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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil

Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil
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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil






BTV Ep115 The Willies & The Boneyard w_ Brandon of RedOnYou Podcast 11_11_18

We are back and we brought a friend! Brandon from RedOnYou Podcast joins to talk about two 90s creature feature flicks. The Willies (1990) about a group of kids who tell stories they heard that will give you the title name of the movie. Plus, the Boneyard (1991) about a psychic named Allie and a detective named Jersey who try to solve mystery surround 3 dead children who come back from the dead and eat people. Plus we talk about the news and make a Poopinplatz shot that will tickle your...


BTV Ep114 Sleepaway camp 1 & 2 [Flesh & Potatoes] 10_29_18

Hey campers! Rise and shine. It's time to head to camp Arawak with Angela and friends. This week we talk about Sleepaway Camp & Sleepaway Camp 2! Slasher style. They may have been heavily inspired by other more popular slasher franchises, but did they cut out their own slice in the genre? We talk about both movies with loads of trivia and laughs. EPISODE LINK So grab a boat, a pair of short shorts and be sure to leave your mouth agape and hiss...


BTV Ep113 Halloween (2018) Spoiler Free & Spoiler Discussion 10_22_18

We Return to Haddonfield for the new Halloween 2018 movie! We give our spoiler FREE thoughts on what we thought of the sequel, reboot boot sequel? Is Michael Myers on point. Did we think that this movie checked off all the marks or was it a nostalgia grab at our horror hearts? We discuss all of it and even have a spoiler discussion afterwards. PLUS we made a Horrorshot called “The Shape” that you need to try this Halloween. EPISODE LINK iTunes...


BTV Ep112 Demons & Demons 2 (Flesh & Potatoes) 10_15_18

This week we get infected with the Demons franchise. That's right Lamberto Bava's two Italian classic films that take beats from zombie movies and mix in a bit of unholy terror. Demons (1985) and Demons 2 (1986). These movies are the nightmare fuel for children and sometimes schlock for adults. We break down both of these Dario Argento produced flicks and why they did so well over in Italy. Loads of snaggle teeth, trivia and demonic acid blood. Plus the news from last week and a new horror...


BTV Ep111 Quija Cop [GravePlots] 10_8_18

We are back with our creative segment #GravePlots! Where we make up a movie on the spot. This week we pulled “Ouija Cop” which was a listeners submission by Blues! Thanks for sending in your fake movie title! So what is Ouija Cop? He's a cop that communes with the dead to solve crime. The ghosts can inhabit and control his body at random and he becomes a bystander while the ghosts do odd things. Will he, his new partner and the ghosts help stop the evil drug lord Rocco? Find out in this...


BTV Ep110 Howling 5 The Rebirth & 6 The Freaks 10_1_18

We return to the Howling Franchise to devour these movies one by one. It's been a bumpy road of up and down films so far. We kick things off in order with Howling v The Rebirth where it takes us back to Budapest Hungary for some good ol' fashion Castle werewolves. Then take on the more unique film Howling VI The Freaks. Where a freak show adopts a strange new freak into it's menagerie of oddities but there's a new creature lurking in the dark. A purple one... and it ain't Barney. Find out...


BTV Ep109 Slice & Blood Fest [Reviews] 9_24_18

We take on 2 new horror comedies that just released this week! Blood Fest & Slice. 2 movies that are a little silly and one of them that surprised us greatly. Blood Fest is about a Horror theme park that comes to life and tries to kill it's patrons. Slice is a movie about a gateway to hell that a Pizza Place is built on. Both chock full of silliness and laughs? Find out. Plus we go over the news this past week that caught our attention and a delicious new shot recipe for “Slice”. Check it...


BTV Ep108 Mandy (2018)Spoiler Free Review & Spoiler Discussion After 9_17_18

This week the Director of Beyond The Black Rainbows NEWEST entry “Mandy” got our attention. We are talking about none other than Panos Cosmatos and his wild mind melt movie with Nicholas Cage. Another great freak-out movie to the pile of Cage movies made. If you haven't seen this don't worry we break it down spoiler free. Then let you know when we get to our Trivia and spoilers discussion. It was a Trip to hell man and we gladly took the ride with a fistful guts and a mouthful of silvery...


BTV Ep107 Zombie 3 & 4 After Death 9_10_18

One of our favorite sub genres is back with two Italian (zombie?) Horror movies from the 80s! Lucio Fulci's own Zombie 3 and Claudio Fragasso's Zombie 4 After Death. Two movies that should be paired together but not because of the story. In fact these two movies have very little to do with each other or their very successful masterpiece Zombie 2 aka Lucio Fulci's “Zombie”. We dive mouth first into a pile of flesh to cover all the trivia and background on both these films. There is plenty of...


