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Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.

Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.


Los Angeles, CA


Every Wednesday guests tell embarrassing, strange, possibly even horrible stories from their past, just so we can laugh at the pain of it all.






#122: "See Where Your Biases Lie" - Martin Morrow

Comedian and writer Martin Morrow talks with Joe about microaggressions and the importance of finding where the prejudice in all of us lies and working to let those things go. Listen to Martin's standup special, MAGIC OF THE CITY Read Martin's work on Medium Follow Martin on Instagram


#121: Never Too Late to Educate - Shapel Lacey

Comedian Shapel Lacey talks with Joe about all that has happened following the murder of George Floyd including the need for all of us to educate ourselves, the struggles Shapel as since overcome thanks to being told he "wasn't black" because of his love of punk rock and skateboarding culture and how white people shouldn't be afraid to ask "dumb questions" because it starts an important and much needed dialogue. Read Shapel's blog, "I'm Still Black and No One Can Take that Away From...


#120: "Cruisin' For a Poopin'" - Christian Coma

BLACK VEIL BRIDES drummer Christian Coma talks with Joe about dating unstable people, getting food poisoning (and shitting his pants in epic Dumb and Dumber fashion) an hour before a date and the many struggles and sacrifices he endured that keep him humble even when performing in front of 90,000 people. Follow CC on Instagram @Ceesespieces


"Craigslist Meltdown" - Alex Oliver (re-release)

Stay away, Craigslist! That's what Alex Oliver learned after unknowingly scamming college girls out of salon memberships and selling baseball cards to a sketchy stranger four hours away, all so he could pay a month's rent. Thankfully he didn't die, but he did have his one and only breakdown in the process. Originally aired May 16, 2018.


#119: "D.U.FLY and Why" - Lila Hart

Comedian Lil Hart didn't get a DUI, she got a DU FLY. She talks with Joe about getting arrested on a flight pre-takeoff for being drunk and the aftermath that followed. She also talks about growing up with spina bifida, a disease that stunted her growth and could have left her in a wheelchair. Thankfully she's healthy, happy and hiking these days but it wasn't easy. Follow Lila on Instagram @lovelilahart Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram...


#118: "There's Pee in My Mermaid Tail" - Irina Voronina

Comedian/Model/Playmate Irina Voronina talks about that less than glamorous behind-the-scenes life of being a model, growing up in the USSR and when her first Playboy photos went viral but the internet was new and she had no idea what was going on. Follow Irina on Instagram @irinavoronina Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @


#116: "Breakup (during) Sex" - Ariana Basseri

A guy broke up with comedian Ariana Basseri...while they were having sex. It was as awkward as you would imagine. She laughs with Joe about what happened immediately after, other bad breakups, and some of the questionable dates she's been on. They also discuss Ariana's comedy career and growing up a drycleaning heiress. Follow Ariana on Instagram @arianabasseri Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @...


#115: "Bus Boy Blunders & Shotgun Stickups" - Shaun Kama

Tattoo Master and all around artistic badass wizard Shaun Kama talks with Joe about the time, when he was five years old he ate the body of Christ, the traumatic incident that led to him walking out of his busboy job and finally, a drugged out boss wielding mailtoff cocktails and shotguns. It's a fun, earnest conversation with one of the most genuine people on the planet. Enjoy! Follow Shaun on Instagram @halloweentattoos Shaun's upcoming Art & Rock n Roll show in Vegas HERE Follow Joe on...


#114: "First Kiss Tears & Suburban Cemetery Fears" - Brandon Black

7th grade was a whirlwind for comedian Brandon Black. He had his first kiss, which ended badly. He and his family also moved from inner-city Los Angeles 80 miles away to the suburbs. Brandon laughs with Joe as he recalls multiple early breakups in his life, adapting to suburban life, their love of Taco Bell and why neither of them had a girlfriend in high school. Follow Brandon on Instagram @iambrandonblack Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram...


#113: "Apartment Managing Mayhem" - Katie K

Comedian Katie K has an unusual and stress-inducing day job. She manages multiple apartment buildings and boy does she have some stories to tell! From being called by detectives to a Scooby-Doo style reveal that a coworker was more than he appeared to multiple idiots wanting things from her, Katie earns her "free" rent. Follow Katie on Instagram @katiekcomedy Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @...


