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Want to listen to some guys talking about some stuff? Well, this is for you.

Want to listen to some guys talking about some stuff? Well, this is for you.
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Want to listen to some guys talking about some stuff? Well, this is for you.






Episode 15 - Why are Ants Cooler than anything Benton has to say?

This week, the gang is joined by the very talented and interesting Simon LeBlanc. We discuss why ants and people aren't so different, we weigh-in on the nature vs. nurture debate, and we find out about a couple projects Simon has on the go, through Tusket Island Boat Tours and his Up and Coming music showcases. We also play a once in a life time musical game where hopefully Ben gets to slap Benton! Here's hoping...


Epsidoe 14- Where Does Fear Come?

In Episode 14 the gang gets spooky with a look into their own worst fears, the science behind where fear comes from, and delve in to the horrors of a 1920's unsolved axe murder. Maybe we should have done all this creppy stuff in Episode 13! At any rate come step into our twighligt zone and get lost in the horrors of life.


Episode 13 - What does the Russian Military Have Lurking in the Water?

In Episode Lucky 13, the gang tries to solve the issue of violence and brain trauma in sports, we weigh in on the positives and dangers of artificial intelligence, and perhaps even more frightening, we talk about Russia's plans to weaponize Flipper. Come along on our journey of discovery!


Episode 12 - Have We Finally Determined What Killed the Dinosaurs?

This week in episode 12, we have a very special guest: Matthew Drew, scientist brother of host Ben Drew. A PhD student in glaciology (the study of glaciers), we talk about about the threats facing our climate today and also the causes of mass extinctions in the past. The gang also chats about parenting, hockey playoffs, and how Measles parties may help take care of the anti-vaxxer problem. Come along for the journey of a lifetime!


Episode 11- Does Tiger Woods Deserve Redemption?

In this unforgettable episode, the boys discuss crazy advances in science and 3D printing. We also take a look at athletes as idols, which leads to Benton discussing his love for Tiger Woods. We also take deep dive into what Game of Thrones is doing to TV and culture for its viewers. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Episode 10 - Could Raves Protect Us From the Deadliest Animal on the Planet?

Here we are at episode 10! This week Spring has fully sprung and we find out if it is possible for Benton to truly hate everything, we debate the pros and cons of policing the internet, and we find out what music can protect you from disease-riddled pests. Grab your glowsticks and soothers, we're keeping it bumping!


Barncast Episode 9 - Is Time Actually Speeding Up as You Age?

It's Episode 9 time! This week we have a very special guest, long time friend of the show Steve Berry is here, with a very special announcement! Also on the show: we figure out why time moves faster as you age, talk about the Mandela theory of alternate realities, and the adventures of Florida man return! This one's going to be a barn-burner!


Episode 8 - Store Self-Checkouts, Innovation or Menace?

In Episode 8, the gang finds out what type of music helps make the best cheese, they use the "weigh in" to check-in on store self check-outs, and end up on a terrorism watch-list. All in the pursuit of higher knowledge! Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride!


Barncast Episode 7 MEGASODE!

Welcome to the March Break Megasode, an episode so juicy, you may need to consume it in more than one sitting. This week we are joined by a guest-host who set a record fidget spinning for over 24 straight, we look at the advancements in making a real-life Jurassic Park, and we introduce a new segment where we look at a controversial way to stop global warming! Buckle-up, we just turned this podcast up to MEGA! (not to be confused with MAGA)


Episode 6 - When Was the Actual Start to WWII?

Well, you've made it to episode 6. I suppose a congrats is in order. On this episode we discuss the most badass ways to preserve ecosystems, saving the world in the coolest ways possible and we dive into the complex world of World War 2 origins! Fire on your camo crocs and have a listen!


Episode 5 - Why is Russian Snow Changing Colours?

In episode 5 we discuss why there might be worse snow to put in your mouth than yellow, we talk about the finer points of brewing beer with Heritage Breweries brewmaster Jason Murphy, we try to determine the most unfortunate name in sports, and of course we learn about one of the most industrious animals... ants! Enjoy the episode cool cats! (We're bringing it back!)


Episode 4 - What Will Happen is the Earth's Poles Flip?

In episode 4 we discuss what really happens when the Earth's poles switch, we get high culture about music, and discuss the very real threat of an INFECTION that is literally CREATING ZOMBIES... out of deer! Can you say click bait? Come, pull a seat up at our table and share in a juicy helping of knowledge!


Episode 3 - What's Going on in the Russian Forests?

In Episode 3 we solve the greatest Russian murder conspiracy, the greatest nation that never was in Outer Baldonia, plus a whole lot more. Come change the world with us!


Episode 2 - Do Canadians Deserve the North?

Welcome back to the Barn for Episode 2 of the Barncast. In this weeks episode we take a deeper dive into a couple local celebs, a science lesson with Ben, and a look into life in the Canadian North. We also would like to welcome our first sponsor, Heritage Brewery in Yarmouth, NS. Sit back and enjoy.


Episode 1 - What's Better Than Chatting With a Nova Scotian? Chatting With Three!

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of Barncast. We want you to hangout with us; Benton, Tyler and Ben, while we talk about everything under the sun. But, mostly just the things we actually have some knowledge about. Hope you enjoy. Look Ma, we made it!