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Comedian Matt Braunger is questionably your new advice outlet. Answering your calls with no prior knowledge or googling allowed, just sound advice from the dipshit library that is own life's experience. Got a question? Call (323) 763-0228 and leave Matt a message. Various comedic guests are constantly joining! Shout out to producer Amanda Rosenberg for keeping the wheels greased.

Comedian Matt Braunger is questionably your new advice outlet. Answering your calls with no prior knowledge or googling allowed, just sound advice from the dipshit library that is own life's experience. Got a question? Call (323) 763-0228 and leave Matt a message. Various comedic guests are constantly joining! Shout out to producer Amanda Rosenberg for keeping the wheels greased.
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Comedian Matt Braunger is questionably your new advice outlet. Answering your calls with no prior knowledge or googling allowed, just sound advice from the dipshit library that is own life's experience. Got a question? Call (323) 763-0228 and leave Matt a message. Various comedic guests are constantly joining! Shout out to producer Amanda Rosenberg for keeping the wheels greased.






45 - They're Getting Freaky In Nebraska

Well, well, we are a coming to your ear drums with some stuff going on in Nebraska. On this episode we've got a guy having threesome's with a friend from high school and his wife, but its having some hiccups, but wow what a way to bond with a buddy! Then a 30 year old, college grad, feeling hung up on his age and a girl left in his college town, where to next? Finally, over controlling dad and toxic friends keeping you down, we got you! Know you're amazing and we appreciate...


44 - I Just Want To Beat Him To A Pulp!

An episode to launch the new country album "Hungover and Heartsick." Today Matt and Amanda cover a guy who isn't over the sudden end of his engagement, and you can feel it. Then how to turn your year around when you're trying to hit all the boxes for a healthy life but your mood isn't swinging positively. Finally why you shouldn't pull rich politicians out of their fancy cars and beat them to a pulp... I mean totally makes sense though. Number to call in is 323-763-0228 Please write in...


43- I Glory In People Getting Disappointed Like That

Today in the loveliest of May's we got some goods to shell out. Firstly, if you leave a voicemail finish it because what you're saying is probably awesome! Now the questions covered are some serious stuff, like with the speaking out against abusers and the #metoo movement when someone say's they were molested or abused when do you believe them with hearing both sides? Then how to set boundaries with a family who is big "Ask For Helpers,' finally those damn bird scooters and who the hell do...


42- Buddy, Relationships Ain't Easy

No one said relationships would be easy... and today we got some juicy ones. Holding back an abusive relationship past so it doesn't bleed into the current one - he's a peach. Getting out of a toxic relationship and having to block her AND HER PARENTS, then someone looking to find balance between gooey love and a good dick joke. Short answer, both. Yo YOU! Please rate, subscribe and tell you friends about this rad podcast. Thank you! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


41 - We Were In A Mood

You know those swings life throws out at you where everything is feeling off? Well that's us today (Matt and Amanda) , those days happen and we really talk about it. As we move along with our episode, we come across people with similar vibes, a stressed out college student, a special ed teacher who just doesn't have the love for his job anymore and feels stuck. We get it...we are there, but are pulling through with you. Happy ending with naming and creating "The Cheese Braunger" for a...


40 - Kaleidoscope Jackie Kashian

We are back from a little Dipshit HQ hiatus and bringing it in big with Jackie Kashian today as we figure out the logistics of boxing an opossum in the attic, grab a hold of finances and how to help a sweet, Christian, girl tell people to F-off! We went big on the return and now it's time for you to enjoy! Also video of the episode is on Patreon at Advice From A Dipshit... as well as "The After Shit" Show, where we (Matt and Amanda) talk about our thoughts on this very episode. CLICK HERE...


Bonus: Steve O'Harvey

We wanted to make a special point for a special Person. Steve O'Harvey...a great man and comedian, was remembered and celebrated on this special question today. More bonus ad wonderful stuff from YOU... the Dipmode Squad can be found now on our Patreon @AdviceFromADipshit. Click Here for a rad short cut. We are still taking questions for the podcast via voicemail at 323-763-0228. Email thoughts or comments about the overall show to Always appreciate when you...


39 - Delight Dave Holmes

What an incredible episode! We start out with a call from NORWAY!!! Dave Holmes, writer and interviewer of all the goods, joins today to help answer a stuck journalist wanting to switch his position to be writing stories he actually likes and cares about, how to approach a hard conversation with a partner you love about a crossroads in your future wants, and finally how to embrace a glorious and majestic beard. Find Dave Holmes: Twitter Instagram Homophilia Podcast Party Of One Learn...


38 - Bad Boy Tom Segura

Welcome the bad boy of Your Mom's House Podcast, Tom Segura; who is really well built for wrestling. The gang covers how to move forward with telling someone you want to take the relationship to the next level, how to move forward with telling someone you're romantically interested in and Sally is here to help us reflect on the lonely moment when you're transitioning into a new life phase aka out of college and entering the workforce. We find a way to play "Bad Boys" when cops pull someone...


