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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil

Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil
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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil






BTV Ep157 3 From Hell (2019) Review + Spoilers Discussion 9_23_19

Last week we prepared by watching the 2 movies that started it all House of 1000 Corpses & The Devils Rejects. This week we put an end cap on the franchise with 3 From Hell (2019). We give our spoiler FREE thoughts first then into our spoiler discussion. It's been a long time coming. This was recorded on Thursday of last week. Today, we of course all woke up to the sad news of the passing of the man who helped send this franchise into the spotlight. Rest in Piece Sid Haig. You will be...


BTV Ep156 House of 1000 Corpses (2003) & The Devils Rejects (2005) 9_16_19

In preparation for the new 3 from hell we decided to watch/review House of 1000 Corpses (2003) & The Devils Rejects (2005). We tell you which each of us liked more and what some of our theories on the 3rd film will be. It's Rob Zombe Extravaganza episode chock full with bad jokes and trivia. EPISODE LINK Time Stamps Horrorshots! 7:35 House of 1000 Corpses (2003) Spoiler Free Review 9:00 House of 1000 Corpses Spoilers 25:00 The Devils Rejects...


BTV Ep155 It Chapter Two (2019) Review + Spoilers Discussion 9_9_19

It's finally returned for Chapter Two! Alex and Patrick went a floating around the theater to check out the end cap to the new IT franchise. Was it everything we hoped for? Find out in our Spoiler Free review of IT Chapter Two. Then stick around if you have seen it for the Spoilers Discussion. Plus we even brought back a #Horrorshot. EPISODE LINK Time Stamps Horrorshots! 11:15 IT: Chapter Two (2019) Spoiler Free Review 16:20 IT: Chapter Two...


BTV Ep154 Crucifixer (GravePlots) Audio Fiction 9_2_19

We are back with a movie we made up! Our special GravePlots Segment where we make a movie up on the spot is back. This week w/ a supernatural slasher about an evil priest who kills with a cross. The Crucifixer! We even added sound FX and audio drama segments to immerse you into the story. Find out why he's the St. of Slaughter. EPISODE LINK Time Stamps Talk about new Resident Evil Reboot 5:10 GravePlots (audio storytelling) 11:50 So grab your...


BTV Ep153 Ready Or Not (2019) Review 8_26_19

Ready or Not here we come! It's time for a brand new movie out in theaters now! Ready Or Not (2019) Review. A movie about Grace (Samara Weaving) marrying her husband who is wealthy. Their tradition is to play a game at midnight. When she draws the Hide and Seek card it turns into a game of Hide and Murder. We talk about the movie Spoiler FREE first and then jump into trivia/scenes with plenty of warning. EPISODE LINK Time Stamps Horrorshots!...


BTV Ep152 Nekrotronic (2018) & The Banana Splits Movie (2019) Reviews + Trivia 8_19_19

This week we have two brand new movies to review for you! Two brand new horror comedy movies. Nekrotronic about a couple of friends who battle the internet demons with necromancy and jokes. Then we watched The Banana Splits Movie. Animatronic childhood happy puppets come to life and feed on the living because their show is getting canceled. Sound fun? Let's GO! Plus we pick our winner for our monthly contest this month! EPISODE LINK iTunes...


BTV Ep151 Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark(BTV 3 yr Anniversary) 8_12_19

This week is BTV's 3 Year Anniversary! Join us in celebrating all these years by sharing the episode. We talk about the new movie by André Øvredal called Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark. It's a big celebration. We even read the books in preparation for the movie. Was it everything we hoped? We do a spoiler free review, history of, spoiler discussion and direct comparisons to the stories in the book. Plus we even made a shot! Check it out. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep150 Welcome To Willits (2016) & Phoenix Forgotten (2017) Reviews + Trivia

This episode is out of this world! Or... is it? We take on two movies with Aliens on the mind. First with Welcome To Willits (2016). About a dealer who lives out in the woods and is seeing aliens take over the planet. Then we dive into a Found Footage newer film called Phoenix Forgotten (2017) about some kids who went missing following the Phoenix Lights that happened back in March 13, 1997. We give our theories on what we think one of these films could have added. It's jam packed full of...


BTV Ep149 Night Killer (1990) & Nightbeast (1982) Reviews 7_29_19

This week things get really weird. Holy cow these movies! So bad it's good? You be the judge. First we take on Claudio Fragassos (Director of Troll 2) NIGHT KILLER (1990). A story so crazy and acted so poorly that you will have your mind blown. Then we take on Don Dohlers NIGHTBEAST (1982) about a space alien that crash lands on earth to run amuck punching out peoples chests and lasering them into burnt shadows. Both are just insane. We review them with trivia and even make a shot for one of...


BTV Ep148 Madman (1981) & Slaughterhouse (1987) Reviews + Breakdowns 7_22_19

This week on BTV we decided to watch a couple 80s killers movies where the killers don't say too much. Plus, both have pretty familiar movie covers too. Madman (1981) about a camp full of kids who unknowingly taunt an the old legend of Madman Marz. Plus, we watched another late 80s gem about a hog farm and a guy who acts like a pig while he kills called Slaughterhouse (1987). Both movies should satiate your killer desires. We even made a shot based on one of the movies. Check it out! EPISODE...


