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Two totally opposite friends – filmmaker/journalist Matt Cole Weiss and comedian compete to see who has better “alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood. Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever…allegedly. 287798

Two totally opposite friends – filmmaker/journalist Matt Cole Weiss and comedian compete to see who has better “alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood. Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever…allegedly. 287798


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Two totally opposite friends – filmmaker/journalist Matt Cole Weiss and comedian compete to see who has better “alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood. Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever…allegedly. 287798




Final Episode

Sadly the day has come. The final episode of Allegedly Podcast. In this heartfelt goodbye, Matthew Weiss dive into everything that has changed since the beginning of the show three years ago. They deconstruct the shows best guests, worst guests, who almost made it to the show and the biggest question of all is answered! Who won the entire podcast!? The final count is announced! Tune in one last time to find out who wins! 287798 Goodbye and thank YOU, the fans!


Romesh Ranganathan

The dopest math teacher this side of England Romesh Ranganathan is crashing Allegedly! The British comedian stops by to discuss his new show Just Another Immigrant premiering on Showtime! Romesh tells us what it’s like to film your family in a new country, auditioning for The Martian, Kanye West’s new album and how being a comic makes you the worst teacher. Josh Peck is once again the special guest with Matt and away we go! FIND OUT WHO WINS! LISTEN, RATE, REVIEW!


Tom Stevens

Canada gets it's due day on "Allegedly" this week when "Wayward Pines" star and true Canadian citizen Tom Stevens sits in the hot seat. Though he plays a young dictator on the show, he's anything but on "Allegedly" as he spills the beans about the final episodes of "Wayward" this season, his upcoming plans to get eloped in New Orleans, and why he read Mein Kampf... twice. In the end, the hosts have to pick five people to save in case of an apocalypse, leaving Stevens with all the power.


Nikki Ziering

A favorite of Hugh Hefner, Bob Barker, and at one time Ian Ziering, former Playmate, Barker Beauty and reality star Nikki Ziering stops by and answers the obvious question "where have you been?!". Nikki gives us the update plus shares some of her favorite stories from her time in the spotlight involving Mick Jagger, Bruce Jenner, and Ian himself. Find out where Nikki's opinions lie when it comes to her ex these days, and would she ever do a nude spread again?


Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew is in the house! The famed TV and radio doc chimes in on Taylor Swift's love addiction, Ben Affleck's drinking issues, and Selma Blair's recent breakdown. The friendly doc also gives us insight into his own love life, including when the last time he got road head was. With stories of poop, a special STD contest, and questions about goiters, this episode has it all.


Rob Burnett

He wrote and produced "The Late Show with David Letterman" for decades, but now Rob Burnett is in the "Allegedly" studio to talk about his new film starring Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd, "The Fundamentals of Caring", as well as judge an on-going battle between Matt and Theo. Rob talks about Dave now, their relationship, whether he'll ever come out of retirement, and who the worst guest ever was. Oh, he also talks about Selena Gomez Face-timing his son's entire hockey team.


Claudia Jordan

"The Price is Right", "The Celebrity Apprentice", "Deal Or No Deal", and "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" - today's guest is no stranger to the world of reality television. The model has sparked attention over and over again for her outspoken behavior on and off the TV screen, but today's she's REALLY going to spill it all - Khloe Kardashian, Donald Trump, the Housewives - Jordan spills the T for us all. So, who are your bets on for to take home this week's win? You gotta listen to play!


Kevin Pollak

We've got Robert DeNiro in the studio... and Al Pacino... and Liam Neeson... all in the form of actor/comedian Kevin Pollak. The star of such classics as "A Few Good Men" and "The Usual Suspects" lends his talents to the competition this week, judging stories about Christopher Reeve and mushrooms, as well as some unique impressions from the hosts themselves. Pollak, who directed the upcoming film "Late Bloomer" shares his own tales about Tom Cruise, Michael Clarke Duncan and Christopher...


Brian "Head" Welch

Things get powerful when Brian "Head" Welch, guitarist from the mega-huge band KoRn, stops in to discuss his new book "With Eyes Wide Open", his gut wrenching tale of drugs, family, faith, and forgiveness that led him to leave the band then rejoin it in 2013. You can't get any more candid or honest than Welch as he discusses hitting rock bottom, giving up a kid for adoption, tracking eight balls on FedEx and being joyful that he's even alive. But it's not all serious, the laughter comes in...


Ta'Rhonda Jones

Needing your "Empire" fix after last week's finale? Well, Porsha herself, Ta'Rhonda Jones, is in the studio to talk all about that climactic pregnant woman falling to her possible death finale and what it's really like to be on a huge hit like this. Jones also opens up a lot about her past - including her brother's death, her time working at a nursing home (and the old dudes who groped her), and her failed engagement. But none of that compares to the kick she gets out of playing judge...


