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Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.

Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.
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Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.






#88: "The $468 Burrito" - Austin Schauer

Guest Austin Schauer and Joe made each other laugh a lot this week and we hope you laugh too! Austin talks with Joe about noise complaints, broken burrito windows, teaching english in Korea and living with a 99 year old man. Also, Joe comes to the realization that there may be a ghost living in his apartment. Follow Austin on Instagram @coldschauer Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @...


#87: "One Eye Blind" - Hunter Edwards

Guest Hunter Edwards tells Joe why he is partially blind in one eye. Joe also learns the difference between a latte and a cappuccino and all about Fresno, California. Follow Hunter on Instagram @hunteredwardsbb Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @


#86: "Vacations from Hell" - Gilli Nissim - Bad Times, Good Stories

Bad times have followed guest Gilli Nissim all over the world. She shares some stories including being referred to as "big nose" in China, getting scammed by gypsies in Italy and getting stung by the most adorable sounding creature ever. Originally aired 11/3/2015 Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast


#85: "My Mom Was in Playboy (and other scarring mom stories) " - Jupiter Baudot

Guest Jupiter Baudot hasn't spoken to his mom in four years thanks to the ridiculous pranks she pulled, her unstable behavior and the fact that Jupiter gets flashes of PTSD when he drives by her exit on the highway. And yes, she was totally in Playboy. It's an interesting conversation about growing up with an unhinged parent and rising above it. If you live in LA, check out Jupiter's monthly show, Shit Posts at the Pack Theater the first Saturday of every month. More info here:...


#84: "Internet Prank Pitfalls" - Ari Mannis

Whether it's on Facebook, Craigslist or a comedy club, comedian Ari Mannis likes a good internet prank. Ari talks with Joe about some of his best pranks, who liked them, who hated them and who he had to apologize to when a particular prank got real. Follow Ari on Instagram @arimannis Check out Ari's pod Unlicensed Therapy Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @


#83: "Out of Town, Out of Luck" - Adam Hernandez

Ohio based visual artist/painter Adam Hernandez talks with Joe about a series of shitty events culminating in his first out of town art showing at a gallery in Texas. They also talk about failing the drivers licence test, Adam's move from NYC to Columbus and divine intervention in the form of a nacho bar and cold beers. Adam will be showing his work at the Futures For The Rest of Us art popup in Los Angeles February 15-16. For more info click the link. Follow Adam...


#82: "Bloody Hell" - Alexis G. Zall

All-star actress/podcaster/internet star/human being Alexis G. Zall and Joe talk about some bloody sexual experiences they each separately experienced in the bedroom or in Alexis' case...the bathroom. They also talk about some bummer vacations in which Joe stepped on some fire ants and Alexis was sick in Vietnam and questioning her sexuality. Follow Alexis on Instagram @alexisgzall Check out Alexis's pod Zall Good Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram...


#81: "Paranormal Shrieks at the Strip Club" - Caroline Georges

Guest Caroline Georges has seen some pretty crazy things working as a dance at a gentlemen's club. Between her co-workers and customers, she shares some stories that are terrifying, hilarious and ridiculous. Caroline has her own show called The Manic Pixie Dream Podcast where she talks with women and men about female empowerment as it pertains to social issues, pop culture and everyday life. Follow Caroline on Instagram @caroline_lydia_rose Check out Manic Pixie Dream Podcast Follow Joe...


#79: "Rock Bottom(s)" - Craig Conant

Comedian Craig Conant has some crazy stories to share. Today we talk about his alcohol and drug infused past, which led to a variety of ridiculous, sad, but ultimately funny experiences that resulted in him getting arrested, fired and doing community service at the beach. Sober now, Craig reflects on what it finally took for him to hit rock bottom, how he changed his life for the better and why it's not a great idea to fart on your boss. Follow Craig on Instagram @craigconant Check out...


#78: "Teenage True Romance" - Grady Welch

Grady Welch, like Joe, had an awkward, bumbling and humiliating go of things romantically as a teenager. They talk about two incidents that stand out and in many ways haunted them for years to come. New episodes return next Wednesday! Follow Grady on Instagram @shadygradyjames Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @


#77: "The Death of Innocence" - Hallie Cooper

Merry Christmas! Hallie Cooper had an awkward, weird and ultimately humiliating sexual experience in a movie theater during middle school. If that wasn't bad enough, she had to tell her parents, in detail, what happened. It was a rough time that thankfully Hallie is able to laugh about now. Also, Joe talks about the first time he shaved his pubes and the embarrassing aftermath at the breakfast table. Write a review of the show on Itunes/Apple pods, screenshot it and email to...


