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In this podcast, join Jessie Katz and Adam A. Neal as we dive into the greatest and not-so-greatest songs ever recorded, discussing the amazing and hilarious stories they tell us. Join us each week, as we explore the ins, outs, and in-betweens of the songs that have defined our world!


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In this podcast, join Jessie Katz and Adam A. Neal as we dive into the greatest and not-so-greatest songs ever recorded, discussing the amazing and hilarious stories they tell us. Join us each week, as we explore the ins, outs, and in-betweens of the songs that have defined our world!






Episode 20 - Our Favorite Things

As we continue to ponder the odd circumstances of the world right now, Jess and Adam decided it might be wise to give ourselves a boost to end ASWIAB Season 1! This week, we invited "My Favorite Things" to our bar. This Rodgers & Hammerstein classic from "The Sound of Music," made famous by such divas as Mary Martin and Julie Andrews, reminds us of such simple joys as snowflakes, woolen mittens, and the first time we ever forked a mouthful of strudel. Ahhh...


Episode 19 - Dancing On Our Own

As we wish you a very happy, healthy 2021 from our bar to yours, we recognize the ongoing push we're all making to get through all this time "on our own." In honor of our world's perseverance, we bring you the contemporary classic "Dancing On My Own," by Swedish pop-superstar Robyn!


Episode 18 - It's Santa, Baby!

In this special episode, Adam & Jessie offer cheers and a jolly "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" from their virtual bar to yours. "Santa Baby" by legendary diva Eartha Kitt walks into the bar, as well as its innumerable covers by such artists as Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Michael Bublé, and Ariana Grande. Celebrate the sultriness, the spiritedness, and the blatant superficiality of this controversial classic, a nod to Ol' Saint Nick and his big, thick...wallet.


Episode 17 - Our Necks, Our WAPs - NSFW!

For our first ever double-episode, we get down ‘n dirty with Khia’s feminist contribution to 2002, “My Neck, My Back,” and Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s current anthem, “WAP.” Join as at the bar as we contemplate the benefits of sexual communication, lubrication, and using a body part as an adverb. Grab a bucket, a mop, and perhaps a well-worn copy of “The Joy of Sex” for this NSFW happy hour!


Episode 16 - Are We Poisonous?

As we navigate these fascinating times, masking ourselves and others from the poison in the air, let us revisit a poison-inspired ditty from the days of yore, the BC (before covid) days, the olden days of 1990. Yes, pick-yer-poison and join us at the bar, as we dive into "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe! Here's a lovely, non-poisonous way to listen -- our brand spankin' new Vurbl page! https://vurbl.com/station/93NgFdJKiVh/


Episode 15 - The Case of the Basket

This week, we ponder an important question: Do you have the time to listen to us whine? Yes, at our bar this week is "Basket Case," the Green Day classic that brought mental health to the forefront of modern rock, while teaching us the importance of visiting both shrinks and sex workers for support.


Episode 14 - We Can Picture That!

Yes, we want to be your lover, or maybe your brother, or maybe your lifetime friend! This week, we’re joined at the bar by the inimitable Kay Koch, puppeteer extraordinaire and lifetime Muppet superfan, as we jam out to “Can You Picture That?” by Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem. Hop in our Studebaker with Kermit, Fozzie, and the rest of the gang as we celebrate one of the greatest Muppet songs of all time!


Episode 13 - We Shower Our People

This week, we get into a love shower with James Taylor. Well, not literally. Join us as we build up a healthy lather in the bar with “Shower the People,” examining our own approaches to sprinkling others with like, showering others with love, and asking ourselves one of life’s deep questions: What exactly constitutes a showering of love?


Episode 12 - We're in the Air Tonight

Did Phil Collins actually spend time in the witness protection program, having seen a deranged fan commit a heinous crime? Well, no, but apparently he did spend time on his porch feeling rather perturbed by his wife. Join us at the bar this week, as we explore the “it” that was coming to haunt Phil and inspire “In the Air Tonight,” a haunting 80’s classic.


