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Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.

Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.
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Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.






#58: “Busted Ribs” - Andy Biersack

Guest Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides, Andy Black) tried the impossible. He tried to fly on stage and the results left him with shattered ribs and weeks in a hotel room with an odd ball assortment of friends and family including Joe, his cousin who he hadn’t seen in several years. Also, Joe talks about the storied history of “Flanders Ankles”. Watch Joe and Andy on The Andy Show on Youtube!


#57: “Crusin’ for a Boozin’” - Heather Winter

Comedian Heather Winter (@hdubb0288) likes to party. She talks about her drinking ways, when it started, why she does it and the troubles its gotten her into. We also talk about mini cereal boxes, online dating and dick pic eetiquette. For more info on the show check out Watch Joe’s movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here or by searching “Welcome to Forever”. Watch Joe’s series Average Joe here!


#56: “Broken Hearts and Broken Legs” - Catherine Linebarger

Guest Catherine Linebarger has had her share of ups and downs in the dating world. From accidently breaking a guy’s leg on a first date to hiring a private investigator to follow her boyfriend, she has seen it all. Cat and Joe talk easiest and hardest breakups, awkward middle school movie dates and what weird things they had on their bedroom walls growing up. Watch Joe’s movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here or by searching “Welcome to Forever”.


#55: “Homeless, Hungry and Hilarious” - Malcolm Hatchett

Before Malcolm Hatchett was killing it on comedy stages in LA, he was nearly killed at home in North Carolina. Malcolm talks about growing up a class clown, dealing drugs (among other jobs) to save money to move to LA and being a successful comedian while living in a broken down car. Less than a year in Los Angeles and Malcolm is headlining clubs, touring and appearing regularly on the popular live show Kill Tony. Great talk! You can follow Malcolm on IG at @malcolmH12 For more info on...


#54: “Failed Family Bonding on a Boat in Mexico” - Patrick Fogarty

In high school, guest Patrick Fogarty’s parents were on the edge of a divorce. Looking for a hail mary to keep the family together, Pat’s Dad decided an early morning fishing trip in Mexico was the perfect answer. For a number of ridiculous reasons Pat shares, it was not. Also, Joe and Pat discuss the crazy and dumb situations they found themselves in as teenagers which included out of control parties, fast food scams and a monster truck. Follow Patrick on Instagram at @fatpogarty Watch...


#53: “Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang” - Martin Morrow

Comedian Martin Morrow was a sexual deviant throughout his 20’s. We talk about why that was true and how it led to many dicey (and funny) situations, STD scares, cheating and an eventual nervous breakdown five minutes before performing at the Second City comedy theater in Chicago. Having come out the other side, Martin shares what he has changed in his life and a new found optimism he carries with him each day. Great talk! Follow Martin on Instagram at @martinmmorrow Check out his...


#52: “Worst Year Ever” - Eric Cooney

Multiple car wrecks, multiple broken hearts, a concussion and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. These events and more make up the worst year of guest Eric Cooney’s life and we talk all about it! Also, Joe shares the time he tried to impress his soon-to-be girlfriend at the skating rink and it was a disaster. Watch Joe’s movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here!


#51: “TMZ (Disas)Tours

Guest Danna Friedberg was a TMZ tour guide in Hollywood for six months and six months was enough. She talks about the her crazy experience as well as her regular apperances on the TMZ TV Show. We also discuss other crappy jobs we’ve both had including Joe’s summer job dressed as a lady bug mascot at the Ohio State Fair where he inadvertently traumatized a small child. Follow Danna on Instagram at @dannamontanna Watch Joe’s movie, Welcome to Forever on Amazon here!


#50: “Road Tip Pit(iful) Stops” - Nicole Hodges

Guest Nicole Hodges really had to pee while stuck in a London traffic jam. Joe had to relieve himself in another way and finally did so in an Alabama gas station. Neither are proud of their stories. Also, Joe and Nicole talk about the time Joe told her he had a crush on her. It was awkward. Lastly, they talk about the fact that years later, Nicole dated Joe’s roommate. That was also awkward. Lots of laughs this week! Follow Nicole on Instagram at @thenicolery For more info about the show...


