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Drilly Drake Ft. Cadell

So Drake comes to Link up TV and becomes a driller? Not sure of your thoughts on this but we had a lot to talk about considering a lot is going on. BOYS are back this week with a special guest Cadell who helps us with whats been going on in this world. we have a passionate conversation about Drill, Grime, the UK music scene and having the right company around you. We also talk about the news that's come out about how Pusha T got all that information on Drake. was it a bitch move by...


A Phone Call For: The Wireless Line Up

Your Bi-Weekly Minisode is back this week and this time its for Wireless. The BOYS have a talk about wireless line up, J Hus being released and music that has come out this year. it has been a great year for music so why not have a talk about it and the much anticipated wireless festival this weekend. Also touch on bad CRB checks coming back and what we would do... Join in the conversation using #90sbabyshow Twitter/Instagram: @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow @Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana...



Sometimes London Sometimes Dominican Republic To Do Meringue And Bachata BOYS have a sit down to discuss Temi's Holiday and whats been going on in London with Fred. From discussing Pedicures and doom Bugeying to real life away from social media and viral moments. When on holiday are you actually experiencing or are you living for socials. Very easy to get lost in showing off to others at home so much that you aren't even really in the moment. As we indulge in the digital sometimes...


Growing Up With Stormzy Ft. Rachael Anson

If you was the brother or sister to a superstar would you leverage that relationship to get more out of it, or do you create your own path and totally avoid it? The BOYS are joined by Rachel Anson to discuss everything from being the sister of Stormzy, Growing up and seeing his commercial success unfold to being an up and coming DJ and creating her own lane. We dive in to humility and how social media is a double edge sword we may not understand but need to use to our advantage. Do...


A Phone Call: For Primark Boxers

Another Minisode for youer head top! Have we got to an age where we shouldnt care about how much we spend but just the quality? Name brand matters but to what degree? boohoo man, and fashion nova men is now available; we can start getting stuff for cheap too - like the girls. Its an opportunity to be frugal and the 2 are definitely taking advantage. Fred says Hes going through pains due to buying cheap boxers, and Temi gets ready for his holiday in the Dominican republic being extra frugal...


Nigerian Chickens At The World Cup Ft. Eddie Kadi

'When will the Super Eagles Fly?' they say... We honestly aren't sure but lets pray some other African teams can do well and Nigeria can fix up because we simply look fashionable right now! BOYS are joined by a Congolese guest this time so we have someone repping the La Sapeurs today ;). Eddie Kadi Joins the lads to talk world cup, up bringing in Congo in comparison to when he came over to london, and now raising a 7 month year old daughter. Its always interesting to speak to...


Catching Flights And Feelings Ft. Chrissy Speaks

We always hear the saying 'i catch flights not feelings'. But more time when we go on holiday we catch a flight because we got in our feelings... right? The BOYS jump into a talk with Chrissie (who is an assistant psychologist) about mental health. We can't talk about it enough however sometimes we talk about it with the same perspective of mental health meaning there is an issue, but this isn't the case Chrissie gives a clinical description of mental health, depression, and other...


A Phone Call: For Chidera Slumflower

A phone call Minisode is back this week! This week the BOYS discuss the recent clip that came out from BBC's women hour show w/ Chidera AKA Slumflower. She mentioned that black women are least protected in society below black men, white women and white men. The boys go into what they feel about this and also other issues amongst the way we should be approaching issues affecting the black community. should we be comparing struggles like its top trumps or do we need to come together...


Raheem Sterling Vs The Media

First of all, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT CAME OUT FOR OUR FIRST LIVE SHOW. We couldn’t just do a live show and not give an episode to show our appreciation. Of course we discussed more but had to say thank you first right... This is a short one with just Temi & Fred going through the details of the night and giving some inspiration for anyone procrastinating on shit that needs to be done like they did. JUST DO IT! We want to say a big thanks everyon that came out and a big special thanks...


Jokes Pay The Bills Ft. Axel Comedian

We often see comedians as jokers and clowns but from this conversation we understand how calculated some of them can be... not just Kevin Hart, but home grown talent like Axel Blake. Jokes pay the bills and can bring in some serious money BOYS are joined by the seasoned Axel Comedian to have what as supposed to be a chat about comedy turned to a money management episode. the group discuss immediate gratification Vs. Delayed Gratification and the importance of property. The lads do...


