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"Basic Witches" is a comedy spiritual podcast, hosted by comedians Leah Knauer & Rachel Laforest, as they interview comedians, musicians, artists, and fellow witches about the magic of life, manifestation, and sexuality, followed by a Goddess Oracle Card Reading.

"Basic Witches" is a comedy spiritual podcast, hosted by comedians Leah Knauer & Rachel Laforest, as they interview comedians, musicians, artists, and fellow witches about the magic of life, manifestation, and sexuality, followed by a Goddess Oracle Card Reading.
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"Basic Witches" is a comedy spiritual podcast, hosted by comedians Leah Knauer & Rachel Laforest, as they interview comedians, musicians, artists, and fellow witches about the magic of life, manifestation, and sexuality, followed by a Goddess Oracle Card Reading.








"EpicEpicurean" with EpicLloyd

We get dark in the most light-hearted way with comedian Lloyd "EpicLloyd" Ahlquist ("Epic Rap Battles of History" on YouTube) as we dive into life, death, and how we humans get caught up in the Paradox of Choice. We chat with the self-described "Epicurean" about how men are like taxis, how Lloyd got duped by a psychic, and why Leah can never date a guy named "Ryan". In closing, Leah and Rachel give EpicLloyd (@theepiclloyd) a Goddess Oracle Card reading and the future is lookin'...


"Blackbird, Fly" with Pro Witch Kira von Sutra

Watch out, ladies and gents - we got a spooky b*tch in the stu, Pro Witch Kira von Sutra! Not shy of the occult, Kira shares with us what it's like to serve a dark Pagan goddess. In her case: the Morrigan. We learn the truth about fairies, touch on psychic mindmelds, and the new discoveries behind Quantum Entanglement. Also, Kira tells us all about the demon that lived in her house! Keep your mouth shut so that demons won't enter through you, but keep your ears open for Kira's Tarot tips for...


"Light it Up & Burn it Down" with Mary Jane Gibson

Writer/performer and co-host of Weed & Grub podcast Mary Jane Gibson is a highlarious Goddess who radiates with love, laughter, and warmth. Do you believe there is a beyond, or is it just in our brains? As Leah puts it so profoundly, perhaps they are one in the same. We get fiery talking about Burning Man, astrology, WikiFeet, and what happens to us after we die. Oh, and we were blazin' it up, so you're welcome for all the highdeas on the Universe. In closing, Leah and Rach give Mary Jane...


*BONUS*: Basic Blessings of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, here is our gift to you, the true gift that keeps on giving: gratitude! This special *BONUS* episode is a Basic Blessings compilation of everything Leah, Rachel, and their incredible guests have been grateful for in 2018. What have YOU been grateful for? Let us know on IG @BasicWitchesPod! See you in 2019, witches. xo Subscribe! Review! Share! And we promise we won’t put a hex on you <3


"Getting Uncomfortable" with Darren Bousman

Lores and legends, secret societies, and the real-life occult… these are a few of Darren Bousman's favorite things! Roast some marshmallows ‘cause Darren has some spooky stories that’ll make you feel like we’re sitting around a campfire! From his big break directing Saw II, III, and IV to life as a father, we dive deep into the darkness of demons and the light of magic. We know that we don’t know anything and each Leah, Rach, and Darren profess that the power of life lies in staying out of...


"Everything is Always Working Out for Me" with Natasha Estrada

Your favorite baby witches are joined by mama witch/comedian/burlesque dancer/musician/QUEEN, Natasha Estrada for one of our most feel-good eps yet. Quite literally, we talk about feeling yourself physically and emotionally. We take a trip talking about psychedelics, ritual baths, the art of Tapping, and the hippie Canadian commune Natasha was raised in. Leah gets caught having sex, Natasha is crushing hard on Danny Devito, Rach continues opening up about being open, and guess what? They’re...


"The Angels and the A-List" with Santina Muha

Remember how we used to be able to watch a movie and *not* feel bad about being “unproductive”? Hilarious actor/writer Santina Muha tells us what she learned from being hospitalized for months as a kid: it’s okay to slow down and just color! Leah totally gets it ‘cuz rehab was like her summer camp. This episode is all about The Secret and the stars! From Santina crossing over and talking to God after a near-death accident, to manifesting meeting her #1 celebrity crush, to finding the...


"Unconditional Love" with Morgan Jay

Your fav bb witches are joined by sexy self-love practicing stand-up comic & singer/songwriter Morgan Jay. After he serenades us (Swoon City!), we break-down his broody, brash, and hilarious lyrics and the moments in his life that inspired them. Rach and Leah chat with Morgan about the importance of dressing well as self-care, the after(life)-effects of ghosting, and we get a much-delayed update on Leah's (ex*) lover. In closing, Leah and Rachel give Morgan (@morganjay) a Goddess Oracle Card...


"Sickness and Self-Worth" with Stephanie Mickus

'Tis the season... flu season! And how appropriate you'll hear Rachel's cough drop for the entire episode, so you're welcome for those ASMR tingles! Synchronistically, Leah and Rach are joined by writer Stephanie Mickus who grew up with serious Crohn's disease, has been in and out of hospitals, and even went on a Make-A-Wish patronage to holy water. We chat about how sickness can affect your self-worth, EDMR therapy, Pocket Mantras, visceral organ manipulation, Radical Aliveness Core...


