a proper episode, we present something from The Archives. This is a show that Ben used to make with his buddy Tom. This particular episode came out 11th Feb 2017, so it's like a time machine! Back in the past we described it thusly: This week the boys talk premature merchandise, take a mid-cast trip to bonny Scotland, and premier a new item in response to constructive criticism. It’s a three star roller coaster ride of...


**BONUS EPISODE** 3B3B 1: Look How Far We’ve Come

In lieu of a proper episode, we asked Twitter what they wanted. Against all decency and logic, they asked for this. So here it is, a heavily edited version of our first ever episode. Please do not judge us on this.


34: 3B3B 34: #PinkKillerChug

The Boys drink their 100th beer, meet Samu, tackle a beer naming trend, revisit an old frenemy, found their own awards, launch a craze, taste the clay, and ask: what’s real? BEERS REVIEWED Brasserie De Silly Pink Killer Fuller’s ESB De Molen Vuur & Vlam


YND 13: Got Clogged

The theme this week is Country! Given that two of our hosts play and write in a Country Rock band, they should knock it out the park. Or the country park, if you will. This week’s pieces: CHARLIE Cloggo It was 1889 They built this dirty maze of mine I keep things moving right below your feet Where the sun don't shine Is where I spend my time I know it better than I know the street All week I'm knee-deep (But My girl is) so sweet When I leave it behind Til one day I saw that She was on her...


An Important Notice

We're migrating our feed!This should mean that nothing whatsoever changes, but given that we're not the most tech savy we wanted to make sure. So, if you stop receiving your weekly dose of Boys and Beers then let us know.Tweet @3Boys3BeersEmail 3boys3beers@gmail.comCheers


3B3B 33: Quack-Bonk Cookies

The boys found PodJazz, compare Brando to barley, pour one out for their phoneys, recommend opticians, speak French, and ask: who’s the captain? BEERS REVIEWED Chang Classic Samuel Smith India Ale Moonchild Autobahn SHOW NOTES Samuel Smith pubs did ban swearing in 2017, because the owner really is that odd: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jul/01/samuel-smith-pub-boss-anti-swearing-crusade-sacked-on-spot Those beautiful Moonchild bottles: https://bit.ly/2JUFICW


3B3B 32: This Fuckin’ Clown Didn’t Dunk My Stella

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px Helvetica; min-height: 16.0px} p.p3 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px Helvetica; color: #9e4a2f} span.s1 {text-decoration: underline} The boys analyse Shania Twain, critique Walker’s Max Strong crisps, discover they’re Gammon, discover time travel, explain how to pour beer, pitch a new Guy Ritchie film, riff on font modifiers, coin ‘The Duke’, discover Evil Jesus,...


3B3B 30: new plant, new Plant

The Boys apologise for last week’s episode, explain old television to Rowan, place their 2 cents into the Beavertown debacle, namecheck Chris Martin and Marc Kelly for a second time, support Daisy Knickers, revisit meat disappointment, define Jinky Guzzler, explain the concept of good, geek out again on Lambic, and offer their services in exchange for free beer. BEERS REVIEWED Beavertown Gamma Ray Abbeydale You Scratch My Back Cantillon Kriek SHOW NOTES If you want to take a deep dive into...


3B3B 31: Brett Milk

No sooner were they back together, than fate pulled the 3 Boys apart. But all was not lost. Short one Rowan this week, the Boys wrangled their friend and occasional colleague, Josh. After enquiring as to his beery history, they settle down to 3 thoroughly disappointing beers. BEERS REVIEWED Lindeman’s Faro Blue Moon Belgian White Harbour Keller Heller Bock SHOW NOTES That once heavily coriander Wit that Ben was trying to remember: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peeterman_Artois The...


3B9B 1: While the Cat’s Away… Stuff

A strange thing happened while Ben was on holiday. He came back to find The Very Good Studio in disarray. Empty cans and bottles littered the table. The remains of take-away boxes covered the floor. The unmistakable smell of rogue podcasting lingered on the warm summer air. What crimes had occurred in this room? he thought. The evidence was on his computer. He set to work editing it. (This episode is not suitable for vegans. Or first time listeners) BEERS REVIEWED Vocation Dirty Pilsner...


