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Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.

Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.
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Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.




Finding the Balance with Nurse Lolita K

This week I sat down with @nurselolitak of @cansoom_official, she's a registered nurse who has now taken her talents to the field of Medical Cannabis Consulting. We had a great talk about how to find balance by treating your Endocannabinoid system with various forms of Cannabis. Locally, in Texas we're only allowed to use what is legal and that is CDB, we talked some about how to use caution when choosing your Cannabis products and how to find your perfect levels. This was a great...


Vegan Trapstar with @Sunnispeaks

This week I sit down with @Sunnispeaks, a Florida native turned Atlanta transplant who is taking the vegan world by storm in her own right. Up and down the east coast this Vegan Chef spends her time trapping for those who enjoy vegan cuisine with an Asian Zing. With Summer heating up she's ready to travel the country to bring you live cooking like you've never seen. She's talking that shit and she is whipping up the goodness with her signature "steak" all over this United States and the...


Course Correction Issa Whole Mood

This Week I sit down with one of my closest friends and supporters, Psychic Medium and Spritiual Teacher Fernando Marron. It's been a minute since I had a chance to sit down with my Ferny and get into the changes that have taken place. Y'all know he loves to read people and tell it like it is, so in this episode you'll hear some things that you might not wanna hear but you gonna hear it honey. Get into this course correction and find out why I chose that name and how Fernando helped me get...


Self Reflection Issa New You

This week I sit down with James Welcome, self published author, homeschooling father of 9, and street smart business man. Who took his time in prison to develop a new set of skills to use in his life now. As you listen to this discussion you'll become a fan of James and JW publishing and start to understand that some of your goals may seem that they are out of reach but that's an impossibility in a world that allows you to create your own experiences. We both share tips on marketing,...


Self Care Issa Revolution

This week we begin our new show, Course Correction. The basis for this show is to look at the many ways we can help to redirect ourselves and each other as we navigate life. There is more to your story than just where you work, and how well you're able to complete tasks given to you by others. You'll hear about self care, self discovery, and many ways to understand self preservation and you'll also find ways to create generational wealth and learn to break curses that may or may not have...


Episode 107 -- Invest in Yourself w/ Black Lotus Brand

We're still working on "getting the Bag" and this week Michel talks with @Tresnatch an Instagram Money guru, who prides himself on his Dojo work and with a wealth of knowledge of how society works,doesn't work and instructions on how to turn small money into big money. Press play and listen as we talk about how to go from working on the man's farm to working for yourself, homeschooling your children, and taking care to build your legacy. Gems from Harriett Tubman and Nipsey Hussle dropped...


Episode 106 -- The Little Man's Bag

This week, we begin a new series on Financial Literacy Called "Get The Bag". The purpose of this series is to help our listeners learn more about how to build wealth and how to do it so that it lasts for generations. Our Guests Shi'e Fleming and Troy Rich are the owners of The Little Man Investment Group and they have started The Financial Leadership center to share information that is not taught in homes or traditional schools that will help you reach your finance goals. Make sure to...


Episode 105 - Black Babies are Babies, Too.

This episode is a revisiting of one of our most listened to episodes. The topic is one that can be uncomfortable in this current climate but a necessary one nonetheless. I recall feeling affected by the news that week and wanted to talk about the treatment of young blacks and black children. It just seemed at the time, and is true, that it became clearer to me that our children were being marked as adults long before their bodies and minds had caught up. I also tried my hand at something...


Episode 104 -- Girl, Get Your Life

This week we re-visit an episode that was the start of a beautiful friendship. Fernando Marron, Psychic Medium, and Michel's Life Guru made his second appearance on Between Us Girls in an episode originally titled "M is for Mammy Pants". Tune in to this episode to hear what life is like on the other side and find out who was dressed in slavery garb in this episode of Between Us Girls The Podcast. New Episodes will begin airing in Early May, catch up on past episodes by heading over to our...


Episode 103 -- The Men Went Their Own Way

This week we begin a series on revisiting some of our best episodes. There was a time when Between Us Girls The Podcast had prepared an interview for the controversial men's group Men Going Their Own Way. Before the interview there was a conversation between the men and the girls that resulted in an email that read "sorry, going out for the night, catch you some other time", listen in to this episode to find out what happened after that and what we ACTUALLY talked on that episode. This...


