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Off Get Arse, On Get Donkey

TW: we talk about miscarriage a couple of times during this episode. You might find it helpful, or painful, or something else entirely, but we'd be remiss if we didn't tell you before you listen. This week we also talk about journalist Evelyn Irons, a little known Stan Lee property, a short story long joke (yay!) and two very nearly identical bedtime stories. We also answer your questions! Not well, probably, but we have a go. Follow us on @andthenwhatpod, email us on...


People Who Work In Porn Are Probably The Cleanest

This week Amy gives advice on how to stop being followed by pesky photographers, and brings us a fictional piece she's written about a very good friend. Becky finds one hell of a relationship fail from Reddit, and tells possibly her worst Long Story Short Joke... Follow us on @andthenwhatpod, email us on


Four Horsememes of the Apocalypse

It's a very death-centric episode this week. Amy tells the story of the saddest murder there ever was, following up with advice on how to survive the Titanic. Hint: Doctors and the Amish would not approve. Becky, meanwhile, has the most savage obituary ever put to paper – but thankfully, she's also got some ideas for films Hollywood should make instead of remaking Clueless to lighten things up Follow us on @andthenwhatpod, email us on


The Slick Dandified Cake Eater

Hyped up on coffee and pastries, this week is an especially giggly one. Becky has a Scottish folk tale and the story of a Very Special Guest, whereas Amy talks about The Anti-Flirt Club (not quite as boring as it sounds) and the story of Thor's Marriage. There's an impressively bad range of accents on offer this episode, and for that we really are very sorry. Follow us on @andthenwhatpod on all the good social networks, and email us at


Guys, Guys... Do You Like Goats?

Look, for various reasons we sound somewhat delirious this week, but if you roll with it we're all gonna have a good time. Becky returns from Ireland and manages to restrain herself to just the one story about her holiday, while Amy tells us about the great Carmarthen cheese riots and a potentially marriage-ending misunderstanding from Reddit. We end the episode by honouring the new Queen of Sweden, possibly humanity, and a good rant about Welsh accents. As ever, you can follow us on...


Live The Life You Love, Love The Life You Live

We talk about some pretty amazing women this week, including America's first female detective, and an iconic soul singer. Amy changes the tone completely with a lovely Welsh folktale, and the ladies talk about the stories they're absorbing this week, which include murder and menstruation. Follow us on @andthenwhatpod, email us on, leave us a review however your dear heart desires – but if you've got nothing nice to say then SHUT UP.


Sit On My Furry Tail

Considering halfway through this episode we confront the reality that innocent teenagers listen to this podcast, we don't reign ourselves in at *all*. Becky tells a folk tale that ends up actually being about Chadwick Boseman's excellent time management, Amy shares the tale of the coolest, note-leaving murderer to ever not exist, we talk about THE WORST BRIDE IN THE WORLD and finish up by giving everyone the Disney remake 2018 deserves. Follow us on @andthenwhatpod, email us on...


The Mario and Luigi Of Podcasters

Welcome to this fortnight's episode of And Then What? This episode Amy brings us an historical tale of a real life Footloose, and the amazing story of Mel Blanc, the man of 1000 voices. Becky tells a story of a delayed train from football and travel writer Glen Wilson, and incredible Canadian author Sheena Kamal shares a story of female friendship and loss. Join us every OTHER Sunday for a brand new episode of And Then What? The podcast all about stories! Find us on social media on...


I Have Angry Sacs

We've both come armed with chilling tales this week; Becky's are mostly canine related from the depths of Reddit and East Anglia, while Amy's are about a serial killer with a twist, and a not creepy, but absolutely hilarious intern without a clue. We also take about 50 different detours from storytelling this week, including Nic Cage, Hairspray, and an A-list celeb with a painful fetish.... Join us every OTHER Sunday for a brand new episode of And Then What? The podcast all about stories!...


I Hope You All Enjoyed Your Date With Bob

Hello and welcome to the first of our fortnightly episodes! Yes, life is happening at an alarming rate, and so we're scaling back the podcast to once every two weeks - it doesn't mean we love you any less, but it does mean that exciting things are afoot. This week Amy tells us why Furbies (remember FURBIES) were banned by the NSA, and about a group of inadvertent superheroes. Becky finds a creepy tale from Reddit/nosleep, and writes something of her own! We hope you enjoy your date with...