3B3B 29: Moon Cow

The 3 Boys... ran out of time to write a detailed description. But trust us, this is a darn good episode.BEERS REVIEWED Tiger Leffe Bruin Beavertown & 3 Floyds Heavy Lord SHOW NOTES Tropical Lager is a recognised style. At least, it’s recognised by this website: http://www.brewerydb.com/style/105


3B3B 28: Marcs Out of Ten

The Boys take Tesco to task for a second time, found a hashtag movement, get real with Noah, drink beers without breweries, break down tissue boundaries, find out where those S-shaped polystyrene bits actually come from, remind Rowan that he hosts the show, and revolutionise the marking system with the help of a listener.BEERS REVIEWEDNewcastle Brown AleGold LabelWarpigs Smoldering Holes BA Bourbon with Tahitian VanillaSHOW NOTESThe world’s most delightfully and cheerfully sexist...


3B3B 27: Clock Slaughter

The Boys introduce their resident number cruncher, discover intimate details about Gary’s dimensions, redefine sandwich artists (and the game), pitch a new Guinness product, go out on a bunch of limbs, and for the first time in their beery history, are lost for words BEER REVIEWED Firebrand Black Saison Guinness Foreign Extra Wychwood Hobgoblin SHOW NOTES If you “enjoyed" Gary’s chicken song, then you will also "enjoy” this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHc288IPFzk And this follow up...


3B3B 26: Look At Me, I'm Jesus

The boys continue their Belgian passion with a Tripel special. But around the beer chat they found time to be unnecessarily cruel to Coventry, discuss Gary’s unrelated trip to the cinema, hunt for C02 pearls, launch a new competition, talk for too long about the metric system, and ask: can you bully a myth?Oh and they give away a bottle of super rare Cantillon to a listener. Is it you? Listen in to find out.BEERS REVIEWEDWestmalle TripelDuvel Moortgat Tripel Hop CitraTotnes Brewing Co...


3B3B 25: Pint of Boring

While the beer loving world heads to Huddersfield to sip on Un-Human Cannonball, the 3 Boys console themselves with the usual blend of boring, quite boring, and very good beer. Which one's which? I think you can guess. Also featuring cats, Len Ticular, fresh portmanteaus, hard panning, and a revolutionary new way of gravity brewing. Beers Reviewed:John Smith’s Extra Smooth Robinson’s Old Tom The Emperor’s Brewery Blue Harvest SHOW NOTES The rather enjoyable 1970s TV adverts for John...


3B3B 24: Belgian Special I (Big Loud American Wow)

The 3 Boys bathe in Belgian brilliance as Gary presents a few fruits from his week in Brussels. A soothing blend of extraordinary beer and comfy new chairs made this our longest, most sincere, and consistently relevant episode to date. We may have to rebrand this one as ‘a podcast entirely about beer’. You can look forward to part II and III in the near future. We should probably space them out further, but we’re not patient enough. BEERS "REVIEWED"Boon Marriage Parfait Fantome Saison De...


3B3B 23: What’s The Sausage?

This episode is delightful chaos. For the first time in (official) 3B history, one of the boys was replaced by a guest host, our good friend Pat. As a result, the boys discussed almost everything apart from beer including, but not limited to: the issues with Richard Curtis films, good old fashioned racism, the demise of car cigarette lighters, body disposal tips, a failed spear fishing expedition, nazi complicity, and far too much talk about Rowan’s Sausage. Beers Reviewed: (Brewery...


3B3B 22: Game Face

The Three Boys attempt to find sense in a post-beerxit world. With Craft and CAMRA battling around them, they try to find the good in the UK’s biggest ale, identify the problems with novelty ingredients, and drink a beer that could bring balance to the sauce. And with less of an eye on theme, they talk cat farmers, cider-soaked lambs, and stumble into our longest ever outro. Beer Reviewed:Sharp’s Doom BarMarston’s OWD RodgerOmnipollo HilmaFor complete and exhilarating show notes, visit the...


3B3B 21: David Bowie Nipple Antennae

The Boys reveal the origin of Guinness, try and define Golden Ales, check out Greg’s recent tweets, try and find volcano salt, get biblical in the question section, and explain exactly how many beers they actually drink in a show.Beers Reviewed:Guinness Golden AleStone IPAOmnipollo Amurga For show notes, visit the blog at verygood.org.uk