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Holly Morgan and her husband, Tom, attempt to deconstruct a Diva every episode joined by an *extra* special guest.

Holly Morgan and her husband, Tom, attempt to deconstruct a Diva every episode joined by an *extra* special guest.


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Holly Morgan and her husband, Tom, attempt to deconstruct a Diva every episode joined by an *extra* special guest.








Little Diva Energy #29: MAFSA Intervention

G'day Divas, Thankfully, the season finale of Married At First Sight Australia finally aired yesterday and has been very much consumed, so Holly actually showed up for this record. (But only really so she could put a call out to get Cyrell to be her friend.) It's Holly and her husband back in the chair this week and they sift through all the Diva news including: the Golden Globes shitty party, that Britney doc and, of course, the unfolding diva true crime drama that is the shooting of Ryan...


Ep 29 - Divine [with Peaches Christ] Part II

Oh my God Almighty! Someone has sent us a Diva! Keep your dogs close and your rosary beads closer as we stick our thumbs out and hitch a ride with the divine Peaches Christ for the second leg of the divine Divine! Peaches (world-renowned icon of drag and all-round Watersphile) throws Holly & Tom into the back seat, revs the engine and we're back out on the Divine Highway, picking up at Eat Your Make-Up, making our filthy way through the full film career, detouring for a coastal view of the...


Little Diva Energy #28: Guess Who's Back in the House Doctor

What a bitchin' coincidence, Divas! With us for the first Little Diva of 2021 are our two very own BDE correspondents, Chris (@ChrisA) and Rich (@RichHawkins). Because there's so much to catch up on since we've been away, one bitch/coincidence simply will not do. Rich spends the episode trying to get around to talking about that Britney doc, but there's only one doc Chris is interested in: Ann Maurice (remember her? Almost certainly not.) Expect lengthy detours on North London serial...


Ep 28 - Divine [with Peaches Christ] Part I

We're back, Divas! It's been a long, cold January, presumably made all the colder without your regular dollop of diva. And we missed you all terribly. But we've returned from our self-imposed hiatus, ready to bring a bit of glitter back to the shitter. And phwoar, have we got something special to kick off the season. First off, our subject this week was a genuine one-of-kind. They could call him fatso, they could call him asshole, he didn't mind - but we just call him DIVINE. And to top it...


The Year in Diva

Happy New Year, Divas! Despite 2020 being a well-documented bin fire, the diva-verse was aflame with fantastic content throughout. Which was useful for us, because, as of this month, Big Diva Energy is officially One Years Old! As such, this feature-length episode finds Holly & Tom in their actual marital bed, doing a run down of 2020's Biggest Diva Moments, whilst hearing from many of their previous guests from a year's worth of diva-based madness. Plus, we all know that 2021 doesn't...


Little Diva Energy #27: Holly(and her husband)-Slay Spectacular! 🎄 🎄 🎄 🤶 🤶 🤶 🎄 🎄 🎄

Merry fucking Christmas, Divas! After an absolute shitheap of a year, in our penultimate episode of 2020, we wish a very Happy Holiday to all the Divas out there, whatever faith ye be, however ye be spending it. So pull up a place by the Netflix Fireplace, raise a glass of something disgustingly sweet, and listen to Holly dissect her "Five Gold Rings" (aka Top 5 Christmas Divas) with language as fruity as her baked ham. Along the way, we fit in one last festive round-up of December's diva...


Ep 27 - Jake Shears [with Will Jackson] Part III

Keep your shoes on, Divas! It's Goodbye to Showbiz this week - but not for Jake Shears. Here we come to our final part in what is clearly only the halfway point of the iconic life of one Jake Shears: Scissor Sister, Broadway star and Masked Singer. Joined once again by regional Attitude rep, Dr Will Jackson, the BDE team pick up at the recording sessions for Ta-Dah, work their way through to the indefinite hiatus of the band and onto Jake's post-Sisters goings on. Along the way, we find out...


Out for Blood: The Story of Carrie the Musical

Coming January 2021! Join hosts Chris Adams and Holly Morgan (Big Diva Energy), as they deep dive into their 20-year obsession with Carrie: The Musical, unearthing the crazy story behind the show’s creation and its infamously disastrous run, only to discover how Carrie rose from the dead to truly embrace its title as Queen of Flops. @outforbloodpod Support this podcast


Little Diva Energy #26: Restrained (For Mariah)

CHANGE, Divas! It's nearly Crimble and, as a way to signal death to this annus horribilis, the divas have come out in full force with their maddest contributions to culture yet! Essentially this episode is all about Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special and the Dolly Parton Netflix vehicle, Christmas on the Square. So, just to warn you: SPOILER ALERT. We suggest you don't listen to this until you've watched both. Until then, please subscribe to Big Diva Energy and never miss a fabulous...


Ep 26 - Jake Shears [with Will Jackson] Part II

Welcome to Showbiz, Divas! And welcome to an episode we were so pleased with, we only recorded it once! Can you believe?! Podcast PTSD-allowing, Ms Attitude herself (@Will__Jackson__) is back for Part II, to help us pick up The Wonderful Story of Shears from the moment the Gay Mafia turn up in his dressing room, all the way through to the untimely passing of his best friend Mary. It's a rollercoaster, but, as always there are digressions aplenty, as the threesome make pitches for Kesha as...