37 - Lisa Hanawalt (Indy's Mom)

Welcoming on Advice From A Dipshit is Cartoonist and Indy's mom, Lisa Hanawalt! The group discusses dogs, and emotional self expression through art, or if you're Matt...trash throwing. Then we help out guy who's girlfriends parents are aging and becoming really dependent, how to make adult friends because you're the single one of your crew along married couples and babies. Then making a bumble profile out of no experience. You can find Lisa's amazing work on BoJack Horseman and Tuca +...


36 - Very Smart Rhea Butcher

Welcoming Rhea Butcher to the plate for knocking out advice on dating other comedians, how to keep a healthy routine when you want to fall off the rails in the new relationship, marriage future crossroads and how to become a vegetarian. Matt uses the word Untenable again but it doesn't phase Rhea because she is very smart. It gets at dipshit HQ. Find Rhea: Website Instagram Twitter Podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


35 - The Brauns Reunited - Kurt Braunohler

The Brauns are together to thwart swamp @ss, the boss who wants to be buddies and a handful of baby problems. May their mighty politeness overtake the evils of the land and cover the wounds with "Patch Um Up Jobs." It was a pleasure to have Kurt Braunohler on the podcast today. Where to find Kurt: Website Instagram Twitter Youtube (the intro video is adorable) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


34 - Game Recognize Game Bobbly Lee

Old Mad TV boys reunite! In between Bobby Lee asking a lot of questions himself we have some great stuff to cover today. A first relationship post divorced is a man's sexual renaissance, but she wants him to celebrate her birthday for the whole month, then a man who achieves the American dream but lost himself and finally a guy who's buddy is capable of blowing himself. Now what? Matt fancy word of the episode is: Untenable You can find Bobby...


33 - Keto King Steve Agee

Incase you were questioning our credentials on the podcast we talk diet hacks with the keto king, Steve Agee today about if you take a pause between two poops did you go once or twice, and other complex concepts of a pooping intermission. Then what to do when you live by an animal hospital that leaves its patients outside at night, a complicated relationship with a possessive ex-boyfriend still in the picture and with two months left on your lease - what do you do about that check oil light?...


32- Daddy Issues

Life and psychology are full of many chapters, few more common than "daddy issues," You called out and Amanda heard your cries. Therefore on this episode, Matt and Amanda join forces to cover the son of a military veteran, who is also a vet, discovers that his father lied about his service. A woman stuck on how to tell people her father died, what to do with a father who is unsuccessful in dating and how to talk to your dad about the credit card he gave you but not your sister. Fill up your...


31- Fabulous Fave Willam

The time has come in one's dipshit education when you need to learn about bus stations and pubes. Luckily there is no one better than the effervescent drag queen Willam to help Matt with finding out if your cute coworker is gay, how you should shave your pubes, because "New Year, New You," and a longly truck driver called the Phallic philosopher can't get no love. How do you take your hot dog? You can find Willam: Website Race Chaser Podcast Instagram Twitter Also Willam recommended...


30 - So Horney You Go Blind

On this lost episode found!!! (Because we booked so many rad guests it had to wait) Matt discusses his keys on how to make a marriage work, when you're a groomsman invited to expensive location wedding you can't afford and how to deal with a kind but possibly condescending project manager/lab head. We've got an outdoor wild cat turned indoor window gazer, so how to bring the pep back in the kittens step? Then Matt and Amanda chat with a 21 year old with a low sex drive, who is possible...


29 -Notorious Randall Park

Old friend and Ikea Heights Co-Star Randall Park is in today dishitn' the goods. We cover how to break small talk at the holiday party with good conversation starters, what was the first cd you ever bought, fresh Valentines day ideas to get you ready, since the holiday questions came a little past the wave. You knew what you were getting yourself into with this dipshit podcast. Finally, thoughts on a Friends With Benefits" relationship gone complicated and where to get a "follow Your Heart"...


28 - Jo Koy, Man

A Happy New Years Special!! Jo Koy joins the podcast today to dive into parenting and positive mentality. The group sets a few new years resolutions and off things go, covering if a father hitting 40 should stay in his stable job or pursue his dream company. A friend who sees depression in his friend and wants to help. Then a mother eager to get help on the modern dating habits of ghosting. Bonus segment at the end! It's the new year everyone, if there is anything you get from us to start...


27 - The Machine Bert Kreischer

It's an extra long holiday special with The Machine Bert Kreischer joining in today's dipshittery. Let's be real, he is the MOST QUALIFIED person for the job. From gasoline in your butt to many many other things in this episode, Bert holds up to our highest low standard. This episode covers great calls such as; how to talk to your kids as they are starting to become sexually active, thoughts on therapy for a marriage on the rocks and the needed conversation on stranger danger. To all you our...