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Someone gave these idiots their own show. Mark & Chris talk about what's trending, junk food, and the stupid crap that happens in their lives. The Morning X airs weekdays on 89X Windsor/Detroit from 6AM - 10AM

Someone gave these idiots their own show. Mark & Chris talk about what's trending, junk food, and the stupid crap that happens in their lives. The Morning X airs weekdays on 89X Windsor/Detroit from 6AM - 10AM




Someone gave these idiots their own show. Mark & Chris talk about what's trending, junk food, and the stupid crap that happens in their lives. The Morning X airs weekdays on 89X Windsor/Detroit from 6AM - 10AM








THE MORNING X: April-1-2020

240,000 Could Die From Coronavirus in USA | Shocking: Cocaine Is NOT "Essential Service" | Alcohol Sales Skyrocketing | Lots of Layoffs... But Also New Jobs | Mark's Brother Was Sneezed On | This Woman HATES Phone Scammers | Houston Mayor Tells Criminals to "Chill" | What Have You Done, That You've Never Done Before?


THE MORNING X: March-31-2020

Mark Was Pooping During a Conference Call | Is Shaq Friends With Joe Exotic? | "Walk In Totally Naked" Challenge | Woman Tells Cops "She'll Do What She Wants" | Astrophysicist Went To Hospital With Magnets Up His Nose | April Has Been Cancelled | Guy Dresses As Bush To Sneak Out | Amazon and Instacart Workers Protesting | GOOD NEWS: Man Hands Out $100 Bills


THE MORNING X: March-30-2020

We're Stuck at Home For Another Month | Sending Emails to the Wrong Person | Tip Your Delivery Driver With Toilet Paper? | Bodies Being Loaded in to Transport Trucks | Monday Morning Munchies | Riots in China Because of Lying Government | Guy Throws Huge Coronavirus Party in Apartment


THE MORNING X: March-27-2020

More Idiots Coughing on Food | Struggle of Working From Home | Frankie MacDonald's Weekend Weather | Mexican's Shutting Down American Borders | What The Google | How Do We Get Our Hair Cut? | Man Chases Neighbor With Sword


THE MORNING X: March-26-2020

Mark Is Interviewing Bands on Instagram Live | Everyone Is Watching "Tiger King" | Dressing As Animals To Leave Home | What Is Your Movie? | Guy Who Licked Toilet Has Coronavirus | People Are Still Price Gouging | Don't Flush T-Shirts Down The Toilet | Jerk Calls Cops on Porn Video Store


THE MORNING X: March-25-2020

Trump Want To Be Back To Normal By Easter | Idiots Are Coughing on People | Sea Lion or Tom Hanks? | PornHub to the Rescue! | Have You Been Drinking More? | Guy Blames Media For His Selfishness | Pee Soaked Napkin Causes Domestic Violence


THE MORNING X: March-24-2020

Take Out Tuesday | People Die Following Trump's Advice | Stupid Viral Challenges | Stay Home So Danny DeVito Can Live! | Popeye's Teams Up With Netflix | Car Thief Blames Coronavirus | Morning Munchies: Lucky Charms Ice Cream and Mystery Kool-Aid | Late Night Shows From Home | Good News Stories


THE MORNING X: March-23-2020

Canada Drops Out Of Olympics | People Are Hoarding Mountain Dew | Drunk Friend Pisses All Over The House | Ask Siri About Coronavirus | Guy Eats 40 Pizzas In 30 Days | Monday Morning Munchies | New York Bans Orgies | Hotel Cleaner Busted For Stealing Toilet Paper


THE MORNING X: March-20-2020

National Ravioli Day | Jails Letting Out More Prisoners | Doctor Urges Masturbating During Self Quarantine | Getting It On With A Robot | Frankie MacDonald's Weekend Weather | Woman Blows Up House By Lighting Crack Pipe | What The Google | Drive Thru Peep Show | Stress Pooping


