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Want to listen to some guys talking about some stuff? Well, this is for you.

Want to listen to some guys talking about some stuff? Well, this is for you.
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Want to listen to some guys talking about some stuff? Well, this is for you.






Episode 29 - How Do You Smuggle Yourself Into Europe?

This week, the gang is one member down (Benton is in Prague). Don't fret, they are joined by Mark Davis and Marc MacFarland for one of the best episodes yet! They talk about what it is like to smuggle yourself into Europe, why you should always save you Snapchat story, why hitch hiking is the best form of travel, and debate on if everyone should receive $1200 a month just for existing! Get ready to Ignite yourself into a new realm of thought!


Episode 28 - What Is the Only Happy Story to Come Out of Russia?

This week the gang is joined by special guest David MacLean, a talent scout for professional hockey teams. They talk about what life is like for an NHL scout, the miracle plane landing in Russia, the scary situation unfolding in Hong Kong, and weigh in on what "professional sports" are garbage! Tie up those skates because nothing is offside this week... Gotta love hockey puns.


Episode 27 - What is the Danger of Climate Change No One Will Talk About?

This week the gang is joined by special guest Dr. Medicine. While cracking-wise, they determine if psychics have hearts, how to access the dark web, and why yeast could become the downfall of humanity. Slip off your flip-flops and kick back with a glass of Heritage for this barn dance!


Episode 26 - Why Does Science Owe a "Grave" Debt to Body Snatchers?

In Episode 26, the gang gets together to analyse a family brawl and Disneyland, weigh in on whether childless millennials should give preference to families with children at theme parks, and talk about the creepy history of the science of human anatomy. Where else are you going to get this much action in an hour?


Episode 25 - Have We Finally Disproved the Moon Landing?

Tyler has rejoined the gang in Episode 25, were they discuss a whole lot of personal stories including having your teeth ripped out and meeting French Neo Nazis. We also talk about what was going on with that hot weather and prove the moon landing was fake, once and for all!


Episode 24 - How Does Someone Get Pregnant From Oral Sex?

This week the gang is down a member but they make up for it with with two guest hosts! Mark Davis joins them to talk about his latest project in boosting the creativity in Yarmouth with Ignite Labs. We are also joined by Dr. Medicine himself, who gives us a crazy lesson in sex-ed. They also talk about the organ harvesting industry in china and weigh-in on Elon Musk's new brain implants! This is one action packed ride.


Episode 23 - Who is Captain Smelly Hands?

The gang welcomes an amazing special guest Clark Sigfridson. They talk about the cool science that is going on behind the scenes of the Cafe Clarke coffee truck, weigh in on what Olympic sports deserve to be there, and talk about the most popular show on nerflix: Stranger Things. Remember, if life was a coffee, this episode would be the cream.


Episode 22 - How Did a Civil War Gut Shot Become One of the Greatest Medical Breakthroughs?

In Episode 22 the gang is joined by long-time brother of the show, Nathan Drew, for some amazing medical stories and we weigh-in on the latest and greatest in Chinese social control. Just do as we say and it will all be alright!


Episode 21 - Why are People Growing Tree Bark on Their Skin?

This week the gang gets all sorts of side tracked going through the famous Yarmouth sailing story of "The Voyage of Many Rudders". Tyler steals the Science Corner to look at a truly horrifying disease and we discuss our favorite 90s fashion trends. Loose the sails and raise the anchor, it's about to get rocky!


Episode 20 - Are you more likely to die from the man flu?

Welcome to the 20th anniversary or the Barncast! This week the gang announces our amazing new beer collaboration with Heritage Breweries, we talk about the world's most dangerous jobs, and we figure out if men are faking the flu. This may be the best podcast episode ever made!


Episode 19 - Is There a Pyromaniacal Poltergeist in Antigonish?

In Episode 19 the gang gets eerie with the story of the Fire-spooS of Caledonia Mills, a true, Nova Scotia, horror story. We also share travel tips and stories and determine who would win in the hopeful fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise.


Episode 18 - How Are We Going to Colonize the Solar System?

Join the gang on the 75th anniversary of D-Day for Episode 18, where you'll find all sorts of amazing facts about the invasion of Normandy, methods we can use to colonize the universe and we weigh in on if video game addiction is a real illness. Put down your controller and put on your space suit... We're blasting off!


Episode 17- How Does an Entire Village Drop Dead in a Matter of Minutes?

This week the gang welcomes back newly elected Councilor Steve Berry and we hash out all the problems facing small town Nova Scotia, we look at a killer lake in Africa, and talk about the world's largest open-air grave yard, Mt. Everest! From the highest heights to the shores or Yarmouth we uncover the truth!


Episode 16 - What Dark Secrets are Hiding at McGill University?

In Episode 16, the gang gets all Quebec about everything. We discuss adventures to our French province and take a look at the very disturbing role that the University of McGill in Montreal played in the CIA's Project MKUltra while trying to create techniques in brainwashing and mind control. C'est incroyable!


Episode 15 - Why are Ants Cooler than anything Benton has to say?

This week, the gang is joined by the very talented and interesting Simon LeBlanc. We discuss why ants and people aren't so different, we weigh-in on the nature vs. nurture debate, and we find out about a couple projects Simon has on the go, through Tusket Island Boat Tours and his Up and Coming music showcases. We also play a once in a life time musical game where hopefully Ben gets to slap Benton! Here's hoping...


Epsidoe 14- Where Does Fear Come?

In Episode 14 the gang gets spooky with a look into their own worst fears, the science behind where fear comes from, and delve in to the horrors of a 1920's unsolved axe murder. Maybe we should have done all this creppy stuff in Episode 13! At any rate come step into our twighligt zone and get lost in the horrors of life.


Episode 13 - What does the Russian Military Have Lurking in the Water?

In Episode Lucky 13, the gang tries to solve the issue of violence and brain trauma in sports, we weigh in on the positives and dangers of artificial intelligence, and perhaps even more frightening, we talk about Russia's plans to weaponize Flipper. Come along on our journey of discovery!


Episode 12 - Have We Finally Determined What Killed the Dinosaurs?

This week in episode 12, we have a very special guest: Matthew Drew, scientist brother of host Ben Drew. A PhD student in glaciology (the study of glaciers), we talk about about the threats facing our climate today and also the causes of mass extinctions in the past. The gang also chats about parenting, hockey playoffs, and how Measles parties may help take care of the anti-vaxxer problem. Come along for the journey of a lifetime!


Episode 11- Does Tiger Woods Deserve Redemption?

In this unforgettable episode, the boys discuss crazy advances in science and 3D printing. We also take a look at athletes as idols, which leads to Benton discussing his love for Tiger Woods. We also take deep dive into what Game of Thrones is doing to TV and culture for its viewers. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Episode 10 - Could Raves Protect Us From the Deadliest Animal on the Planet?

Here we are at episode 10! This week Spring has fully sprung and we find out if it is possible for Benton to truly hate everything, we debate the pros and cons of policing the internet, and we find out what music can protect you from disease-riddled pests. Grab your glowsticks and soothers, we're keeping it bumping!