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Originally #045 - Anel Santana & Carlos Castillo

This episode was originally recorded in January 2018 with my two good friends/ex-roommates Anel Santana and Carlos Castillo, this episode is pretty long and was extremely high. We pretty much banter and share some stories.


#075 - Angel Montalvan - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

I have my good friend, my brother, Angel Montalvan join me for this episode. I talk about my trip my 2nd home L.A (i freaking love California), and we rant about our daily life... this episode was recorded pretty late so I'm going to lie folks... I kinda don't remember what we spoke about, but hey enjoy!!! podcast email and other links below Email: dispensary:


originally #035 - Victor Familia & Brandy Maldonado - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

I finally got around to editing a few old episodes. This episode was originally posted back in 2017, episode 35, you all know who Victor Familia, Brandy is I've known for some time now, long story short shes victors ex-girlfriends cousin. years ago he and she tried to hook Brandy and me up I think I was 21 and she was about 17 so once we found out how old we were that was a huge no go for her and me. I haven't seen or spoken to her in years so when Victory told me she was interested in...


#074 - PT. 2 Angel Montalvan - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

episode 74 is a continuation of episode 73 but we're way more stoned and I was absolutely feeling the alcohol, and well what you're about to hear is what you get when you mix the two up, enjoy. Email:


#073 - Angel Montalvan - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

well, this Episode was extremely long, about 4 in half hours, so I had to break it down, next episode might be another hour or 3 in a half hours because I mean four-part episode might be a bit too much. Anywho on this episode, I have my good old buddy Angel Montalvan, and for those of you who don't know, Angel started the podcast with me up until about 21 episodes in. But he's back a guest and I must say, best episode I've done in a while, hope you guys enjoy email:...


#072: Solo Sess. - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

On this episode, I play catch on whatever topics I can remember happened last week, I learn that Brad has a really bad bite, but never find out where, some lady in Canada goes ape shite on a bus, and dragons have pronouns too. Email: video links: / /


Episode #071 - Solo Sess. - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

This episode is a complete rant, I had nothing to talk about what so ever. I saw a video about chick eating mattresses, a lady who hordes poop and eats it (wtf) the pros and cons of being a male and female, Email: website link: video links: ( eating 8 beds) (poop hoarder)


#070 - Solo Sesh - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

On this solo sesh episode, I recorded this Wednesday morning in Reading PA; this episode is not too great. I pretty much ramble about a wedding I went to, the amount of crap I had to go to get to the wedding, some football talk, a tiny tit of trump talk and the U.N and some other rants that are in there. For all and any emails, send them to Podcast page: i was going to put those links up for the other podcaster/ comedians I...


Episode #069 - Solo Shesh - Bad Hombres N Chill with Gabriel Salcedo

On this episode I quickly talk about the Nike, the war going on the eastern Congo, Hollywood being super soft with there "casual homophobia stuff"this episode not my best at all but I couldn't go a week without posting again. Next weeks schedule with be posted on time (Wednesday morning) For all Questions and inquiries or if you want to email me crap send it


Episode #068: Lionel Salcedo - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

First, I want to say the camping trip audio is at the very end of the episode. I forgot to mention it in the outro. Anyways on the episode, it was pretty much whatever topic we thought of at the moment, I didn't have any topics planned, but I knew I couldn't go another week without uploading an episode. This episode is pretty much a typical with Lionel and me, and we talk about some current events, I think some movies, anime of course and a few random rants and...


Episode 067: Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

On this Episode, Gabriel gives a somewhat quick update on his California move, dabble a little bit on the new Venom movie, the upcoming Batman solo movie, justice league, and I watch a few videos about chicks drinking blood and dudes dickin down their 98 ford focus, #merica. If you'd like to Email me anything about or for the show you can email me at video links : (addicted to drinking blood) (addicted to liking a car...


Episode 066: Lionel salcedo - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

On this episode, I have Lionel salcedo join me as Guest. This episode is straight up a nerd feista, ew pretty much talk about console games, movies, and of course anime (one piece mostly). Links for strain reviews, podcast links, products reviews and all things cannabis related link are below, enoy. strain review:...


Episode #065 - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

This episode was recorded on 7/26/18 (late) I know I fudged up, but hey when destiny 2 calls sometimes you have to strap your hunter boots right and answer the call and destroy the cabal you know...anyways this episode I'm not too proud of, but consistency is key or whatever the saying is. This episode I pretty much wing it, I had notes and clips ready to play but thought ahhh just wing it, it's been a while since you've done that, so I did. Hopefully, this episode isn't as bad I...


#064 - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

on this weeks episode, I talk about the world cup and how im a new fan of soccer, I give another Cali update, and I watch a video about a sugar daddy website. 420 science spotify


#063 - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

This episode was supposed to with two other guest co. Host, however, you all felt the heat on Sunday and Monday so yeah no I didn't go to Pennsylvania to do this episode. So, on this solo episode, I talk about how people were legitimately buying hotdog water with a hotdog in it, Terry Crews #metoo moment, and a little update on my move to California. podcast...


#062 - Bad Hombres N Chill - with Gabriel Salcedo

I made sure no matter how this episode came out that I would post it since I missed so many weeks, but I'm getting back on track with things. On this episode, I play a little catch up on current events, FIFA World Cup, a chick dates a really tiny dude, wife has an Asexual drag queen, and a guy spends 60,000 to turn himself into an elf. bonus audio recording content at the end of the episode. My Husband Is An Asexual Drag Queen | EXTREME LOVE I’ve Spent $60,000 Turning Into An Elf |...


#061 - Bad Hombres N Chill With Gabriel Salcedo

On this episode, (which I had to record three god damn times) I made sure to talk about that couple whos into toddler fetish...I still can't believe that's a thing, A polyamorous relationship, The penis fish...yup, you read that right and some off-topic rants. I didn't do a strain review because well I'm smoking the same strains from last weeks strain review. Links to videos and articles down below My Girlfriend Lives As A Toddler | EXTREME LOVE...


#060 - Bad Hombres N Chill With Gabriel Salcedo

On this solo episode, I quickly talk about the royal wedding and not because I watched it, but because I didn't. The terrible Texas school shooting, I.N.C.E.L ( I'll tell you what it is in the podcast), racists lawyers who love calling this country theirs, and a Cannabis strain review and a water sommelier, outro song : booty man by tim wilson strain review


#059 - Bad Hombres N Chill With Gabriel Salcedo

This solo episode Isn't too grand, after recording it twice and then having garage band crash on me twice, after the second recording I was pretty much done and over with this episode. However I did have tons of fun playing the new soundboard, I have now so prepared for a lot of that. I play a video about the seventh heaven actor who plays the dad (btw I never liked that show, and I always thought something was off about the family because no one is that nice without any dead bodies in the...


#058 - Angel Montalvan & Carlos Castillo - Bad Hombres N Chill With Gabriel Salcedo

Hey folks, sorry for the late episode, but hey at least I didn't miss another week though right?... anyways on this episode I have Angel Montalvan, Carlos Castillo, and MR. G.W. red (good white) red sit with me on this episode. It's pretty much a free range episode no actual set topics, Carlos tries to explain to me (Gabriel) on how to can help him keep living his lifestyle in prison, I talk about my recent tinder experience, Carlos agrees with Kanye and Angel meets a chick at a bar.