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America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....

America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....
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America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....




Ep 69 A VERY SEXY Halloween Show

Week 3 of our Month of Horror and it just so happens to fall on episode 69! So as you would expect with 3 30-something males, we make good to highlight the fact that this IS epsiode 69 and all that number encompasses. We get a lil political, we get a little offensive, we get a little kinky, but we also bring A LOT of funny. What sexy Halloween stuff do we delve in to? Well you'll just have to listen to find out. Shout out to special guest Elvira....maybe.



Well if you're a sports fan you'll love this BONUS episode of Art and Jacob Do America. This episode was recorded the morning after the UFC 229. Khabib Vs Mcgregor. What started out as a CLASSIC card ended in what i'm sure you all saw on the news in a massive brawl in the stands and in the octogon after Khabib submitted Mcgregor. This is where i think we are at our best just 3 dudes talkin' shop on a sunday morning. ENJOY


Ep 68 Josef Mengele THE ANGEL OF DEATH

Ghost Stories. CHECK. Monsters. CHECK. Serial Killers. CHECK. Mad Doctors...CH-CH-CH-CH CHEEECK! WHo gives ya the Halloween Love baby!? Art and Jacob Do America...That's who! This week we talk about the mad not DR E.B. Castillo....But Dr. Josef Mengele AKA The Angel of Death. Menegle for those who don't LOVE Slayer, was a Nazi doctor who performed crazy human experiments at Auschwitz during WW2. We cover all the HEINOUS things that happened here as well as what ended up...


Episode 67 Halloween Story Time 2k18

Gooood eveeeening (or morning..or afternoon...or whenever you're downloading this...) Today is Offically OCTOBER 1st!!! This means we kick off our annual MONTH OF HORROR all throughout October. For all the thousands of new listeners out there....This means each week we'll be covering a SPOOKY/SCARY/CREEPY/CRAWLY subject (with our usual humor of corse) all month long! Up first....Story time with ya boys! Each one of us brought a different creepy story to kick off the halloween season...


Episode 66 The Moon Landing (?)

One small podcast for man...ONE GIANT topic for mankind. The moon landing, or is it the "moon landing" ? THis week we duke it out over the possibility of the U.S. landing on the moon or not. SPOILER ALERT Art doesn't think we did...Jacob thinks we did....and Eric?...Well, he just drinks beer. Also we get another care package in the mail and open it live on AIR (Facebook live @artandjacobdoamerica) . This time we got fan mail from Mike Peacock from "On the Edge" podcast. Check out his Show...


Episode 65 West Boro Baptist Church...and other religious stuff

Ok so remember last week when i said "Any mature person will tell you not to talk politics or religion"? Then we proceeded to talk about politics. Well We kind of fully kill that saying off completely this week by discussing religion. Our main focus this week is on the West Boro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. This lovely church believes their sect is the only church going to heaven and that everyone else is burnin' in hell (queue Kane's theme music here). If that wasn't enough for them ,...


Episode 64 PROTESTS; Nike, In-N-Out, and Antifa. JUST DO IT.

The first thing any mature person says is : "Never talk politics or relgion" Well your favorite 2 and half Meixcans took half of that advise here. So no religious talk! Buuuut we do get political. So forewarning. If you lean Right you might hear some stuff you may not like, but if you lean left you may be suprised by what have to say about the Nike situation with Colin Kap being the face of the "Just Do It" campaign. Suprised on what we have to say about California Democrats calling for a...


Episode 63 Chris Benoit Double Murder Suicide

Like Aaron Lewis once said in a very horrible's beeen a while...a while since we've mentioned the world pro wrestling. HOWEVER just because our topic this week is about a specific wrestler, it doesn't mean this won't be an episode an episode for YOU. This is more or less a "True Crime" episode. SO with that said. We talk about pro wrestler CHRIS BENOIT ( Spelling= BEN-wah) . Unfortunately, over a 3 day period, Chris took the lives of his wife, his 7 year old son, then finally...


Episode 62 Qanon- A Donald Trump Conspiracy

............((Silence)).........((more silence)).....YOU HEAR THAT!!?? That's the silence before the storm....of JOKES. Jokes about this cooky conspiracy that is!! This week we delve into the latest and greatest political conspiracy Q-Anon. What in the Sam Hell is Q-Anon you might ask...well listen to the episode and you'll find out ya GLOBALIST SWINE!! BUUUT if you must know , in a nut shell it's a Conspiracy about Donald Damian Trump and his adminstrations war against the Deep State and...


Episode 61 Summer Movies 2k18: A Review Feat Ben Jammin

Ah Summer... hot dogs, short shorts, sandles, freshly cut grass, sweaty nether regions, and BIG! BLOCKBUSTER!! MOVIES!!! Here's our 2nd annual review of all the big movies that came out this summer! We welcome back Benjamin Aguilar again (4th or 5th appearance overall....damn this is Tom Hanks on SNL status now) to give us his opinions as well on all the flicks Hollywood pumped out this season. We discuss everything from Avengers Infinity War-Uncle Drew so pop some popcorn sip some soda and...


