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6: The 2018 Halloween Special

A strange and unprecedented phenomenon is occurring in our beloved city: thunderstorms! Two groups of Absurdcity residents, one a group of friends, the other a married couple, run into strangers walking alone in the rain. Their paths converge as they return the two to their home: a large, foreboding castle where there is something sinister about. Join us on this special episode of The Midnight Place. The Force 4: "Finding Jasper" Meanwhile, across town, the crotchety Detective Alvarez and...


5: Fortress of Freedom

We are in a time of unease and potential peril after receiving a threatening message from the K2 regime, the floating colony in orbit around our the lunar landscape we call home. Their tyrannical leader, Kim Long Dong, and our own Mayor Ronald Stump have been trading mean spirited and unsettling rhetoric as of late; Hannah Banana and cub reporter Click Click are reporting as the events unfold. On Absurdcity Tonight we welcome the illustrious Bronson Clark, marine biologist and shark...


4: A Peaceful Place to Rest

The city is a little disturbed by the number of grave robberies occurring in our beloved dome as of late. Who is to blame? What can you do to protect your own entombed loved ones? Stay tuned as our Eyewitness News reporters Simon Davies and Hannah Banana interview several experts and eyewitnesses to get to the bottom of things. The Might Scarabi 3: “Winfred and the Woman” Fred has found himself without a job and on the verge of being broke; however, he has gained more control of his...


3: A Caring Community

Welcome back to our beloved domed city! It has become more prevalent in recent years about the increase in the number of those afflicted by the debilitating disease, Gastro-Invisibilia, which leaves the sufferer without a midsection. Join our Eye Witness News anchor Simon Davies as he interviews Dr. Jessica Richter from the Sekhmet Regional Medical Center to have a look at what strides she and her colleagues are making in curing this dreadful disorder. “Crusader Vampires vs Kung Fu...


2: Committed to Justice

Welcome back to our lovely city! Recently, crime has been on the rise and in an effort to quell the numbers, Mayor Ronald Stump is holding a press conference to show case a new counter measure: robotic police officers. We join Hannah Banana live on the scene! "The Joy of Sculpting w/ Don Summers" Enjoy a laid back and informative session of sculpting with everyone's favorite imperturbable artisan of the adobe! In this exciting episode, Don teaches us about vases, or is it Vaaahhsees? The...


1: Welcome to Absurdcity

Welcome to Absurdcity! The Mighty Scarabi 1: "Origins" Witness the origin story of how Absurdcity's own superhero, The Mighty Scarabi was born! Mild-mannered and soft spoken Egyptologist at the local museum, Fred Finkle receives a mysterious package in the mail. Little did he know, the contents would change his, and our city's, life for ever. Cuomo & the Shrink Session 1: "Beige" Enter the literal definition of sad sack, Cuomo Peacock suffers from depression and just needs someone to...