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Someone gave these idiots their own show. Mark & Chris talk about what's trending, junk food, and the stupid crap that happens in their lives. The Morning X airs weekdays on 89X Windsor/Detroit from 6AM - 10AM

Someone gave these idiots their own show. Mark & Chris talk about what's trending, junk food, and the stupid crap that happens in their lives. The Morning X airs weekdays on 89X Windsor/Detroit from 6AM - 10AM




Someone gave these idiots their own show. Mark & Chris talk about what's trending, junk food, and the stupid crap that happens in their lives. The Morning X airs weekdays on 89X Windsor/Detroit from 6AM - 10AM








THE MORNING X: February-21-2020

Mark Apologizes For Screwing Up | Supreme Oreo Selling for 4K | We Speak To Tim Horton's Head of Communications | Cha-Cha Slide Challenge | Bullied Child With Dwarfism Going Viral | What The Google | Ghetto Wheel for Foo Fighters Tickets | Zuckerberg Has Employees Do Weird Things | 50/50 Shot at $5 Million Dollars | Korn Song or Corn on the Cob


THE MORNING X: February-20-2020

Has Mark Been Following His New Diet Plan? | McDonald's Quarter Pounder Merch | Brain in Jar Found at Bluewater Bridge | Weird School Sex Guide | Spielberg's Daughter a Porn Star | Robbers Leave Trail Of Goods | Guess The Cheese for Foo Fighters Tickets | Moldy Whopper Commercial | Officer Escorts 8 Year Old To Dance | Korn Song or Corn on the Cob


THE MORNING X: February-19-2020

Chains We Wish We Had | VIA Service Returning | Tim Horton's Updating Roll Up The Rim | Woman Calls Cops When Parents Stop Paying For Cell Phone | Boy Scouts Bankrupt | Puppy Befriends Special Needs Pigeon | Movie Madness for Foo Fighters Tickets | Tongues Found In Home Crawl Space | Woman Takes Bath In Hot Cheetos | KoЯn Song or Corn on the Cob?


THE MORNING X: February-18-2020

Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits | Ryan Newman Crash | Masked Men Stealing Toilet Paper | Thief Tased In The Junk | Wine Prices Dropping | Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Coming To Canada | Ontario License Plate Problems | Keto Diet Could Cause Problems With Breathalyzer | Rhode Island Government is 40 Years Behind | Kid Celebrates B-Day At Target


THE MORNING X: February-14-2020

Naps Make Us More Productive | Another Bath in a Wendy's Sink | Guy Robs Bank On First Date | Lyft Driver Chases Hit and Run Driver | Guy Will Pay 25K For True Love | What The Google | Movie Madness for Rage Against The Machine Tickets | Televangelist Claims To Have Coronavirus Cure | Girl Suing Cop After She Steals Police Car


THE MORNING X: February-13-2020

Chris Couldn't Sleep Last Night | Angus Thick Burger | Guy Constantly Punches Seat On Airplane | Woman Gives Kidney To Boss | Is It Time To Cancel Jim Carrey? | Tales From The Bar | What's The Sound for Rage Against The Machine Tickets | McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Finally Fixed!? | Woman Poops In Cop Car To Hide Crack


THE MORNING X: February-12-2020

How YouTube Was Created| The Broomstick Challenge | How Much Should You Spend For Valentine's Day? | Macaulay Culkin Has A Weird Theft Problem | Mom "Reunites" With Dead Daughter | Guy Eats iPhone on Airplane | What's The Sound for Rage Against The Machine Tickets | Smart Bathroom App | Guy Buys $1000 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies


THE MORNING X: February-11-2020

Tim Horton's Going Back To Basics | Employees Putting Boogers on Wall | Teen Finds Thousands Of Dollars | Eating in Front of a Mirror | Coney Dog Pizza | Free Porn For Quarantined Passeng3ers | People Are Cheating... With Food | Guess The Cheese for Rage Against The Machine Tickets | Lady Steaks | Oscars Record Low Ratings


THE MORNING X: February-10-2020

Air BnB Changing Rules For Young People | Hong Kong Toilet Paper Shortage | Teacher Orders Meth From School | Oscars Recap | Monday Morning Munchies | NYPD Cop Robs Man For Drugs | Corona Virus Update | Text For Humanity