David Faustino

Bud Bundy is in the house! "Married with Children" star David Faustino brings some wild, wild stories to "Allegedly" while judging the hosts to pick a winner (and judging the hosts in general). If you ever wondered which Beatle was a huge "Married with Children" fan, listen up... and find out the AMAZINGLY X-RATED message he told Faustino to relay to Christina Applegate. Faustino fills us in on the "Married" reboot... his favorite "Married" guest star... what regrets he has in life... and...


Adam Rodriguez

It's magic when "Magic Mike" star Adam Rodriguez stops by to play judge, jury, and executioner this week (as well as fulfill some of Matt's fantasies). Find out which co-star's junk he saw... his regrets over "CSI: Miami"... and his daughter's playdates with Channing Tatum. Rodriguez, who hosts his own podcast, let's it all hang out, in the best way possible. But, who will win his heart?!


Nolan Gould

"Allegedly" goes... underage! Our first teenage guest - "Modern Family" star Nolan Gould who plays Luke Dunphy on the show - stops by to fill the judge's seat and listen to some bizarre stories, advice, and questions. Gould reveals which "MF" stars he has crushes on... that audition where he mistook Russell Simmons for Richard Simmons... and how often he gets hit on by MILFS. In the end, he must choose a winner, but in the process, he lets us know how hard out there it is for a teenage...


John Popper

He's regarded as the world's best harmonica player, but we remember him best as the lead singer of the band Blues Traveler! Let your inner 1990's child free as Popper reveals what it was REALLY like being in one of the most popular bands of the decade. Popper even breaks out his instrument to pick a feud with his harmonica'ed arch enemy - Alanis Morissette. Find out about the ups and downs of Popper's career, his health, his weight, his family and how much it would cost for him to deliver...


Jillian Bell & Charlotte Newhouse

If you don't know who Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse are, then YOU DON'T KNOW FUNNY! Bell, who starred in "22 Jump Street" and "Workaholics", and Newhouse are both on the hit Comedy Central show "Idiotsitter", but today they're both in the "Allegedly" hot seat. Have they ever hooked up? Why was writing for "Saturday Night Live" so awful for Jillian? What actor hit on Charlotte in the lamest way? Find out the answers to all these questions - and discover why a cockroach once got stuck...


Cheryl Burke

As "Dancing with the Stars" continues right now with season who-the-hell-cares, former star and sexpot Cheryl Burke stops in the studio to talk all things "Dancing", as well as what's going on with her personal life. Find out which dancers on the show she's hooked up with and who was her least favorite dancing partner ever (she even tried to get eliminated on purpose). Burke also gets real about her former partner Rob Kardashian's weight gain and engagement, and discusses why her own...


Ross Mathews

If you've ever wanted to hear what it would sound like if Ross Mathews auditioned for "12 Years A Slave", today's your lucky day! Yes, the "Hollywood Today Live" host joins the podcast and nothing is off limits. Whether it's about Caitlyn Jenner, Chelsea Handler and Heather McDonald, or the existence of homophobia still in Hollywood, Mathews tells it like it is, hysterically. When his dream of playing a dramatic role in a movie is discussed, Mathews steps up to the mic and does his best...


Kato Kaelin

He's the most famous houseguest of all time, Kato Kaelin is in the studio! With the new FX series about the OJ trial, Kato opens up about his thoughts on the show, secrets from the trial, OJ's guilt, the Kardashians, and what it was like being hated by thousands of strangers. The host/actor and founder of Slacker clothing line gets grilled by the guests Marcia Clark and Johnnie Cochran style. But, when the tables turn, which side will Kato land on - Matt's or Theo's?


Roman Atwood & Dennis Roady

He's known as the most "appalling" prankster in the world, but Roman Atwood loves it! With his millions of followers and brilliant pranks, including blowing up his own kid, Atwood has taken the internet by storm, and now he's moved on to the world of movies. Atwood and co-prankster Dennis Roady join "Allegedly" to talk about their new film "Natural Born Pranksters" and what it's like being loved and hated worldwide. The pranksters reveal the celeb prank they attempted that went south real...


Jack Quaid

What do you get when you put Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid together? The funny, endearing, and talented Jack Quaid, star of the hit HBO show "Vinyl" and "The Hunger Games", who sits in the judge's seat this week. Find out what it was like growing up as the kid of Meg and Dennis and how he handled their incredibly public divorce. Learn from Jack all the inside scoop on filming "Vinyl", what's going on with his uncle Randy, and what it's like being a bachelor in Hollywood. After Quaid sits through...