#76: "Peggers Can't Be Choosers" - Jade Catta Preta

Jade Catta Preta (Hulu's Future Man) talks with Joe about the two years since her long-term relationship ended. Filled with plenty of self-love and self-care, travel to her home country of Brazil, and a dash of sex parties, awkward hookups and the desire to peg a dude. Also, Joe talks about a failed cross-country road trip with a girl that for some dark reasons, did not go well. They also talk about butts. A lot. Watch Jade in the new season of Future Man on Hulu premiering January...


#75: "Sketchy Times at the Karaoke Bar" - Emilie Hagen

For two days, Emilie Hagen worked the crazy underground Karaoke scene in LA. She talks about the odd (and unknowingly funny), uncomfortable cast of characters she interacted with and the unsettling final night that ended the whole ordeal. She and Joe also talk about the Boxcar Children, being propositioned for a threesome, performing in the high school marching band at a jail and why she should learn to say NO. Watch Emilie host EIGHT SHOWS at the Helium Comedy Club December 27-29, 31. For...


#74: "Three Crazy Whiffs of Death" - Steven Briggs

Steven Briggs is killing it in the comedy game. He also has nearly been killed three times. He talks with Joe about surviving a serial murderer, blacking out on a jetski and a wicked car accident that got even more surreal thanks to the odd cast of characters he interacted with in the aftermath. Also, Steven talks about performing for the troops all over the world and "touching" experience he had with a gorilla in the jungles of Ethiopia. Write a review of the show on Itunes/Apple pods,...


#73: "Dated & Dumped By Two Best Friends" - Hannah Kirby

Joe broke up with guest Hannah Kirby the same day she met his family for the first time. It was a dick move and they talk about it. They also talk about the fact that years later, she and Joe's best friend starting dating behind his back and the drama and fallout from that. Oh, and how he dumped her in an even worse way. She's a trooper. We also talk about Hannah's new company STABLEish that focuses on everyday self-help and self-love items. You can check them out @ Follow...


#72: "A Series of Mortifying Events" - Audrey Stewart

Audrey Stewart has a knack for inadvertently exposing herself and/or what is coming out of her to others. It doesn't go well. She talks with Joe about accidentally going full frontal at a dinner party and some other classy stories. It is truly and unequivocally a hoot. Follow Audrey on IG @audreystewisart Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Watch this episode @


#71: "Morbid Birthdays & Failed New Years'" - Brian Sutow

Holidays and birthdays haven't been kind to guest Brian Sutow. Not one but both of his grandfathers' died on his birthday. He also broke up with his girlfriend on Valentine's Day and felt the consequences the following New Year's Eve. Also, Joe shares a tale of new years woe as he didn't kiss the girl (who had driven two hours to spend the holiday with him) at midnight. Why didn't he kiss her? Because of Zach Braff! Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Watch this episode @...


#70: "Homeless Models & Super-Glued Ears" - Caitlin Alyn

Caitlin Alyn dated the same guy throughout most of her 20's, so now she's playing catch-up. She talks about the crazy world of dating, (including unknowingly dating a homeless model), how men like her body now but not when she was in middle school and some early weird/creepy sexual experiences that set her back a few years. You can listen to Cailtlin's podcast, SINGLE AF wherever you listen to pods. Follow Caitlin on Instagram @caitlinalyn Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Watch...


#69: "Religious Catfish & a Failed One-Night-Stand at Grandma's House" - Kevin Nahai

Guest Kevin Nahai (The Other Side) has been catfished not once but twice and he laughs about it with Joe. Also, Joe talks about a failed one night stand while living with his Grandmother in North Carolina. The shooting at Tree of Life temple in Pittsburgh is a tragedy that sadly we have seen far too many times. If you'd like to support the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) or find out more about the great work they are doing both for Jewish individuals as well as immigrants of all kinds,...


#68: "Some Drugs, a Robbery & an Ass Kicking" - Steve Lee

Steve Lee did his share of drugs back in the day. While he’s sober now, he shares two epic stories with Joe that include: theft of said drugs, pizza, a royal butt kicking, skittles and a peak into an alternate reality. Throw in a trip to Tower Records, guys with baseball bats and a janitor with some sage advice and you've got yourself a wild time. Be sure to watch the STEEBEE WEEBEE Show on Youtube! Listen to Steve's music @ Follow Steve on Instagram...