THE MORNING X: February-07-2020

Mark Meets His New Life Coach | Friends Reunion IS Happening | Starbucks Transgender Campaign | Disney Apologizes To School | Christian Man Suing NFL Over Halftime Show | Can Mark Stick With His New Lifestyle? | Robot Bartenders | Grown Man Steals Skateboard


THE MORNING X: February-6-2020

Mark's New Life Coach Is Coming Tomorrow | KC Chiefs Parade Got Wild! | The Dog Food Diet? | Shopping Spree For Answering Math Question | Unlimited Flight Pass | PETA Says "Pet" Is Derogatory | Calling 911 Over a Lost Hoodie | Hair Growing In Womans Mouth | Guy Burns $1 Million Dollars


THE MORNING X: February-5-2020

Chis Found Mark a Life Coach | Bad Weather on the Way | Coronavirus Fears are Getting Out Of Control | Idiots Label Bag Of Drugs| Purchase Shakira’s Super Bowl Outfit | Bat Spit Coffee | 55,000 Pieces Of Mail Delivered to Couple | Guy Releases Mice in Hotel Rooms | Wendy’s Breakfast | Oscar’s Tweet “Predictions” | Disney Wants To Get Paid | Local Lowes Manager Recognized


THE MORNING X: February-4-2020

Mark’s Failed Diet…Again | Dunkaroos Making a Return | XFL Returning | Child In Distress or Goat? | Dog Poop Smeared on Face | Lego Reality Show | Tell Me Something Good: 100 Dogs Adopted | Make Your Valentines Reservation Today | Things We Can Cook Without a Recipe | Telling Lies, To Seem More Honest? | Guys Who Drive Expensive Cars, Are Jerks


THE MORNING X: February-3-2020

Super Bowl Recap | Early Spring? | Pizza Place in Trouble Over Billboard | Guy Blows Up ATM | Polo Shirt Onesie | Wearing Gas Mask On Airplane | Monday Morning Munchies: Two New Oreo's | Super Bowl Halftime Show | Guy Throws Super SOUL Party


THE MORNING X: January-31-2020

New Jersey Mayor Got Naked | Guy Robs Store That His Brother Works At | Answer This for Five Finger Death Punch Tickets | Good or Bad Parenting Move? | A Scene Right Out Of Seinfeld| Fowling For Pie w/ Armando’s Pizza Bar | Aiden’s Super Bowl Picks | Global Health Emergency | Michigan Woman Bites Man’s Tongue Off


THE MORNING X: January-30-2020

Fun Super Bowl Facts | PETA Wants a Robot Groundhog | How Much Food We Eat on Super Bowl Sunday | Do Face Masks Protect You From Corona Virus | Guy Hits on 9-1-1 Dispatcher | Ghetto Wheel: Movie Madness | The Super Bowl Flu | Guy Buys Super Bowl Ad Starring His Dog


THE MORNING X: January-29-2020

No Tailgating at the Superbowl? | Chicken Shortage? | Superbowl Prop Bets | Kittens Saved By Coffee | Superhero Arrested For Drug Dealing | Escaped Prisoner Hides In Airport Ceiling | Morning Rewind for Disturbed Tickets | Atari Launches Line Of Hotels | Daycare Worker Writes On Toddler


THE MORNING X: January-28-2020

Mark Took Citro-Mag... UH OH! | Coronavirus Update | Stubhub Offering Loans | What Is A Plant Parent? | CEO Looking For Super Nanny | Woman Sues Brother Over Homemade Zipline | Guess The Cheese for Disturbed Tickets | Update on Mr. Peanut Funeral | NYC Bystanders Save Woman Pinned Under SUV


THE MORNING X: January-27-2020

Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash | Grammy Recap | Serial Pooper Arrested | Elderly Woman Survives 7 Story Fall | Monday Morning Munchies: Timbits Cereal | Most Recognizable Company Logos | Stranded Woman Uses Tinder to Get Help | Showering While Driving


THE MORNING X: January-24-2020

Aerosmith Drummer Suing Band | Carpool Karaoke Is Fake!? | Fish Stabs Teen In Neck | Guess The Cheese | Doomsday Clock | Superbowl Ad's Leaked | Ben from Billy Talent Chats With Us | 18 Year Sentence For Spitting On Pizza | Tell Me Something Good