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"Basic Witches" is a comedy spiritual podcast, hosted by comedians Leah Knauer & Rachel Laforest, as they interview comedians, musicians, artists, and fellow witches about the magic of life, manifestation, and sexuality, followed by a Goddess Oracle Card Reading.

"Basic Witches" is a comedy spiritual podcast, hosted by comedians Leah Knauer & Rachel Laforest, as they interview comedians, musicians, artists, and fellow witches about the magic of life, manifestation, and sexuality, followed by a Goddess Oracle Card Reading.
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"Basic Witches" is a comedy spiritual podcast, hosted by comedians Leah Knauer & Rachel Laforest, as they interview comedians, musicians, artists, and fellow witches about the magic of life, manifestation, and sexuality, followed by a Goddess Oracle Card Reading.








"The Witches' Brew" with Angelica Kelly

Open your mind and a bottle of kombucha, if ya got one! Or make your own by learning from the the DIY Kombucha Kween herself, Angelica Kelly of “YouBrew Kombucha” on YouTube! Leah and Rachel chat with Angelica about the benefits of meditation, letting go of expectations and perfectionism, the “Mother” scoby, and staying open-minded to opportunities. Listen in on how Angelica “accidentally” gained 30K subscribers and how you can too, by simply being an amateur at whatever drives your...


"Exploring the Youniverse" with Ramin Nazer

Close your eyes and take a trip inside your mind with us... a journey through the YOUniverse within yourself! Psychedelic and thought-provoking artist/comedian Ramin Nazer came to the pod and blew our minds! We're talkin' downloads from aliens, synchronicities from surrendering, manifesting, going "digital", evolving towards love, and burning all the 2D lines we think of as "reality"! Thank Goddess that Ramin has a positive outlook with his bright predictions of the future. This episode is...


"Find Your Inner 'Hmm'" with RJ Aguiar

Queer aspiring comic, unapologetic Insta-thot, and an O.G. YouTuber, R.J. Aguiar is a witch who doesn't hold back. We sing our way - literally - through this episode tracing witchcraft back to its roots and into today. Laugh along with us through joyous convos on masculine/feminine, freaky candle magic, divorce, working through the shadow self, and a whole lot of harmony. TLDR? We're all one, witches. In closing, Leah and Rach give RJ (@damnitrj) a Goddess Oracle card reading. Follow your...


"Taking the Third Door" with Alex Banayan

Knock, knock, knock - who's behind door #3? It's our long sought-after guest and author of The Third Door, Alex Banayan! This man has interviewed incredible people like Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Jane Goodall, Maya Angelou, but now the tables have turned. We manifested Alex into the studio to chat manifesting via the Third Door, vulnerability, "doing the work", sexual harassment, healing, the importance of gratitude, and asking for WTF you want! Oh my Goddess, you are going to love this episode....


"Posession Session" with Pro-Witch Rachel "R.H." Stavis

We all "have our demons", but Pro-Witch RH Stavis (Cosmpolitan, Newsweek, NPR) is an exorcist working to rid people and spaces of unwanted "attachments". Rachel is able to see entities with her eyes plain as day, and also gets visited by some spooky ones at night. She has to take her self-care to the next level and explains why everyone needs to do the work to keep their vibrations high - because possession is way more common than you think! Leah, Rach, and R.H. chat exorcisms, healing mama...


"Get Him To The Date!" with Daliya Karnofsky

Dating coach and host of the "Not Your Therapist" podcast, Daliya Karnofsky, is going to teach you how to swipe *right*, so you can find an amazing partner! Leah and Rachel get the dish from Daliya about dating to discover, how it's HOT to be treated well, monogamy, and how dating should be fun - PLUS she gives some solid dating profile tips! In closing, Leah and Rachel give Daliya (@daliyakarnofsky) a Goddess Oracle Card reading. Follow your intuwitchin’ by following us: @BasicWitchesPod...


"Chosen Family" with Reed Brice

We are so grateful for comedian & trans man Reed Brice for opening up and sharing his transition story with us. Reed aims to speak openly and publicly so that other trans people can live their lives and not need to constantly explain themselves. Reed chats with Leah and Rachel about the spiritual journey of going through a second puberty, top surgery, coming out after the 2016 election, experiencing both male AND female orgasms, and finding his chosen family - and he does it all with honesty...


"Breakdown to Breakthrough" with Kelli Tennant

From sports broadcasting to hosting her spiritual pod “Ceremony Wellness”, Kelli Tennant is living proof of the concept “breakdown to breakthrough”. She’s overcome chronic illness and bravely transitioned out of a career wrought with toxic masculinity with grace, asking herself the tough questions, and truly finding her voice. And wouldn’t ya know it - finding her voice also reinvigorated her sexuality! Leah and Rachel chat with Kelli about crystals and masturbating, sex more than once a...


"Tapped-In to the Vortex" with Pro-Witch Gala Darling

Witches, we can sh*t talk it all we want but this time we gotta have gratitude for the ‘gram… because it brought us PRO WITCH and boss-queen Gala Darling. This witch is on a mission to make women filthy rich so they can save the world! She’s an intuitive money-making boss who is totally tapped-in to the Vortex - quite literally. Gala breaks down tapping (also called Emotional Freedom Technique “EFT” therapy), which is basically acupuncture without needles, to break down energetic blocks and...


