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Join Beard Games hosts Connor, Keith, and Nick as they spin gold out of a randomly generated name and the Idea Of The Week!

Join Beard Games hosts Connor, Keith, and Nick as they spin gold out of a randomly generated name and the Idea Of The Week!
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Join Beard Games hosts Connor, Keith, and Nick as they spin gold out of a randomly generated name and the Idea Of The Week!




Beard Games Update

Less than 10 minute episode? This can’t be good. Did Connor get arrested for smuggling sets of dice into prison so convicts could play D&D? Did Nick get his beard caught in a Kegerator? Did Little Keith fall down a well? Nothing as silly as all that. We just couldn’t feasibly get an episode out this week and wanted to let you guys know. We’ve also got a bit of an update for you about what’s going on with our guest roster for upcoming episodes. Thanks for sticking with us and being...


Spooky Scary Game Design

Connor, Nick, and Keith finally get around to designing some horror games in this episode of Beard Games. Just in time for the scariest month of all. July! the boys have their work cut out for them. Will they survive the ghoulish onslaught of their own imaginations? Will they fall into insanity after being subjected to Connor’s “jokes”? Why do they all spend so long talking about fish? Find out today on Beard Games If you have any questions, comments, or mean things to say about Connor...


Super Smash Beards

The Beard Games Boys are back again without supervision, and things get a little rougher around the edges. Peace talks break down, arguments start, and fights break out as they break down fighting games into their constituent parts to make their own. But wait, there’s more, not to mention a surprise ending! If you’ve got any questions, comments, stories, or mean things to say you can find us here: @BeardGamesCast


Go Time: 7:57

The Beard Games boys are joined this week by Raymond from GamesByRay, an independent board game developer, to make some of their nonsense! In this episode, Raymond, Nick, Connor, and Keith give you their advice on business (simulations) and a guide to becoming a Tycoon (game)! Our Guest this week can be found here: @GamesByRay The Hacker’s Guild


Not-So-Super Powers

Left to their own devices without a guest to keep them in check, the Beard Games Boys are back again with another super idea: what if they had super powers? And what if these super powers were absolutely ridiculous? Find out on this episode of Beard Games, with no supervision! If you have any questions for Beard Games, or want to keep up to date with our nonsense followus on twitter: @BeardGamesCast or email us at:


Do Not Pass Go

It’s family game night this week on Beard Games! So you know what that means. More bad decisions. The crew is joined by hip hop artist Strag to make some children’s board games that probably won’t be very kid-friendly. We ask the burning questions this epsisode. Is it Chutes and Ladders or Snakes and Ladders? Can Connor make a game that doesn’t have weirdly dark undertones? Nick asks yet again, is Candy Land considered a game? (Spoiler alert: his stance hasn’t changed.) All that and more,...


My Heart is in Hairvana, with Amaya of @kidyuki1

It’s do or dye on this episode of Beard Games, as the Beard Games Boys are joined by Amaya, a lead singer of the band Kid Yuki and the Otakus, to find the true hero (and the hero’s hair) of a new JRPG. What tragic backstory brought this upon us? Can the Hair of Destiny uncurl at the right time? Can Keith think of another Hair-ible pun? Listen and find out! Kid Yuki and the Otakus are a band dedicated to bringing all of your favorite songs from video games, anime, and other nerdage to...


Hooked on Adventures, with Ray from @DarkDragonsInn

This week the Beard Games Boys bring on Ray, the Dungeon Master from the wonderfully dramatic podcast Tales from the Dark Dragons Inn to discuss their approaches to running games - but wait, that’s not the point of this show! This week we make all our Dungeon Masters flex their world building skills with some adventure modules, what can they fit in their adventure in just seven minutes? Tales from the Dark Dragons Inn @DarkDragonsInn on Twitter The Talent Agency


A Class 3 Ridiculous Podcast

Who you gonna call? Preferably someone a little more qualified than our hosts! This week the Beard Games Boys are on their own again and take the opportunity to come up with some super scientific spectral specifiers. Our New Site! Advertise on Beard Games


Rollin’ with Brandon Rollins

Make some engine noises and spin your cardboard tires - this week your Beard Games hosts Connor, Keith, and Nick are joined by special guest Brandon Rollins for the inevitable wreck that is their take on a Racing style board game! Brandon Rollins is a Board Game Developer, maker of both War Co and the yet to be released game Highways & Byways. You can find the Highways & Byways kickstarter here: Highways & Byways He is also heavily involved in the industry and community including...


Into The Dungeon, with Jesse Bergman

Are you ready to crawl around in some dungeons? This week on Beard Games, Connor, Keith, and Nick get some extra help navigating the labyrinth of their own nonsense from Jesse Bergman, co-founder of Punch-It Entertainment and game designer of Battle For Sularia! Battle For Sularia has an upcoming kickstarter for Battle For Sularia: Reign Of Terror, a stand-alone expansion designed for new and existing players alike. Look for a release at the end of the month! And you can read more about...


Salt Lick For Sale

Get ready to open up your lootboxes, call in your airstrikes, and get ridiculed by middle schoolers, because this week the folks at Beard Games are designing the next “great” Triple A Shooter franchise. We’ve started advertising! Recently, we decided to open up advertising for this podcast in order to cover hosting expense and other costs of running the show. If you would be interested in helping us out while also getting some quality advertisement from your favorite nerds. check out our...


Slayer Or Layer?

Episode streamed live, 01/29/18. This week the boys decided to try their hand at designing some unique dragons, and if you think they’re going to come up with some cookie cutter fire breathing lizards you must be new to the show. come help us welcome these horrible creatures into reality on today’s episode of Beard Games. If you wan’t to sit in on our recording sessions and interact with the show while we are recording follow us on Twitch at Also, if you guys are at...


Wheel of Terrible, Horrible, Idea Soup

There are some big changes coming to Beard Games in the next few weeks as we revisit the formula. As we look at how to best keep the podcast interesting to us as well as our listeners, all of us here at Beard Games thought you deserved a treat. The current plan is to refocus around more general concepts and the quick pitches we give at the end of the epsiode, so please enjoy this massive 3-hour Super-cut of every “Wheel of This” quick pitch!


Beta To The Max

In this thrilling episode we worked so hard to bring you before the Holidays, Nick, Connor, and Keith discuss the various ups and downs of participating in, playing, and companies using demos and betas for their upcoming games.


So About This Week…

So About This Week… by Hard to Explain Entertainment


The Beard On The Inside

The Beard Games crew is back with bellies full of topics to talk about after their Thanksgiving, here to talk about encounters, monsters, and how they’re put to use for good, bad, or plot! Nick may have had a bit too much to eat or drink, he sounds a little odd tonight…


Happy Thanksgiving From Beard Games

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Beard Games! As we’re all enjoying the holidays, there won’t be a Beard Games this coming week, but we’ll resume normal scheduling soon after!


Toad Spores

In today’s episode of Beard Games we happen upon an instance that happens only once in every 6 Blood Moons. All three of our hosts are playing the same game at the same time. Will Connor, Nick, and Keith have a great show with some quality discussion and jokes? Or will audio issues from Connor threaten to tear their friendship asunder? Probably the latter.


What’s This Show Again?

Something spoooooooky is happening on this episode of Beard Games as your hosts Connor, Keith, and Nick discuss the Horror Genre of games just in time for Halloween, and get badly off topic. Will they touch on such genre treasures as Silent Hill, Dead Space, or Betrayal at the House on the Hill? Of course not!