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Two guys with an opinion on almost everything, but not always based on facts.

Two guys with an opinion on almost everything, but not always based on facts.
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Two guys with an opinion on almost everything, but not always based on facts.






Media bias and Advertisements

This week’s episode takes a look at the influence “The Media” has on our society. How has this changed our culture and is this a new phenomenon birthed by the 24 hr. news cycle? Is the world changing or do we just know more sooner? Is fake news real? The conversation evolves and we take aim at advertisers and how they manipulate the media and culture. #media #fakenews #podernfamily #podcast #Advertisment #culture #society #cablenews #news spotify: Itunes:...


Life without parole - Assisted suicide for inmates

Should inmates sentenced to life without parole be allowed to utilize assisted suicide instead of serving out their sentence? This week Jay and Jeff try their best to think out all the pitfalls and benefits to this question. Take a listen and let them know your thoughts. spotify: Itunes:


Weight loss vs. Quitting smoking (tobacco) - Which is easier?

Is losing weight easier than giving up smoking? Being overweight and smoking are both damaging to our health. But, what is easier to do? Jay and Jeff discuss their Experiences and weigh out the facts as only they can. Join in on the conversation on Facebook, email or Twitter. Links below. @arguablyC - twitter spotify: Itunes:



This week Jay and Jeff go over the ins and outs of Prostitution. What has been called the world’s oldest profession has also been demonized for just as long. Why would something so natural and needed, be so wrong? In today’s world of safe sex and contraception; Why are so many people against it? #podernfamily #sex #prostitution #sexworkers #podcast #podcasting spotify: Itunes:


Red Light Cameras Stink!

Did that stop light just take a selfie with me? This week Jay and Jeff talk about the very controversial Red light cameras! Will Jay yield to Jeff’s arguments? Will Jay convince Jeff Red Light cameras are nothing but a money grab? Check out this week’s episode of Arguably Correct. We can be found on Spotify, ITunes or anywhere you find your podcasts. spotify: Itunes: Email: Youtube:...


Tipping is dumb, but Americans can't get enough

This week Jay and Jeff explore the great art of Tipping! Not the Cow kind, that would be a lot more fun! Have you ever wondered why some parts of the world tip and some don't? Who should you tip and how much? If you have ever been out to dinner in the United States with a group of people, you will no doubt have experienced the awkward tipping conversations. Let's check out what the guys have to say about this lovely social oddity. Now... Where's my...


State of the Podcast March 2019

This week Jay and Jeff give the "STATE OF THE PODCAST"! Jay and Jeff discus where the podcast is going and where it has been. They give a little clue into who they are as people. This is a really good look at the hosts and what makes them tick. Find out why they started this in the first place. It all started with a tree. Confused? Give it a listen and the rest will be history. Thank you for subscribing and please check back every Monday for new episodes! Find us wherever you get your...


Charities - Should you dontate to them?

This week Jay and Jeff discus Charities. Non all charities are the same. Should the people running a charity be making 7 figures while only 10% of the donated funds are actually fulfilling the mission of the charity? Did you know there are ways to make the stores you already shop at give money to your favorite charity? Is donating your time as valuable or more than giving money? All this and more on this week’s Arguably Correct. Remember, we may not always be right, but we are always...


Episode Preview - Charities - Should you give to them?

This upcoming episode we talk about Charities and if they are worth your time and money. Be sure to check it out Monday 3-25-19 at noon wherever you find your podcasts or direct in the link below. #podernfamily #podcast #charities


What's the deal with Saint Patrick's day?

Jay and Jeff explore the roots of Saint Patrick's day. They explore some of the traditions and false narratives that come along with this holiday. Is it cultural appropriation? Why the color green? Were there really snakes in Ireland? Also, Jeff explains what being Irish means to him.


Music - When does your preference for music solidify?

Is there an age where you are more likely to engage in new music? When does your preference in music solidify? Is there associations between musical preference and personality? This week on Arguably Correct, Jay and Jeff dive into one of their favorite subjects, music! Come join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter or email us! @arguablyc on Twitter Show material...


Should you believe in Ghosts?

Ghosts, should you believe in them? How much of the world believes in ghosts? Is there any science behind it? This week Jay and Jeff share their stories and go over some of the facts. Like always, we may not be right, but we are always Arguably Correct! Find us on: Spotify, Itunes, Sticher, Google Podcast or where ever you get your podcasts. Email us: Facebook: Arguably Correct Twitter: @ArguablyC


Shower Thoughts

Do you have those pesky random thoughts/ questions? The boys at Arguably Correct always do. Just a few things the boys talk about today. Do you still anticipate the the skips and hisses from the old records and cds? Why do people stare down the street / tracks waiting for the bus or train? Should bands cover iconic songs? What are Jay and Jeff's house rules? Be sure to subscribe! Send us an email at or tweet us @arguablyc or find us on Facebook.


NFL - Our take on the NFL before the Superbowl

Jay and Jeff get together for the big game. Did you know that NFL spreads it's profits across every NFL team? How can the NFL reduce the amount of injuries? These subjects and as always our opinions on everything else in between.


Home remedies - Do they work

Home remedies are all over the place. From Facebook to Pinterest, daily we are all exposed to the latest and greatest cure all’s! Have leg cramps? Put a bar of soap under your sheets! Have a cold? Drink Vicks vapor rub! Does this sound crazy to you? Listen to us discuss our favorite ones and see if there is anything behind it. It's surly an entertaining episode and it’s always Arguably Correct!


Are Zoos ethical and Jays horoscope

This week the guys dive into the question "Are Zoos ethical". Also, Jeff reads Jay his horoscope to see if he can pick out his Sign... They both give their opinions on the bit. What do you think the results will be? Check it out on this weeks episode! Be sure to subscribe! Send email to:


Assisted Sucide - Should it be legal?

This week the guys discuss Assisted Suicide and human euthanasia. Don’t worry, while this subject matter is controversial, Jay and Jeff are able to keep it light with a little humor. So, sit back and put on a pot of tea and join the conversation. Contact Arguably Correct: @arcguablyC – Twitter


Should dogs live longer?

Should dogs live longer? What would be some social consequences if dogs could live 30 years? Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United states. Their lives are fairly short compared with their humans. Anyone who has had the pleasure of having a loving family pet would likely say that they would have loved to have more time with their pet. However, if dogs lived 30 years, would there be more abuse and abandonment? Baring physical issues with such longevity, what other unforeseen...


Dui Laws, crime vs. punishment and speeding

Today we explore the fairness of DUI laws in the United States. Does the threat of consequence detour crime? How much time do you really save by speeding and is it worth it? Listen to the guy’s debate these and more subjects in today’s episode. You can find us where ever you get your podcasts or use the links below for ITunes and Spotify: Please drop by the FB page...


The cost difference between adoption and abortion and its social impact.

This week Jeff and Jay talk about abortion vs adoption and some social aspects involved. The first broadcast we streamed live on twitch.Jeff reads Jay horoscopes to see if he guess which is his.