#112: “Friends Forever?” - Jazmyn W

Comedian Jazmyn W got matching tattoos with her two best friends. Thanks to some ridiculous (and very funny) quarrels they haven't spoken in years. Jazmyn and Joe talk about how friends and significant others can be out of your life without missing a beat and often times over silly reasons. Follow Jazmyn on Instagram @jazmynjw Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram @badtimesgoodstoriespodcast Watch this episode @


#111: "A Stripper in the Dorm Room" - Mike Falzone

Comedian Mike Falzone nearly got kicked out of college after partying a liiiiiitle too hard for a freshman. He talks with Joe about the crazy night, his ridiculous attempt at distancing himself from it and the repercussions of said night. Later, Joe explains to Mike why he has a problem with authority thanks to his run-ins with the cops. Also, Joe talks about being a "hole tester" for the ABC show "Holy Moley". It didn't go well. Follow Mike on Instagram @mikefalzone Follow Joe on...


#110: "An Unexpected Crackhead On My Couch" - Rob Morris

Rob Morris awoke one morning to discover a crackhead he had never met before passed out on his couch. It was only through some crafty early morning detective work he was able to come to this conclusion. He talks with Joe about the lead up to this discovery, the interaction he had with her and the aftermath, climaxing with him friending her on Instagram. Also, Joe shares a story involving himself, some teenagers, a homeless man and a burrito and they talk about the sadness that's behind their...


#109: "A Funeral at Hometown Buffet" - Aidan Park

Comedian Aidan Park lost his boyfriend to cancer one year ago. He talks with Joe about how the steps he's taking to grieve and continue living; positive thinking, not acting like a victim, trying to give back and and...drugs and lots of sex. Aidan also talks about moving to the US as a child, his time working as a political organizer and the kid's birthday party company he started. Follow Aidan on Instagram @aidanparkshow Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on Instagram...


#108: "My Ex-Fiancée StarF*cked a Celebrity" - Brian O'Connell

LA comedy wizard Brian O'Connell (BOC) thought he found his partner for life. Turns out, a move to Los Angeles doomed the would-be marriage. Brian talks about the many variables that led to the engagement's demise including drugs, distance and infidelity--with a celebrity. Brian laughs with Joe about the darkness that followed in his life, how happy he is to have actually found his forever person, and how his sister was a passenger on the "Miracle on the Hudson" flight. Watch Brian's new...


#107: "Famous, Broke, Toothless & Homeless" - Willie Macc

Willie Macc has seen high highs and low lows. At 21 he was a star on the mega-hit BET reality show College Hill. Hanging with celebrities and signing autographs all while working as a telemarketer. A few years later he was flat broke, missing some teeth and homeless, staying on friends couches. He talks with Joe about the crazy whirlwind life he's led and how next time he reaches that level of fame, thanks to his stand-up career, he'll be ready. Also, Willie talks about losing his virginity...


#106: "The Bastard Who Got Busted at Drug Camp" - Jason Sereno

Jason Sereno found himself in two unusual situations; one he had no control over and the other he had complete control over. First, he talks with Joe about growing up a bastard and how that affected him both as a kid (it sucked) and adult (there's a happy ending!). Then they talk about the time in highschool where Jason got busted getting high--at an anti-drug leadership conference. Jason and Joe also talk of their love of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the ballad Jason wrote for her. Check out...


#105: "Bad Times, Happy Endings" - Lin Sun

Comedian Lin Sun lived quite a life before pursuing comedy. She talks with Joe about how she ended up being her own pimp (after briefly dating one) and giving private massages and "happy endings", going to jail for those massages, the crazy circumstances that led to her being a single parent and how, after giving birth to get son, she found the gumption to start stand-up comedy at the age of 39. Follow Lin on Instagram @linsuntv Follow Joe on Instagram @flandangerous Follow BTGS on...


#104: "Backstabbing Boyfriend" - Nicola Foti

Youtube star Nicola Foti thought he found his "forever person"--until he discovered said person was cheating on him...with Nicola's best friend...and he found on while they were all on vacation together. Nicola laughs with Joe about how he handled this news, how he ended up in his soon to be ex's house without permission and what he learned from the whole messy ordeal. Follow Nicola on Instagram @soundlyawake Watch Nicola on his Youtube page @ Follow Joe on...