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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil

Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil
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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil






BTV Ep91 Over 1 Million Served w_ Matt of HNMpodcast [GRAVEPLOTS] 5_21_18

We join Matt Kelly from Horror Movie Night for a special #gravplots episode for the records. We pick a movie title called “Over 1 Million Served” about a local fast food chain Galaxy Burgers that is dishing out more than just tasty treats. The food has a special ingredient that make people bend to the forgetful Erik's will, but why? Find out in this episode! Plus we break down some of the news from last week and then dive right in. So what are you waiting for? EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep90 The Meat Grinder [Ghosts, Legends or Crime] 5_14_18

Our Ghosts, Legends or Crime segment RETURNS!!! This time we will be telling you tales from the Meat Grinder. We hand selected a few stories that will chill you to your core. So buckle up and sit right back as we whisper sweet meaty murder into your sausage ears. Complete with sound fx for atmosphere. PLUS we make a #horrorshot based around the Meat Grinder. Then talk about the news and of course annouce our WINNER for the $20 Amazon gift card! Just for signing up to the BTV VIP CLUB email...


BTV Ep89 The Keep & The Church [Flesh & Potatoes] 5_7_18

This week we take on two movies that are pretty surreal in their delivery of good vs evil. We talk about Michelle Soavi's demons 3 nod called“The Church” (1989) and Michael Manns disowend world war 2 fairy tale horror movie that had 2 hours cut from it called “The Keep” (1983). Both will deliver a dream-like what the heck is going on atmosphere you are looking for. We break down both and all the oodles of trivia that you might be looking for about it. Plus we even made a shot dedicated to...


BTV Ep88 Interview w_ Director Ryan Prows [Lowlife] 4_30_18

Today we have a special guest on with us. The writer and director of the recent cult hit “Lowlife” Ryan Prows! We talk about his origins, the process of getting 5 writers together on one project, how to not say Narcocorrido, practical fx and Robocop shooting junk. We even came up with a #horrorshot for the movie that we call “El Monstruo” that will make you black out and kick people in the face. It's a grand ol' time. We even do a short SPOILER FREE review after. What are you waiting for?...


BTV Ep87 Go Home Science, You're Drunk [Altered States & Demon Seed] 4_23_18

Sometimes science can be very weird and so is this case in the 2 movies we watched this week. “Altered States” & “Demon Seed”. One story about a guy who is researching the effects of the brain on hallucinogens in sensory deprivation tank and one scientist who creates the smartest Artificial Intelligence with a healthy appetite for makin babies. You won't want to miss this one. Plus we chat it up about last weeks news on the Gremlins reboot and even made a new #horrorshot called a “Sensory...


BTV Ep86 High FREAKquency w_ Mike Saga [GravePlots] 4_16_18

Mike Saga returns for a Graveplots that will infect your mind. “High FreakQuency”. Is a story abou a hacker who finds a military frequency that was used to control peoples minds and make them act out their worst nightmares. We also take a pickle back “Saga Smash” #horrorshot that fails miserably. Find out all about this weeks BTV episode. We hope you enjoy! EPISODE LINK So grab your tape recorder, don't forget your keyboard and be...


BTV Ep85 Alex's Birthday Poltergeist Trilogy 4_9_18

Alex celebrates his Birthday with a childhood trilogy favorite! The Poltergeist Trilogy. We dive into all 3 movies this week and give you all the trivia you can handle. The curse behind the franchise, the deaths , the mystery and the jokes. Help celebrate with us as we also take a #horrorshot called a “Party-Geist” in honor of both the franchise and Alex's Birthday. EPISODE LINK So grab your static television don't forget your angry...


BTV Ep84 Greasy Hobo [The Greasy Strangler & Hobo with a Shotgun] 4_2_18

It's Britnis Birthday Episode! She picked two movies that tickled her greasy elbow. We watched “Hobo with a Shotgun” and “The Greasy Strangler”. Two messed up movies that are completely different. We talk about the news this last week and we made up a combo #horrorshot called “The Greasy Shotgun” that combines both the movies we watched this week! Have you seen these weird flicks? It's a perfectly messed up episode and I think you will like it. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep82 The Boxers Omen & Evil Dead Trap w_ Don Anelli 3_19_18

ou asked for it. So we delivered. MORE weird Asian flicks. We invited our friend Don Anelli from the Horror Mafia Podcast to help us digest and upack these flicks from the 80s. They may be a little deeper cuts into the genre than normal. This week we talk about the psychedelic adventure ride from hell called “The Boxers Omen”. Existensial horror at its best? This one blew our minds as it's trippy gore splattered our eyes. Next we talk about the gore soaked “Evil Dead Trap”. No, not an...


BTV Ep80 What The Hell Japan [Wild Zero & Crazy Lips] 3 5 18

This week we take on a listeners movie title submission called.. “10 Red Tears in the Cage of the Salamander”. Crazy name? You betcha and it's a pretty great story that we made up for complete with sound fx in the story! The story is about a scientist who does experiments on Red Heads to grow back appendages on people but it goes horribly wrong. Pretty awesome stuff. We also jump into the news this past week and discuss about Ash Vs. Evil Dead and the Oscars. Find out about all this on...


