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This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.

This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.
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This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.






Episode 31: (Howie Mandel pt. 2) This Bar's STILL Got Talent!!

Greg and Nick kept their butts in the stools at Pedaler's Fork for Part 2 of this great hang with television and comedy legend Howie Mandel! To pick up where they left off, Howie talks about the strategy to win America's Got Talent, and Greg wants to know how REAL it really is. What inspires Howie, his journey from comedy to dramatic acting to hosting, how he almost turned down Deal or No Deal, and why is Greg going to parties at McDonald's? And where the hell is Kirk? Plus a listen into the...


Episode 30: (Howie Mandel pt 1) This Bar's Got Talent!

Greg and Nick return to Pedaler's Fork in Calabasas to meet up with comedy star, actor, and host extraordinaire Howie Mandel! Part 1 of this episode includes enemas, gerrymandering, Howie's mom walking in on him with glasses on his manhood, his pranks in school and today, Nick gets convinced to go on AGT, Greg has a residual check for 3 cents, how Howie got started in comedy and, of course, the latex rubber glove! No germs were harmed in the filming of this podcast...


Episode 29: (Tom Bergeron) Dancing in the Bars

The guys take a trip out to Calabasas to meet up with TV hosting legend Tom Bergeron at Pedalers Fork! It turns out Tom isn't much into dancing, but he sure sells it well on DWTS! Tom opens up about the hit show, including stories about Tonya Harding, Emmitt Smith, and some of his favorite contestants through the years. Also, sex in traffic, Tom saving a woman's life, William Shatner's aggressive driving, and Greg has a close bathroom call while Kirk enjoys going in his pants...


Episode 28: SOLO (Cup)

The guys return to Scum and Villainy Cantina, the not-at-all Star Wars cantina-themed bar that definitely reminds everybody of the Star Wars cantina! They bring on the creative owner of the bar and director/ filmmaker JC Reifenberg and his new wife (who also is the designer of the bar) to talk about geekdom, hair metal, marriage proposals, Kirk's terrible marriage proposal, Cobra Kai, and even have a special appearance by Deadpool! Not Ryan Reynolds, but some guy in town from Texas who is...


Episode 27: Scum and Villainy

The guys take their first trip to a bar that doesn't have Greg's name signed to it in this very special episode! From Scum and Villainy Cantina on Hollywood Blvd, this absolutely-definitely-positively not Star Wars bar that looks pretty damn reminiscent of the cantina in Star Wars brings some rather interesting characters with it! The guys talk about Kirky's new gorgeous baby, Greg and Kirk are both stumped by parking meters, a Florida hot sauce kingpin sits in with his son, Greg calls...


Episode 25: (Curtis Armstrong) A Bar Full of Nerds

The guys welcome superstar actor nerd Curtis Armstrong to the bar! This is not Gilbert Gottfried, just a guy that was frequently confused for him early in his career for some reason. They discuss all of Curtis' huge movies including Risky Business and Revenge of the Nerds, audio books, Greg getting kicked out of his plane seat for a drunk First Lady of Iceland, and a performance of a classic cover by Nick. Also, who the hell is Leonard Skynyrd?


Episode 24: (Derek Theler) Who's Your Baby Daddy?

The guys welcome actor Derek Theler to the bar! Star of the hit comedy sitcom Baby Daddy, this 6'7" ripped chick magnet of an actor joins the podcast to tease all the things that he isn't allowed to talk about! His upcoming series with Marvel (shhhh), his new web series with Valiant Comics (shut the hell up), and Kirk is really coming on to Derek a lot (let's just forget that one). Buying new wheels, local hire sharks, pawning stolen furniture from film sets, shitty airlines and running...


Episode 23: (David Anders) Get a Job...

Greg and Nick welcome actor and musician David Anders to the second week of LIVE FROM BLUE MICROPHONES STUDIOS! David followed Greg in both Alias and Heroes, but his talents have carried him all the way to this podcast! Don't tell his publicist. David is a master of accents, British high society uses the term "landing strip", jobs magically come when applying for college, Ricky Gervais doesn't get the invite from Greg and David to Hugh Laurie's birthday party, and a very special impromptu...


Episode 22: (Nick Thune) Willy Nilly

The guys take a field trip to the Blue Microphones studios in Westlake, CA and bring in comedian Nick Thune! Nick started a charity golf event for his son's eczema, Greg needs a support group to stop him from getting political, comparisons of "Paterno" and "Dirk Diggler", Nick's old friend disappeared after pooping his pants, growing up on uncool music, Australian pop bands, and Nick performs the very routine that got him into stand-up comedy! Warning... there will be Blue Microphones plugs!


Episode 21: (Phil Lamarr) First Impressions

The guys welcome actor and voiceover mega-star Phil Lamarr to the bar! From the original cast of Mad TV, Marvin from Pulp Fiction, and now the voice of cartoon characters that include Futurama's Hermes Conrad, Family Guy's Ollie Williams and Judge, Samurai Jack, and so many more, this impressionable episode leaves nothing behind! Alcoholism, all boy's schools, Comic Cons, Phil's terrible experience with Gus Fring and his failed attempt at stand-up in South Africa are discussed! Also a very...


