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Cinemasters: Our Most Anticipated Movies of September - November 2019

Welcome back theater hoppers to another exciting feature of the Cinemasters of the Universe! The boys are all the way up to episode 14. Mitch is now completely installed as the Best Boy of this production and we kick this episode off with the Coming Attractions. Last we left our Cinemasters they were checking a couple titles off their missed inventory in another round of “WHAAAT??? You haven’t seen THAT???” Ron gives us his take on the precursor to Coach Bombay Emilio Estevez’s Repo Man and...


Cinemasters: 10 Great Movie Trailers | Movie Trivia (80s Movies, Ryan Reynolds)

"For Your Eyes Only" Welcome back theater goers. In lucky number 13 of our Cinemasters episodes the boys introduce us to a brand-new segment in this week’s Coming Attractions. Trivia Junket gets its theatrical release and our Cinemasters challenge each other to a gauntlet of specialized Trivia. Adam tests Ron’s 1980s IQ and Ron looks to see just how big of a Ryan Reynolds fan Adam really is. If you want to know just how well they fared in this test of wits, you’ll have to tune in to see how...


A Conversation with Dagan Moriarty

Whether he’s working long hours animating for the Emmy award winning children’s television show Sesame Street or flying across the country to record with his brother on the popular retro and nostalgia themed podcast CLS Knockback, the enormously talented Dagan Moriary never fails to be a pleasant and charming and full of warmth. So we were overjoyed when the Dagan accepted our invitation to join us and chat about his personal and professional life. Avid listeners of CLS Knockback already...


Cinemasters: 10 Great Remakes, Reboots and Re-imaginings | Rad Dads (Batman, Monster Squad)

Hey there boys and girls and welcome back to another exciting episode of Cinemasters of the Universe! In Episode XI (that’s eleven of you’re counting) which we’ve dubbed the Moonraker of the series we’ve got a lot to cover. Our heroes Reel to Reel Ron and Coming Attractions Adam five right in with a Rad Dads for the ages. Ron shares a Father/Son moment over the 1989 Tim Burton Batman with a 4K 30th Anniversary edition. This dives our fellas into a rousing conversation about the caped...


10 More Board Games We Love

Ron has a hankering' for Cracker Barrel, Nick loves his video game and TV show-themed boards and Mark isn't giving up his game show inspired sets anytime soon. When it comes to the nostalgic feels there's nothing like some good old fashioned, sitting at the dining room table with family and friends, board game action. And for this week's episode we invited a family and a friend over, Mark Baker-Wright, to talk about 10 board games we love(d). Speaking of Mark and TV shows, we also get an...


Cinemasters: 10 Great Movie Soundtracks | Recasting Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Forrest Gump

The boys are back in our TENTH EPISODE! We made it to double digits and we are darn proud of it. To go along with it, we’ve got a whole new set for the Cinemasters to broadcast from and we think you’ll love the new digs. Picking up where we left off, our Cinemasters have been tasked with recasting two iconic films. Ron challenged Adam to recast the dismal Star Wars prequel often mocked for its CGI Pear scene, “Attack of the Clones” and Adam viciously assaulted Ron by demanding he recast the...


Cinemasters: 10 Best SNL Movies Starring Cast Members Past or Present

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Cinemasters of the Universe! In Episode 9 we see the Rise of the Cinemasters as they change things up a bit with the visual aesthetic. What Adam lacks in overall appeal and personality, Ron more than makes up for in technical ability and general likability. Our heroes kick off this episode with another round of “WHAAAAT??? You haven’t seen _______”. This time Ron is going over his experience with Tom Hanks and his crazy “Bachelor Party” antics,...


BitGeek E3 2019 Prediction Show

It's Christmastime for gamers as E3 2019 is just days away and the BitGeek crew has come together once again to see if they can't predict what Nintendo and Microsoft (and maybe others) have in store for us.


Cinemasters: Our 10 Favorite Animated Films, Rad Dads (E.T. and The Mighty Ducks)

Ok kids, this is the big one. Episode 8. This is the one where a portion of you will hate us so much you organize a petition to erase this episode from our canon simply because we killed off Luke Skywal….oh crap. I gave away the ending. Dang it. Well, you should still watch/listen because there’s other really compelling stuff in this podcast too. Like….uh….RAD DADS! Yeah, we did a Rad Dads and oh man are you gonna love it. Ron watched E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (not like that’s redundant,...


Cinemasters: Most Anticipated Summer Movies of 2019 / Who Played it Better (Breakfast Club, Silence of the Lambs)

In this installment our boys are busting out a brand new segment called who played it better. If you recall in our last episode Ron challenged Adam to recast the classic thriller “Silence of the Lambs”. Adam returned the volley with an 80’s classic to find new, young talent for “The Breakfast Club”. Whatever you do, don’t check his browser history, folks. After this interesting change of pace we revisit a formula that worked for our Cinemasters once before. They’re going through the most...


