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At All the WrestleManias we have one goal: watch All the WrestleManias and talk about them for your entertainment!

At All the WrestleManias we have one goal: watch All the WrestleManias and talk about them for your entertainment!


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At All the WrestleManias we have one goal: watch All the WrestleManias and talk about them for your entertainment!




WrestleMania 24

We take the plunge into the beautiful world of High-Definition television! Tim has COVID and in true show fashion, caught it at an indie-wrestling show. We talk John Legend and Jesus Christ Superstar. We discuss Harry Potter a little bit, and how much of a hellhole Orlando can be. Also, we talk about WrestleMania 24. There's a discussion of Edge's ability to be main event potential. We say a farewell to Ric Flair for a minute. We fawn over Big Show and Floyd "Money" Mayweather. We are...


AEW All Out 2022 Pre-Show

BONUS EPISODE! Here we go, we decide to talk a little bit about current wrestling and give our best guesses as to what we think will happen this Sunday at AEW's All Out from Chicago! FIGHT FOREVER!!


Rumble ’96 w/ Dr. Jess Krenek

We have a special episode this week! Dr. Jessica Krenek joined us in studio to discuss her work in studying non-male wrestling fans and topics surrounding that, such as gatekeeping and inter-gender wrestling. Dr. Jess then sticks around to break down the action of the 1996 Royal Rumble. We probe deep into the contradictory messaging the WWF was presenting at the time, chuckle at the Billionaire Ted bits, and analyze the Freudian tensions between Goldust and Razor Ramon. Rich also dodges and...


Starrcade ’85: The Gathering

Tim and Rich get into all the gory details of Starrcade '85! Rich and Tim appreciate the honesty in Abdullah's approach to violence. Rich compares JJ Dillon to classic American art and the auditory delights of a microphone pounding on Magnum TA's skull. Tim and Rich both revel in the production differences between this and the first WrestleMania. A true portrayal of the difference between wrestling and wrasslin'! Thanks for listening!


Royal Rumble 1992

By listener request, we get into possibly the greatest Royal Rumble of all time! We marvel again at the abilities and stamina of Ric Flair as he styles and profiles his way into the WWF Championship. We are blinded by Owen Hart's wrestling gear and grossed out at the scars across the foreheads of the Bushwhackers. Thanks for downloading!


The First WrestleMania

We decided it was time to get back to our roots. It was time to get into the first WrestleMania from 1985. We acknowledge the singing genius of Gene Okerlund, the terrified looks of Alfred Hayes, and compare this event to the shelling of Fort Sumter. We calculate the rate of inflation and gasp at Andre the Giant body slamming Big John Studd. We revel in the voices of Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura, and we discuss Gorilla's weird nicknames for people, plus so much more! Thanks for...


Teaser- WrestleMania 1

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WrestleMania 23

Tim and Rich explore WrestleMania 23. They complain about it taking almost four hours to present eight matches, the decline of the Intercontinental Title, and the appearance of a former President. Tim explores Greek Mythology and Rich vents about rude concertgoers. There's discussion of how the WWE product has become sterile, audiences don't follow the standard good guy/bad guy routine, and how there's now THREE brands in WWE. Plus, both are baffled how you could ever book Ric Flair in the...


Teaser - WrestleMania 23

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Battle Royal at Royal Albert Hall

This week, Tim and Rich dash to jolly old England for a 1991 WWF show at Royal Albert Hall. Tim gets worked up about Bob Dylan. Rich is fired up about British royals and French organists. They both got all hot for Ric Flair vs Tito Santana. They also talk about just what exactly is a Samovar? Could the British Bulldog replace Hulk Hogan? Thanks for listening!!


Teaser- Battle Royal at Royal Albert Hall

A sampling of what is to come this Friday!


Super Brawl III

We're back with a "Not Just WrestleManias" show all about WCW Super Brawl III, coming to you from Asheville, NC, February 21, 1993. Vader and Sting venture into the White Castle of Fear, located on the highway out next to the Chik Fil A of Anxiety and the Burger King of Trepidation. Plus, Cactus Jack chases Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff with a poop shovel, and much more! Rich and Sting both sum it up well when they say, "Huh?" Listen on all your favorite podcast networks, and get in touch at...


Teaser - Super Brawl III

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WrestleWar 89

It's another "Not Just WrestleManias," another barn burner of a WCW show, and another all-time classic Flair vs. Steamboat match! Rich and Tim gawk at Ricky's chubby cowboy baby, wonder about the profitability of waxing salons on Bad Street, USA, test out some new nicknames for Michael "P.S." Hayes, and ask, "What the hell's the Iron Sheik doing here?" To quote Jim Ross, "There's gonna be some fines levied for this one!" Listen on all your favorite podcast apps, and reach out to us at...


Teaser - WrestleWar 89

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WrestleMania 22

Rich & Tim go "Big Time" and talk WrestleMania 22, live from Chicago, April 2, 2006! Mick Foley and Edge get philosophical and study Friedrich Nietzsche together, and we call in a Silver Alert on Ric Flair's behalf, impersonate Vince McMahon's conversations with God, and take WWE to task for ripping off Single White Female. We also answer some listener mail about our Hall of Fame 2023 picks, and barely make it out alive after viewing AEW Double or Nothing. (Seriously, that PPV was way too...


Teaser - WrestleMania 22

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Profiles in Bad-Assery: Demolition

It's a special "Profiles in Bad-Assery" edition of All the WrestleManias, and we're profiling the Ax and the Smash(er), the walking disaster -- Demolition! We delve into the Satanic Panic of the 80s, celebrate the musical genius of Jimmy Hart, and glorify brutality and violence for its own sake. We'll tell you all about the histories of Ax and Smash and watch their 1989 Coliseum Home Video, all while singing along to their epic metal theme song. Better say your Act of Contrition, then listen...


Teaser - Profiles in Bad Assery: Demolition

We are excited about this one. After meeting Demolition, we couldn't wait to do a whole episode on them. Here's a taste of what's to come this Friday!


Not Just WrestleManias: CelebFest 4, Backlash & Smack ’Em Whack ’Em

It's a special Grab-Bag Edition of All the WrestleManias! We're covering three events this time -- CelebFest 4 from Baltimore, at which Rich & Tim hang out with Sting, Greg the Hammer, Haku, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Demolition! Then we review WrestleMania Backlash, and take a listener-requested look back at the 1993 Coliseum Home Video release, Smack 'Em Whack 'Em! Whew, we're tired just thinking about it! Listen on all major podcast apps, and send us your thoughts on Twitter @WrestleManiaPod...