Episode 20: (Jay Abdo and Fadia Afashe) Hunger Strike

On this very special episode of An Actor, a Comedian and a Musician Walk Into a Bar, the guys welcome actor Jay Abdo and his wife Fadia Afashe for a more serious and VERY important podcast. Jay and Fadia were a famous and successful couple in their native country of Syria before they spoke out against the cruelty and genocide under Assad's rule, and had to seek refuge in America. They are currently on a hunger strike to raise awareness about the inhumane treatment of Syrian citizens caught...


Episode 19: (Chris Harrison) Rose Ceremony

Greg and Nick welcome The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette/ Bachelor in Paradise/ Bachelor Winter Games/ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host Chris Harrison to the bar! Er... to Greg's living room! And, as a huge bonus, director of all the shows Ken Fuchs stops by for a surprise visit in their first ever interview together. The guys discuss "The Switch" made by Arie, Clint Eastwood watches The Bachelor, Chris was kicked off Facebook, the authenticity of reality TV, and is Yuki living in Chris'...


Episode 18: (Joseph Reitman) Waking Up in Tijuana

The guys welcome a homeless man to the bar... wait no... that's incredible actor Joseph Reitman! A fellow Max Reload alum, as this podcast is obligated to promote at this point, Joe Ugly joins the guys for talks about dating strippers, concussions from football, poker, Joe's ex wife Shannon Elizabeth, the stock market, Joe's days of dealing coke and meth, and his new show Happy on SyFy! Greg eats the loudest food possible with pistachios. Sorry...


Episode 17: (Christopher Titus) The Realm of Being Correct

The guys welcome comedy superstar Christopher Titus to the bar! You better believe things are going to get controversial! Titus and Greg hate the current administration, Greg visits the Tiger Woods Learning Center and snuffs Bill Clinton, Billy Gardell is awesome (Nick loves a fellow Pittsburgher), and Christopher's movie Special Unit is discussed. Will you learn anything from this podcast? It's four guys in a bar... what do you think?


Episode 16: (Rebecca Field) Bone Broth

The guys welcome the lovely and talented actress Rebecca Field to the bar! Greg and Rebecca both appear in the upcoming Bradley Cooper/ Lady Gaga film "A Star is Born" and they might finally get this one right! The crew talks about Bradley Cooper, all meanings of bone broth, escape rooms, role play, virtual reality porn, David Caruso, and Greg is not a good hugger according to Kirk. Huge thanks to Rebecca for such a hilarious episode!


Episode 15: (Duff Goldman) Have Your Duff and Eat It Too!

The guys welcome Food Network star Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes! While it could have been inspirational and heartwarming to talk about the incredible career that Duff has made through his love of baking, that's just not what this podcast is! Duff's severed toes, Duff's feeling-less finger, fondant is cheating, Boy Scouts and Indian Guides (whatever that is), and Rex Tillerson are discussed this week! Also, listen to Duff play the bass... but not while singing. Join us for the ride.


Episode 14: (Lin Shaye) Into the FURTHER!!!

Greg and Nick are so excited to have Lin Shaye join them in the bar! Lin, actress extraordinaire from the Insidious franchise, There's Something About Mary, Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, Ouija, and so many more, bless us with her incredible stories of growing up to become one of the most versatile talents in Hollywood. The three discuss bonding with costars, amazing immigrants, growing up in Detroit, our dependence on technology, Lin's brother Bob Shaye (founder of New Line Cinema), and her...


Episode 13: Smarter, Faster, Funnier (Hassie Harrison)

Finally, a female guest is brave enough to overtake this bar! Actress Hassie Harrison arrives at the start, Greg can't hug her because he is sitting down, and they're off! The integrated crew discusses the "new" Olympics according to FOX News, flu season, shooting pilots (TV shows, not uniformed airline captains), Tanya Harding, Airbnb, and domestic violence. Huge thanks to Frosty Heidi Frank show on 95.5 KLOS for bringing Greg and Nick on this week, and welcome new listeners! No pilots...


Episode 12: Coyotes Ugly

The guys don't need a guest this week because there's just so much happening... Greg's yard is invaded by coyotes trying to kill his dog, so he is armored up to take them on! His wife makes a surprise phone-in appearance, everyone is making Super Bowl plans, Nick has never been to a strip club, and Kirk understands shallow graves. Nick performs an original at the end with a very Motown feel!


Episode 11: The Cut of Your Jib

The guys are back together! They invite Wings star Steven Weber to the bar to really get into some heavy shit! Heavy like... Human Centipede heavy. Heavy like... his and Greg's vasectomy stories heavy. Heavy like... Steven's Korean War veteran/ comedy manager father heavy. Goat yoga (that's a thing), Don Rickles, and mustaches heavy!! Plus, Nick plays a sappy song with a blown-out voice. Enjoy!