BTV Ep78 Possession & The Taking Of Deborah Logan 2_19_18

This weeks Flesh & Potatoes we take on and put together 2 creepy horror movies with possession (in some form) on offering. We kick things off with “The Taking of Deborah Logan” which is a found footage movie about an older lady with alzheimer's gone wrong. Then we jump into a more artsy film with a bit of a double entendre in the possession department. This movie will scar you mentally as it's nothing you might have seen before it. We devour both for this week and tell you all about the...


BTV Ep77 (Part 2) Tragedy Girls & Heathers 2_15_18

This weeks Flesh & Potatoes we continue to honor women in horror with two wicked lady movies. This time it's in Highschool. Two movies that seem to get compared together a lot since one of their releases. So we figured let's match them up against each other. Tragedy Girls Vs. Heathers. Cult Classic vs Instant Cult Classic. Who will win? Have you seen these? Sit back and enjoy as we break down both, our thoughts, trivia and our favorite scenes in this weeks flesh and potatoes. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep77 (Part 1) It Lurks Below [Graveplots] 2_12_18

This week we do our #Graveplots segment mixing carnivals & cthulhu styled creatures. Sound amazing? Well this week will be just right for you. In our movie we made up called “It Lurks Below”. One of our friends / listeners title submitted by Director John Hale. Congrats! Alex packed in some sound fx to give the atmosphere of the movie as we make it up! We also take a #horrorshot dedicated to the movie “Heathers” (1988) called “Fudge me with a Chainsaw”. Then we jump into last week's news...


BTV Ep76 (Part 1) The Cadillac Killers w_ Isaac Thorne [GravePlots] 2_5_18

his week we do our #Graveplots segment with a special guest. Writer and horror afficionado Isaac Thorne joins us to make up a listeners movie title. We talk a bit with Isaac and see what is brewing in the creative bucket as well as some of his inspirations. Then we dive head first into “The Cadillac Killers” #graveplots. It's a pretty crazy story about a group of killers who kill people in specific ways with their Cadillac Cars. They all answer to “the voice” on the phone. It's gore soaked...


BTV Ep75 (Part 2) Toll & Troll 2 [Flesh & Potatoes] 2_1_18

This weeks Flesh & Potatoes is Troll & Troll 2 with our Special Guest Vash. Two movies that don't actually stand together in story but are both pretty odd. We kick it off with Empires “Troll” first and talk about the crazy creepy creatures and its silly soundtrack that gets stuck in your head. Plus a lot more. Then we dive into what is considered to be the best worst film ever made with “Troll 2”. We are pretty sure after we break down both of these movies and their trivia that you will be...


BTV Ep74 (Part 2) I Drink Your Blood & I Eat Your Skin 1_25_18

This weeks Flesh & Potatoes is a double feature from the 70s. We watched “I Drink Your Blood” & “I Eat Your Skin”. Two movies that don't actually do what they are called but still pack a punch to the face of history. One is about a Rabies infected group of satan worshiping hippies and one is about an island of googly eyed voodoo zombies. Find out why these 2 movies came about and all the crazy trivia. EPISODE LINK So grab a box of dynamite...


BTV Ep74 (Part 1) The Rickety Man [GravePlots] 1_22_18

This week we do our #Graveplots segment about a doll that comes to life and starts killing the people who did the maker wrong or stand in his way. Complete with sound fx throughout the episode to give you audio pleasure. :) We of course do our news this past week and a new “Milk Mouth” #horrorshot that is themed around the movie “I Drink Your Blood”. So delicious you will be foaming of the mouth for one. EPISODE LINK So grab your veggie...


BTV Ep73 (Part 2) Corporate Chaos [The Belko Experiment & Mayhem] 1_18_18

This week we step into the office and then out victorious with a bloody stapler. We take on two “Corporate Chaos” films that on the surface seem to have a lot in common but really are quite different in tone. “The Belko Experiment” which was written by James Gunn the Director of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and directed by “Wolf Creeks” Director Greg McLean. Then we jump in with a bloody ream of paper for “Mayhem” which stars Steven Yeun (Glen on The Walking Dead) and is Directed by Joe Lynch...


BTV Ep73 (Part 1) The Meat Solution [GravePlots] 1_15_18

Have you ever wanted to find a meat substitute that tastes better than meat? Today we kick off a new #GravePlots that will Blow your mind. It could quite literally with “The Meat Solution”. A story about a new Plant based (better tasting than) Meat that causes people to explode? WTF? You are not gonna want to miss this one. Plus we talk about the news and even do a “Corporate Mickey” #HorrorShot themed around one of our Thursdays movies “The Belko Experiment”. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep72 (Part 2) Inferno Of Flesh [Hotel Inferno & Skinless] 1_11_18

This week for our Flesh & Potatoes we get schlocky with 2 (2013) gore soaked films for your flesy desires. We take on “Skinless” aka “The Ballad of Skinless Pete” & “Hotel Inferno” from Necrostorm. We talk about “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” & “Devil's Gate” briefly as well. It's a over the top schlockfest of an episode that you won't want to miss. EPISODE LINK So grab your face mask don't forget your POV Camera & be sure to grab your shades...


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