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A Phone Call For: Soulja Boy

More BOYS are back with another Minisode on those phones and this time we are talking online breakups To start off with Fred is already messing up his booking to Miami, and Temi is gives some advice on what you should ask yourself before you ‘start moving mad’ on someone. We dive into lying friends, and of course Soulja boys antics on the recent breakfast club interview… It would be a shame to not get some jokes in but, somebody does need to help our brother out because the lies are...



Do we have the capacity to dream bigger than our ideas or bigger than what we have seen in life? This conversation takes an absolute turn but bare with us. BOYS are back in the dungeon for another episode with VP in the cut, so its just the lads this week and we are talking about dreams. It would be great to talk about dreams in terms of goals but we are talking actual dreams Have you ever been with someone or know somebody that has lucid dreams which affect their mood. Fred has been...


Episode 101 Ft. A Live Audience

***WE’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD 🏆🏆🏆‬ We Are In The Favourite Podcast Category For The @ScreenNation Awards‬ Please vote for us using this link and thank you for your support!! - ‪http://screennation.com/digitalis/nominees2018/ Welcome to our first episode of the year - episode 101. we continue on from where we left off for episode 100. Had to give you the full thing This year is going to be full of content so thank you for joining us again and definitely strap yourself in! We spoke...


A Phone Call For: 2019

***WE’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD 🏆🏆🏆‬ We Are In The Favourite Podcast Category For The @ScreenNation Awards‬ Please vote for us using this link and thank you for your support!! - ‪screennation.com/digitalis/nominees2018/ BOYS are back with a Minisode phone call to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! and that we are tired already. The lads discuss the festivities during the christmas and new years period and reflect abit before they get totally derailed by a thought fred had on the couch. Do...


90s Baby Show Episode 100

***WE’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD 🏆🏆🏆‬ We Are In The Favourite Podcast Category For The @ScreenNation Awards‬ Please vote for us using this link and thank you for your support!! - ‪screennation.com/digitalis/nominees2018/ Well, we have come to that milestone and decided to bring a live audience with some drink (Fred promised food but its a long story). Welcome to our 100th episode We spoke about a lot so its best to use this time to appreciate every single one of you for making it...



Jingle bells jingle bells!!! We have been singing these songs for ages but do we really know the origins? And if we want to find out, are we willing to cancel things accordingly. BOYS are back in the booth with VP in the cut. Its just us this week so we got time for some timeline and life experience topics! Onto the question, are we too sensitive to stuff and causing issues for ourselves going forward? with outrage going on about the famous christmas song 'Baby its cold outside'...


A Phone Call For: High Thoughts

More BOYS are back with a minisode this week and its just us and our thoughts - High ones in Amsterdam If you have been following the lads on socials individually or on the page you will know we went on a trip to Amsterdam again (DeDAMber) with our friends and were up to the usual. Seen as you don't remember things when you are high, Temi thought to write down some of his thoughts whilst high for the listener's sakes - seeing as we didn't give you niggas in Amsterdam Pt3 Fred also brings...


Clout Is A Helluva Drug Ft. Uncle Chune

If Rick James was alive he may have said this about Clout rather than cocaine. Clout - influence or power, especially in politics or business. It's not a bad thing to have and is definitely something we all want. Has it become the new drug people want that fix of? BOYS are back this week and joined by Entrepreneur and founder of Chune App Jay Oguntino AKA Uncle Chune. A lot has gone on in the week so we started off with a few Topics. Of course, Kanye’s tweets were discussed, however,...


Yoruba Love Letters Ft. Temi's Dad

Us 90s babies think we know it all but, we don’t know the world like how our parents to. Last time we had Fred’s mum come through so we decided to get Temi’s dad again for a mans perspective. BOYS are back this week and we have Temi’s Dad in the dungeon. Conversation starts with Temi getting roasted; the gang apply pressure maybe because Uncle is in the house. Uncle gives some knowledge on how it was coming here and how dating was back in his day of courting women and his wife. Have...


A Phone Call: To Melbourne Australia Ft. Yasmin

More BOYS are back again with a phone call minisode again this week and we ae going across the globe or page if you are a late farther like Fred This week we speak to Yasmin all the way in Australia and the Boys have alot of questions for how everything goes down way out there. Form timezones, to aboriginals, to creepy crawlies in your crib. If you would be interested in sharing your lifestyle, story, etc feel free to get in touch on info@90sbabyshow.co.uk Enjoy this one and remember to...


