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America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....

America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....
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America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....




Episode 60 The Philadelphia Experiement and other Jibberish

It’s that magical time of the week where we bombard your timeline feeds with our podcast link!!! This week we discuss “The Philadelphia Experiement” what is this you say??? well listen to us and you’ll find out!!! Maybe? We also get into other things as well but 100% guarantee you’ll be laughing your asses off! stay tuned !



well well well well well…..we did it again ya’ll. We Recording TWO EPISODES IN ON WEEK. On this BONUS episode we were literally sitting around talking about getting Taco Bell when the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES freaking hate tweats Lebron James. Now all 3 of us are no Lebron James fans (as a basketball player) but we were able to record our live reactions to this tweat. Also we get back to our roots and get a lil political here. RIght wingers beware lol ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DR>...


Episode 59 The Denver Airport -The Conspiracy HUB

::DING:: attention all listners we ask at this time that you fasten your seatbelts and please wait til the end of the show before you stop listening. On thiiiiiis weeks episode we talk about the place that is CONSPIRACY-LANDIA!!! The Denver Airport. Freemasons? CHECK! THe SUPER ELITE? CHECK!! Lizard People? CHECK!!! Underground alien tunnels????CHECK!!! Underground post apocalypitc bunkers for the super power and rich??? CHECK!!!!! Also creepy paintings about nazi’s , Swastika Run ways,...


Episdoe 58.5 BONUS EPISODE NBA Offseason 2k18

WTF 2 EPISODE IN ONE WEEK!?? Well we aim to please here on the ol AAJDA Podcast…..not really we just had some extra time and in between talking about our Main topic for the week ( BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE) and recording it’s intro…we got on the subject of NBA Basketball. WE haven’t talked on record about sports in some time and we kind of were on a roll. We talk about the Lakers getting Lebron James and every other player over 33 in free agency. THe Spurs’ drama with Kwai Leonard and his...


Episode 58 Black Knight Satellite …and other stuff

beep beep beep dot dash dash dot splat BURRRRP….morris code? radio transmission? thermo nuclear radiation? Or ERic’s belly after a 7 layer burrito from a future sponsor?? YOU BE THE JUDGE. But on this episode we judge whether or not this dark thingamabopper up in earth’s orbit is really an alien ship/spy satellite thats been communication with us and looking at our naughty bits for the last 13k years…..or it’s just a bunhc of space crud the New Jersey Dump. Tell yo mama’s and yo boo...


Episdoe 57 Scientology

Hello…plese come in for your free personality test. WAIT….it’s not like that we swearrrrr. THis is just to see how flexible your sense of humor is…we’re not trying to sucker you into some kind of “self help” corses , extort you for money, and then tell you the world was created by some 1950’s alien who a bombed a bunch of vocanoes with souls stuck in them and now those souls infect our souls and you have to hold these 2 tomatoe cans to get relief, and oh yeah pay us more money so we can...


Episode 56 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

Welcome to the show….once again the bad boys of the podcast game are back with some more COOKY conspiracies. This time we go to Tinsle Town and disucess mysterious Celebrity Deaths. DID THESE CELEBS REEEEEAAALLLY Die the history books/tabloids told you they did???? we don’t know but we’ll tell yuh’s all about it. Sit tight and listen with us though! This epsiode was brought to you by Belching Beaver and Firestone Brews as well as Bang Energy ….git sum! Also please make sure you go to...


Episode 55 Black Eyed Children

So sorry everyone for the late release but…….technology. Anywhooooot here’s episode 55! This week we discuss the Urban Legend that is The Black Eyed Children….No not the Black Eyed Peas….but i’m sure you’ll hear some clever ass tune from them here too as well. So with that said are black eyed children demonic entities? Vampires? Agents of the Men in Black??? Well listen and we’ll shall tell ya what exactly they are. As always get at us on Facebook and Instagram @artandjacobdoamerica and...


Episode 54 Slender Man

One second ya’ll i need to put some pants on… ok i’m SET! WELCOME TO EPISODE 54! This week’s topic is the internet boogie man ……….(ok imagine a drum roll by Neal Pert) ….SLENDER MAN! Although im not sure why he’s so slender…his orgin in on a site called creepy pasta….pasta =carbs and if i SO MUCH AS LOOOOK at a carb it goes RIGHT TO mAh HIPS! man some girls have all the luck….anywho if you want to laugh, cry, be in feat for bit join us for another EXCITING edition of Art and Jacob Do...


Episode 53 Valiant Thor ( XXX Files VOL4)

OFF THE TOP THIS EPISODE IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF VINNIE PAUL. DRUMMER OF PANTERA,DAMAGE PLAN, REBEL MEETS REBEL, AND HELL YEAH. HIS MUSIC MORE THAN HELPED SHAPED THIS PODCAST AND FOR THAT WE SAY: THANK YOU! With that said this episode’s topic will be about Val Valiant THor. An alien who may or may not have walked amongst us and met with President Ike and Vice prez and future Prez…tricky Dick Nixon. Val came to inform us about how the world could live in peace, cure all sickness,...


