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3B3B 55: A Spoon With Your Name On It

The Boys complete the annual survey, discuss the recent acquisition of Fuller’s, disprove the power of location, discover the secret of Bavaria, take a trip through time, imagine a horseback murder movie franchise, interview the mind behind Delirium, decode a baffling label, throw a couple of tarts in there, actually talk seriously about beer for a minute, and talk hot topics with Greg. BEERS REVIEWED Bavaria Premium 5% Huyghe Brewery Delirium Hop Stuff / North Brewing Co Juicy Fruit Pale Ale


3B3B 54: Wake & Steak Bake

The Boys meet Tippy, count bishops, get frank about Folkies, bring back bartering, intensely investigate a Tribute video, rebrand Mark from marketing, dive too deep into the Potterverse, explore the virtual world of Wychwood, discover the science of the perfect pint, myth bust acronyms, and get called by Greg a-fucking-gain. BEERS REVIEWED St Austell Tribute Wychwood Black Wych Totnes Brewing Co Super High Power Fire Pony


3B3B 53: Pricks With Attitudes

The Boys meet Mable, look hard at amber, reinvent conkers for the kids, remember the rum-maker races, peek at stripy passions, breakdown wheat beer variations, ponder pork salad, cube the asterick, launch sports beer, recall the Carafa 3, meet the Right Handed Giant, and reluctantly receive another call from Greg about Greggs. BEERS REVIEWED Red Stripe Lager Beer Erdinger Weissbier Left Handed Giant x Barrier Brewing Co Otherlands


3B3B 52: I’m a Futuristic Man

With Gary in the depths of cold, this week we welcome musician and fellow Totnes Brew Co bartender, Connor Spring, to the podseat. With their guest in tow, the Boys try and remember how to podcast, mock Maynards Mocktails, uncover a can-spiracy, meet the English Alex Jones, write a song about Slough, imagine Film Wars, visit John in marketing, explain collab to Ben, reimagine Bake Off, and get a phone call from an old friend. BEERS REVIEWED Fuller’s London Pride Unfiltered Badger Fursty...


3B3B 51: Spooky Tree Torture Toys Spooky Tree Fears

The 3 Boys talk to you from way back in 2018, with an episode that was put aside for emergencies. After a Christmas of undoubted excess we needed a little time to recover, so here is our back up episode. Unfortunately it was recorded around Halloween so the opening makes almost no sense. Anyhoo (or anyboo), get ready for them to challenge trick or treat logic, discover the link between Donald Trump and The Spice Girls, dish some dirt on Jacko’s distraction pieces, debate beer birth sites, be...


3B3B 50: Emperor’s Brewery Special / Christmas Bumper Show / 50th Episode Extravaganza

The Boys see 2018 out in Blissfully Imperial style with 4 beers from the Emperor’s Brewery. Plus there’s present based puzzle solving, Xmas trad talk, a song about everything in the show that we wrote in 30 minutes, and all the usual nonsense. Merry Whatevermas everyone and thanks for a wonderful year of podding. BEERS REVIEWED Princess Slayer Emperor’s Black Heart: Episode One Kessel Run Hokey Religion


3B3B 49: Fruit Beer Special

On this week’s show, the Boys mostly talk about tools. BEERS REVIEWED Brewdog Elvis Juice Samuel Smith Organic Apricot Fruit Beer Wild Beer Pogo


3B3B 48: Splatter Art

The boys make enemies with Autumn, bring Tesco to justice, test the concept of time, get in Gary’s elevator, blow minds, yuck on a yeast, think dirty thoughts, talk shapely words, offend the Irish (again), REVEAL TRUTH!, spread semen rumours, and name a beer for @beercado. BEERS REVIEWED Carlsberg Carlsberg Guiness Original Beavertown Dame Melba Phantom SHOW NOTES The mail probably misrepresenting science. Please don’t give them any more clicks that strictly necessary. Maybe open this link...


3B3B 47: Jeff - The Elephant in the Room

The Boys are Right, Wrong, and Indifferent, challenge their chicken beliefs, fail to know about football, get high and fall, READ THE COMPLETE LIST OF EVERY KRONENBOURG BEER EVER MADE, explore la recipe suprême, get ruthlessly delicious, follow the adventures of Jeff the Elephant, visit the Eildon Hills, get down and up on Sour IPAs, and explain Belfies to Gary BEERS REVIEWED Kronenbourg 1664 Lagunitas IPA Tempest x Buxton Eildon Hills


3B3B 46: Edgy Edgy Holsten

The Boys meet The Appropriator, speculate on Runcorn, lick Lens Hot Lips, debate ratings, get very angry about glucose, do questionable accents, light some “candles”, mull over mango, consider the concept of Craft, and sing themselves off. BEERS REVIEWED Holsten Pils Theakston Old Peculiar Beavertown x Omnipollo Mango Milk Power


3B3B45: The Roundabout Riddler

THE BOYS ARE BACK!! After a long hiatus, caused by a full pint of beer being poured into Ben’s laptop, editing power has return to Beer World. This week, the Boys meet the Roundabout Riddler, play Beer or Not a Beer, historically bully David Cameron, ring the Goblin King, establish 3 Boys 1 Cup, revolutionise business, solve Steve Rushin’s travel trials, LOSE GARY’S AUDIO FOR THE 3RD BEER!!, and get it back for the outro (bloody technology). BEERS REVIEWED Wychwood King Goblin Bath Ales Gem...


