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Join hosts Chad and Hank as they talk about whatever they want to talk about that day! Sports, movies, tv, music, news, women, games… enough variety and entertainment to surely become your new favorite podcast.

Join hosts Chad and Hank as they talk about whatever they want to talk about that day! Sports, movies, tv, music, news, women, games… enough variety and entertainment to surely become your new favorite podcast.


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Join hosts Chad and Hank as they talk about whatever they want to talk about that day! Sports, movies, tv, music, news, women, games… enough variety and entertainment to surely become your new favorite podcast.









Chad and Hank return for another packed BIG FAN! Included in this episode, pitchers and catchers report, Tiger's Car Accident, a loyal listener's near death experience, Coming 2 America preview, and St. Patty's Day traditions. It went so well the first time, Taste Buddies is back! Music included in the episode ALO's "Maria"


I Saw the Light!

Chad and Hank are back for another life changing podcast! Included in this episode, Hank breaks UFO news, close to home near death experiences, Super Bowl Highlights and Lowlights, Tom Brady's Draft Day, Shutting Down the "You Can't Do It" people, power couples and the hosts discuss the Rock and Roll and Baseball Hall of Fame nominees for this year. A new segment emerges onto the BIG FAN podcast. Get ready for " Taste Buddies"! Email BIG FAN at Music Featured in this...


A Father's Love

Chad and Hank are back for another jam packed episode of Big Fan! Included in this edition..Chad is officially a boomer (at least according to his daughters), Big Fan hate mail is addressed, new starts, dry January isn't working out, Hank's Hot Takes, how masks hide real emotions, the Tiger Woods documentary, and giving your kids a choice. Order the "Hickory: Then and Now" book here. Music included in this episode: Jupiter Coyote "Crazy Women".


What a Start!

Chad and Hank are back for 2021 and in another jam-packed episode, Chad has a COVID psychosomatic experience, a Christmas and NYE quarantine, what to clean in the new year, Chad has his personal space encroached and is helped by a stranger, the Christmas decoration take down debate.. exactly how long is too long to leave up the tree? and other LIVE PODCAST EXCITEMENT! Music included: Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire


The 2020 BIG FAN Christmas Spectacular

Merry Christmas! Hank and Chad return for a holiday edition of Big Fan! Included in this merry episode, the "eggnog fairy" delivers?, Chad and Hank's Christmas favorites, and Christmas trivia. Also.. the hosts share their mutual love for Village Inn Pizza buffets, a "That Was This Year?" segment, and who takes "birthday weeks"? Listen in for another jam-packed holly-jolly episode of Big Fan! Music included: Brenda Lee's Rockin Around the Christmas Tree


A Spaghetti-O Thanksgiving

The guys are back for another jam-packed episode of BIG FAN! Chad alone on Thanksgiving has resorted to eating Spaghetti-O's. Hank and Chad talk 75 degree X-mas Tree hunts in Newland, NC, and teenage curfews / Chad's all-world "spend the night out game". Also included... Hank's Bloody Mary tips and how the Covid-19 has impacted the NFL and Fantasy Football owners. Music included in the episode: Time Sawyer "Lonely's a Heartbreaker's Dream"


What is ... Big Fan?

Hank and Chad are back with the love for trivia TV game show hosts in their heart. The guys pay tribute to Alex Trebek, and play a little Jeopardy of their own. Also included, Dads living vicariously through their children's Christmas presents, the hosts COVID-modified Thanksgiving holiday traditions, Masters in November and Hickory's own connections to Augusta, and ridiculous meteorologists names. Looking at you Larry Sprinkle. Thank you to our sponsor Time Genies! Music in the episode:...



Chad and Hank are podcasting as they anxiously await the presidential election results to come in. Join the guys as they give their expert political opinions, discuss what the Masters Tournament will look like in the fall, and Entertainment Weekly's best album of the last 30 years. Thank you to our sponsor Time-Genies! Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: Hope the High Road


Halloween Spooktacular!

Chad and Hank are back to their old tricks with another treat-filled episode of BIG FAN! Included in this episode, scary dating advice for 11 year olds, a hauntingly terrible time on Franklin Street, and a frightening candy jacking. Also! BIG FAN Feud Halloween edition, candy favorites and World Series takes are all here in the BIG FAN Halloween Spooktacular! Thank you to our sponsor Time Genies! Michael Jackson's Thriller


Don't Be That Guy

BIG FAN is back in business. In this packed episode, everyone had a crush on Elizabeth Shue in the '80s, Hank wants to fight Bernie Sanders in a cage match, a Van Halen tribute, and a "Are You That Guy?" segment. Also included in this episode, BIG FAN's #1 loyal listener gets called out on the podcast (again) and will he make an appearance? Hank and Chad talk their COVID -19 Halloween Trick or Treat strategy and more! This episode is dedicated to the memory of Bosco and all the good dogs...