THE MORNING X: March-19-2020

Mark Is Still Broadcasting From Home | Condom Shortage | Products That No One Is Purchasing | Idiots Are Licking Things To Go Viral | Boober Eats | Military Ready To Be Deployed In To Cities | Guy Gets So Drunk He Doesn't Remember Robbing Home | Professor Catches Student Getting Sexual Favor | Young People CAN Catch Coronavirus | Celebs Doing Live Streaming Videos


THE MORNING X: March-18-2020

Mark Is Broadcasting From Home | Coronavirus in all 50 States | Guy Exposes Self While Balancing Pie On Head | Was Oprah Arrested For Sex Trafficing? | Woman Realizes She's Been Washing Hands With Cheese | Pastor Tells Everyone To Shake Hands | Online Netflix Parties


THE MORNING X: March-17-2020

It's St. Patrick's Day... But Most People Forgot | Anything Weighing On Your Conscience? American Cities Bracing For Lockdown | Bathing In Cow Poop and Drinking Cow Pee to Cure Corona? | Kindness Postcard | Porn Industry Shutting Down | St. Patrick's Day At Home | Concerns Over Prison System | Floridians Suing China Over Coronavirus


THE MORNING X: March-16-2020

Mark Cancelled His Vacation | NFL Extending Season | Divorce Rates Skyrocketing Due To Coronavirus | Quarantining People For 4 Months | Monday Morning Munchies: Eggo Cereal | News Coverage Over Spilled Toilet Paper | US Government To Oversee Grocery Distribution | Guy In Hazmat Suite Sprays Liquid At Walmart


THE MORNING X: March-13-2020

Friday The 13th | Frankie's Weekend Weather | People Are Freaking Out! | Are Windsor Finally Worried About Corona Virus? | Things We Should Be Stocking Up On | Distillery Giving Out Free Hand Sanitizer | Everything Is Cancelled | What The Google | Calling 9-1-1 Over Lines at Costco | Man Uses McDouble as a Weapon


THE MORNING X: March-12-2020

NBA Suspends Season | Tom Hanks Has Corona Virus | Small Penis Dating App | Trump Imposes Travel Ban | St. Patrick's Day Etiquette w/ Man Bun Nick | Sarah Palin Sings "Baby Got Back" | Twitter Fleet | Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer


THE MORNING X: March-11-2020

Mark Will Do Anything For A Free Meal | McDonald's Changing The Big Mac? | Vegetarians Have Better Sex | Guy Grabs a Cops Junk.... HARD | What Should We Use Instead Of Handshakes | Wearing Garbage Bags To Stop Corona Virus | Things We Forget In Uber's


THE MORNING X: March-10-2020

Mark Is Finally Worries About Corona Virus | People Fighting Over Rotten Food On Quarantined Cruise Ships | Logo Going Green | Time Is Flying... Things That Happened 10 Years Ago | Costco Stopping Samples | Woman Demands Refund From Burning Building | People Help Out Wendy's Worker | 99 Year Old Eats McDonald's Every Day


THE MORNING X: March-9-2020

Tired From Loosing an Hour of Sleep | Mystery Awning Update | Tim Horton's Scrapping "Roll Up The Rim" Contest | Get Paid To Be Infected With Corona Virus | Corona Virus Myths | Brawl Over Toilet Paper | Monday Morning Munchies | Ted Cruz Has Corona Virus | Gang Members Out Themselves On Social Media


THE MORNING X: March-6-2020

Cheap Vacations Due To Corona Virus | Frankie MacDonald is Our New Weatherman! | Newspaper Printing Pages of Toilet Paper | Are People Actually Worries About Corona Virus? | Starbucks Suspends Reusable Cup Program | Tight Rope Walker a Fraud | What The Google | Ghetto Wheel for Sonic Temple Tickets | Mystery Sounding Installed Awning on Home | Life Coach Tim Ambushes Mark | "What's Breaking" for Breaking Benjamin Tickets


THE MORNING X: March-5-2020

Corona Virus Porn | Opening The Emergency Exit on a Plane | New Driver Crashes Car in River | Ice Cream Licker Update | Alex Trebek Update | Flat Earther Arrested | Movie Madness for Sonic Temple Tickets | Corey Feldman Fears For His Life | Guy Works For Free | What's Breaking for Breaking Benjamin Tickets