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Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.

Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.
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Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.






#67: "Finding the Funny" - Vanessa Johnston

Comedian Vanessa Johnston and Joe embark on a mission. To find the funny in some unfunny topics; Vanessa talks about growing up with a Mom suffering from schizophrenia who was in and out of state institutions and an emotionally distant dad. At age 7 she was the woman of the house, making dinner for herself and siblings while avoiding visits from Child Services. The good news? Her childhood experiences helped Vanessa develop a strong work ethic that has led to her thriving in the...


#66: "Shitty Pants and Crappy Chairs" - Josh Edelman

Comedian/Magician Josh Edelman walked 20 blocks and took two trains in the dead of winter in New York City with terrible food poisoning so his boss could see that he was sick and couldn't come to work. Then he shit his pants and had to walk home. Josh and Joe talk about how many lives he ruined that fateful day, a skeptics convention in Las Vegas and the time Joe terribly misread signs with a one-night-stand that ended with him waiting outside her apartment presenting a piece of street...


#65: "Lockdown in Utah" - Rachel Wolfson

Comedian Rachel Wolfson can identify with certain aspects of Orange Is the New Black thanks to her high school experience. While she stresses it wasn't as bad as jail, she attended a lockdown "boarding" school for troubled teens, run by Mormons in Utah. She talks about her crazy 14 months there, as well as growing up in Las Vegas, having a Mom that put away OJ Simpson (the second time) and the eye-opening experience of attending the PornHub awards. Follow Rachel on Instagram at...


#64: "Tumultuous Transitions" - Robin Tran

Comedian Robin Tran has transitioned plenty of times. From a virgin to non-virgin, a non-driver to a driver to a non-driver again and lastly, from a man to a woman. And none of it was easy. We talk about what it's like dating someone from a liberal family when you're a minority, Robin's fear of driving in LA and the moment she realized she identified as female--and her girlfriend's reaction. Watch Robin's HULU special by searching Robin Tran. Follow Robin on Instagram @RobinTran04 For...


#63: "Sad Eyes Selling Mops" - Laura Hughes

You know when you look at a picture of someone smiling and you can tell by their eyes that they're dead inside? That was Australian comedian Laura Hughes while she was selling mops and giving demonstrations at various grocery stores, cleaning the mansion of Germany's Next Top Model and dealing with American creditors. Also, Joe talks about the time he thought he was going to be kidnapped by a gang. WATCH this episode on Youtube @ Follow Laura on Instagram...


#62: "Rub and Tug Flub" - Stevie Starlight

Musician Stevie Starlight thought he found love at a massage parlor--what he actually found was himself holding a declined credit card, an angry half naked masseuse and a towering security guard chasing after him. And that's when things got really crazy. Joe and Stevie also talk about the horrors of a clogged toilet. Listen to Stevie on Spotify here! Follow Stevie on Instagram For more info about BTGS check out


#61: "An Affair to Remember to Forget" - Dhruv Uday Singh

Guest Dhruv Uday Singh has been on both sides of an affair; in India, his highschool girlfriend broke his heart after he made her a homemade (and rather scandalous) Valentines Day website and years later, he found himself a major player in an affair with a women who had an affinity for a specific type of dirty talk. Shockingly, neither of these stories end well. Follow Dhruv on Instagram @dhruvudaysingh Listen to Dhruv's podcast "I'm Too Effing High" on Itunes! Watch Joe's comedy series...


#60: "Funeral From Hell" - Rivers Langley

The emotions of comedian Rivers Langley while attending his Grandmother's funeral were as follows; sadness, anger, disbelief, laughter, sadness (again) and annoyance, all thanks to the hodgepodge of fools charged with running the funeral. It's a heartbreaking, hilarious tale that will inspire you to plan your own ceremony. Also, we talk about the time Rivers was robbed at gunpoint while delivering pizzas. Follow Rivers on Instagram: @riverslangley Listen to his podcast, "The Goods From...


#59: "Deadly Fruit On the Brain" - JoAnna Stephens

JoAnna Stephens shares how a mysterious text from an unknown number led to multiple brain surgeries. Joe and JoAnna also ponder why tumors are described as fruits, why she couldn't live in Koreatown any longer and how the last year of medical procedures have changed her life. To hear more about JoAnna's story and to help her with the $50,000 in medical bills she faces, check out her Go Fund Me page @


#58: "Busted Ribs" - Andy Biersack

Guest Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides, Andy Black) tried the impossible. He tried to fly on stage and the results left him with shattered ribs and weeks in a hotel room with an odd ball assortment of friends and family including Joe, his cousin who he hadn't seen in several years. Also, Joe talks about the storied history of "Flanders Ankles". Watch Joe and Andy on The Andy Show on Youtube!


