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3x30 What is Red and Dead All Over?

The crew visits a dangerous old timey saloon to discuss Red Dead Redemption 2, and the Western genre. In this episode: Red Dead Redemption 2, Logan, Gran Torino, Magnificent 7, Maverick, Wild Wild West...and some rough characters.


3x29 After all, Isn't Murder What Halloween Is All About?

A series of murders have happened on board the ship, and the members of the crew are showing their typical level of concern: practically none. In this episode, the classic Halloween and the 2018 sequel, other classic slasher films including Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, Silent Hill, Get Out and A Quiet Place. Also featured, another Choose Your Own Adventure story!


3x28 Tales From the Ship's Crypts

The crew is getting ready for a back to back viewing marathon of the classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, and they discuss the spookiest things they enjoyed when they were all wee little ones. In this episode: Goosebumps, Hocus Pocus, Are you Afraid of the Dark, Tales from the Crypt and a few surprises.


3x27 Venom and Eddie: Just a Couple'a Losers

Nathan is strangely absent from the ship, and the rest of the crew are poring over his weird diaries for the entertainment value. Meanwhile, the Drake is having unexplained mechanical errors...In this episode: Discussion of Symbiotes from Marvel comics and the Venom movie! Roughly the first half of the episode is spoiler free - although there's really only one reveal in the movie anyway.


3x26 Life Always Comes up With a Solution

Nathan and Caine have been playing god on an unsuspecting group of onboard creatures. Their first attempts have not gone well, but they are anything but quitters. In this episode: the Jurassic Park original movies, the newer sequels up to Fallen Kingdom, the original book and a discussion on the sexiest movie scientists. Stay tuned for a "guess the dinosaur" game!


3x25 Trekkies Tribble Trouble

Nathan wants to get into Star Trek , but he's intimidated by the franchise and doesn't know where to start. Fortunately for him, Caine and Isaac have tons of disagreements about the topic. In this episode: Star Trek films and T.V. shows, why Star Trek is better than Star Wars and the crew designs their dream SPACE TEAMS.


3x24 Life hacks

Nathan is playing the all time classic mario bros games, which sparks a conversation about all things Nintendo. When the crew meets a strange obstacle course in space, Caine revives an ancient piece of technology. In this episode: Nintendo games, Mario bros/kart/party, Animal Crossing, etc and the Game Genie.


3x23 The All New Adventures of Action Caine! Special Edition!

Snikt! Blamow! Et cetera! The crew stumble upon Nathan illustrating a comic book featuring a familiar face, and Malik, Caine, Zarxos and Isaac have no intention of being generous critics. In this episode graphic novels and comic books: Watchmen, Sandman, Scott Pilgrim, Strong Female Protagonist, Age of Apocalypse and Old Man Logan!


3x23 The All New Adventures of Action Caine!

Snikt! Blamow! Etcetera! Nathan has drawn and authored a comic book about a familiar face, and Zarxos, Malik and Isaac have no intention of being generous critics. In this episode: The Chilling Tales of Sabrina, X-men Age of Apocalypse, Sandman, and the Scott Pilgrim series!


3x22 Nick&Dan&Nathan&Caine&Malik&Isaac

CROSSOVER EPISODE! In a fluorescent room at the edge of the galaxy, two men from the 21st century emerge from cryogenic stasis and take stock of their surroundings at the legendary but abandoned Extinction Depot. Just as they begin thawing out, a space vessel named The Drake arrives. In this episode: Extinction events, The Last Man on Earth, Jurassic Park, Tardigrades, and a very special part of Vince Vaughn. A huge thank you to the UnPanderers for the crossover! Check them out on their...


3x21 A Robot in Footie Pajamas

The crew members of the Drake, sans Malik, gather together in the den to watch their favorite Saturday morning cartoons. An argument breaks out immediately. In this episode: Swat Kats, Transformers, X-men the Animated Series, Street Sharks and many more!


3x20 Wrenched Through Space...and Videogames

Caine thinks it's a good idea for the crew to colonize a planet due to the incredible number of life threatening problems the ship is always facing. In order to prepare themselves, the gang discusses which space video games are most suitable to practice being space pioneers. Kind of. In this episode: Alien: Isolation, Prey, Ratchet and Clank, Surviving Mars, Star Citizen, Eve, etc! Sounds used in this episode:


3x19 Ohhhh My Clementine

We want to take a moment, officially, to apologize to all of your ears. None of us can sing, but that did not stop us from trying in this episode about musical episodes. Discussed in this episode: Raising Hope, Scrubs, Futurama, The Simpsons, and Buffy's "dancing demon". Maybe play this one on a lower volume than normal!


3x18 Malkovich Malkovich

It's time for the crew's Triannual "Weird off"! Each member of the crew takes a turn sugggesting the weirdest thing they have seen (movie, anime, game etc.) and tries to outstrange the other three. Discussed in this episode: FLCL, Being John Malkovich, John Dies at the End and Adventure Time. We have a host of honorable mentions: The Lobster, Earthworm Jim, Psychonauts, Pan's Labyrinth, Heavy Metal, The Amigara fault...give us suggestions if you think you can outweird the crew and I'll make...


3x17 Hell is a Blustery Place

The Drake has entered a hellish nightmare quadrant that has caused discomfort for the crew. Discussed in the episode: depictions of heaven and hell in movies - spoilers for What Dreams May Come, Constantine and Wristcutters. Technically a spoiler for All Dogs Go To Heaven as well but that spoiler is kind of in the title so dont blame that one on us.


3x16 Rise of the Dawn of the Battle for the Conquest of the Drake

Listen, we don't know everything about Planet of the Apes. We definitely made a few mistakes in the timeline of the original movies. That being said we're all hilarious monkey experts. In this episode: the crew has been waging a vicious battle for control of the ship after a mysterious event caused a rift in their friendships. The crew ends up talking about The Planet of the Apes movies, which ones are good, which ones are gooder (there aren't bad monkey movies) and work on speaking the...


3x15 The Zoregon Trail

Malik, Nathan and Isaac are travelling down the infamous "Zoregon Trail", a stretch of space connecting two star systems that is impassable by warp or hyper drives and must be flown through painstakingly slowly. To pass the time, they discuss sim and management games - Rollercoaster Tycoon, Prison Architect, Tropico and The Oregon Trail and fight for their lives in another Choose Your Own Adventure scenario!


3x14 Video Game Movies Are Terrible

Video games are good. Movies are good. Together, they are worse than a shot consisting of mayonnaise and bottom shelf vodka (a drink Nathan invented). The crew discuss the movies Jumanji, Ready Player One and a few others while examining the concept of video game adaptations in movies and TV.


3x13 GateCreeping

The computer has been bullying our heroes - and Isaac calls a secret meeting to see what can be done about it. Discussed in this episode - nerd bullying, gatekeeping and toxic fan cultures.


3x12 You Aint Nothin but a Hocrux

Malik has collected the human passengers of the ship (and Caine) for the worst possible reason - she wants to talk about her recent dream. Discussed in this episode: the concept of totems from the movie Inception, horcruxes, Voldemorts bad decision making, and the idea of comparing Inception and The Matrix movies (The Matrices?)