Episode 11 - We're Rolling and We're Deep

While Adele may have the voice of a soulful siren, she can also vocally pound you into oblivion if you cross her. Yes, this week we’re “Rolling in the Deep,” uncovering the scars of heartbreak, and regretting that while we could’ve had it all, we might only end up with one of the best-selling records of all time.


Episode 10 - Jude Walks Into Our Bar, and We Say "Hey!"

As we celebrate ASWIAB's 10th episode, join us as we jump into one of the top 10 songs of all time, “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. While we’re aware of the song’s folklore, we also consider interpretations that involve gender identity, futurizing dialogue, and why we’d love a stepmom like Yoko Ono.


Episode 9 - We've Got a Gold Digger, Way Over Town

This week, we try to determine exactly what it means to be a “Gold Digger,” and what inspired Kanye West to transform the Ray Charles classic, “I Got a Woman,” into a modern tale of manipulation, mistrust, and, well, misogyny.


Episode 8 - Girl, Say Bye to Earl

In this time of social unrest, rampant illness, and political corruption, what better way to divert ourselves than with “Goodbye Earl,” a song that manages to both minimize intimate partner violence AND celebrate vigilante homicide! Join with us and “The Chicks” (f/k/a "The Dixie Chicks," re-est. 2020) as we explore this tale of serious violence disguised as a very not-serious romp through revenge-killing and jam-making with your bestie.


Episode 7 - We Think About Things, Like Eurovision

In honor of our very first special guest, Eurovision walks into our bar this week, touting the undeniably catchy “Think About Things,” by Icelandic gangle-crooner Da∂i Freyr. The delightful Samantha Ross, longtime Eurovision blogger (ESCInsider.com), podcaster (12 Points from America, ESC Insight), and media personality joins us as we bust out our awkwardest dance moves to celebrate this sparkly pop gem with an unexpected story of love.


Episode 6 - A Jukebox Walks Into a Bar, and We're Feelin' Good

This week, we have our first special throwback episode, A Jukebox Walks Into a Bar. With us is the spirit of legendary songstress Nina Simone, and we explore her now-classic anthem from the tumultuous 1960s, "Feeling Good." Spend some time feelin' good with us as we contemplate social justice, Disney princesses with animal friends, and the evolution of this jam from Broadway showstopper to Volkswagen jingle.


Episode 5 - Fireworkin' It!

ASWIAB's special Independence Day episode releases Friday this week! Our goal is to make you go “Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” in the most direct way possible, while also getting our respective colors to burst fully. From the lady who taught us that cherry chapstick is a bi-curious girl’s best friend, Katy Perry regales us with an anthem to fight the plastic baggery of life: “Firework.”


Episode 4 - Mamarazzi, or Gagarazzi

Where do we draw the line between self-identity and delusion? How about the line between photographer and stalker? Join us as we ponder the patriarchal implications of “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga, and contemplate the age-old question: Is “garage-glamorous” ever fashionable?


Episode 3 - Yes, We Got Finesse

This week, we take a lesson in finessin' from Bruno and Cardi, and we consider an important question: Is this an unapologetic nod to self-assuredness, or is it actually a cleverly disguised satire of self-centeredness? Join us for another exhilarating virtual happy hour when this song walks into a bar...


Episode 2 - We've Got a Friend Named Stan

In this week's episode, we honor the obsessive, potentially unstable young fan in all of us: Stan. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, I stan, you stan, we all stan for this Stan, the ultimate fan of the one-and-only, Slim Shady. And boy, when it comes to Stan, shady doesn't quite begin to cover it.


Episode 1 - We're ALL Livin' on Prayers

In our premiere episode, we honor the trying times we're living through by delving into an 80's classic about two tough kids in love who also find themselves livin' on a prayer!