#57: "Crusin' for a Boozin'" - Heather Winter

Comedian Heather Winter (@hdubb0288) likes to party. She talks about her drinking ways, when it started, why she does it and the troubles its gotten her into. We also talk about mini cereal boxes, online dating and dick pic eetiquette. For more info on the show check out Watch Joe's movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here or by searching "Welcome to Forever". Watch Joe's series Average Joe here!


#56: "Broken Hearts and Broken Legs" - Catherine Linebarger

Guest Catherine Linebarger has had her share of ups and downs in the dating world. From accidently breaking a guy's leg on a first date to hiring a private investigator to follow her boyfriend, she has seen it all. Cat and Joe talk easiest and hardest breakups, awkward middle school movie dates and what weird things they had on their bedroom walls growing up. Watch Joe's movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here or by searching "Welcome to Forever".


#55: "Homeless, Hungry and Hilarious" - Malcolm Hatchett

Before Malcolm Hatchett was killing it on comedy stages in LA, he was nearly killed at home in North Carolina. Malcolm talks about growing up a class clown, dealing drugs (among other jobs) to save money to move to LA and being a successful comedian while living in a broken down car. Less than a year in Los Angeles and Malcolm is headlining clubs, touring and appearing regularly on the popular live show Kill Tony. Great talk! You can follow Malcolm on IG at @malcolmH12 For more info on...


#54: "Failed Family Bonding on a Boat in Mexico" - Patrick Fogarty

In high school, guest Patrick Fogarty's parents were on the edge of a divorce. Looking for a hail mary to keep the family together, Pat's Dad decided an early morning fishing trip in Mexico was the perfect answer. For a number of ridiculous reasons Pat shares, it was not. Also, Joe and Pat discuss the crazy and dumb situations they found themselves in as teenagers which included out of control parties, fast food scams and a monster truck. Follow Patrick on Instagram at @fatpogarty Watch...


#53: "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang" - Martin Morrow

Comedian Martin Morrow was a sexually promiscuous throughout his 20's. We talk about why that was true and how it led to many dicey (and funny) situations, STD scares, cheating and an eventual nervous breakdown five minutes before performing at the Second City comedy theater in Chicago. Having come out the other side, Martin shares what he has changed in his life and a new found optimism he carries with him each day. Great talk! Follow Martin on Instagram at @martinmmorrow Check out his...


#52: "Worst Year Ever" - Eric Cooney

Multiple car wrecks, multiple broken hearts, a concussion and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". These events and more make up the worst year of guest Eric Cooney's life and we talk all about it! Also, Joe shares the time he tried to impress his soon-to-be girlfriend at the skating rink and it was a disaster. Watch Joe's movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here!


#51: "TMZ (Disas)Tours" - Danna Friedberg

Guest Danna Friedberg was a TMZ tour guide in Hollywood for six months and six months was enough. She talks about the her crazy experience as well as her regular appearances on the TMZ TV Show. We also discuss other crappy jobs we've both had including Joe's summer job dressed as a lady bug mascot at the Ohio State Fair where he inadvertently traumatized a small child. Follow Danna on Instagram at @dannamontanna Watch Joe's movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here!


#50: "Road Trip Pit(iful) Stops" - Nicole Hodges

Guest Nicole Hodges really had to pee while stuck in a London traffic jam. Joe had to relieve himself in another way and finally did so in an Alabama gas station. Neither are proud of their stories. Also, Joe and Nicole talk about the time Joe told her he had a crush on her. It was awkward. Lastly, they talk about the fact that years later, Nicole dated Joe's roommate. That was also awkward. Lots of laughs this week! Follow Nicole on Instagram at @thenicolery For more info about the show...


#49: "Don't Look Down" - Cameron Abdo

Guest Cameron Abdo decided to hike a 14,500 ft mountain. No easy task, particularly while battling ice, snow, sleet, rain and wind. Also, his only companions were two guys he had never met in person. He talks about his treacherous adventure, accidentally butt dialing his panicked Dad in the middle of the night during a storm and debating having himself pulled off the mountain via helicopter. Follow Cameron’s adventures on Instagram at @socaltravels Check out


#48: "Naked and Afraid at the Circus" - Thea Ulrich

Guest Thea Ulrich ran away and joined the circus which led to a romance with a juggler which led to her getting something loud and painful stuck in her ear. In quite possibly the most squrimish episode of this show to date, Thea talk about life as a circus performer, how all her dreams become nightmares and a recent bloddy insident at the airport. Follow Thea on instagram @theaulrich Great talk! For more information about BTGS check out