Episode 52 First Year Anniversary!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO USSSSSSS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOO USSSSS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ART AND JACOB DO AMERICA FEAT ERIC B CASTILLO SENIOOOOORRRRRRRRRRR HAAAAAAPY BRITHDAY TO US!!!!!! now if you sang that song in the traditional happy birthday melody then you owe someone some money somwhere for copy right infringement….speaking of copy right infringing…this episode marks one year since we started this podcast ! This episode we take all of your Q and A’s ! Sit back relax...


Episode 51 Drunken Alien Abductions (XXX Files VOL ) feat Jesus Fuentes

Now throw your hands in the Ay-err…and let the bueatiful celetial beings that want to probe and study you take you away!! By beautiful celetial beings…we mean ART, JACOB, ERIC…especially ERIC. and the Tom Hanks of this podcast ……..JESUS FUENTES! This episode the bad boys of Bakersfield Drink some fine brews, get intoxicated and tell tales of real life Alien Abductions. Fun was held by all. So join us…the truth is out there. Speaking of joining us… go to the Facebook page at...


Episode 50 Part 2 ALL TIME TOP ALBUMS

Guess who’s back….Back again….art/jacob/eric’s back….Tell a friend.. guess whos back guess whos back guess who’s badadadadadadadadada…or however that eminiem song goes. Does Eminem make our lists.? I don’t know maybe you’ll have to listen to find out. DOES ART ALMOST DIE AGAIN??? again you’ll have to just listen to find out.!!! however we do Facebook live this show again , so we HIGHLY advise you to check out the Facebook Page at @artandjacobdoamerica and check us out , we cute. we funny....


Episode 49 All time TOP Albums Part 1

AAaaaaaaaaannnnnd IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeIIIIIII will always looooooooooove …these albums!! Episode 49 our all time top albums PART 1. Part 1 becuase we kind of didn’t plan this episdoe to be THIS long so we review our top albums, numbers 20-6 this week. Then next week we will go over our top 5. ALSO on this episode ARTURO ALMOST DIES! That’s right everyone …and that’s no joke we almost catch a rea life death on the podcast! BUT DON”T WORRY He SURVIVES! spoiler alert. anyways,...


Episode 48 The Hell’s Angels

VROOOoooOOm Vroooom Vroooooooom ! That was a motorcycle reving if you could tell! WELCOME TO EPISODE 48 everyone! This week we discuss the notorious motorcylce club (NOT GANG) ….THE HELLS ANGELS. Band of Brothers? Outlaws? Crooks? or just misunderstood sweetie pies?? who knows…well we know… so listen to this week’s episode and let us know how we are doing. You can do that byyyyyyyyyy GOING TO ITUNES AND LEAVING US A RATING (PREFERABLY 5 STARS) AND SUBSCRIBING TO OUR SHOW ! That way every...


Episode 47 37th Parallel: The UFO Super Highway (XXX FIles Vol 2)

Bienvenitos! Fasten your seat belts because it’s time to get on back on the mother ship! We finally get back to aliens (kinda) on this episode as we touch on a topic that has come up a lot throught the history of this Podcast. We first mentioned this on Episode 4 (Conspiracy Theories), Episode 8 (Triple X Files) and other episodes like Bigfoot, Aokigahara, and anything else you can tell Art had a hand in picking the topic. The 37th Parrallel is basically the 37 Longitute line (look on a...


Episode 46 The Heaven’s Gate Cult

Greetings earthings, this week we enter in, with our mortal vehicles, the cult that is ….THE HEAVEN”S GATE. Perhaps one of the most interesting cults of all time as they’re not like most cults…listen to see why. Also there’s a bunch of UFO’s, Castration, Applesauce, MASS SUICIDE, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NIKES!!!. So fasten your seat belts as we take a trip on a comet ! Shout out to Matt Hardy for being so Broken/Woken. Also a big shout out to you the listeners. Merch is coming very...


Episdoe 45 Chupacabra/Cinco De Mayo Shenanigans

Feliz Cumpleanos to Arturo Trejo, May the 4th be with you, and Happy Cinco De Mayo. We celebrate all that on this episode as well asloosely discussing the CHUPACABRA. We also drink Tequila and Bud Light to get the juices flowing. HOPE you DON”T unsubscribe! But never the less EnJOY PS shout out to Sarah Mcglocklin (spelling) and whoever made that damn chupacabra song on youtube. que funny! PPS subscribe to our show and leave us some love on whatever thingy you listen to us on MERCH...


Episode 44 Bohemian Grove

HERE YEE!! HERE YEE!! Gather ’round for a brand new periodical audio episode of the Arturo and Jacobo Insert into AMerica podcast (Feat Ph.D. E B. Castillo) Ok enough witht he pomp and circumstance! This week we dive into one of the most NOTORIOUS secret Societies… THE BOHEMIAN CLUB A LA THE BOHEMIAN GROVE. This exclusive club is a place where a bunch of old republican white dudes gather around in the middle of the woods to plot world domination, piss on everything, annnnd…drink milk...


Episode 43 The Dark Web

Salutations valued listners, hackers, and governments spies….This episode we roll our sleeves up a little and cover the scariest topic we’ve ever done…THE DARK WEB. Have you ever seen an ELI ROTH movie and ever thought to yourself…”how over the top!” Welllll crap happens like that in the dark and deep web. Warning i wouldn’t listen to this at night and i’d probably wouldn’t let your kids listen to this episode (or any of episodes really, but ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!) ! anywho Let us know what...