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Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.

Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.
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Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.





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Episode 39 - Wtf is an Uzi Vert?

This week, the ladies welcome, black Brady Bunch daddy, concrete jungle New Yorker, hip-hop guru and co-host of the podcast -That Boom Bap - Kareem Tillman. Join the panel as they discuss the effects of toxic lyrics on today’s youth (said like Joe Pesci). In this week’s synopsis, I will use all of the outdated hip-hop slang that I never really knew the meaning of. Couple today’s music with All Eyez on Me and Pac has all kinds of reasons to roll over in his grave… • Instead of slow singin’...


Episode 37 - I Am Not My Underarm Hair!

This week, the ladies welcome braless wonder, super mom with a potty mouth and host of The Braless Podcast - Erin Whitehead. Join the panel as they discuss feminism vs. femininity and if femininity gets in the way of being a feminist? This tongue twister alone should tell you that there’s power in the P. Burn your bra, let the girls fly and listen… • You shouldn’t have a leg up just because you have a third leg… • Is your matching panty set getting in the way of your feminist progress? •...


I Am The Table

Tune in to find out what women bring to the table...


Episode 33 - Drake Would Be Proud

This week, the ladies welcome fork collector, adventurer and real-life Canadian Forest Gump-Skyler- who’s currently footing it across the United States faster than maple syrup on…well, anything. Join the panel as they discuss self-discovery, the human-condition and the dangers of couch surfing. When that hotline blings, it can only mean one thing…you need to listen to B.U.G… • Powerwalking across America with just a stroller and some Brooks… • I’ll trade you your oatmeal for your cheese...


Episode 32 - Beauty & the Work Bae

The ladies combine Super Fem-forces with beauty guru, YouTube personality and host of the Sphere Network’s videocast - “All Things Beauty” – Ess Murray Hargrove. The panel tackles pesky insecurities, work spouse boundaries and the lost art of accountability. Nothing is uglier than you not listening…  • How much extra-curricular bae can you have before you get cut? • It’ll be like she’s both of ours…she’s “us” friend • Your insecurities are digging more holes than grave diggers in 2016 •...


Episode 31 - Welcome to the Poly Life

This week, the ladies welcome poly-amorous super nerd, pseudo-pimp and host of the podcast, “The Comic Jaunt” – Jason - no last name like Beyonce, to the show. Join the panel as they explore unconventional relationships, discuss whether or not the idea of monogamy is outdated and the appeal of polygamist relationships - above and beyond dipping your pen in multiple wells. How many brother husbands does it take to screw…in a light bulb?? Listen and find out… •What do polygamists and Easter...


Episode 29 - Facebook Order Bride

This week, there are no guests and as usual, NO filters. The ladies get back to basics and have some good-old fashioned B.U.G. girl talk! Join the panel as they skirt the fine line of political correctness and discuss a B.U.G. Facebook group member, that’s looking for an American wife. His peculiar set of circumstances has the ladies questioning if somebody should date while they’re broke and exactly what constitutes a “good” man, or woman? This episode is easier to get into than the U.S....


Episode 28 – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This week the ladies welcome international man of mystery, tech-guru, D.J. and consummate gentleman, Mr. Charles Sherrard Jr. Join the panel as they discuss the characteristics of a gentleman and if they’re relevant in today’s attention obsessed society? Plus, is there really a difference between dating and courtship, or are they just made up spaces designed to keep you in your lane? Maybe chivalry is just on life support… • Why you should stop being an Instagram thot and become a useful...


Episode 27 - Where's the Vino???

This week, the ladies welcome DMurph and Roy - sports trivia rain men and hosts of the podcast, “Why Not Sports?” Join the panel as they discuss the timeless struggle that is effective communication between men and women and why it’s so hard to get men to open up emotionally. It’s a good thing Dani had her Buttercream on standby… · All they had to do was send a text… · Why it’s okay for a man to cry before he gets in the car… · Who’s higher on the emotional intelligence scale – men, or...


Episode 26 - As Real As It Gets

Episode 26 - As Real As It Gets The ladies welcome Houston’s realest realtor and flirtation expert – our dear friend Tiffany. Join the panel as they discuss the fine art of flirting and then veer completely off topic and land smack dab into a pool of scintillating and raw girl talk! Fellas, if you really want to know what goes on in the minds of women, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more candid glimpse than in this week’s episode… Learn you something today… • Why “Wiki How” pretty much...


Episode 25 - The Eyes are the Window to the Colon

This week, the ladies explore the powers of the cosmos and welcome Life Upgrade Coach and Mistress of Mellow – Alicia Ann Howery. Join the panel on this exhilarating journey as they discuss the power of intent and letting go of guilt, so that you can “upgrade” to your best self. Connect with your zen space and listen… • Learn how your eyes are the window to your soul and your colon… • Sacred body language – what SOS signal is your body sending you? • What would Jesus think about your...


Episode 24 - A Lesson in Sidepiecing

Join the ladies as they tap into their inner Louisiana blues-joint selves to examine the evolution of the “other-woman”, with Toniwo - Infidelity Analyst and author of, The Sidepiece Handbook. From Masterpiece to Dimepiece, the panel breaks down the levels of the enigma that is the “Sidepiece”. Clutch your pearls and listen… • Is she a home wrecking operative, or is she just in it for the sex? • What made Sharonda channel her inner “catch me outside” girl? • Why catfish is good for more...


Episode 23 - The Blueprint

This week, the ladies sip on some hooch provided by a light-skinned super fan and welcome three - time author and fellow podcaster – Shaun D. Upshaw – of the podcast “Grown Folks Talk”. Since Jigga has settled into a life of elevator melees and procreating with Bey, the panel is staging a takeover and offering up their own blueprint for navigating relationships. Tune in to hear: 1) Why the ladies are drinking the kool-aid from a milk jug… 2) Reasons why you don’t need to call Tyrone… 3)...


Episode 22 - Kim You in Danger Girl!

Take a listen as the ladies welcome Kim Tumey, celebrity broker, Go Fund Me fundraiser and author of the forthcoming book, “Happily Married, My Ass!” From splitting a Twix, to flying on private jets, this God-fearing, call recorder extraordinaire was ready to welcome the love of her life, but soon discovered that the universe has jokes. Listen to this week’s episode to find out what went wrong and discover: • Who are the sociopaths in your life? All it takes is one Google search to find...


Episode 21- Put me In Coach

Take a listen as the ladies welcome Danielle Metcalf, mental toughness coach and author of “Why Married Men Cheat”. This certified gem dropper and conservatively filthy Oprah, is here to coach you through the relationship game, so suit up and let’s get it!


Episode 20 - Love & Expectations

Our friend Andrea stops by to talk about if having expectations set your relationship and ultimately yourself up for failure? Also, Letoya Luckett dropped a new video and it is fire!! The ladies discuss this and more...tune in!


Episode 19 - A Hotep Wrapped in a Cookie

Community activist and author Torri Stucky stops by and tricks us with his social empowerment manifesto disguised as a relationship self help book aptly titled His Dough Her Cookie. Tune in to this candid discussion on the power struggle between black men and women and whom he identifies as the culprit for undermining the success of black people: The Independent Black Woman.


Episode 18 - The Perfect Wife Movie with star Greg Malonson

This week the girls sit down with model / actor Greg Malonson from the new movie The Perfect Wife.


Episode 17 - Boyfriend Material or Nah?

What makes a guy boyfriend material versus someone you just Netflix and chill with? This week the girls delve into the qualities of a man that make him bae. Also we give reasons why at some point in every woman's life she needs to date a younger man! Tune in for this and know you want to!


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