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Anthony Balderrama and Justin Thompson join forces to create a Chicago-based podcast that offers questionable & questioning reviews of what's happening in music, tv, film and pop culture - and of course lots of references to things you may barely remember, like Oprah wearing that Tina Turner wig! Join us, won't you?

Anthony Balderrama and Justin Thompson join forces to create a Chicago-based podcast that offers questionable & questioning reviews of what's happening in music, tv, film and pop culture - and of course lots of references to things you may barely remember, like Oprah wearing that Tina Turner wig! Join us, won't you?
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Anthony Balderrama and Justin Thompson join forces to create a Chicago-based podcast that offers questionable & questioning reviews of what's happening in music, tv, film and pop culture - and of course lots of references to things you may barely remember, like Oprah wearing that Tina Turner wig! Join us, won't you?




E23: Big Dick Anniversary - Janelle Monae, The Queer Alphabet, Nanette, and Amy Adams driving

In the midst of our President's treason, we gathered once again to bring levity and laughter to the shitstorm that is our nation. We're celebrating our first birthday as a podcast and do so in our normal way by talking about the things we love and hate. But first all the things we love, starting with Janelle Monae's outstanding performance at The Chicago Theatre. From there we get into a discussion about the LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup and what it all means and why we all can't just be Queer?...


E22: Ain't Nothing Going on But The Gays: Pride month, Pose, The Cher Show, Christina Aguilera and the IndoRaptor

We’re talking about some of the gayest things during this very gay edition of AQoT for Pride Month. First, we celebrated Ellen (not DeGeneres)'s birthday with a Brandi Carlile show, with the openers The Secret Sisters. Justin talks about seeing the Chicago pre-broadway premiere of The Cher Show and how it may not be the best investment for your pink pound when it comes to musicals. Then we saw Paula Cole, as we guessed we would several episodes ago. More importantly, we're talking...


21.5: The House of Diane…featuring Neko Case, Azealia Banks vs RuPaul, Natalie Portman, Toni Collette, and Parker Posey’s Teeth

In the conclusion to the previous episode, we're talking about new music. Anthony recommends checking out the new tchunes from Natalie Prass, possibly skipping the Lykke Li album, and Justin is loving the return of Neko Case and Lily Allen. Then we explore the bizarre feud between (once again) Azealia Banks and RuPaul over the clear rip off of 'Call Me Mother' from Banks' 'Big Big Beat.' Justin then dives into Parker Posey's wonderful performance in Lost in Space, and how much he loves...


21: That’s A Good Question - Roseanne gets canned, Kim Cattrall scats, and a Pig’s False Pregnancy,

Another two parter, dear listeners! This episode starts with us discussing the already over-sold trailer for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's "A Star is Born." But we're both very excited about the new Halloween trailer with the Activia queen - Jennifer Jason Leigh Jamie Lee Curtis. Justin has a new job and he's keeping his baby! We talk about the cancellation of Roseanne which was a shock to no one, the fallout of the Arrested Development snafu, the sad ending for The Americans (where...


19: Royal Wedding! Countess Luann's voice! Murphy Brown's reboot! And how we're getting to slow for memes

Dear listeners, This episode is like rapid-fire topic jumping. Think 'Hot Topics' from The View, but with better segueways. First we dive right in to RHONY's Countess Luann De Lesseps decision to sing 'Happy Birthday' so much this season already. And then the shocking revelation that Kim Zolciak (allegedly) is just now 40 years old. But those lips are under 5 years old. Our dear old friend Murphy Brown is returning to television and the teaser is amazing & gives us all the backstory we...


18.5: A Little Fan is a Little Bit Nice - Captain Marvel in Room, Trading Spaces’ return, and why do the Braxtons love Uncle Julio’s?