Little Diva Energy #25: Pink Tuesday

[Diana Voice] Alright? Divas, it's been difficult to decipher diva happenings today from those that happened 30 years ago when, like everyone else, we've spent all week devouring The Crown like a mountainside plane crash survivor desperately gnawing flesh from the thighbone of a fellow passenger. But, amongst other things, one thing Netflix's high-gossip phenomenon has given us is an incredible Diva crossover, as a previous BDE guest ends up sharing screen time with the one and only Ms...


Ep 25 - Jake Shears [with Will Jackson] Part I

Let's have a kiki, Divas! And we're going to bloody need one. Then a lie down. Recorded the day after the US election, having stayed up all night to greet an apparent victory for Donald Trump, in this episode, frankly, Holly and Tom are: All. Over. The. Place. Emotionally, psychologically, organisationally. And in much the same way as the whole election got flipped turned upside-down, just you wait for the twist that turns this episode on its head 30 minutes in. It's not quite in the same...


Little Diva Energy #24: THE AUDACITY!

My fellow Divas, This week we celebrate both an historical triumph and an historical failure. Yes, Donald Trump is about to be exorcised from the White House. Yes, Kamala Harris is set to become the first female, black and Indian-origin vice-president in history. And yet... Over here, across the pond, we have suffered another damaging blow to our democracy. The "Great" British Public, in their seemingly endless capacity for showing their arse, have voted for walking embodiments of crusty...


Ep 24 - Paris Hilton [with Lucy McCormick]

Fingers crossed, divas! Here we are at the Devil’s crossroad. What will happen? Who knows? But, if you need a break from endless uncertainty, we present you with our subject this week: someone who may or may not be a diva! Strap in, it’s complex. In our US election night episode, we get deep about a spoiled child of immense wealth and privilege. Someone who made their name in New York, then, later, reality television. Someone who has, at times, been accused of being everything that’s wrong...


DIVA FILM CLUB - Hocus Pocus 🎃 🎃 🎃 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️ 🎃 🎃 🎃

Di-vaaaaaaas! It's the single most Diva-fuelled children's film ever made. It's a star vehicle for three ICONS of the Diva-verse with some gloriously inappropriate plot-work and some questionable casting choices (siblings playing a married couple anyone?). We love it. We know you do too. It's Hocus Pocus! And this is an extra-special, ultra-spoopy Hallowe'en treat (not a trick): the first ever Diva Film Club! Your Grand High Witches, Holly & Tom - in the age-old tradition of minimal...


Little Diva Energy #23: Spooky Bitches

Whooooo Divas! It's nearly Hallowe'en and, as you all know, 31st October is a Diva's best friend! Dressing up, scaring children, backlighting...the list goes on. As mentioned, we've got a very special Hallowe'en bonus episode coming out, but, until then, there's some Little Diva Energy to get to. This episode, Holly has a breaky-d trying to compare Camden Lock to something in New York, our sweet Jade from Little Mix got her bumbum out and Holly presents her Top 3 spooky bitches (with...


Ep 23 - Gwen Verdon [with Robert Madge] Part III

Three is the magic number, Divas! In the mould of all the great trilogies (Star Wars, the Godfathers, Mighty Ducks), not only must this third instalment tie up all remaining narrative strands, but also bring to an emotional climax the relationship between its key characters. And that is exactly what we present here: One hour-long climax from Holly, Tom and pod-superguest and all-round championship diva, Robert Madge. Having just got through the flashbacks from Fosse/Verdon in Part II, we're...


Little Diva Energy #22: Born Unto Us This Way

Behold, Divas! We bring you good tidings of joy, which shall be to all divas. But, before that, much movement has there been in the diva-verse. Amongst other things, Little Mix's search continues and we talk about (an even bigger fan than us). The Voldemort of Culture Wars gets roundly whooped by - in her words - a "Z-List ex-soap actress". And we debut brand-new segment: "Holly Morgan Reads from Mariah Carey's Autobiography". Strap in. Then,...


Ep 22 - Gwen Verdon [with Robert Madge] Part II

Who's got the pain, Divas? Turns out, almost everyone involved in Gwen Verdon's life. Welcome then, to the second-act dream ballet of her story. Doing our due diligence and making Poor Nicole proud, we continue our deep-dive into Gwen's life and find her on the cusp of meeting the most important creative and romantic partner in her life, the absolutely dreadful Bob Fosse. Joining Holly and Tom once again is the most important creative and romantic partner in Big Diva Energy's life: the...


Little Diva Energy #21: AGM

Thank you, Divas, for joining us today, This year’s AGM is now open. Holly rattles through the agenda this week, mainly so she and Tom can wax lyrical about Little Mix: The Search, because Mariah’s autobiography isn’t arriving until tomorrow!! As usual Rich has a bitch, Chris has a coincidence, and this week sees the return of new feature, “Excellent or Fine”. Who will it be? And will they be excellent? Or just fine? Any Other Business? Yes, if all members could please like and subscribe to...