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This show covers everything from current events,entertainment, travel, technology, to sports, hunting, fishing, comedy, and anything that is happening now. Politics, entertainment, nothing is off limits, and we make sure to never to do any show prep. That is our guarantee.

This show covers everything from current events,entertainment, travel, technology, to sports, hunting, fishing, comedy, and anything that is happening now. Politics, entertainment, nothing is off limits, and we make sure to never to do any show prep. That is our guarantee.
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This show covers everything from current events,entertainment, travel, technology, to sports, hunting, fishing, comedy, and anything that is happening now. Politics, entertainment, nothing is off limits, and we make sure to never to do any show prep. That is our guarantee.






Episode 18

On AOTR # 18 Vic & Nick welcome Ted... and special guest Kyla. Vic tries to translate his "Chinese" robocalls. Kyla moving out after rooming with her sister Mary. Vic lends his tender touch to help it go smooth. And a call to Mary's boyfriend Lance. Sponsored by Coin Trader, INC Support the show


Episode 17

Vic, Nick, Katie, and Matt give observations on the "new" New Orleans Airport. Who's hair is in the butter? Show guest Jordan Mageo, former Olympic sprinter for American Samoa, sings "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" live. Features include REFLECTIONS and Swami Guru. Sponsored by Coin Trader, INC Support the show



Hey There! This episode we had the Cisco Kid stop the studio for the first time and sit in on a cast we did. Vic calls a few of his high school chums Chaunce and Connie to catch up on the recent 40 YEAR ROLLING MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL REUNION where Vic is trying to see who's aging gracefully, and who's luster has started to fade. We talk briefly with Vic's friend Kevin who used to work with Victor before he moved back home to the San Jose area. pretty simple telephone call based episode here,...


Dan Greenbaum // Ted Kelly // Talking Music With Dan // Quick REFLECTIONS (LIVE FROM THE COIN TRADER STUDIOS in New Orleans, LA)

Back again? Feels good don't it? Live from the Coin Trader Studios in muggy and humid New Orleans, Louisiana its ALL OVER THE ROAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD This episode we have our good buddy Dan Greenbaum come hang out in studio and we DON'T talk, about the Saints, or the Pelicans, or any baseball whatsoever. Today we're talking about some of Dan's favorite bands and songs. Vic and Ted take it on back to reliving their radio DJ days and do some fun intros over a few of Dan's personal...


Football is all the way B A C K // Michael Mauti // Brother Michael DelGiorno // Ted Kelly

Hey you, been a while, I know, I know, thanks for the concern we missed you too. This episode we have a phone interview with former Penn State, Minnesota Viking, and New Orleans Saints Linebacker / Special Team monster Michael Mauti. Michael did some work with Fox Sports New Orleans covering preseason football and lets us know he's officially retired. (You heard it here first if you haven't heard yet.) We talk about what he thinks about some of the players on the team, how much he likes...


Scott Walker for Jefferson Parish Council- At Large // Desi Vegas // Bob Walker // GRIND Energy // Jay Galle

All Over The Road on the road this week live from the fundraiser for Scott Walker at Desi Vegas Seafood and Fine Steaks. We got to sit down with Scott who is currently a candidate for Jefferson Parish Council At-Large, Division B and talk about what drove him to throw his hat into the ring for the job, what he feels he can bring to the table, and how we can improve as a community in Jefferson Parish. Be sure to go out and vote on October 12th! And if you have plans that day be sure to...


Ted Kelly // ASMR madness with the Mackey Sisters // REFLECTIONS III // Name That Tune!!

Ted is back with us in studio to help us try our hand at doing some ASMR. We enlist the help from the Mackey Sisters to tell us whats hip, and cool, and what Vic thinks of their possible future life plans. ("NO // YES") Then we take a stroll down memory lane as Vic and Ted tell us some about their time in radio together at a few various big radio stations around the country. Ted sticks around to help us out with a new REFLECTIONS. We wrap up the show playing guess that tune from Ted and...


Teri Hrabovsky of One Heart NOLA // R E F L E C T I O N S II feat. Matt Bellerino

Something a little bit different for this episode of ALL OVER THE ROAD. We had the pleasure of having Teri Cinquemano Hrabovsky in studio to tell us about their non profit organization One Heart NOLA. Teri explains about what it is they're doing for foster children in our area, dispels a few myths about foster children and parents, and how people can get involved to help. Then we had Matt in studio to help us out with our latest rendition of R E F L E C T I O N S .....pt2 also our crying...


