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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil

Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil
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Join Mike and Alex. 2 Musicians who love horror, drinking and being jokesters. We create the music in our cast and the jokes. This isn't your daddies podcast so get your earmuffs out. They don't hold back too much. If you like approachable horror addicts with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass Beyond The Veil






Ep142 Mexican Slashers w_Terrible Terror Podcast - Cemetery of Terror & Grave Robbers 6_10_19

This week The Terrible Terror Podcast joins to talk in depth about two Mexican Supernatural Slasher films! Brian & Alex talk about Cemetery of Terror (1985) about a group of “Jet Set” wanna be kids who bump into a dark book. After a quick ritual bring forth a killer that is like a rip off of Michael Myers. Then we dive into Grave Robbers (1989) the movie that inspired this whole episode. About a group of grave robbers that ressurect ANOTHER killer out to murder everyone that he can get his...


BTV Ep141 The Day of the Beast (1995) & The Last Circus (2010) Reviews 6_3_19

This week we take on two Alex De La Iglesia Films! It's a Directors Double Feature Review! The Day of the Beast (1995) & The Last Circus (2010). Two movies that will take you on a wild journey. We kick it off with The Day of the Beast about a priest who decides that in order to kill Satan and the Anti Christ he must commit as much evil as possible. He teams up with a metal head drug addict to take on evil. Then we step into The Last Circus about a sad clown that joins the circus and falls in...


BTV Ep140 Brightburn (2019) Spoiler FREE Review & Spoiler Discusion 5_27_19

We've been waiting so long for this movie to be released! It's finally here! Was it all that and bag of chips or was it just OK? Let us tell you in our spoiler free revew FIRST then after that we discuss the movie in our Spoiler Discussion. We have a lot of theories in this section that you guys might want to hear about. Including a possible sequel. Heck we even made a shot for the movie for our #HorrorShot this week! Awesome stuff. EPISODE LINK


BTV Ep139 Puddin Lips w_ TryHard Heroes (GravePlots) Audio Drama 5_20_19

It's time for GravePlots! This week we have on a special guest and YouTube funny man TryHard Heroes to whip up one of the more ridiculous sounding horror movie names we've done yet. "Puddin Lips". You read that right. Don't let the weird name fool you though. This movie is more elaborate than it might seem. An infection that deteriorates ones face and body into puss lips is sweeping the nation rapidly. A girl named Sherise and a few neighbors try to stop the apocalypse from happening but is...


BTV Ep138 Black Magic (1975) & Black Magic 2 (1976) Reviews 5_13_19

Yes! It's time to dive back into weird cult asian Shaw Brothers films! We take on two movies about spells of love and death with Black Magic (1975) & Black Magic 2 (1976). Two movies about people being so greedy they will pay a magician to help them kill or fall in love. Only things don't always go to plan and end in some of the weirdest weirdest wacked out deaths. Were these films the wacky over the top practical FX you have come to love in a shaw brothers film? We break down our thoughts...


BTV Ep137 [REC] 3: Genesis & [REC] 4: Apocalypse 5_6_19

We finish out the REC franchise with [REC]3: Genesis & [REC] 4: Apocalypse. Are they as good as the original? What do we think of them? We finish the adventure with one from a Wedding night with part 3 and one on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Both infest with your favorite REC creatures. It's the end of the world as we know it. Join us in it's demise as we cover all the trivia about both these movies and our favorite scenes. EPISODE LINK


BTV Ep136 [REC] & [REC] 2 Reviews 4_29_19

We take our first steps towards completing the Spanish found footage Franchise of [REC]! It's one of Alex's favorite. This week it's part 1 & 2 of the infamous series that spawned into existence the production of a US remake called Quarantine almost immediately. These films went on to much acclaim around the world for it's ingenuity and story. We talk about all the trivia that you want to know about both these films and of course which of the 2 we prefer most. This was Britni's first time...


BTV Ep135 Interview w/ Corin Nemec + Rottentail Review 4_22_19

Hippity Hoppity Happity Easter everyone! It's a new week and we have special guest Corin Nemec of “Star Gate SG-1” fame and “Parker Lewis Can't Lose” to discuss his new movie Rottentail (2018). Which is about a killer easter bunny who gets unhinged and a bit murdery. Tis the season. Based off a graphic novel with the same story. Find out what he's been up to, our review of the movie and also what Britni and Alex think of the new Swamp Thing /Childs Play trailers! All in this weeks episode!...


BTV Ep134 Rabid Suburban Poodles (GravePlots) 4_15_19

It's that time! We made up a movie from one of our listeners/guests donated horror movie names for our creative segment #GravePlots! Mike Saga donated the title “Rabid Suburban Poodles”. So we dove in and came up with a crazy story about a maid who injects a rich families poodles with a untested material that turns them into rabid killers in a rich neighborhood. It's a gory comedy that you won't want to miss and we made it up on the spot! Check it out. PLUS we even cover the news this week....