The Golden Episode

Chad and Hank are back for the 50th BIG FAN episode! Included in this episode, Hank Fauci and the family quarantine, pond hunting and fishing First Plaza, Chad the "Pumpkin Spice King" and the East family's journey for a learner's permit, *BONUS Hank and Chad's own driving instructor stories*! Do you have a gambling problem if you bet on 8 year olds playing Pickleball? Sports updates and a shoutout / invitation to a loyal listener.. all on this episode of BIG FAN! Thanks to our sponsor...


The Smorgasbord Podcast

Chad and Hank are back (remotely) and dive into everything that comes to mind. What really happens at Dog Kennels?.. How bad does the Ultra Team Marathon van smell?.. Can anyone beat Hank in ping pong?... Also included, Carolina Panthers predictions and draft results of the guys fantasy football teams. Segments in this episode include Hank's Hierarchy and Chad's Rapid Fire. Thank you to our sponsor Time Genies!


Back Seat Baby

Chad and Hank are back for another packed episode of Big Fan! All included in this episode.. Hank the Snake Wrangler, Koa East's Bark Collar, the Big Fan Tennis Match of the Decade, Messi, Baseball Tournament Magic, Fantasy Football Shenanigans, and Chad's Anniversary Surprise. ALSO! The premier of Henry River's Back Seat Baby feat. Chad East. Thank you to our sponsor Time Genies! Intro Song: Big Something - Song for Us


The NC Hurriquake

Something is rumbling in BIG FAN land. It's the NC Hurriquake! All included in this packed episode.. Chad and Hank discuss which natural disaster they'd rather live through, the Homeroom Teacher Lottery, the first day of school, and The Foundation Center memories. Plus Chad and Hank give us a little bit of their "Fantasy (Football) Formula" This episode of BIG FAN is dedicated to and in memory of Carolyn Miller... Thank you to our sponsor Time Genies! Mark Morrison's Return of the Mack


The Ultimate Remote Podcast

Whoa Nelly! This is the ultimate remote podcast. Hank and Chad are joined by cohosts Barry the CPI Tech guy, and Koa, the East family dog on this rambunctious episode. In this episode, Hank's reservations about his Ford Bronco reservation, antics by teenagers during COVID and 2 Dad's perspective on opening schools in the fall. Segments include "Original or Sequel?" and "BIG FAN Loveline". Don't miss this one!


4th of July Spectacular

Chad and Hank are back for another jam packed podcast. In this episode.. Kool Park "Tower" shenanigans, Best Boiled Peanut Spots in NC, Hank's Jordan purchase, mask fashion, and Chad's golf course current streak. Segments abound with Big Fan Feud!, Hank's Hierarchy and Chad's Conundrum.


BIG FAN: Sweet Summertime

Summertime, Chad and Hank are here for it. Their respective vacation / staycation went as expected (minus the Portuguese Man of War infestation). Late night singalongs, Hank's shellacking on the tennis court and Father's Day are all here on Big Fan!


BIG FAN: Hamster in the Coal Mine

Hank and Chad are back! This episode is jam-packed! Hank sees the light at the end of the remodel tunnel, Chad's birthday trip shenanigans, janky post quarantine haircuts, El Paso Beer and Oyster Buckets, how little eggs turn into a big problem, how to teach ten year olds social distancing, SpaceX and Hank's Hierarchy are all included.. Strap in, this one's the best.. around! Find out more about our sponsor, Time Genies here!


BIG FAN: Mama said "Fall in Line"

Hank and Chad are back but podcasting remotely and at a safe social distance. This episode is jam-packed! Included, Chad's MVP of Mother's Day 2020: The Donut Life Employee with the last 2 Apple Fritters, real talk about Fatherhood after watching "The Last Dance", and the online premier of Chad's song "Fall in Line" featuring Andy Rhoney and Erika Rowland. Also featured: Boyz II Men "A Song for Mama"


BIG FAN: Aliens & Bicycle Gangs

Chad's deep space redemption has come! The government confirms UFOs are out there and Hank's not buying it. What kind of person calls the police on a drive-by birthday parade? Our hosts discuss the Michael Jordan documentary, the violent bicycle gangs running rampant in NW Hickory, and retro-video games. This episode is jam-packed with remote podcasting fun! Only on BIG FAN.. only on the MESH! Outkast - ATLiens