The Blackbird Screams

If you were ever a teenager in the 90s, or a teenager at any time, or if you have simply experienced the passage of time, this week's guest's story is for YOU. Special guest and longtime listener Lowri Williams digs out her teenage diary and recounts the tumultuous time that was being 15 in Cardiff in the 90s. Amy brings us a tale of a randy older gentleman whose organisation skills are a bit of a turn on, if we're quite honest, and Becky tells a story about friends who lose each other when...


I Tried To Record A Response, But It Was Just Me Crying

At 10pm on the hottest Friday of the year, we decided it was the perfect time to lock ourselves in an airless room and record a podcast. And yet this week's episode is full of handy hints and trivia! We tell you the worst excuse to give when you don't want to plan your boyfriend's birthday party, when Melania Trump is acting like a medieval British Queen, why you should NEVER win the lottery, and why sometimes it's best to let strangers think you're going to stick a cucumber up your bum. And...


LGBT Kewlness

This episode is topical AF. It was July 4th this week, aka the USA's birthday, so Amy tells the story of the time Poland sent them a birthday card. It's Pride weekend, so Becky shares a tale of Gay's The Word bookshop and the LGBT community which thrived around it. It's Becky's birthday on Friday, so she...well, she talks about how loved she is and how everyone in her family adores her, but it's her birthday so we'll let her off. And then, because it wouldn't be And Then What? without...


Go Hug Your Family

This week we've returned to Not London to visit the other half of The Naughty Step podcast, Stuart Heritage! Stu reads from his new book, Don't Be A Dick, Pete, and all three of us manage to tell loads of stories about our families without having compared notes or anything. But if you're worried you'll miss one of our tropes, fear not - Becky has a creepy German folktale complete with silly voices for you. Join us every Sunday for a brand new episode of And Then What? The podcast all about...


Ceramic Gannets Are Playing The Axiom Stage At 2000 Trees

This week Amy and Becky's special guests are all of London, busy making noise in the background. We've got a mixed bag of stories for you this week, starting with a nightmare mother-in-law, a batshit story from Florida, a sinful piece from Tumblr, a creepy folktale from Italy, and ending with an amazing story from the world of toys. Join us every Sunday for a brand new episode of And Then What? The podcast all about stories! Find us on social media on @andthenwhatpod, and email us at...


Giving Birth Is Metal AF

We're back with another guest! Hannah Flynn: video game maker by day, parent to a tiny baby by night. This week we talk about the power of protest through crafting, a brilliant story about Hannah's granddad, and several bodily functions. Amy and Becky learn that giving birth is metal AF, second to which Becky learns what an episiotomy is. Finally, we get a gift! We never get gifts, and after this one we might not ask for another... Find us on social media on @andthenwhatpod, and email us at...


Touch The Poop

This week's episode has five stories that probably couldn't be more different. Becky starts us off with a thank you letter from a little old lady who has more to her than meets the eye. Then Amy talks through two women who had a "romantic, non-sexual friendship" but were quite probably queer AF. Becky's second story is a sorry tale of lost children, Satan's abused wife, and shady washerwomen, and Amy follows it with a story she wrote about a monster who has every accent in the UK apart from...


Hold Onto Your Pants

And we're back with another podcast crossover! This time with one one half of The Naughty Step podcast, Robyn Wilder! The stories take a decidedly creepy tone this week with unexplained mysteries and an horrific folktale, taking us to the far reaches of Italy... and Sneyd Park. We also take a massive tonal shift into Richard Nixon's attempt to introduce a universal income - spoiler: doesn't happen. Hold onto your pants, prepare for your ovaries to explode, and settle in for another episode...


Praise Jesus, Ride Horses, Have A Good Time

This is simultaneously a very short and very long episode, courtesy of us only doing three stories but Amy's being an absolute whopper. We start with another poem from Becky's Poppa, this one all about booze! Then Amy tells us the story of Dennis Nilsen, aka the Muswell Hill Murderer, which is as sad as it is horrifying. So to lighten the mood, Becky ends on a story from Reddit about a guy who tried to impress a girl and ended up violently – nay, performatively – shitting himself. It's a...



This episode contains not one but *two* weird-ass folk tales! One will teach you how to deal with a pesky mountain troll and one will teach you how NOT to deal with a woman who has spurned your advances (TL;dr – if you have to bribe them with magic toys which sing Britney Spears songs in order to make them kiss you, you're doing it wrong). We also share the tale of two incredible little kids, one who wrangles work experience at the Washington Post and one who runs off to Bali when he gets...