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Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.

Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.
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Four friends publicly taking on the topics that are privately discussed between girls over wine. The girls take a comedic approach to balancing work, dating and relationships, and current events while trying to remain sane.




Episode 80--Let Ya Girl Hold Sumthin'..

All anyone on social media could talk about this week were a set of viral text messages between a couple arguing over $20. Yes $20! Also, we discuss whether everyone has options or if some people are just left out in the cold. Get your pen, pad and calculators out and learn something…. - This is legit $20 we are talking about **insert eye roll - What is the inflation rate on school field trips? Is this even valid? - Know your worth fellas, d*ck pics and money are great leverage - If...


Episode 79 -- Is Love Enough

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are reportedly not worried about the Kardashian curse because they love each other. This lead us to question whether love is actually enough to sustain a relationship. And apparently the topic of love makes Sharonda and Michel gay for each other. Head over to our facebook page for the live video of this episode to witness the gay love that took place. Cash app us some love then press play….. · Love flows unconditionally when the light bill is paid ·...


Episode 78 -- Family Ties: How To Break Up With Everybody

Recently in the news, she who forces a note from her vocal chords, Ashanti recorded a video on her IG with her ex, rapper Nelly, father. The trip drill rapper did not appreciate his father tipping into Ashanti’s IG and cut him off financially. This caused us to wonder, how do you deal with your ex’s family after a breakup when you’ve developed a close relationship. Also, we give bug advice on a relationship issue. We’re in our feelings yet have the strong desire to dominate…..just press...


Episode 77 - John Edward: The Man Behind The Medium

Psychic, Medium, television sensation and fair & balanced Libra, John Edward, blesses us with his presence this week. John teaches us how to tape into our psychic abilities, amp up our intuitive nature and find out if yo baby daddy is cheating! Side note he probably is…stack your money sis Lace up that kindergarten thinking cap and learn something….. · When a psychic/medium says their sign is the best sign you shut them down immediately (FYI Scorpios are the best) · Miss Cleo didn’t...


Episode 76--Nice For What?

On this week’s show we discuss the nice guy syndrome. You know the guy, the one that behaves like a decent human being and somehow believe that entitles him to the affections of a woman – yeah that guy. Plug in your headphones as we discuss this lower level form of manipulation. Blessed be the fruit…. · So this whole time you were really just trying to have sex with me? · Guys that really are nice, don’t really go around saying I’m a nice guy · You need to learn not to throw up when we...


Episode 75 - Black Babies are Babies, Too.

This week we discuss how black kids aren’t afforded the opportunity to be kids. More people of color are tried as adults than our white counterparts. Whites are considered precocious, while blacks are viewed as a threat to society even when committing the same act. Also, Michel unveils a new segment – Bad Reviews Put your extra woke conscious thinking hat on and listen….. · Omg there’s a black kid being a kid, hang him · Here we go again having the talk with our kids about being...


Episode 74 -- So, You don't see color?

This week we borrowed some of Roseanne’s ambien and went live again in our Facebook group. As a result, Sharonda was Halloween ready in her Ice Cube gear, Michel dawned her finest Aunt Karen wig with raisins in tow and Danielle surprised everyone by wearing a bra. We discuss Roseanne, white / rich privilege and top 5 ways to know you’re a racist! Slip into something cozy and listen…. · Roseanne lost her life and blamed everyone despite having wrote the tweet · White privilege doesn’t...


Bitties, Titties, and Deadbeats

We went live in our facebook group to discuss the only thing anyone can talk about this week – the Drake & Pusha T beef. Pusha T went for Drakes jugular and revealed a hidden baby from a French Canadian stripper. So naturally, this caused us to question whether we could date a stripper/porn star. Lie down like a pillow princess and listen…. · Women are beautiful, but not riding Danielle from the back · Your baby momma is mad at you for using up all the baby oil · How rich do you need...


Episode 72 -- Co-parenting is for adults, OK?

Between US Girls The PodcastPublished by Michel Roy · Yesterday at 8:35am · In this clip of Episode 72, Between Us Girls gets real and touch on some serious topics. After watching The First Episode of "Red Table Talks" we wanted to know; if you're not ready to deal with another parent, or co-parent then should you be dating seriously? Don't miss out on the LIVE conversation, join our facebook group and check out...


Episode 71 - Who Moved My Trash?

This Episode is being brought to you by Sudio Sweeden, revolutionary headphones that combine tech and style. Visit their website and use the code BETWEENUSGIRLS at check out for 15% your entire purchase. Get you some. Episode 71 recording LIVE from our facebook group. Wanna be there for the next one? join us here In this episode we discuss women and the relationships between them. Ever had a woman bully you at work?...