Episode 60 The Philadelphia Experiement and other Jibberish

It's that magical time of the week where we bombard your timeline feeds with our podcast link!!! This week we discuss "The Philadelphia Experiement" what is this you say??? well listen to us and you'll find out!!! Maybe? We also get into other things as well but 100% guarantee you'll be laughing your asses off! stay tuned !



well well well well well.....we did it again ya'll. We Recording TWO EPISODES IN ON WEEK. On this BONUS episode we were literally sitting around talking about getting Taco Bell when the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES freaking hate tweats Lebron James. Now all 3 of us are no Lebron James fans (as a basketball player) but we were able to record our live reactions to this tweat. Also we get back to our roots and get a lil political here. RIght wingers beware lol ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DR>...


Episode 59 The Denver Airport -The Conspiracy HUB

::DING:: attention all listners we ask at this time that you fasten your seatbelts and please wait til the end of the show before you stop listening. On thiiiiiis weeks episode we talk about the place that is CONSPIRACY-LANDIA!!! The Denver Airport. Freemasons? CHECK! THe SUPER ELITE? CHECK!! Lizard People? CHECK!!! Underground alien tunnels????CHECK!!! Underground post apocalypitc bunkers for the super power and rich??? CHECK!!!!! Also creepy paintings about nazi's , Swastika Run ways, and...


Episdoe 58.5 BONUS EPISODE NBA Offseason 2k18

WTF 2 EPISODE IN ONE WEEK!?? Well we aim to please here on the ol AAJDA Podcast.....not really we just had some extra time and in between talking about our Main topic for the week ( BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE) and recording it's intro...we got on the subject of NBA Basketball. WE haven't talked on record about sports in some time and we kind of were on a roll. We talk about the Lakers getting Lebron James and every other player over 33 in free agency. THe Spurs' drama with Kwai Leonard and his...


Episode 58 Black Knight Satellite ...and other stuff

beep beep beep dot dash dash dot splat BURRRRP....morris code? radio transmission? thermo nuclear radiation? Or ERic's belly after a 7 layer burrito from a future sponsor?? YOU BE THE JUDGE. But on this episode we judge whether or not this dark thingamabopper up in earth's orbit is really an alien ship/spy satellite thats been communication with us and looking at our naughty bits for the last 13k years.....or it's just a bunhc of space crud the New Jersey Dump. Tell yo mama's and yo boo...


Episdoe 57 Scientology

Hello...plese come in for your free personality test.'s not like that we swearrrrr. THis is just to see how flexible your sense of humor is...we're not trying to sucker you into some kind of "self help" corses , extort you for money, and then tell you the world was created by some 1950's alien who a bombed a bunch of vocanoes with souls stuck in them and now those souls infect our souls and you have to hold these 2 tomatoe cans to get relief, and oh yeah pay us more money so we...


Episode 56 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

Welcome to the show....once again the bad boys of the podcast game are back with some more COOKY conspiracies. This time we go to Tinsle Town and disucess mysterious Celebrity Deaths. DID THESE CELEBS REEEEEAAALLLY Die the history books/tabloids told you they did???? we don't know but we'll tell yuh's all about it. Sit tight and listen with us though! This epsiode was brought to you by Belching Beaver and Firestone Brews as well as Bang Energy ....git sum! Also please make sure you go...


Episode 55 Black Eyed Children

So sorry everyone for the late release Anywhooooot here's episode 55! This week we discuss the Urban Legend that is The Black Eyed Children....No not the Black Eyed Peas....but i'm sure you'll hear some clever ass tune from them here too as well. So with that said are black eyed children demonic entities? Vampires? Agents of the Men in Black??? Well listen and we'll shall tell ya what exactly they are. As always get at us on Facebook and Instagram @artandjacobdoamerica...


Episode 54 Slender Man

One second ya'll i need to put some pants on... ok i'm SET! WELCOME TO EPISODE 54! This week's topic is the internet boogie man ..........(ok imagine a drum roll by Neal Pert) ....SLENDER MAN! Although im not sure why he's so slender...his orgin in on a site called creepy pasta....pasta =carbs and if i SO MUCH AS LOOOOK at a carb it goes RIGHT TO mAh HIPS! man some girls have all the luck....anywho if you want to laugh, cry, be in feat for bit join us for another EXCITING edition of Art and...


Episode 53 Valiant Thor ( XXX Files VOL4)

OFF THE TOP THIS EPISODE IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF VINNIE PAUL. DRUMMER OF PANTERA,DAMAGE PLAN, REBEL MEETS REBEL, AND HELL YEAH. HIS MUSIC MORE THAN HELPED SHAPED THIS PODCAST AND FOR THAT WE SAY: THANK YOU! With that said this episode's topic will be about Val Valiant THor. An alien who may or may not have walked amongst us and met with President Ike and Vice prez and future Prez...tricky Dick Nixon. Val came to inform us about how the world could live in peace, cure all sickness,...