BTV Ep106 CELLBLOCK666 [GravePlots] 9_3_18

We return with a brand new movie that we made up for #Graveplots!! That's right. We Sat down and potentially came up with a sequel to the Demons franchise. Hell is unleashed on earth and set loose on the population of a prison. When people start to get infected with a demon plague sweeping the facility. Things go from bad to demonic. It's gory and a lot of fun. See what you think of the movie we made up on the spot. We hope you enjoy! Faux Trailer Alex Made


BTV Ep105 Interview Anthony Diblasi (of Dread, Last Shift & Extremity) 8_27_18

This week we have sat down wih Director/Writer/Producer Anthony Deblasi of Clive Barkers “Dread” (2009), one of our favorite new supernatural films “Last Shift” (2014) and his upcoming release of halloween extreme haunts called “Extremity” (2018). We got to sit down and talk about his upcoming film in depth. We also take a deep look into fear, dread, ghost stories and a lot of behind the scenes goodies for all you fans out there. Plus afterwards (Britni is back and) we review “Dread” & “the...


BTV Ep104 Howling 3 & 4 w_ Brad Thornton 8_20_18

As promised we return to the Howling franchise! Only this time we brought a friend! Horror friend and artist Brad Thornton joins Alex in Watching parts 3 & 4. We start it off with The 3rd story which hops to Australia with a pouch full of weird werewolves and marsupial people. It's.. interesting? Then we jump into part 4 where we the biggest nightmare is probably watching it. It was a true test of movie watching on both our parts. We even made up a horrorshot that fits all too well and talk...


BTV Ep103 The Ring & The Unborn 8_13_18

We've been hitting older movies pretty hard lately so for a change of pace we dove into some horror films from the 2000's. Mainly in the PG-13 variety. That's right we chose the remake of “Ringu” called “The Ring” (2002) that turned America onto a slew of J-Horror remakes. We also take on a NON remake movie about an evil Dybbuk that tries to possess a girl called “The Unborn” (2009). It's pretty fantastic what we discovered about these films. Did they hold up? Find out. Plus since “Jumby...


BTV Ep102 The Boogey Man v. Boogeyman 8_6_18

We are back with some movies about the infamous Boogey Man. We decided to pick 2 separate films that deal with the same sort of concept. Or.. in this case use the name. We chose “The Boogey Man” from 1980 Directed by the late Ulli Lommel who was compared to Andy Warhol once and another film (unrelated) called “Boogeyman” from 2005. Oh boy... were these special. Find out what we think plus all the trivia you could ever want about these two movies. Plus join us in making a shot for one of the...


BTV Ep101 Blackwater Cove [Graveplots] 7_30_18

It's time for another movie making #Graveplots (Audio Drama) where we make up a movie on the spot. This episode is complete with GORE soaked sound FX! This week we got ancient on you! A Goddess who was banished by the many other Gods was banished to the sea when she is reawakened by a group of college students she exacts her ancient revenge on them. This is not for the faint of heart. So listener discretion is advised. Listen as we have Mordriana hunt each of these kids down in some of the...


BTV Ep100 Rats Night Of Terror & Creatures From The Abyss [100th Celebration] 7_23_18

Our 100th Episode. Help us celebrate Over the 136 uploads (or Episodes) and almost 2 years of dedication to the Beyond The Void Horror Podcast. It's been a lot of laughs, fun and sharing horror with new friends we have made along the way. We thought what better way than to celebrate than to drink 3 of our own shots (new and old) while talking about some of the worst horror movies ever. “Creatures From The Abyss” (1994) & “Rats: Night of Terror” (1984). Two movies that you might of never...


BTV Ep99 The Howling 1 & 2 Your Sisters A Werewolf 7_16_18

Since our recent #Graveplots horror movie we made up we figured let's watch some werewolf movies. What better series to start with than The Howling (1981) & Howling 2: Your Sisters A Werewolf (1985). 2 completely different tones from one another but were both extremely enjoyable. One of them though.. oh boy... It's a doozy of a film. Makes you wonder how the franchise got so popular. We also take a new #horrorshot to wash down the after taste of these movies. So buckle up! EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep98 Not Yo Daddies Alien [Alien 2 On Earth & Contamination] 7_9_18

When the movie Alien came out from Ridley Scott in 1979. The world embraced it's Sci Fi horror like none other. It inspired many people and many movies. These are 2 of the many movies that were inspired by Alien but didn't necessarily rip them off. “Aliens 2 On Earth” about a bunch of cave explorers who descend and climb ropes to their alien tentacle deaths & “Contamination” about a bunch of weird glowing eggs that explode people. Join us as we jaw drop in awe over how bad these films can be...


BTV Ep97 The Endless [Spoiler FREE Review & Theories Discussion] 7_2_18

The new movie “The Endless” Just dropped on Digital and Blu. So we drank the kool-aid & dove into it's culty embrace for a review and a theories discussion on what it was all about this week. There's a little for those who have or haven't seen it. We sound an alarm before we spoil anything. So don't worry, but a heads up for those who haven't seen it. We highly recommend you watch “Resolution” before you see it. Then we dive into the theories discussion about what it was all about. See what...


BTV Ep96 Wicked Moon [GravePlots] 6_25_18

It's time for another movie making #Graveplots episode complete with sound fx! That's right this week we pulled a listeners submission! This movie title is from writer Isaac Thorne called “Wicked Moon”. We have a feeling that it wasn't what he had in mind when he made the movie title but we made a doozy of a movie up. It's about a Werewolf named Chester who fights off mutant humanoid insects that break through the earth and feed on everyone. Of course we had the Werewolf fight the insect...