BTV Ep147 Crawl (2019) Review + Trivia & Spoilers 7_15_19

This week we watched Alexandre Aja's new movie about killer Alligators called Crawl (2019)! We talk about what we thought as well as any delicious facts about the film that you might want to know. We do a Spoiler Free review first then give you full warning before we dive into the juicy trivia about the film, Alligators and more! Plus we even made a shot for the film. So open your jaws and let's dive in. Congrats to Giovanni from New York! He won this months Giveaway! EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep146 Midsommar (2019) Review + Theories & Ending Explained 7_8_19

We checked out Ari Asters fun family movie all about weird scandanavian cults Midsommar (2019). Was it as good as Hereditary and did it need to be? We bought the ticket and swallowed the koolaid to go on one heck of a trip. We review the movie spoiler Free, then after talk about our endless theories and explanations as to what this movie is ACTUALLY about. Do you agree with us about what we came up with or did we drink far too much of the juice? Find out. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep145 Robot Mayhem - Chopping Mall (1986) & The Vindicator (1986) 7_1_19

This week we picked a few Robot Horror Movies from 1986. Chopping Mall (1986) a so bad it's good movie about a batch of bad robots that go on a killing spree after being struck by lightning. Then we jump into Another so bad it's good film called The Vindicator (1986). Widely considered to be a Robocop rip off even though this movie came out a year before. We breakdown most of this movie in so bad it’s good fashion. These two movies will tickle your robot funny bones for the week. Let us know...


BTV Ep144 Child's Play (2019) Review + Spoiler Discussion 6_24_19

Chucky pays a visit to our studio? We return to take down another new horror movie for the summer! We take on the Chuck for the new reboot of Child's Play (2019). Is it everything you hoped for? Did we hate it? We Review the movie spoiler FREE first and then ramble on about everything about what we liked or didn't like in this movie. PLUS, we also talk about Easter Eggs and our spoiler thoughts on the movie. You might be surprised to hear what we think. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep143 The Dead Don't Die w_ Patrick Review + Spoilers Discussion 6_17_19

Patrick Returns! To share some drinks, laughs and his thoughts on the new Jim Jarmusch film called The Dead Don't Die. Is it the gore fill horror Bill Murray movie you were hoping for? We went to see it this week and tell you all about our spoiler free thoughts. Also, some trivia and we dig deep about the movie in our spoilers discussion afterwards. We give you full warning before we spoil anything. Plus we even made a shot themed around the movie as well! So check it out. EPISODE LINK...


Ep142 Mexican Slashers w_Terrible Terror Podcast - Cemetery of Terror & Grave Robbers 6_10_19

This week The Terrible Terror Podcast joins to talk in depth about two Mexican Supernatural Slasher films! Brian & Alex talk about Cemetery of Terror (1985) about a group of “Jet Set” wanna be kids who bump into a dark book. After a quick ritual bring forth a killer that is like a rip off of Michael Myers. Then we dive into Grave Robbers (1989) the movie that inspired this whole episode. About a group of grave robbers that ressurect ANOTHER killer out to murder everyone that he can get his...


BTV Ep141 The Day of the Beast (1995) & The Last Circus (2010) Reviews 6_3_19

This week we take on two Alex De La Iglesia Films! It's a Directors Double Feature Review! The Day of the Beast (1995) & The Last Circus (2010). Two movies that will take you on a wild journey. We kick it off with The Day of the Beast about a priest who decides that in order to kill Satan and the Anti Christ he must commit as much evil as possible. He teams up with a metal head drug addict to take on evil. Then we step into The Last Circus about a sad clown that joins the circus and falls in...


BTV Ep140 Brightburn (2019) Spoiler FREE Review & Spoiler Discusion 5_27_19

We've been waiting so long for this movie to be released! It's finally here! Was it all that and bag of chips or was it just OK? Let us tell you in our spoiler free revew FIRST then after that we discuss the movie in our Spoiler Discussion. We have a lot of theories in this section that you guys might want to hear about. Including a possible sequel. Heck we even made a shot for the movie for our #HorrorShot this week! Awesome stuff. EPISODE LINK


BTV Ep139 Puddin Lips w_ TryHard Heroes (GravePlots) Audio Drama 5_20_19

It's time for GravePlots! This week we have on a special guest and YouTube funny man TryHard Heroes to whip up one of the more ridiculous sounding horror movie names we've done yet. "Puddin Lips". You read that right. Don't let the weird name fool you though. This movie is more elaborate than it might seem. An infection that deteriorates ones face and body into puss lips is sweeping the nation rapidly. A girl named Sherise and a few neighbors try to stop the apocalypse from happening but is...


BTV Ep138 Black Magic (1975) & Black Magic 2 (1976) Reviews 5_13_19

Yes! It's time to dive back into weird cult asian Shaw Brothers films! We take on two movies about spells of love and death with Black Magic (1975) & Black Magic 2 (1976). Two movies about people being so greedy they will pay a magician to help them kill or fall in love. Only things don't always go to plan and end in some of the weirdest weirdest wacked out deaths. Were these films the wacky over the top practical FX you have come to love in a shaw brothers film? We break down our thoughts...