3B3B44: Edging for Eternity

With Ben away, the 2 remaining boys welcome back Alistair to the podcast. Together they inaccurately stereotype the listeners, remember Rowan’s Moon trips, play a phone game live without concern for copyright infringement, give Ben live editing tips, reveal the dirty secret of Belgian brewing, say owl too many times, learn a lot about Gary’s dad, personify wafers, and are really lenient to Tories. BEERS "REVIEWED" Mythos Mythos La Trappe Tripel Buxton x Lervig Trolltunga


3B3B 43: How Do You Stroke a Face?

The Boys finally learn Ben’s name, take life advice from Rowan, dream of drinking with The Queen, solve bullying, get stuck into the White Stout debate, channel Thom to review a Belgian classic, review the rate beer review system, definitively tell Gregor J which dog to get, and launch the best podcast merchandise ever. BEERS REVIEWED Royal Grolsch Premium Lager Time & Tide Domino Corsendonk Agnus


3B3B 42: Are You Bready For Loaf?

The Boys take the reigns from a muddle brained Ben and set about solving the rose bush problem (again), tearing brand marketing a new one, comparing AB InBev to Lockheed Martin, forming The Meatles, recalling the Corona theme tune, reliving the founding of the oxbridge boat race, and criticising baby loans. BEERS REVIEWED Grupo Modelo Corona Extra McEwan's Champion Brussels Beer Project Babylone


3B3B 41: A Soggy Bottomed Mary Berry Exxxplosion

The 3 Boys play another round of 'Beer or Not Beer’, safety test brown bottles, discover a dunk, read really good reviews, share some nut facts, descend into groundhog insanity, reveal Rose’s intentions, and put Oak on burn for a second time. BEERS REVIEWED Sabeco Saigon Export Carlsberg Skol Super Time & Tide Codex (White Burgundy Barrel Aged)


3B3B 40: Letters of Mayonnaise

The 3 Boys play 'Beer or Not Beer’, create a superhero, solve Myles Lambert’s Rose bush issues, imagine domains, visit an arcade, consider masculinity, review ‘Letters of Mayonnaise’, date personified wood, and remember T-1000 on the rebound. BEERS REVIEWED Adnams Dry Hopped Lager Leffe Blonde Roman Adrian Brower Winter Wood Whisky Oak Aged


3B3B 39: Jagger’s Infinite Dildo Paradox

The Boys coin a phrase, break the word 'motherfucker', dive deep into can designs, argue about pyramids, found CamCanRA, give Ben a gold star, tackle time travel on behalf of Matt W Webster, wonder about war, and rebrand as INFINITE FIST! BEERS REVIEWED Beavertown Neck Oil Vocation Heart & Soul Alphabet Brewing Co Charlie Don't Surf SHOW NOTES https://www.beavertownbrewery.co.uk/neck-oil-redesigned-beer-inside-remains/ #Piddlum #Bedlam #Mayhem


3 Boys 1 Willie: Verse Two

This show now has its own feed, but here's another episode to whet your whistle. Join the Boys as they continue their hubristic journey into the mind of Big Willie. WHAT WE LEARNT TODAY Willie introduces his song structure, is on fire like Jon Blaze, is an earthquake, also a dance floor gentleman, has a broad investment portfolio, and a vast supply of very strong wine. THE LYRICS I'm back attackin the mic Hype like a Viking Strikin like a python Blaze like Jon A hip-hop icon, MC radical Back...


3B3B 38: Rainbows Aren’t Real

The Boys create a dangerous metaphor, tackle some old news, try and find Suffolk, successfully critique Alex Jones, brainstorm alcohol-free beer names, attempt a hashtag, distrust monks, get ethical, try and pronounce things, introduce their furry appetite, and fall in love with the third beer. BEERS REVIEWED Adnam’s Ghost Ship Chimay Blue Burning Sky Single Barrel Series Stock Ale SHOW NOTES The story of three threads:...


3 Boys 1 Willie: Verse One

Welcome to the first episode of The Boys most foolish idea yet. In this new series, the Boys take a serious look at Will Smith's iconic 1997 album, Big Willie Style. But this is no simple overview, they're taking it as God intended: verse by verse, one episode per verse. Prepare yourself... to get jiggy with it.