Welcome to part 2 of our return! We're rehashing the wonder of Marissa Tomei, Justin explains what an Avenger is to Anthony and why people care, and why Captain Marvel may have been kidnapped and stuck in Room when the finger was snapped. We saw the new Grace Jones documentary, Bloodlight and Bami, and it was a mess that was saved by fantastic performance footage from 10 years ago. Then we briefly discuss Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland, which Justin doesn't put much faith in. Who could...


18: De Havilland Stans Return - shaming Shania and Kanye, Kylie's Golden return, and where to find Spider-Man's Butt

Folks - we're back! We've been away (from the podcast, not actually away doing anything interesting) and we have so much to catch up on. Anthony and Justin both celebrated their 35th birthdays and that's about it. The topics are coming fast and loose but we're covering Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckhingham's falling out (I can't count which one we're one, tbh), how much energy Olivia de Havilland has to go to the appellate courts, Kylie Minogue's new album 'Golden' and our upcoming trip...


17: Hail Mary - A Conversation with Sue about life, tv, movies, music and her son - Justin

If you've been listening to the podcast for a while, you've heard some of Sue's Reviews. Today we have the pleasure of Justin's mom joining the podcast for a one-off episode where mother and son face off. You'll hear some of her favorite movies & music, things she doesn't care for one bit (of course) and also a delightful moment of shade at the end because my mom doesn't care about recording a podcast when she wants to bring up family drama. Live vicariously through Justin's awkwardness...


16: Buttery Oprah, Pontius Pilates, and a Lifetime of trash

Consider this part one of two, if you will, of the preparation of Justin's parents visiting Chicago. In this episode, Anthony and Justin talk about Trump's tweet-baiting Oprah, the iconic Whitney & Oprah interview, and of course some gym habits and check out the 12 Minute Athlete app that Justin mentions. We talk about some job changes, the gig economy & healthcare (as if we know anything), but then easily make the transition back to My Big Fat Fabulous Life and the other trash that...


E15: Orpah Goirls at 2 and 11 - Tone Deaf Grammys, “Lady Bird”, Outwitting A Therapist, & TV Reboot Insanity

As we posted on Twitter, we tried to watch this year's Grammy Awards but they were so boring and ill-conceived. This year, Pink finally stopped swirling around in silks, SZA won nothing (you bastards) and Patti Lupone is a loud, screamy singer - which Justin does not care for. Gaga came out to hock ‘Joanne’ once again, with an even more depressing version of an already sad song. Take that, Grandma! Once we both gave up, we watched “Lady Bird," a lovely little film with the glorious...


E14: Leftover Bulges, Big Fat Fabulous Scandal, Frosty Lashes & Running up that Hill

It has been...several hot minutes. Actually, frigid minutes. But Justin Theroux's sweatpants bulge in 'The Leftovers' kept our Justin warm at night for the last 60 days. But we dig into 'The Leftovers' and why watching it during seasonal depression was not the best idea. And let's talk about the accents! In this episode, Anthony and JT catch up on everything from tv, including 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' scandal, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' and their Elephant-in-the-Room party, and the...


E13: The Coolest Rider: Loving Grease 2, Big Business and Thanksgiving 90s Television

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Today's very special episode is Justin and Anthony presenting to one another films that the other has never seen. For Justin, Anthony chose the classic 'Grease 2', starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield. It has songs. It has dancing. It has nary a person of color at Rydell High. But now one more person understands the appeal of "Cool Rider." Also, how much money was spent on those costumes for "Girl of All Seasons"?! And Lorna Luft can't not belt a...


E12: Call Me By Your Wig - A Discussion on Projection, Body Dysmorphia, and Toxic Celebrity Culture

Dear listener - this episode is a horse of a different color. While there is the usual frivolity and lunacy you've come to expect, Anthony and Justin go a bit deeper into body dysmorphia, projecting your shit onto other people, the toxicity of the internet and social media and how the cultural sarcasm may have led us to a more negative worldview in general. But don't worry - we also talk about wigs! Justin shares his tear-filled viewing of just the trailer to the Lizzie Velazquez...