"It's Gettin' Hot in Here" with Josh Willis

You’re getting warmer… warmer… warm-AH! TOO HOT. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE. J/K, but not J/K - we are seriously running out of time to prevent the worst catastrophes of global warming. Space dude, oceanographer, and NASA climate scientist at JPL, Josh Willis tells it like it is, while remaining optimistic that if we act now, we can possibly “stop the car” from driving off the cliff. We *dive* in and learn about ocean, the “frat boy” of weather patterns, fake news on climate change, and get a...


"Leggo My Ego" with Rachel LaForce

Call it fate, call it karma, call it anything but random that actor/writer/comedian Rachel LaForce ended up in The Comedy Store studio for the most real-talk talk. You'll be uplifted as we talk about lifting yourself up out of depression, how to be your own parent, and unlock the hustle vs. flow balance. LaForce is a force to be reckoned with, tackling self-care and creating alter ego characters with zero ego. We'll chat "Tracey", mood rings, actual angry birds, asking for what you want, and...


"You're Doing Enough" with Becky Robinson

Touring comic Becky Robinson (Wild 'N Out, Punchline) and her slew of hilarious characters will give you LOLz for dayz. From crushes on gymnastic coaches to avoiding crutches by switching sports, Becky looks at the positive side of life's tumbles. We talk about the scary sexy future and what virtual life may be like, cusp signs, the Lana Del Rey Gemini/Cancer scandal, bouncing boobs, burlesque performers, and ghosts who tunnel their way into trouble-making. In closing, Rachel and Leah give...


"The Spirits of The Store" with Pro-Witch Brittany Leigh

We finally got to do a reading of The (notoriously haunted) Comedy Store, and boy were there a lot of spirits in store! Leah and Rachel get witchy with fourth-generation Psychic Medium Brittany Leigh ( as our guide to the other side. Brittany channeled multiple beings from beyond and then shared with us what it's like being clairvoyant and how living/eating clean can improve your psychic abilities! Single or not, you might consider getting steamy with a...


"Let It Be Easy" with Sarah-Violet Bliss

Call off the search - we found her! It's co-creator, writer, and director of TBS' "Search Party", Sarah-Violet Bliss! This chill witch sits down with Leah and Rach to chat about how easy and lax she lets her witchery be, clairvoyance and clairaudience, cord-clearing vs. cord-cutting, yoga scams, our higher selves, and how we've all realized that nice guys are HOT. Not to mention, Sarah tells us a triple-verified spo0o0oky ghost story! In closing, Leah and Rachel give Sarah-Violet (@svbliss)...


"Bet Big on Yourself" with Eddie Furth & Ryan Pigg

Co-creators of Netflix's new "Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross" Eddie Furth and Ryan Pigg believe they had a hit TV show from the very inception of their idea. They walk us through the day-by-day journey that led to a dream coming true. From having a grandmother who survived the death camps in the Holocaust to then getting to roast Hitler (played by none other than Gilbert Gottfried), our first-ever dude duo sees and appreciates how dreams are built by dedication, focus, and "killing your...


"Ups and Downs" with Tori Piskin

Life is like an elevator - lots of ups and downs - just don't get stuck in one like comedian Tori Piskin did. But, if you do, she gives us tips in this episode on what to do! Despite the lows, Tori finds the highs, happiness, and humor in life. Leah and Rachel chat with Tori about dating in NYC vs. LA, fingers in butts, Skype psychics, manifesting, the power of positive thinking, and some freaky full moon behavior! In closing, we give Tori (@toripiskin) a Goddess Oracle Card reading. Listen...


"Believe Build Become" with Natacha Hildebrand

A rising tides lifts all ships, and Natacha "Tach" Hildebrand could darn well be the captain of all those ships. She didn't just work her way from the ground up - she quite literally did it from the basement up. Now VP and GM of AllBright, Tach is a strong female force connecting women at all levels (fellas, too!). We talk about "Mudita", the Power of Three... women in leadership positions!, and the power of teaching boys and men it's okay to feel all the feels. This episode is packed with...


"The Circles of Life" with Pro-Witch Maja D'Aoust

This is a big one. Like, life and death big. If you ask Pro-Witch Maja D'Aoust (, there are no endings and beginnings, no life and death - simply a changing of forms. Maja schools us on alchemy, the Ouroboros (the snake eating itself), growing up Pagan, the I-Ching, and seeing the never-ending circles of life. This smart witch is anti-manifest, anti-abundance, and a total centrist, so enjoy this change of pace! In closing, we end with a very well-rounded card pull...


"The Power of No" with Neel Nanda

No doubt about it, stand-up comic Neel Nanda (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Adam Devine's House Party) is a delight and total proof that failure leads to success. Hear how he *respectfully* rebelled against his religion... one burger at a time. Leah and Rachel chat with Neel about how small steps, consistency, and good karma will lead to your dreams coming true. Neel also shares a spo0o0oky Ouija board story! In closing, Leah and Rach give Neel (@neelnanda) a Goddess Oracle Card reading. Follow your...


"Fill Your Cup" with Greg Santos

Actor, comedian, Cuban, and America's sweetheart (wait, sorry, that's Jen Aniston) - it's Greg Santos gettin' basic with the Witches! [Palo] Santos schools us on Santeros (the dark arts), crystals for warts, talismans, and other Cuban traditions - or as he calls them, "magical superstitions". We talk about manifestation, "rollover goals", filling your own cup so you can find love, and literally filling a cup for your loved ones in the afterlife. Thank the Goddesses, Greg is helping men...