A Trash Conversation Ft. Malaika

This episode takes left and right turns all over the gaff, and the Boyz are joined by Malaika to catch up on some on the nonsense they've missed out on the past few weeks. From the under 25's taking over Twitter to Mr Why You Coming Fast. Apparently there is such thing as Meme culture, but Fred isn't having any of it and does not want to be apart of it. Fred is also running into some issues on the dating scene from an unfamiliar foe. Some ladies have gay best friends, who appear to...


African Proverbs Ft. Nissy Tee & Fred’s Mum

Are girls dressing appropriately? Are older siblings doing their job to guide the younger ones in society? Did older African parents do us justice by coming here? And how do we need to deal with bleaching in the African community? The BOYS are back this week and got some. A lot of men in the booth but, time to get some more strong women in again. We brought in the Virtuous Nissy Tee and Fred's Mum for that O.G touch to the conversation (address her as Aunty when you see her) We...


A Phone Call: To Dubai Ft. Kae

More BOYS Are back with another minisode phone call and it's overseas again in the middle east The lads are joined by Kae from Dubai who is born and bred in the UAE and only comes over to London for visits (In other words, not an expat). The lads get a vibe for the Arab culture and feel of Dubai as its one thing to go on holiday for a week but what about how it is living there? We go into Mental health, Money, Culture and how rude or kind London people can be You guys support us all over...


Fred Santana - Happiness Is A Choice

Happiness Is A Choice Fred Santana decided to record this conversations to motivate any young black males from a similar walk of life to him going through anything to speak up. Mental health has become a huge topic of discussion this year especially for young black males around the world. Not enough of us speak up or get any kind of help. Bottling this up is not the way. Talk to friends or family, speak to a life coach or the NHS. There are a few main themes throughout: Working on a...


What's The Budget? Ft. Ant & Whylee x Ryan Lee

It takes a serious courage to get in the ring and fight, so we got some young promoters and a boxer in the dungeon to talk it all BOYS are back this week with THIS IS BOXING Promoters Ant & Whylee and Amateur boxer Ryan who will be in the ring on the 25th for the belt we used this opportunity to get some advice on diet for training for fights and gym so have a listen to the advice and supplements - Maybe breast milk? we talk being focused and the effects of celibacy on fighting. Some...


Cocaine Mountain Ft. La Swave

Well the BOYS were traveling and most definitely had a lot to catch up with. Both in London and across the globe (or flat earth if you ask Fred) BOYS are back in the dungeon and got our boy La Swave in the house with us to help us talk this talk Of course with so much people asking our thoughts we get onto the latest viral vids such as #Fraudbae Yé’s being different and people shaku’ing on the beat. But Temi has some words for Black Twitter. are we laughing too much when we...


A Phone Call For: Blackface & Instagram

More BOYS are back with another minisode phone call for … Temi is out in NYC which he is clearly keeping a secret whilst Fred packs his stuff to go to Dublin The 2 discuss whats happening a bit of politics and the state of America before taking on news in London; both good and bad Fred gives the low down on niggerfishing; what it is and who benefits. Stormy has released his book but had some constructive criticism from dr Umar Johnson - Is it fair? Have a listen and enjoy the lads take on...


Conspiracy Theories Ft. One Take Kelv

We had so much people giving their views after World is flat episode; we thought to speak about some more conspiracy theories. Get ready for this polarising show as you will have to pick a side - nobody likes a fence sitter! BOYS are back in the Dungeon with good friend Onetakekelv and VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and we are talking it all. Too start with… What the hell is going on with all these designer brands over pricing stuff? scrap that... why are we buying things that...


Jollof Girls & Deets Man Ft. Big Vic

Did our parents do enough for us to succeed at sports? or did they influence us to take the sure route of going to university and getting a day job? Is this even a sure route? BOYS are back in the dungeon with Vic; Fred's childhood friend from the area and we are talking that talk! We discuss good old times growing up and football which we know Temi has no clue about. The gang discuss some interesting issues moving on. A topic of how much parents do to support kids at football games...


A Phone Call: To Philadelphia Ft. Shannon Ali

More BOYS are back with A phone call Minisode and its out the country again!! We speak to Shannon from all the way out in Philly to talk about relationships and red flags. She went through a breakup after a long term relationship which she was engaged in from a young age and takes us through dealing with that. The lads give their take on the situation and how a woman being stringent about red flags and not being lenient can be a redflag in itself. Shannon also takes us through how she's...