E11: A Toxic Tale - Barry's Bootcamp, Scuba School, Concert Extravaganza, Drunk Running and Synesthezia

We're back and more random than ever. We catch up and play our favorite game, "Who is the whiter person?" Brown Anthony tells us about his next exercise endeavor - Barry's Bootcamp. Spoiler - we don't find out squat about Barry. Then Justin tells us about going to scuba diving school - shout out to Underwater Safaris in Chicago - and we wander into our own ignorance about how deafness actually works within the ear. From there we chat about great new music that's come out as of late (St....


E10.5 - Where the Halloween Have Y'all Been!?

We've heard people asking, "When is the next podcast!?" Like people who just cannot wait for another Ryan Murphy show to be broadcast on FX. And like Mr. Murphy, we will oblige. Justin gives a quick update on what's been happening in the world, where he and Brown Anthony have been spending their time and why taking a break from anything is a good, healthy thing to do. (The world needs a little less talking, right? It's good to have quiet). We usually don't get serious on the pod, but I...


E10: Don’t Be So Maudlin, Gaga: Fried Green Tomatoes, Will and Grace Returns, Star Trek Discovery & Colon Parasites

It's been too long, dear listeners! We're back and ready to tackle a whole bunch of things. In this episode, Justin talks about the Thompson Family fish fry, Anthony's attendance at a big gay wedding in Chicago and we both have hot takes on the new Netflix Lady Gaga documentary 'Gaga:Five Foot Two,' a meandering tale of Super Bowl aspirations, the "meaning" behind Joanne and chronic pain. And of course that segues us nicely into the Showtime Whitney Houston documentary 'Can I Be Me?' and...


E9: Mother! Has Arrived, Quitting A Cult, and Becoming Baby Vegans

We dive in this week with a quick recap of the Emmy Awards (HULU!) and the wins for Ann Dowd, 'Big Little Lies' and 'The Handmaid's Tale' and Julia Louis Dreyfus' reign. Then Anthony and Justin quit the cult. Literally. American Horror Story: Cult is unwatchable. With terrible writing, ham-fisted cultural references, and a woman afraid of porous thing lets her babysitter put it near her vagina. A highly unprofessional working relationship. We veer through Sarah Paulson's like of older...


E8: Send in the Coulrophobia starring Pennywise, Twisty and Iyanla Vanzant

In this episode we focus more on tv, namely the premier of Ryan Murphy's (always half-baked) American Horror Story, specifically Cult, and all the thing that are wrong with it. And right off the bat - there's quit a lot! While Murphy's shows always ham-fist too many ideas into a single season, we've really upped the bar for Sarah Paulson's weepy white fragility as a Jill Stein lesbian, for which she deserves to be terrorized. As someone with both Coulrophobia and Trypophobia, Anthony...


E7: Turtleneck Mashed Potatoes, Mortality and New Music Overload

This week we do things a little different - one long episode, split into two for your pleasure. This one is all about a little catch up with us: our difference of opinion and personality on autumn, mashed potatoes, vitamin D, yoga, spinning and the cult of Soul Cycle, Anthony meets SZA and Justin nearly vomits from a contortionist in Cirque du Soleil's Luiza. Then we talk hot takes on new music from Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson, Beck, St. Vincent, Zayn, LCD Soundsystem, The National, Tove...


E6: Thank U, Alanis - A Concert and Career Retrospective from 2 Stans

This week’s very special episode is dedicated to Alanis Morissette, an artist Anthony and Justin have been stanning for more than 20 years. But first you learn why Anthony actually goes by a nickname, what Justin got right about Shania’s history with Lyme disease, and the history of the disease’s name. Riveting stuff. We then do a quick rundown of some recent pop moments. Katy Perry’s new video is…well, she’s having fun. Taylor Swift released a new song that we refused to listen to...