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America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....

America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....
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America! A comedic view of this great nation through the eyes of 1 and a half Mexican Americans. Never ending road trip conversations between two friends who touch on a wide array of topics from Politics, Sports, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and bathroom jokes....




Episode 43 The Dark Web

Salutations valued listners, hackers, and governments spies….This episode we roll our sleeves up a little and cover the scariest topic we’ve ever done…THE DARK WEB. Have you ever seen an ELI ROTH movie and ever thought to yourself…”how over the top!” Welllll crap happens like that in the dark and deep web. Warning i wouldn’t listen to this at night and i’d probably wouldn’t let your kids listen to this episode (or any of episodes really, but ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!) ! anywho Let us know what...


Episode 42 Dark Disney Urban Legends

Who’s the leader of the club who’s made for you and me….M-i-c….ah you know the song you know the ears you know the cartoons that shaped your childhood, puberty, and for many your man baby adult life. Disey! it’s the biggest entertainment that ever was. We take a look back at their not-so-squeaky clean image, ghost stories, and wild urban legedns. HEY WE GOT A NEW LOGO!!! YES, we became a bit more official . out with the MS paint logo of just Art and Jacob being crude. IN a slick new...


Episode 41 Wrasslemania VOL 2 (Wrestlemania 34 episode)

LET ME TO YA SOMETHIN BROTHERRRRSSS (AND BROTHER-ETTES)!!!! I hope y’all said your prayers and ate ALLL the vitamins, because this week we cover the big event. That’s right, Wrestlemania 34 …for those of you who don’t watch wrasslin like Art….STILL listen to this episode because it is truely and utterly a JEWEL of an episode. One of the top 3 funniest episodes we’ve probably ever done ( and there’s 41 of them) We look at the whole weekend of festivities as well as the main card. BUT...


Episode 40 9/11 Conspiracies

Well no…. this is going to get awkward….OR IS IT?? This show’s been a long time coming. We initially meant for this to be one of our earlier episodes….but we kinda started this show around September-ish and we didn’t think it would be appropirate to drop it around then. THANK GOD WE DIDN’T, because we’ve gotten better and better and this episode was done just about right. Too bad we lost our notes for this show…womp womp! but STILL this show is full of great discussions about 9/11. We...


Episode 39 The Mandela Effect

Cheerio ! Top of the mornin’ and que tal perros! Welcome to episode 39. On this magical mystery tour we welcome back permanantly , Eric Castillo. That’s Right Art and Jacob Do America just became Art and Jacob Do America ….featuring Professor Eric Castillo. He KNOWS the secret of the OOZ and he’s a 3rd degree Black Belt in Bakersfield BraSilia Ju Jitzu. Qualified AF. with that said everything as far as media goes still bares the same name…for now. But with that said episode 39 ….we talk...


Episode 38 Drunken St Patty’s Day Special

oleeeeeeee, ole ole ole, oleeeeeeee, oleeeee, oleeeeee! Welcome to epsidoe 38 lasses and ladymen! This weeks episode we celebrate the Feast day that is St. Patrick’s day. We observe the Catholic Church’s Temporary lifting of lent by getting down buffett style on some Taco Bell and Cosuming every Irish beverage available at the grocery store. We welcome back for the third straight week Eric Castillo . We also welcome back Jesus Fuentes for his third go round. This was an absolute blast to...


Episode 37 Aokigahara The Suicide Forest of Japan

Episode 37 . Aokigahara . The Suicide Forest. Yes, the same forest that darn millenial Logan Paul was in. Yes this is still prodominantly a comedy podcast. No , we don’t get clumsy like him. However, with that said we do talk about a very serious subject here ,afterall this is suicide awareness month. So we go over what the forest is, some conspiracies surrounding it, and try to give any listeners out there suffering from depression a little light in their lives. So with that said we want...


Episode 36 Big Foot feat Eric Castillo

wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it’s the the big (foot) shooooowww. I’d like to think you all just pictured Paul white AKA the Big Show’s music hittting when your read that….but if you didn’t don’t worry that’s the second intro song of this weeks episode , thank you Jim Johnston. This episode we Reunite with an old friend from the orginal East Side Target Electronics days, Eric Castillo. We chop it up over a couple of 6 packs of Temblor Brewing company beer and a jug of some...


Episode 35 Human Trafficing/Mass Disappearances of Women

What’s the happs with the craps? Is that a thing still?…i’ll take that as a yes i guess. Well you know what IS a thing ? Human Trafficing and the mass disappearance of woman in our country. But you’d think that’d get more media coverage than it does….turns out it doesn’t. But don’t worry we’ll tell you all about it what we were able to dig up! Hopefully you learn something but if you don’t at least you’ll find out what we did for Valentines Day and find out how you can help spay and neuter...


Episode 34 My Bloody Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Week everyone. Hope you got someone to cuddle up with ….and if not you can cuddle up with us this week! Get some sushi, drink some coffee, warm up a plate of frozen chimichangas, and listen to us discuss some creepy Love scorned murders. We get into canabalism, the Versace, murders, and some other not so G rated events that occurs due to that funny little thing called love. Shout out to for helping us out with music again this week. But most of all thank you...