Predicting the 20 Remaining Games for the SEGA Genesis Mini

Ever since the announcement of the SEGA Genesis Mini, SEGA has been drop feeding the announcement of 10 games at a time. To date half of those games have been revealed, but we thought it would be fun to try and predict which other 20 games will be in store for the nostalgia hungry SEGA fans. Will the final list be a love letter to it's fans (Nintendo) or will SEGA spit in the face of it's fans (SONY)?


Cinemasters: The Evolution of The Superhero Movie (1950's - 2008)

The place is England. The Year is 787. Our Cinemasters are embroiled in the fight of their life. Each of them have selected a movie they've somehow never actually seen and challenged themselves to do the unthinkable. Watch. That. Movie. Ron has selected a classic piece of theatrical genius and has enriched his mind, body and soul with the wisdom contained within. Adam watched a movie with people who do stuff and its pretty alright. They'll tell you things about these movies but if you want...


Cinemasters: Our Favorite Years in Movies and Rad Dads

As we last left our heroes they were embroiled in another fantastic quandary of whether or not they were, in fact, Rad Dads. This cliffhanger ending (nearly 2 months ago) had us on the edge of our seats as Ron, our Courageous Cinematic Commander, and Adam, the Plucky Theatric Rascal, vowed to bring two classic films from the annals of their infancy in filmdom to the forefront of their own children’s theatrical education today. This is always a risky endeavor as some films don’t have the...


Interview with Arcadeaholics Makers of Cosmotrons (Arcade)

The 2019 Louisville Arcade Expo had its share of highlights but for us the biggest may have been the surprise inclusion of, what we described as, "Multiplayer Asteroids" and "Asteroids Battle Royale". The game was called Cosmotrons and the makers were a two-person developer team based out of Wisconsin. Joining us for this episode we have those two very talented gentlemen, Shane Gutbrod AKA "Cosmo-Shane" and Dave Furrer AKA "Dave-o-Tron" on the show to talk about their company, the game we...


Cinemasters: Most Anticipated Movies of March, April and May 2019

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. Please gather round for another exciting installment of THE CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! In this latest edition we are lovingly subtitling "A New Hope" we find our heroes Ron Avis and Adam Peterson wrestling with a new foe. They take on the idea that somehow there is a classic movie, new or old, that they've not seen. Shudder! In a new segment titled "WHAAAAAAAAT?? You've not seen that? The boys each pick a movie considered some kind of classic and...


A Tribute to the Original Xbox

Microsoft saw what Sony did to Nintendo and SEGA, soundly defeating one titan while putting another out of the hardware business for good and they figured, "why not us?" The Xbox may have seemed like a novelty when it first launched in 2001, but despite soft sales in Japan, the west seemed to dig what Microsoft had to offer. For the first time PC gamers were taking notice of what consoles could be like with first person shooters playable with a controller *GASP* and not a mouse and keyboard....


The Golden Age of the Internet (Late 90's - Mid 2000's) featuring Martin Reimer

Do you remember the first time you plugged in your computer to the information super highway? After 15-20 seconds of awful screeching you had the world at your fingertips! Cheat codes for Mortal Kombat 3, screenshots of Super Mario 64 and low-res images of Cindy Margolis. Anything you wanted, it was all possible online. It was the mid-to-late 90's and the Internet was the wild west. The BitGeeks talk about their first experiences, trends, viral videos and flash cartoons. Lots and lots of...


Cinemasters: Top 10 Movies of 2018, Rad Dads (Space Jam and Beetlejuice)

Picking up from episode 2 'Rad Dads' Adam and Ron discuss watching classic films from the 80s and 90s with their children. This time around Adam shows his kids 'Space Jam' and Ron 'Beetlejuice' with his. But the main event is our recap of the top movies from 2018. Adam's Top 10 10) Halloween 28:03 9) Peppermint 54:31 8) Tag 1:08:35 7) Eighth Grade 6) Unsane 1:44:31 5) Mission Impossible 6: Fallout 1:56:44 4) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2:13:19 3) Avengers: Infinity War...


A Tribute to the SEGA Dreamcast

Happy 20th Birthday (in Japan) SEGA Dreamcast. Nick and Ron take a historical look back at the legendary companies final foray into the console business with the superb little machine that was too little, too late. Also, 10 favorite games.


Cinemasters: 10 Bad Sequels

Adam reviews Moonwalkers and Ron reviews Moon for Netflix Vice Versa, 10 really bad movie sequels and the reveal of "Rad Dads".