Episode 102 -- The Real Deal

This week we get into real life with the host of The Real Deal with Akil an ESPN podcast. We talk millennial life and how to podcast. Turns out Akil Williams looks like a one man show but he's got a team of goons behind him. Press play and find out how he operates and what we have to say about his mindset. this episode of Between Us Girls The Podcast is brought to you by FabFitFun a subscription box service that focuses on self care for women, boxes include FULL SIZE items from Murad,...


Episode 101 -- A Fire New Balance

This week we’re bringing the 504 to H-town with New Orleans transplant, singer / songwriter / rapper, new balance wearing (cuz comfort is important) Smitty Spread Love. He performs for his uber drivers in the day and in underground spots at night! He’s a rapper with a heart of gold that simply just wants to give a piece of his heart to those he meet. We discuss finding your gifts and why men find it difficult to be vulnerable. While Michel does her pretty girl rock, press play…….. ·...


Episode 100 -- Issa Reunion

It’s our 100th episode and we’re bringing back OG hosts Jocelyn and Jenn to celebrate this momentous occasion with us! The topic of discussion – Jordyn Woods and how women always have the carry the heavy load of backlash and negativity with just an accusation of cheating. While we iron our scarlet letters onto our t-shirts press play……. · Did she lie about the kiss or omit the truth? · Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol · Once we break up, you are no longer allowed to be around my ex · So...


Episode 99 -- On The Pole with Nicky Cole

This week we’re joined by croc wearing, pole dance instructor Nicky Cole. She’s showing us her best moves and helping ladies get their sexy back. Tune in as we discuss how pole dancing can be an effective way of boosting your confidence, self-esteem and help you grow as a person. Unleash your inner vixen and press play…. · Knowing how to dance is not a prerequisite for the class · Just cover your vajajay, take a hoe bath and come ready for class · For the first time ever Danielle and...


Episode 98 -- Cancel Deez

This week Jussie Smollet, Gucci, Prada, Trump, Ann Coulter and your baby daddy said f*ck it and decided to act a damn fool. This lead to a discussion on cancel culture and whether or not it has a place in today’s society. While we attempt to grow as individuals, press play…. · Negative publicity is a useful marketing strategy · China is not with the shit and said bitch bye · You can have a target market without offending everybody else · Reading headlines and listening to sound bites...


Episode 97 -- Juss Between Us Girls

Warren Austin from Juss Fresh Media (your one stop shop for videography and photography services) stops by for one of the most random yet entertaining discussions we’ve had in a while. Tune in as we touch on revenge, cheating, stalking, lying about having an abortion and whether or not superman is actually a crackhead. While Warren finishes mansplaining how breakups work, press play…. · Did all his friends willingly sleep with her or were they me three’d? · I eat oreos with a fork because...


Episode 96--I'm Black Y'all, with Marcus D. Wiley

Comedian Marcus D Wiley along with his James Harden-like beard joins us this week and brings forth his hilarious perspective on dating, marriage, child rearing, and why men are no longer interested in going to church. Also, is ESPN God’s network? Pull out your MLK church fan and listen….. · I’m black ya’ll, I’m black ya’ll, I’m blackety black, yes I’m black! · Do like Mista from the color purple and beat him · Is it really your community if you don’t own anything in it? · Men marry at...


Episode 95--Queen Keto

This week we’re sitting down with Ashley aka @myketosuccessstory, who gives us all the tips on the keto diet. She shares her journey to losing 90 lbs, the food she eats, and how her life has changed since the weight loss. Also find out why sometime’s doctors ain’t shit and you have to be your own advocate. While we buy all the cheese to meal prep, press play…. •You’re like the Keyonce’ of keto •Food documentaries will turn you vegan •Reverse body dysmorphia is a real thing •Sausage...


Episode 94 -- Sister Circles, and Sister Friends..

This week we’re joined by successful entrepreneur, IG superstar, and walking thirst trap Just Angie! Her derriere may be on swoll but her brain is bigger. Angie schools us on how she excels in the many businesses she’s created, how she became IG famous and the one thing she’s not so good at. Plus there’s a panty dripping confession that you may not be ready for! While we figure out where Angie created more time to be so successful, press play…. · I’m an aries, I got big asshole tendencies...


Episode 93--The Girls Ft. Ali Siddiq, Part 1

This week we’re freeballing it with world renowned comedian Ali Siddiq. Fresh off a comedy show in London, Ali drops by for the most random conversation you will ever listen to. Pay gap, Houston mentality towards creators, setting standards, and creating random moments with your kids in which you almost died….that kind of random. Pick up a bag of depends, prepare to laugh your ass off and press play…. · Even woke people still sleep · Aint no opinion about facts, facts is facts! · The...