Episode 33 FLAT EARTH ?

WHAT’S GUCCI ? I’m sorry , i’m old and just trying to sound cool. Well at least i’m not Alex Jones….oh so with that said this weeks episode is all about Flat Earth!!!! We also discuss Hollow Earth and Reptilian civilizations. We also place a voodoo curse on the New England Patriots as we recorded this right be fore the Super Bowl. Ahhh and yes we already know we have a habbit of jinxing the teams we’re going for so with that said Good luck Brady…BREAK A LEG… with that said HEY we got...


Episode 32 #metoo / #timesup Movemnts

Hello again everyone! Welcome to episode 32! This week we’re going to be talking about the #metoo and #timesup movements. This epsidoe is a long time coming as we wanted to talk about initially when then whole Harvey Weinstein scandal hit back in October. But thankfully we didn’t because as time has gone on more and more people have been exposed or accused of sexual harrassment and abuse. Almost daily a new name has been accused. Whether it’s these acusation are true or not ….we discuss....


Episode 31: Unsolved Mysteries VOL 2

What’s crackalackin Y’all. Tonight you might be able to soooolved a mystery….or at least here us chit chat about a few. This weeks episode we delve into more unsolved mysteries. We also discuess a little bit about the playoff games that were happening earlier in the day. We must have jinxed both teams we were rooting for becasue SPOILER ALERT this year’s superbowl is The Patriots VS The Eagles (boooo). But on the bright side, we did get some new recording equipment! Thanks to Front Porch...


Episode 30: Surviving The Las Vegas Shooting FOLLOW UP feat Jesus Fuentes

Hey what’s going on everybody! We made it to episode 30 and we keep getting bigger…so big we decided to bring on Jesus….Fuentes. But in all honesty we just had to do a follow up to episode 16 where we interviewed Jesus right AFTER he escaped the Las Vegas Shooting during the Route 91 festival. THAT show was by far our biggest show and it only made sense to check back in with him to see how he was doing. Also it helps that UFC and Bellator are putting together 2 massive cards next saturday...


Episode 29 Taxi Cab Confessions: Pigskins and Politics

Welcome back loyal listeners and curious people who clicked on my twitter spam links… On this episode we did something a little different. Usually we shoot the shit for a couple of minutes to warm up before we get into our topic, buuuuut on this episode we kind of shot the shit for over an hour . When it was all said and done we liked this more than the topic at hand so we decided to make it our show for the week. You guys will enjoy it, it’s pretty much conversations like these that...


EPISODE 28: NEW YEARS/TOP ALBUMS OF 2017 feat Greg Hampton

YO YO YO YO YO YOOOOO! WELCOME TO TO EPISODE 28! On this episode we bring in the new year with our dear friend Greg Hampton of the Zenith Passage as we discuss our top 15 (ish) albums of 2017. We also will be donating to Everytime any of us says a naughty word we’ll be donating a $1.00 to!! Cool huh? so to keep us more honest than a ballet in Florida, please hold us accountable to how many cuss words we says during this epiosde. You can go to our facebook...


Episode 27 CHRISTMAS/ TOP MOVIES OF 2017 feat Greg Hampton

Merry Christmas party people. Hope your holiday season is full of joy and cheer and all that hokey shiznit. If not….and you’re bored at a random relatives house or hiding away in your room why don’t you listen to this episode!! This episode we briefly discuss our Christmas plans (and by brief i’m talking extra small sized Hanes on Shaquill O’neal) Then jump into our TOP MOVIES OF 2017!!! We welcome back Greg Hampton, Lead Singer of the Zenith Passage and of “Top Horror movies of All Time”...


Podcast 25 Growing up in the 90’s

Oh Hi everybody, i’m Tommy Wiseau and welcome to great American Podcast! Well not Tommy Wiseau but close…anyhoot, welcome to episode 25! This episode is a little differnt we had a few things go wrong this week, from our special guest getting caught up in the SO. Cal fires, Jacob Getting sick, and Art discover a streaming site that begins with “P” and ends with “Hub” …..oh boy. What we did here is edit together some save audio we had from previous episodes that Jacob cut out due to it not...


Podcast 24 The 2pac and Biggie Murders

Welcome to episode 24! On this episode we explore the backstories of and all the conspiracies of the 2pac and Biggie Murders. as always make sure you like and subscribe to our show on itunes and if you have an android.. just hit us up on face book and we’ll forward you the link for your device!


Podcast 23 Wrasslemania Vol 1 Feat Anthony Ochoa

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls ! Children of alllll ages Art and Jacob proudly present……WRASSLEMANIA Vol 1! This episode we welcome back Anthony Ochoa from “Frank and Mallory Talk SH*T” . We discuss one of our favorite past times…Pro Wrestling…..well Jacob and Anthony’s favorite past time. Art not so much, but we try to convice him ! AND IF YOU’RE NOT DOWN WITH THAT WE GOT TWOOO WORDS FOR YA….. ….PLEASE...


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