A Phone Call: For Mental Health

More BOYS back with a minisode again! This one takes a different tone as we discuss Fred's situation and mental health. Do we ask people are they alright enough? not just because it sounds nice, but because we genuinely want to know? When is the last time you done it? A take away from this is that its important to speak to family or whatever you call your unit; that doesn't mean just blood; thats whoever you hold near and dear to you and trust. Ask them if they are ok, and answer...


Momma's Got A Shotgun Ft. Dexter Mula Cake

These 80s babies have been through a totally different life from us 90s Babies. They went through the crack era in London and had to navigate through it BOYS are joined by Special guest Dexter (Owner of Mula Cake and various other businesses) to talk his story growing up in the 80's, Crack era in London, Going into legal business and more We always think of the crack era in America but what about London. Dexter takes us through having parents that were addicts, drug dealing, and...


A phone Call: For Gangs, Drill & Prayer

More BOYS Are back for another minisode. For this week the lads touch on the influence on films and music on crime and the documentary of Spac Nation - Gangs, Drill and Prayer. Do we feel music is feeling the crime more? Or does films influence people more? After all people are using these characters names as aliases on the streets. Let us know your thoughts and remember to use the #90sbabyshow to be part of the conversation Twitter/instagram: @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow @Fr3dsantana /...


The Untold Truths About Dating Ft. Kezia Noble

Too often we hear about dilemmas and advice for people in relationships what about those that want advice on how to get a woman in bed...just want to Fuck... and maybe a meal some day?? What about those that just want to date and have sex?? This episode is for pure advice and teaching of how to operate as we bring an attraction specialist to the dungeon. The BOYS are joined by the worlds leading dating coach for me Kezia Noble to discuss some myths about men and women, and...


A Phone Call: For 10k On My Birthday

More BOYS Bring you another Minisode this week as we celebrate a real ones bday. Fred Santana Turned 26 this week so the lads go through the events for the day. We also discuss the new possible benefits of turning 25 for Millennials as they may be given 10k on their 25th to help close the economic gap between generations!!!! DEFO NEED TO BE SEEING A BACKLOG IF THIS IS TRUE!!! Are people really ready to see 10k on their 25th? Sounds like a great idea but we can predict some...


Wanking In The Bathroom Ft. OFFTHECUFF

LIVE SHOW - 90s Baby Show - Sunday 3rd June 2018 ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY 6 PM Till Late For Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-45497487209 Would you give up porn? Its something we do in the comforts of the four walls of our bedrooms (or bathroom). Its one of few things in life which we all know everyone does but we don't see them do it... Is your willpower strong enough to give up such a beautiful dark twisted fantasy?? The BOYS are joined by...


A Phone Call: For Kanye West Ft. OneTakeKelv

LIVE SHOW - 90s Baby Show - Sunday 3rd June 2018 ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY 6 PM Till Late For Tickets - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-45497487209 Just how actors go back to the theatre for that raw essence of acting, The BOYS haven't forgotten where it started! The BOYS introduce 'A Phone Call' which gives that nostalgia you that nostalgic feel, but is a minisode to catch up on smaller issues going on, or topping up on the podcast topic in case more...


Ye Vs The People Ft. Hemah K

LIVE SHOW - 90s Baby Show - Sunday 3rd June 2018 ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY 6 PM Till Late For Tickets - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-45497487209 Kanye is doing a lot; we aren't normally so topical at the 90s Baby Show but with so much going on, and us going weekly, why not give our opinion The BOYS are joined by sistren of the show Hemah K to discuss all the latest things going on in the media, but not without talking on previous comments said about dark...


No More WiFi At Radar Radio Ft. Francis

More BOYS can’t be stopped in the journey to greatness so we went in-house - as a DISCLAIMER- there may be bit of peaking so bare with us for this episode. LIVE SHOW - 90s Baby Show - Sunday 3rd June 2018 ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY 6 PM Till Late For Tickets - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-45497487209 In this episode the Boyz are joined by a friend from long time Francis; founder of Green Lady the UK’s first and No.1 Sparkling tea. We had a catch up about...


Mandem Don’t Take Toilet Selfies Ft. Wunmi Bello

Do you agree with this new idea of same sex toilets in schools? Apparently schools don't want children to see gender so this is a new thing that is happening - What are your thoughts? The BOYS are back in the lab to discuss some of these modern day issues we face that may not have even been a concept back in the 90s. We are joined by the lovely Wunmi Bello and Belle (Her Dog) to talk on these points. As the conversation does its magic, we find ourselves talking about raising kids...