#49: “Don’t Look Down” - Cameron Abdo

Guest Cameron Abdo decided to hike a 14,500 ft mountain. No easy task, particularly while battling ice, snow, sleet, rain and wind. Also, his only companions were two guys he had never met in person. He talks about his treacherous adventure, accidentally butt dialing his panicked Dad in the middle of the night during a storm and debating having himself pulled off the mountain via helicopter. Follow Cameron’s adventures on Instagram at @socaltravels Check out


#48: “Naked and Afraid at the Circus” - Thea Ulrich

Guest Thea Ulrich ran away and joined the circus which led to a romance with a juggler which led to her getting something loud and painful stuck in her ear. In quite possibly the most squrimish episode of this show to date, Thea talk about life as a circus performer, how all her dreams become nightmares and a recent bloddy insident at the airport. Follow Thea on instagram @theaulrich Great talk! For more information about BTGS check out


#47: “Seventeen and Solo” - Chris Covarrubias

At 17 and on his own, Chris moved from Mexico to California. He had to restart high school, find a job and a place to live–all without speaking English. There were some drunken bumps along the way (don’t drink Long Island Iced Tea on a first date) but before long Chris had a good paying job, was supporting himself and beginning to figure out his American life.


#46: “Highs and Lows” - Johnnie Guilbert

Only 20 years old, Johnnie Guilbert has already lived a full life. He lost his father to cancer at 11, dropped out of high school due to depression, then moved to LA, with no parental figure, at 17. Three years later, he has nearly a million followers on Instagram and Youtube. We talk about the collab channels he’s been involved with, the falling apart of friendships and his new album due out in June. Also, the time he performed on stage and his guitar didn’t work. It’s a good one.


#45: “Craigslist Meltdown” - Alex Oliver

Stay away, Craigslist! That’s what Alex Oliver learned after unknowingly scamming college girls out of salon memberships and selling baseball cards to a sketchy stranger four hours away, all so he could pay a month’s rent. Thankfully he didn’t die, but he did have his one and only breakdown in the process.


#44 - “Crushin’ Real Hard” - Hilary Petrokubi

Hilary Petrokubi was Joe’s first BIG crush. We talk about his inability to make a move all those years ago, how much it haunted him and the feature film he wrote and directed essentially creating an idealized version of their relationship… in which she starred as herself. Lastly, we discuss the love letter (read out loud) Joe wrote her four years ago. It’s painful, cringeworthy and filled with laughs. Enjoy!


#43: Bolivian Jungle “Massacre” - Amanda Lehan

Guest Amanda Lehan decided to help return captured wild animals to their natural habitat in the jungles of Bolivia. A noble mission that ended with her getting ripped to shreds by said wild animals. Also, Joe and Amanda talk about the pitfalls of going on a first trip with a significant other when your hormones are out of wack.


#41: Blood, Shit & Meth - Jason Farone

Guest Jason Farone (comedian, YouNow) talks with Joe about crazy ex-roommates, internet hate, when he lived next to Johnny Carson’s old assistant and why we’re all in a rush to get everywhere.


#40: Wedding Fretting - Beth Triffon

Guest Beth Triffon was asked to co-officiate a wedding with a man she didn’t know. Two weeks before the big day she realized she didn’t have the proper paperwork. Two days before the wedding she received some terrible news. The day of the wedding was madness. This is her story. Also, Beth chats with Joe and Andrew about adopting a squirrel!


#39: Screwed by Judas - Ron Stacker Thompson

Guest Ron Stacker Thompson was the first African American to play Jesus in the smash musical hit GODSPELL! But as quickly as he rose, he fell in truly poetic fashion. Ron talks about his fall from theatre grace and all the positive things that came from it.


#38: Trapped on the Toilet - Jacob Reed & Heather Sundell

Guest Jacob Reed was already having a rough day. The morning of his Grandfather’s funeral he got stuck on the toilet. Thankfully his girlfriend Heather was there to help him. Together they tell the sad, shitty humorous tale. Also, Andrew discusses the brief period of time in which he would only poop in a Marriott lobby bathroom.