Episode 70 - Being Black: The Rules? PT. 2

Kanye West lost his mind this week and we realized we left too much on the table of last weeks episode therefore we had to make a part two! His blackness was on the table and black twitter was calling for a trade. Since you all need to know how to be black, we list the top 5 things you need to know for the culture! Make America great and press play…. · Black people don’t like Kanye West · If we could only just read the four agreements · Don’t wash chicken in dishwashing liquid · Being...


Episode 69 - Being Black: The Rules?

This week our blackness is on the table. Are we black enough for the black community? · Can Ben Carson, Omarosa, & Stacey Dash get their black card back? · Proper English plus a ponytail with a ribbon will get your black card snatched · Are we claiming Cardi B? Hold please while we google her ethnicity · Jump one rope to get to Meryl Streep and all of a sudden you’re extra and too black · Don’t poke a hole in the fabric of blackness I say this in the humblest way possible rate,...


Episode 68 - Do Men Love The Chase

Treasurer of Faithful black men of America, simple solution specialist, Dallas hater, and Comedian Canice Nnanna joins the panel this week to discuss why men love the chase and celebrity gossip! Grab a glass of wine and try not to spit it out! · Russians are infiltrating social media and trying to ruin faithful black men’s reputation · Matthew Knowles was kicked out of faithful men of America · Good men are out here, ya’ll just ugly · Ladies shoot your shot, men don’t say no · If you...


Episode 67 - I'm Every Man, It's All In Me

This week we invited a member of our facebook group that is always ruffling feathers, Ron mofo Freeman! Yes the Houston socialite, holder of all the black men statistics, and resident shit talker blessed us with his presence! His mission – to rid black men of simping, let men know they are the prize and women should be going after your last name Take a deep breath, meditate, and then listen….you’re going to need it · Is it simping to accept a woman’s marriage proposal? · Did he really...


Episode 66 -- Sexless In The City

Episode 66 – Sexless in the City According to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior American’s are having less sex and everyone is strung up about it! They are doing it and doing it and doing it NOT so well. This week we’re unpacking just why people have stopped having sex. Rub one out after you listen… · Grinder and Harlequin romance novels are here to help you out of your sexual drought · Stop wearing them same ass sweat pants · Be realistic and lower your standards for the...


Episode 65 -- Chyna Vs. Safaree

Sharonda left Michel and Danielle unattended without any wine so we resorted to drinking tequila on top of tequila margaritas, which was a recipe for disaster! Blame Sharonda – they need an adult! We tried to make it though a conversation on double standards in sexuality but again – tequila. Blac Chyna and Safaree released sex tapes and nude photos and the internet went crazy. Hate filled comments for Chyna yet there was nothing but love for Safaree. Slut shame your way to the play...


Episode 64 -- Black Code of Silence

This week we are taking the question “Am I my brother’s keeper” to a whole nutha level by exploring the no snitching culture in the black community. Also, we open up our super secret confession box and find out what happens when you break the code of silence. Check your surroundings, then press play · For every black woman that reports a rape, there are 15 who do not · Don’t leave those kids around Uncle Charles · Keep massa out our business! · Jheri curls prevent sexual assault in...


Episode 63 - Sis, I'm so offended

This week we ask ourselves when did we become so sensitive as a society or have we simply progressed as a people? Has political correctness stifled our ability to communicate with one another or is it leading us to a path of mutual respect, consideration and acceptance? Consider deez nutz and listen… · Guess what, you’re favorite cult classic is now perpetuating rape culture · There’s a such thing as dating preference even in the trans community · Ain’t black Jesus good, we’ve...


Episode 62 - Muhammad I'm Coming

This week we dust off our non-existent Qur’an and get schooled on all things Muslim. We sit down with Shatha, the fair and balanced teenaged Libra, that said hey young Muslims need a space to learn about the religion and socialize. So what does a girl boss such as herself do…start a local program that expanded nationwide! Press play and learn something….. · Don’t believe the hype, Islam is not an aggressive religion · Ripping off hijabs is completely unacceptable and disrespectful ·...


Episode 61 - Computer Love

This week we’re looking for love in the right place! We sit down with big bosses of GG Cupid, the safest matchmaking site where good guys and good girls meet. They’re giving us all the tips on how to make a great profile, break the ice, and more! Navigate the online dating game BUG style..... · True love is not just around the corner, sometimes you have to go and find it · This is not a hookup site! It’s for people with morals, Danielle stand down · Big brother is watching – No...