Ted Kelly // Katie's All Over The Road // Finer Things // our Murder Mystery hype

Ted Kelly is back in town! We had the fortune of having Vic's long time friend, and former radio show Co-Host Ted hang out and spend the weekend and record a couple of shows with us. He is officially our new show consultant, and helps us get this UNNAMED MURDER MYSTERY NAMED. We're calling upon the people to help us name this production! Message us on Facebook or Instagram to help us get this 3 Part mystery series named. We throw out a few ideas, but would love to get a little...


Stranger Things // Area 51 // The Rolling Stones // REFLECTIONS

EPISODE 9! Yeahhhh we're back, got shows in the can be on the look out over the next few weeks for more podcasts, and more interactive Q&A's// submissions via Instagram and Facebook. ON This episode of All Over The Road.... EVERYONE is stoked to use our new RODEcaster Pro, from the RODE Microphone company. Wow. This thing is Legit, and now, so are we. Katie and Nick talk about season 3 of the Netflix Origional SMASH Stranger Things. Then we check in with Kyla Painter who is our go to...


Shane Fay, Jeff Miller, Dan The Pizza Man

“Wait, these guys are still doing a show?” Yes folks, been a minute, been a difficult month, been a lot of obstacles, long list of excuses, illnesses, mishaps, time lost. But, here we are back again after almost an entire month "off" Vic gives me the business for how bad the last episode was, (I take full responsibility) and we look forward to getting back in the saddle with this weeks show. Interview breakdown: First we kick things off with Shane Fay (8:40) - This guy knows how to party,...


Katie Bellerino, Sam Ebeyer, Father Flannigan, and the "All Knowing" Swami Guru

Very fun episode as we have Actor/Salon owner Katie Bellerino in studio with us as we welcome a new friend to the show, "Swami Guru" to help us answer some tough and random social media questions and answers we set up via Instagram. We then get to visit with Father Flannigan over the phone, and run some of the same questions by him for a more "grounded" answer/perspective. Support the show


Katie Bellerino, Dan The Pizza Man, Brother Michael, Matthew Bellerino

On this weeks show we have Vic's daughter Katie Bellerino (the actor) sitting in with us in studio. We get to talk to Dan about the unbelievable NBA Draft results (we are definitely the number one Pelicans Podcast for sure) Chat with brother Michael about some interesting Voice Mails we got this past week. and wrap up the show answering a handful of the questions you listeners submitted to us. Tune in and be sure to follow us on FB and Instagram if you haven't yet...


"Don't Touch Jimmy!", Dan the Pizza Man, Vic’s wife Martha, and Brother Michael DelGiorno

This week on AOTR we chat about perceived social media encounters, reflect on the highs and lows of this years Kentucky Derby and Martha's windfall of a mega bet picked solely by the love for the name "Country House". We talk sports with Dan and try to figure out whats going wrong with our Fantasy Baseball season. We wrap up the show talking to brother Michael about a bevy of good topics also. Fun episode this week, and be sure to follow us on FB and Instagram if you aren't already and...


Ted Semper, Dan the Pizza Man

On today's episode Vic's good friend and former radio show co-host Ted Semper is in studio with us. Vic and Ted tell some great stories about how they met, funny times working on their show together, and we try to pursue Ted to become a permanent fixture of this show. Fun episode, great conversation, and of course we have a quick phone call with our buddy Dan about how He and Vic's Fantasy Baseball team is doing (still bad) and try not to get Dan fired while he's at work. Check out Ted's...


Todd "Marshman" Masson , TC Cobbins, Dan Greenbaum

Today we have three telephone interviews lined up for you with some great guests. First we chat with king of the outdoors, and YouTube sensation, Todd "Marshman" Masson. Todd tells us about some of his favorite fishing, how he got his start becoming "Marshman Masson" and what its like to have so much YouTube clout now. TC tells us whats going on in the real world, and we talk some sports with our go to sports guy Dan Greenbaum. Fun episode, great conversation was had, and we look forward to...


Live: From the Rich Mauti Cancer Fund Tennis Classic 2019 Rich, Michael, Patrick, and Rachel Mauti

Host Victor DelGiorno and producer/engineer Nick are Live and on location at the Rich Mauti Cancer Fund Tennis Classic 2019. We interview a few tournament participants, talk the rules, and then have a great series of interviews with some of the Mauti's. We talk with Michael Mauti about his football career, injuries, setbacks, success, and future goals and opportunities. Later we chat with his brother Patrick, and sister Rachel about what's going on, and about their tennis skills. “How’s...