>BGdunks2018 - The Podcast Brady Goodman has made, maybe, the biggest mistake of his life. A $1,000 bet that he can/can't dunk a basketball by October 2nd, - 997thePOINT - Kansas City

>BGdunks2018 - The Podcast Brady Goodman has made, maybe, the biggest mistake of his life. A $1,000 bet that he can/can't dunk a basketball by October 2nd, - 997thePOINT - Kansas City
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>BGdunks2018 - The Podcast Brady Goodman has made, maybe, the biggest mistake of his life. A $1,000 bet that he can/can't dunk a basketball by October 2nd, - 997thePOINT - Kansas City




BGdunks2018 Ep 13 Midpoint update with my work wives and my real wife - Leigh McNabb - Taylor Mckay and Marjie.mp3

We are just past the midpoint of my one-year-to-dunk bet. Spoiler alert, it's not going great. But I'm not giving up...yet. The bet has been updated, we have a new twist! Hear what the update is and hear the reaction of my two work wives and my real wirfe on this latest episode of #BGdunks2018!


BGdunks2018 Ep 12 Amber Reed - Amber Reed Fitness

Are you in to fitness? How about "fitn'ess" latest episode into your ears?! This week, the dunk bet moves on with some words of wisdom and a bunch of "workout" talk with Amber Reed, a Kansas City personal fitness expert. My favorite quote from this episode? "Choose your sacrifice." Find Amber online at and on all your favorite social media outlets... IG: FB: We had a great chat, enjoy and thanks...


BGdunks2018 Episode 11 Drew from TruMoveKC and the 4 month mark

Episode 11 of #BGdunks2018 is the 4 month mark of the dunk bet and the retrun of Drew from SportSpineKC, now TruMoveKC. We discuss the results of my frist 4 months and the option of just quitting and giving up. We also touch on dry needling and the current and future state of healthcare. facebook: bradygoodmanradio // trumovekc twitter: bradygoodman instagram: bradygoodmanradio // trumovekc


BGdunks2018 Ep 10 The Arbitration Episode.mp3

Is this the MOST important episode of #BGdunks2018? Maybe. (Although if it was so important I would have released it a month ago when I recorded it.) In this episode we are joined by Nicki (the bet holder), Joe (promo guy and fellow gambler) and Taylor McKay as we nail down the details of our $1,000 dunk bet. Do you think the bet is fair? Are the details in there. Thanks for listening.


BGdunks2018 Ep 09 - Andrew Morgans Landlocked KC

I connected with Andrew Morgans in a "business meeting" and found out that he taught himself to dunk a few years ago, welcome to the podcast! Andrew has a bunch of amazing stories, about his youth, starting a business, having more than 11,000 instagram followers and so much more! Find Andrew Morgans online at Find me online at


BGdunks2018 Ep 08 Christine Karsten KCTV5 Better KC.mp3

On episode 8 of BGdunks2018 we get WEIRD with Christine Karsten from KCTV5 in Kansas City. We BRIEFLY talk about goals, the dunk bet and then we go overboard about "fake news" and "what happens when you die." Yes, that question REALLY comes up. Also, we go digging for gold at the end. See Christine on BetterTV in KC, Monday thru Friday, 9am. She's on twitter and Instagram as @ChristineKTV @bradygoodmanradio on IG and FB and on twitter @bradygoodman


BGdunks2018 Ep 07 Tamara Day DIY Bargain Mansions

Our guest this week is Tamara Day! Tamara is a mom of four that is the star of the new DIY Network's newest show Bargain Mansions. The show is filmed here in Kansas City, so look for your neighborhood. You can catch the show Wednesday evenings, at 9pm, on DIY. We talk to Tamara about the show, remdoling, goals, kids and stories from High School (Brady & Tamara went to high school together). Find Tamara online by searching Growing...


bgdunks2018 Episode 05 - Speed Cubing with Will Wooden

On this episode of BGdunks2018, we give a SHORT update on the dunking progress (short, because it's not going well) and we talk to Will Wooden! Will is a speed cuber and holds the record in the state of Missouri for the fastest blindfolded cube solve. He does walk Brady Goodman through solving a cube, but most of that is cut out to save Brady from the embarrasment. We discuss sovling rubik's cubes and striving for goals with this 14 year old wonder kid from Kansas City. Instagram - Will...


BGdunks2018 Ep 06 Thundergong.mp3

On this episode of BGdunks2018 we are joined by Billy Brimblecom and Jason Sudeikis (yes, THAT Jason Sudeikis!) to talk about goals, SNL, the Steps of Faith foundation, President Trump and Thundergong! and event happening in Kansas City (11/12/2017)! We put Jason in the hot seat and find out what inspired Billy to lead the way with the Steps of Faith foundation. IG: @jason_sudeikis / billybrimblecom /...


bgdunks2018 EP04.mp3

This week Brady is still at it thanks to a new program called Kinexit. Online at Brady talked to one of the founders of Kinexit about what the program does, how it's going to help him dunk, meditation and some other randomness. Brady called Chris in Sweden and didn't make a SINGLE IKEA joke, so it might be worth the listen to just hear this feat of restraint! The podcast is on iTunes, follow along on twitter (@bradygoodman) and on facebook (@bradygoodmanradio) and on the blog...


bgdunks2018 EP03.mp3

In episode 3 of BGdunks2018 we talk to Drew Dischinger from about the current state of Brady's "ups," competetive swimming and the 3 things that BG needs to do to get Above the Rim. Find Sport + Spine on facebook -


BGdunks2018 EP01.mp3

Has Brady made the biggst mistake of his life? A $1,000 dollar bet on wether or not he can or can't dunk a basketball in one year. Meet his arch nemisis, hear Taylor's thoughts on the bet. Listen to Brady try to back out while also being over confident. This is episode 1 of BGdunks2018. Subscribe for weekly updates. And hear Brady Goodman every workday morning on 997 the Point, Kansas City! @bradygoodman