BTV Ep133 Pet Sematary (2019) Spoiler Free Review + Spoilers Discussion 4_8_19

It's Alex's Birthday and we decided to check out the new Stephen King Remake “Pet Sematary” (2019) to see how it stacked up against the original film. Is it as bad as some are saying? Is it worse? Is this slam dunk? We do a spoiler free review first (not even discussing the trailer) and then we jump into our spoilers afterwards. See what we think about the new remake now and don't forget to check out our Horrorshot based around the movie too. It may help to wash away the nightmares. * spooky...


BTV Ep132 Critters: A New Binge & Hobgoblins 4_1_19

We return to those little meat eating space porcupines you love? with Critters: A New Binge [Shudder]. Plus, we take on one of the supposedly worst film ever made about little ankle bitters that turn your fantasies into physical reality while they wreak mischief on a bunch of horny teens called Hobgoblins (1988). It's an epic showdown of tiny terrors and bad humor that you might not be surprised by. Find out. Plus we made shots for one of the movies to wash it all down. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep131 Jordan Peele's "Us" (Spoiler FREE Review & Spoilers Explained) 3_25_19

Jordan Peele's “Us” is finally out! We review the new film and give our spoiler FREE reviews on it , plus afterwards we delve into the spoiler theories and metaphors hidden in the film. Don't worry we give you plenty of warning before we spoil anything. So if you want to come back after watching the film to our spoilers section you can. You will want to come back and see what we thought about the film and it's meanings. Plus we even made a new #horrorshot for the movie! EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep130 The Kids In The Hole (The Pit & The Hole In the Ground) 3_18_19

What's it with evil kids and their holes in the ground that makes us all bugaboo? This week we explore two movies with a common theme of holes in the ground and weird little kids who love them. We review The Pit (1981) about a boy named Jamie who perves out on people and throws people in a pit of monsters for the sake of his teddy bear who told him to. Then we tack on a new movie called The Hole In The Ground (2019) About a mother and her son who stumble upon a giant hole and suddenly her...


BTV Ep129 Sleazy Beasties (Cherokee Creek & Beasties) 3_11_19

This week we take on two sleazy & beastly movies in horror. One new and one old. First we talk about the new movie Cherokee Creek (2018). A horror comedy about a killer big foot that goes ape on a few bachelor party goers. Then we dive into another beast like sci fi shot on video styled movie about space creatures coming to earth to eat people. This one is called Beasties (1991) and boy is it special... Beasties was also was donated to the podcast by one of our listeners Patrick Lemke!...


BTV Ep128 Dave Did It [GravePlots] 3_4_19

Awwww Yeah! It's that time! GravePlots! Not sure what that is? Well, this week we made up a comedy slasher movie on the podcast. Off the top of our heads! Complete with gory sound fx for your ear pleasure. This week is “Dave Did It”. Who is Dave? Well.. you will just have to find out as he takes out a group of friends one by one who are celebrating their college graduation. It's gory and a lot of laughs. Wait till you find out who he is. EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep127 Critters 3 & 4 (In Space) 2_18_19

We finished the last 2 movies in the Critters franchise! Critter 3 which takes place in an apartment complex with Leonardo DiCaprio? Something tells me he’s not on top of the world about that. Speaking of worlds Critters 4 takes place off planet earth and deep in space with Brad Dourif & Angela Bassett. That's right.. everyone's space porcupines are back for us to devour them? In Space? These last two movies in the franchise have quite the story to tell and we will tell you all about....


BTV Ep126 Critters & Critters 2 The Main Course 2_11_19

It's time for everyone's favorite space porcupines the Critters! This week we take on Critters and Critters 2 The Main Course with Patrick & of course Britni. This episode is loaded to the brim with trivia, bad behavior and our special blend of humor? Let's just say we had a lot of drinks this episode. So, you might want to buckle up. We even made a drink of our own to honor those furry balls of teeth the crites! EPISODE LINK Horrorshots 5:52...


BTV Ep125 Howling New Moon Rising & Howling Reborn 2_4_19

We did it... We finally finished the Howling Franchise! You savages! Back by unpopular demand. We bring you Howling New Moon Rising & Howling Reborn. The final 2 nails in the Howling franchise coffin for us. If you have been wondering what the sound of 2 human beings childhoods being set on fire sounds like . Feel free to tune into our detailing of both these movies. Howling 7 may have caused an aneurysm for at least one of us. You won't want to miss hearing our displeasure. Check it out!...


BTV Ep124 TOP HORROR of 2018 (Special) 1_28_19

It's finally here! Top Horror Of 2018. After an amazing year for the genre, we were more than excited to choose which horror movies had the most impact on us. Britni is back from getting her robot legs and we had a bottle of Malort to help us get into our picks. Congrats to all the films involved this year and even ones we may have not seen or didn't make the list. It's been such a great year for horror and we are proud to belong to the genre. Let's do this! EPISODE LINK...


BTV Ep123 Curse of Evil & The Killing Of Satan 1_21_19

Wow.. we watched 2 movies this week so that you don't have to. Patrick returns to fill in for Britni so that we can talk about “Curse of Evil” about a family who befall an evil curse brought on by blood frogs and the dragon king. This one is sure to offend just about anyone. Then we dive into “The Killing of Satan” from the Philipines. If poorly choreographed fight segments, silly magic and snake people are your jam. We got the perfect movie for you. Listen to us tell the tale of 2 bad...