"Healing Hands" with Natasha Chandel

Leah and Rachel kick it in the stu with actor/writer and host of the Kinda Dating podcast, Natasha Chandel, for another enlightening episode. In this ep, we myth-bust the Salem Witch Trials, learn about Natasha's healing hands, how #MeToo has improved the "casting couch" culture in India, and Rachel's body gets possessed!!!! the flu. Natasha tells us you know everything you need to know about a partner in Week One... but of course, we'll pretend we didn't hear that and just cruise past...


"Discerning Polyamory" with Eli Olsberg

Stand-up comedian and poly proponent Eli Olsberg joins us and opens the box on all things open-relationships! Eli gives us the scoop on compersion, birth charts, AstroMemes, and where he found the best cosmic dating advice: in a tweet. Rach asks Eli for advice on when to disclose her openness to a new lover and Leah sticks up for monogamy - she wants to find "The One", while Rach and Eli want "The One, The Two, The Three..." In closing, Rachel and Leah give Eli (@eliolsberg) a Goddess Oracle...


"Witchcraft = Wisdom" with Pro-Witch Amanda Yates Garcia (The Oracle of Los Angeles)

Manifestation Nation! Leah lets us in on how she manifested a part in Kevin Smith's movie and recently finally got to meet him (!!) and Rach manifested exactly what she asked for just days after a BW full moon sigil magic ceremony. Leah and Rachel are then joined by super-Pro Witch Amanda Yates Garcia (aka The Oracle of Los Angeles). She's got resting witch face and nothin' but knowledge! We chat about the Divine Feminine Uprising, receiving gifts from the beyond, the difference between male...


"ClitSit & the Magic of Sexual Healing" with Pro Witch Aidi Kansas

Aidi Kansas schools us on the psychic/sexual connections, quantum healing, and the movement she’s started called #ClitSit. Turns out your “school slut” was for sure a feminist hero, you can have energy orgasms, and we find out the reason you might “P.E.A.” yourself over a new crush. Aidi gives us a recipe to manifestation through something called “clitabis” - 1 part weed, a dash of meditation, and a whole lotta holding your…self *wink*. In closing, we give Aidi a Goddess Oracle Card reading...


"New You, New York" with Chelsea Gehr

Leah and Rachel get witchy with boss make-up artist and SkinnedCare founder Chelsea Gehr before she moves to NYC to work with the best in the biz and, obvi, meet her future hubby. We chat about attachment styles in adult relationships and how staying with those that disrespect us, we’re actually disrespecting ourselves. Chels wants to move away from LA dating, Rach wants to get on Raya, and Leah finally decides to sever ties with her emotionally unavailable lover. If only we could just...


"Let's Be B*tches" with Dani Fernandez

Dani Fernandez (comedian/host with some real Bruja blood in her!) joins us as we shed some tears for swipe culture, learn what it’s like to be attracted to nice guys (say what?!), and realize it’s time for more male allies to help in women’s fight for respect. Woof! Leah and Rach are both heart-tired regarding the #MeToo movement and from being *trick*-or-treated into dates disguised as business meetings. In closing, we give Dani (@msdanifernandez) a Goddess Oracle Card reading where one of...


"Dance It Out" with Box of Beats (Brandon Martinez)

In a Basic Witches first, Rach and Leah are accidentally totally stoned, but still manage to converse about the power of music, the long-game of creative careers, and the magical unknown with our guest, the insanely talented beatboxer/live-looper, Box of Beats (Brandon Martinez). B.O.B. (not the one that believes the Earth is flat) tells us how surrendering to life makes magic happen and that no one is ever supposed to understand this ish. The mega-musican blesses us with his dope AF...


"Cuddling" with Pro Witch Christina Hepburn

Just call out her name, and you know wherever you are, she’ll come cuddlin’: it’s Pro Witch and Pro Cuddler, Christina Hepburn! From Christina’s cuddle sesh with The Hill’s Speidi (yes, that Speidi) to corn making hornets work for them (yaaas, corn!), we’ve got the birds and the bees covered in this episode. We'll learn about “heart hugs”, “dry willies”, and how spooning is like, sooo mainstream. After Christina, Rachel, and Leah’s on-air hand orgy, they chat about consent as it applies to...


"21st Century Gentleman" with Tayo Rockson

TedX speaker Tayo Rockson, who happens to be a Scorpio/Ravenclaw like Rach, joins us as we discuss masculinity, femininity, the 5 houses of health, and how boys need to cry!!! Tayo enlightens us on his journey from boyhood to manhood and learning how to navigate his own emotions in an over-masculine world. Tayo's 21st Century Gentleman manifesto is officially on Rachel & Leah's “required reading list” for future lovers - so read up, boys & girls. In closing, Tayo (@tayorockson) is very bold...


"The Magical Unknown" with Alison Rich

Alison Rich: Harvard grad, actor/writer, and… Scientology tourist? In this hot hot ep, we dive into the magic of not knowing, intuitive eating, and Rach & Leah each define what being a “witch” means to them. After being “dream-adjacent” at a little show called Saturday Night Live, Alison walks us through her journey of getting and losing that job and yet, it was all for her maximum benefit. And don’t worry - we finally revisit Rachel’s break-up and she somehow ends up passing along some...


"Kali Girl" with Hayley Marie Norman

Hayley Marie Norman (actress/comedian, host on Access Hollywood) gets witchy with us as we talk sex magik, vintage masturbation, and crystals for your vajeen. Hayley is a clairvoyant badass vegan boss bish who has dinners with icons and dishes exclusively to Basic Witches about everyone’s new favorite Royal. Plus, she tells the story of how her dog dying led her to her future husband… and then manifested its way back as her cat. In closing, we have Hayley (@hipslipsandfingertips) give...