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BOWOB - 01x10 - Don't Open Till Christmas (1984)

The 80s are a decade synonymous with iconic slasher franchises and their larger-than-life villains: Friday the 13th and Jason, Elm Street and Freddy Krueger, Child's Play and Chucky. It's fair to say that when the people behind Don't Open Till Christmas made the film, they hoped that it would also gain an iconic status that would be remembered for years to come. Lorcan, Thom, and Michael take it upon themselves to see if this is a film that requires reinterpretation. Does it? You'll just...


BOWOB - 01x09 - Virtual Sexuality (1999)

Everyone remembers the late 90s. Even those who weren't born then! FHM, WWF Attitude, N64s, Michael Owen, and, according to this film, 27-a-side games of basketball and extremely impressive virtual reality systems that can create the real-life embodiment of your dream man. Have Michael, Lorcan, and Thom uncovered a hidden romcom classic? At least one of us may think so. Find out to see how these differing opinions may clash!


BOWOB - 01x08 - Shatter (1974)

For almost as long as there have been new cultural phenomena created by a hit film, there have been less talented people wishing to cash in on said phenomenon to make money fast, and quality of the actual film be damned! Whilst Hammer Productions created a fair share of great horror films, their foray in the mid-70s to cash-in on the kung fu craze by having a failed Hollywood leading man visit a very drab-looking Hong Kong to try to get paid for an assassination job in an unnamed African...


BOWOB - 01x07 - Knights of the Damned (2017)

Budgets don't get much lower, and productions don't get much more amateur, than the film Lorcan, Thom, and Michael find themselves reviewing this week. A film filled with dragons, zombies, warrior women, knights, mermaid/water demons, wolves, and a hot goth. How could it be so terrible you can may well rather watch The Room on grounds of wanting to watch something made by more talented people? Let the BOWOB lads find out so that you don't have to, and just chuckle as they provide testimony...


BOWOB - 01x06 - Give My Regards to Broad Street (1984)

Paul McCartney gave us many of the greatest love songs of the 20th century. He also gave us a film that barely qualifies as such. Michael, Thom and Lorcan take it upon themselves to go back and trawl the back catalogue of McCartney that doesn't usually receive the retrospective treatment. And all in the name of Best of Worst of British.