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3 best pals take on the world of gaming - debating and bickering about gaming news and culture

3 best pals take on the world of gaming - debating and bickering about gaming news and culture
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3 best pals take on the world of gaming - debating and bickering about gaming news and culture






Episode 70 - Talking Film and Games with Dylan

This week our producer Dylan stepped from behind the mic to talk to us about the overlap between video games and movies. Peterson tells the sordid tale of the Super Mario Bros. movie, Dylan quizzes us on our video game movie knowledge, and JD of course makes a plea for a BioShock movie. Be sure to check out Dylan's amazing movie podcast, Talking Film: https://saltlakefilmsociety.org/talkingfilm


Episode 69 - The 3 Fred Gamer Durst

This week is all about fear in games. BOO!! See? We jump in our time machine and discuss retro games that scared us silly and later we talk about what we love and what we hate about fear in games. And stick around for Dice of Destiny - Peterson tells us about spiking some balls.


Episode 68 - An Adult Popsicle

This week is basically all about the new pickle fried chicken sandwich at KFC. Later, we talk about the video games we're playing right now and then read some of the worst headlines in video game history.


Episode 67 - A Peterson Tip

This week we talk all about why we love teamwork in games. Whether you're battling enemies in a side-scrolling beat-em-up or working together to finish at 40-man raid, teamwork always makes games better. Oh and stick around until the end because we get started back up with Dice of Destiny!


Episode 66 - Listener Questions VI

Hot off the third annual Salt Lake Gaming Con, we took some of your awesome listener questions! Because, you know, we were too tired to write our own content this week. We take questions about mobile gaming, what esport we'd want to compete in, player/developer relationships, and what game we are most embarrassed to admit loving. Tune in to see if we answered your question!


Episode 65 - Prima Norcda

We are fresh off the 2018 Salt Lake Gaming Con and none of us caught the infamous Con Flu! We recap all the great stuff we saw and then talk about some con-inspired gaming crossovers - Suicide Squad Seinfeld, anyone? And make sure to listen in for some big news about the podcast! (hint: it's all about Snakes on a Train and Tomb Invader)


Episode 64 - The Island of Misfit Segments -

Nearly every week we run out of time for a segment. We're a really chatty bunch - maybe that's why we like podcasting so much. But just because a segment is gone does not mean it's forgotten. This week we dig into the 3-bit Vault and dust off some misfit segments that never made the cut.


Episode 63 - Making PC Fireballs with Zack Shutt

This week we talk to our very first hardware expert, Zack Shutt of Xidax PCs, about all things PC gaming. Zack tells us all about his experience building PCs and teaches us how to turn your very own PC into a gigantic fireball. And later we get into Love it, Leave it - PC gaming edition.


Episode 62 - E3 Recap and Draft Results

This year's E3 was a doozy - from disappointments to big surprises, the next few years in gaming are sure to be interesting. We recap all the big highlights from the show while a few game companies fire shots at JD.


Episode 61 - E3 Prediction Draft

E3 2018 is set to be the biggest in years - EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Microsoft, Nintendo, and many others have promised huge things at this year's show, so we figured we'd make some predictions of our own. We drafted all our best predictions and assigned a point value to each - follow along during this week's E3 and see how many we got right!


Episode 60 - Love it or Leave it

This week we twist ourselves into a yinyang-shaped pretzel, taking turns talking about stuff we love and hate in video games. We talk bullet sponges, gambling mini-games, game mechanics that pause games, strategy in games, epic mounts, 30-year-old grizzled white dudes with beards, and so much more. If you like ranting, you'll love this - if you don't, you'll hate it. See what we did there??


Episode 59 - Go Jumanji Yourself

We figured that since we aren't called the 3-bit Video Gamer Show that we can talk about another gaming love of ours - tabletop games. This week we roll the dice and talk all about games that would make a good tabletop game, why tabletop games are addictive, and what video game we'd want to Jumanji us. We also give a shoutout to Utah locals TMG Board Games and JD for taking third place in some dumb race


Episode 58 - Take a Leak

This week there is just too much news to ignore so we get into a good old fashioned newsisode. We talk E3, Walmart leaks, and why Destiny 2 just can't figure things out. And later JD interviews Peterson and Spencer about their review of God of War 4. An inter-review?


Episode 57 - Infinity Stones vs. Chaos Emeralds

We're all hopped up on hype from Infinity War so the theme for this week's sode is the Avengers. We beg game developers to make an MCU quality game in Dear Game Devs, create our own Avengers from video game characters, and dole out some kudos to an old friend of the show. And because Fortnite got a Thanos crossover, we talk about blockbusters from the past that could have used a game crossover from their own time. Jaws in Pong, anyone?


Episode 56 - Listener Questions V

This week we turned to you, our lovely listeners, to write our entire episode. Because we were feeling lazy. Whatever. We answer questions about E3, fighting games, vehicles in games, violence in video games, and our first love in gaming. And JD talks about potatoes.


Episode 55 - The "3" is Silent

All we do is snack snack snack no matter what and this week is no exception. Peterson waxes poetic about the new cracker that's taken over his life in our Kudos segment and JD breaks down Super Troopers 2. Later we actually talk about video games, covering Spencer's first impressions of God of War 4, JD and Peterson's review of Far Cry 5, and then we discuss games that could use a Battle Royale mode.


Episode 54 - The Trollisode

It's Peterson's time to shine as he defines trolling and then gives pretty in-depth lessons on the history of trolling and trolling best practices. We wrap up the sode with some stories about our worst trollsperiences. And keep an ear out for a story about Harrison Fork.


Episode 53 - The Usurper Returns

This week Lynn comes back and once again attempts to take over the show. We dig into the future of video game movies, why they are the next comic book movie fad, and why that might not be a good thing. Oh and we absolutely tear into Ready Player One and you'll probably disagree with everything we say.


Episode 52 - Video Game Celebrity Deathmatch Finale

Last week we pitted some of the most beloved figures in video games against each other in a bloody, no-holes-barred murderfest. Duke Nukem zombie-stomped Pac-Man, Kerrigan stabbed Mario, and Samus Aran eked out a W over the long piece from Tetris. Tune in to see who emerged victorious in our Sweet Sixteen!


Episode 51 - Video Game Celebrity Deathmatch

This week we couldn't resist jumping on the March Madnits bandwagon and ended up creating our own bracket. We thought of the 32 most popular video game celebs, seeded them, and pitted them against one another in a single-elimination, to-the-death, Celebrity Deathmatch-style showdown. It's pretty incredible and you'll probably disagree with some of our choices. We also do throw the dice in Dice of Destiny and of give out some basketball kudos.