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This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.

This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.
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This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.






Episode 43: Authentic Mexican

This week we go into the vault to pull out this NEVER RELEASED and mildly offensive episode from July! The guys talk about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, hot dog-eating contests, Chris Harrison inviting Nick to his 4th party and snuffing Greg (so Greg calls him on the air), Muhammad Ali eating chicken in his parked car, and Kirk helps to define what "Authentic Mexican" restaurants should be. Did we say 'mildly' offensive??


Episode 42: (Jay Kogen pt 2) Frasier, Malcolm in the Middle, and other great things

Jay Kogen and Greg's buddy Smitty join the guys at the bar! Again! Part 2 of this whiskey-riddled hang answers all the questions that Jay is really sick of answering! They talk about more shows he helped to create including Frasier and Malcolm in the Middle, plus recalling the tough celebrities to work with on the Simpsons. Why does Michael Jackson need 20 space heaters in his room? Are DJ's truly artists? Will Jay ever remember people's names? Why is Smitty at the wrong reunion? FIND OUT...


Episode 41: Felicity Reunion!

On this special episode, Greg is super excited to take you on a field trip to Austin, Texas to recap his experience at this year's ATX Television Festival! ATX Festival ( is an annual event that features panels, screenings, and events that bring the superfans together with the actors, writers, directors, creators, etc that make the biggest impact on our TV screens! This year's festival featured the Felicity Reunion panel, in which Greg and the rest of the Felicity stars...


Episode 40: (Jay Kogen) Want me to f***ing do a routine for you?!

The guys return to their home bar to invite comedy producer, writer, director, and actor Jay Kogen along with Grunny's buddy Eric Smith! Emmy Award-winning Jay has taken shows including The Simpsons, Frasier, The Tracy Ullman Show, and so many others from the ground floor to immense success as a producer and writer. The guys talk about Jay getting yelled at by Albert Brooks and Aretha Franklin, the ketogenic diet and fat bombs, writing comedy smash hits, climbing Everest, and whatever the...


Episode 39: (John Mendoza) Young and Dumb and Full of Heroin

The guys welcome comedian legend and actor John Mendoza to the Local Peasant in Woodland Hills! This episode starts with John's heroin days and never comes down from that rush. John tells wild stories of nearly getting shot at the comedy club, performing three dirty jokes for $50,000 on the "bitches' table," losing out on major sitcom roles, having contests to get high and go on stage, and so much more insanity. Kym Whitley returns to sit in and join the show! You will not believe your...


Episode 38: (Kym Whitley) Waxed and Prepared

The guys head to The Local Peasant in Woodland Hills, CA for a hilarious episode with comedian/ actress Kym Whitley! This girl has so much class and a ton of sass. They talk over incredible food about where her black friends would take her, waxing the bikini line for medical emergencies, the sudden adoption of her son, stress tests, and the health scare that lead to her heart stint. Plus, Kym and Nick duet a Bill Withers classic! They might have found a new home, but when will the peasant...


Episode 37: (Rob Benedict and Bob Guiney) Live from Comic Con (Part 2)

The guys complete the field trip to The Experience at Comic Con with some VERY special guests stopping by! First up, Supernatural's Rob Benedict takes a break from hosting panels to talk music and all things Comic Con! Then, Bob Guiney from The Bachelor, the Today Show and Band From TV joins when Kirk leaves to catch a train (seriously) and talks about the new baby he has on the way. Finally, on-camera host/ Nick's hott girlfriend Lauren Pacheco brings a woman's touch to wrap up this great...


Episode 36: Live from Comic Con (Part 1)

The guys take a field trip to San Diego Comic Con International for the first episode of this two-part special! Broadcasting from the stage at The Experience interactive zone across from Petco Park, Greg, Kirk and Nick immerse themselves in geek culture and welcome cosplay special guests to the stage to explain why the hell they dress like they do. Nick performs an original bar anthem, and Stuttering John makes a quick comeback to the podcast! Kirk is both confused and happy, Greg couldn't...


Episode 35: (Stuttering John Melendez) Prank Calling President Trump

The guys return to Pedaler's Fork in Calabasas for their inaugural episode with All Things Comedy Network! Speaking of inaugurations, Stuttering John (formerly of Howard Stern and Jay Leno) joins them to talk about the prank call heard 'round the world... to PRESIDENT TRUMP? For the few that haven't heard, Stuttering John recently got through to the POTUS on Air Force One posing as a sitting senator and is not afraid to talk ALL about it! Did he ever make his date with the hott girl in...


Episode 34: (Tommy Coster) Will the REAL Tommy Coster please stand up?

Greg and Nick sit down at the home bar with music composer extraordinaire Tommy Coster, the genius behind the music of Eminem's smash hit "The Real Slim Shady." As you can imagine, this episode is really music-focused, so Nick finally gets to speak! They talk about Tommy's musical upbringing, as his father was Santana's right-hand-man/ co-writer and good friend of music legends like Prince and so many others. Also, classic cars, millennials' not caring about good quality music, and the...


