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A lewd deconstruction of life and culture where we ultimately forget how to put it back together

A lewd deconstruction of life and culture where we ultimately forget how to put it back together


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A lewd deconstruction of life and culture where we ultimately forget how to put it back together




BLSC #7 I Don't Have Enough Cum For You

Oh Jeez, you ever wish you had more cum? I mean for any reason. No? Well that's strange. Anyways I get into how taking Nyquil is worse than the sickness you take it for, translating physical beauty, how my first manicure went, what it was like to watch daytime television, and I dip back into the topic from the last BIGGEST little podcast.

BLSC#6 Gallows Humor



BLSC#4 Charcoal Shits

Ali and I wrap up the year with some shenanigans and discussion about rapes, shitting yourself, new pets, acid know, basic stuff. Unfortunately there were some audio issues, but it's still consumable. Happy new year dinglenuts!

#25 Manipulable

Do you sucks dicks?! Today I unleash some new drops, my green bowel movements, we talk about how GREAT Axe Body Spray smells, some other shit, and then we get into some heavy stuff in our fifth chapter of narcissism. A jelly donut?!

BLSC #2: The Fap Tax

What if fapping was taxed? Would you then be a patriot? Also we get into getting older, my living will, my funeral arrangments, and so so much more.

#24 Reality & Delusions

Chapter four into our narcissistic journey. Also, we dissect how to effectively shit your pants, touch base on preserving the freedom to call your cat a faggot, and introduce a new sponsor!

BLSC #1: Puppercucks & Milfbones

We're back ya cunts! This is the first BIGGEST little Shitcast which is essentially just the first half of a BIGGEST little Podcast. My names are fuckin' retarded, aren't they? Cheers!

#23 It Takes One To Be No One

Lies, lies, and more lies.

#22 The Truth Of Truth

Part two of our tear into narcissism. Truth: the narcissists' kyptonite. %100 guarantee that this wont make you uncomfortable.

#21 I, Narcissist

This is chapter one of ten in the rabbit hole that is narcissism. But before that I explain the finer points of prostitute pasta sauce, we unveil a new show segment: "Do You Ever Wonder?", I rant more about this cool new show called Lost, aaaaaaand some other shit.

#20 I, Nihilist

Today we have nothing but sunshine and loli-pops for you. :D

#19 Soul Pixelation

What is a soul? What is it made out of? Where is it? An even more perplexing question...can you fuck it? In this installment we define and pin down the human soul and what adds/chips away at it.

#18 We Only Die Twice, But For Such A Long Time

This week we get into how awesome fat is, how to handle wanting to dump cum, we play high stakes "would you rather?", I shave my face, and discuss our recent trip to the emergency room. Also, we de-pussify victim culture.


#17 Echo Chambers

Ali and I talk about our recent Circa Survive concert, the proper designation for Ali's pussy, and clocks/perceptions of time. We then get into the issues of echo chambers


#16 Accountability: An Exercise In Empathy

Ali and I discuss the ramifications of cumming as much as you pee, and I tell a story about how I didn't take accountability for my actions.


#15 Distilling Life

Today we discuss MGTOW (men who go their own way), the insanity of pop songs, and how to distill your life into a smokeable crystal.


#14 Pussy Pedestaling: A Primer For Love Addiction

Ali and I talk about the movie Split, comic books, killing spiders, corn in our poop, ice skating songs, our recent encounter with the police, and of course...we dissect the act of pussy pedestaling.