Episode 33: (Adrian Pasdar) Podcast Pong

Pour the whiskey, because Greg and Nick bring actor/ friend/ bandmate Adrian Pasdar to his home bar at Bandwagon for an hour of straight hilarity! The guys discuss what "bathroom pong" is and urinal etiquette, Adrian's roles in Marvel's Agents of Shield and Supergirl, Greg riding on Adrian's back in Heroes, Lou Ferrigno in flying cars, whistling the Globetrotters and Andy Griffin themes, and a Band From TV performance of one of Adrian's favorite songs to sing!


Episode 32: (Darren Doane) Come On Get Higher!

The guys are back in their home base of Bandwagon to sit down with mega music video director Darren Doane! Darren has been behind the camera for the biggest hits of artists such as Blink 182, Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, AFI, Van Morrison, Kid Rock, and so many more. He tells the stories of getting his life threatened by arms dealer investors and nearly killing a bunch of children on a music video shoot, but besides that, getting shot at and other things, it has been pretty smooth! Nick...


Episode 31: (Howie Mandel pt. 2) This Bar's STILL Got Talent!!

Greg and Nick kept their butts in the stools at Pedaler's Fork for Part 2 of this great hang with television and comedy legend Howie Mandel! To pick up where they left off, Howie talks about the strategy to win America's Got Talent, and Greg wants to know how REAL it really is. What inspires Howie, his journey from comedy to dramatic acting to hosting, how he almost turned down Deal or No Deal, and why is Greg going to parties at McDonald's? And where the hell is Kirk? Plus a listen into...


Episode 30: (Howie Mandel pt 1) This Bar's Got Talent!

Greg and Nick return to Pedaler's Fork in Calabasas to meet up with comedy star, actor, and host extraordinaire Howie Mandel! Part 1 of this episode includes enemas, gerrymandering, Howie's mom walking in on him with glasses on his manhood, his pranks in school and today, Nick gets convinced to go on AGT, Greg has a residual check for 3 cents, how Howie got started in comedy and, of course, the latex rubber glove! No germs were harmed in the filming of this podcast...


Episode 29: (Tom Bergeron) Dancing in the Bars

The guys take a trip out to Calabasas to meet up with TV hosting legend Tom Bergeron at Pedalers Fork! It turns out Tom isn't much into dancing, but he sure sells it well on DWTS! Tom opens up about the hit show, including stories about Tonya Harding, Emmitt Smith, and some of his favorite contestants through the years. Also, sex in traffic, Tom saving a woman's life, William Shatner's aggressive driving, and Greg has a close bathroom call while Kirk enjoys going in his pants...


Episode 28: SOLO (Cup)

The guys return to Scum and Villainy Cantina, the not-at-all Star Wars cantina-themed bar that definitely reminds everybody of the Star Wars cantina! They bring on the creative owner of the bar and director/ filmmaker JC Reifenberg and his new wife (who also is the designer of the bar) to talk about geekdom, hair metal, marriage proposals, Kirk's terrible marriage proposal, Cobra Kai, and even have a special appearance by Deadpool! Not Ryan Reynolds, but some guy in town from Texas who is...


Episode 27: Scum and Villainy

The guys take their first trip to a bar that doesn't have Greg's name signed to it in this very special episode! From Scum and Villainy Cantina on Hollywood Blvd, this absolutely-definitely-positively not Star Wars bar that looks pretty damn reminiscent of the cantina in Star Wars brings some rather interesting characters with it! The guys talk about Kirky's new gorgeous baby, Greg and Kirk are both stumped by parking meters, a Florida hot sauce kingpin sits in with his son, Greg calls...


Episode 25: (Curtis Armstrong) A Bar Full of Nerds

The guys welcome superstar actor nerd Curtis Armstrong to the bar! This is not Gilbert Gottfried, just a guy that was frequently confused for him early in his career for some reason. They discuss all of Curtis' huge movies including Risky Business and Revenge of the Nerds, audio books, Greg getting kicked out of his plane seat for a drunk First Lady of Iceland, and a performance of a classic cover by Nick. Also, who the hell is Leonard Skynyrd?


Episode 24: (Derek Theler) Who's Your Baby Daddy?

The guys welcome actor Derek Theler to the bar! Star of the hit comedy sitcom Baby Daddy, this 6'7" ripped chick magnet of an actor joins the podcast to tease all the things that he isn't allowed to talk about! His upcoming series with Marvel (shhhh), his new web series with Valiant Comics (shut the hell up), and Kirk is really coming on to Derek a lot (let's just forget that one). Buying new wheels, local hire sharks, pawning stolen furniture from film sets, shitty airlines and running...


Episode 23: (David Anders) Get a Job...

Greg and Nick welcome actor and musician David Anders to the second week of LIVE FROM BLUE MICROPHONES STUDIOS! David followed Greg in both Alias and Heroes, but his talents have carried him all the way to this podcast! Don't tell his publicist. David is a master of accents, British high society uses the term "landing strip", jobs magically come when applying for college, Ricky Gervais doesn't get the invite from Greg and David to Hugh Laurie's birthday party, and a very special impromptu...