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This podcast is a weekly discussion on selected wellness topics designed to make you laugh, provide insight and breakdown the Weekly Wellness editorial delivered to inboxes every Monday.

This podcast is a weekly discussion on selected wellness topics designed to make you laugh, provide insight and breakdown the Weekly Wellness editorial delivered to inboxes every Monday.
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This podcast is a weekly discussion on selected wellness topics designed to make you laugh, provide insight and breakdown the Weekly Wellness editorial delivered to inboxes every Monday.






E79_How To Celebrate Every Moment & Why It's So Important

I was digging through my purse a few days ago and found a $50 dollar bill. Now there are three things you should know about me before I continue this story: 1. My loved ones have frequently described me as, "frugal AF" 2. I rarely carry cash. 3. If I somehow have more than a $5 spot on me, it ain't mine. So imagine my elation at the discovery of this "big face" bill that miraculously made its way into my possession. My first thought, "Who's is this?!' My second thought - "Don't look a gift...


E77_The Silent Stalker

We talk a lot about letting things and people go that no longer serve or help us. This week, we want to add guilt and shame to that list! At some point in time, despite our best inclinations and intentions, we have all done something we are not proud of. Remembering these experiences can make us cringe, and at its most heavy-handed, make us feel worse about ourselves even long after the shameful event has occurred. So the question we're posing this week is, "Why dwell on these old memories?"...


E77_Your Time Is Valuable

In last week's Weekly Wellness, we touched on the slight difference between being unmotivated and just plain tired! So once we've taken the needed rest to help us jump back into the swing of things or re-gained our motivation to see our goals through, we should still be calculated about next steps so we don't end-up in the same tired/unmotivated slump once again. For this week's Weekly Wellness we're going to focus on how to not mistake activity with achievement…


E76_How to Tell the Difference Between Being Unmotivated or Burnt Out

Jas and I were out to lunch today and we laughed for a good 5 minutes over the following statement: "The juice ain't worth the squeeze, and the squeeze ain't worth the juice!" Given the state of our appearance, it would have suggested that our efforts should have produced more than the current results and both the ridiculousness and realness of that statement truly hit home in that moment. We were taking stock of what we had accomplished this week with work, life's chores, etc. and since we...


E75_The Unwritten Rules in Relationships

In sharing time and energy with the people we surround ourselves with, we've come to expect certain things. Whether we want to admit it or not, there are unwritten rules in every relationship - from romantic partners to friends, and even co-workers. It's when someone breaks one or more of these invisible guidelines that our relationships become fractured and possibly even end. This Weekly Wellness is dedicated to preventing that break. And if the break already happened, listen in to find out...


E74_Who's Steering The Ship?

The idea of mind, body and spirit has been used by many to describe our human make-up. If we breakdown this concept in its simplest form, it suggests that the body informs the mind of what it needs and then the mind makes the decisions of how to get those needs met. While the body is rooted in nature and survival, the mind is consumed with the daily task of problem solving. This leaves the soul or spirit on its own to contemplate the higher concepts of meaning and existence. If we go with...


E73_The Last Swallow in the Container

We might be aging ourselves here, but does anyone else remember that hilarious scene in Harlem Nights when Della Reese's character goes off about the orange juice? For those not familiar with the movie (shade, no shade), think Eve in Barbershop inquiring about the disappearance of her apple juice. In both instances, it wasn't so much that someone drank the juice, it was that they "only left a swalla' in the container!" Both characters had their mouths all warmed up for a certain experience,...


E72_The Emperor Has No Clothes!

As mindful people, we're usually able to clearly see when things (in the words of my grandma) make no damn sense. And it wasn't until I was watching the 10 o'clock news that I became confronted with my own ideas about what is acceptable. I sat and watched 30 minutes of crime and violence under the guise of "staying informed" until it finally hit me how unconstructive the news really was. Has being informed about crime ever reduced the crime rate? And despite it not adding anything to my...


E71_What We Owe Each Other

T.M. Scanlon coined the idea of contractualism which examines our obligation to be moral human beings. In reading some of his work, really interesting questions pop-up like ... “What are we obligated to do for family and loved ones? And if it’s anything, does this obligation extend to people we do not know and/or society on the whole?” Most of us find it easy and almost instinctual to love and be kind to those close to us, but what about everyone else? While we agree it takes a certain heart...


E70_Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

I make fun of Jasmine often. It’s a light-hearted ribbing based on the old school “dozens” that comes naturally when knowing someone so well. The jokes this week started while I watched her tear her house apart looking for a pair of old shoes. As I’m watching (and not helping in any way, shape, or form), I realize I know exactly where those shoes are – at a Goodwill on the Westside where she donated them over a year ago during what I’ve dubbed a “Marie Kondo fit.” This got me thinking....


E69_Don't Take Anything Personally

The insensitivity or criticism of others has a tendency to trigger our insecurities like nothing else. For the ultra-sensitive person, even a quick glance from a stranger can have you questioning your entire appearance, if not just your fashion choices that particular day. For others, it could be that while you don't care about what a stranger thinks, as soon as a family member says something it can trigger all sorts of past hurts and perceived slights. It's in these moments that we have to...


E68_Fasting - The Willpower Workout

I'm not gonna lie, good food brings me joy! Should it though? Don't care. I refuse to even ruminate on this as I mentally plan my next meal. Food and I have been best pals for a minute and the only reason I'm sharing this personal TMI is to say - if I can fast, anyone can! Before adamantly rejecting the idea, know that fasting can take many forms outside of food. We're talking about any type of break (sex, drugs, rock n' roll, you name it) that's going to make you step back long enough to...


E67_Fearlessness & Unconventional Wisdom

Jas and I had the benefit of growing up around wise people. And not wise by traditional standards, but wise in how they moved about the world and navigated through and around hardship or difficulty. An example of this unconventional wisdom is captured in our step-dad’s most memorable phrase while growing up: “Opinions are like butt-holes, everybody has one and most of them stink!” No parenting guide in the world would suggest such frankness (and crassness let my mother tell it) to children,...


E66_How To Choose The Right Partner

Ever been in a three-legged race and your partner has a broken leg? I haven’t either, but I imagine you wouldn’t get very far! This is what happens when we tie ourselves to the wrong people. It makes progress in any direction slow and cumbersome. And while I’m all for helping people and propping them up, at some point we need to recognize when they are bringing us down. In past editions we’ve discussed the importance of choosing the right squad and personal growth within a partnership, but...


E65_Mad Dash to 2019!

As much as we try to stay in the present while enjoying the holiday season, we can't help but think back to the goals we set at the beginning of the year. If you made New Year's resolutions and still have a few (or all!) of them left to achieve, don't worry. We’re using this last Weekly Wellness of our year (Reminder: Your Black Zen team goes on a wellness break for the full month of December) to help you make that last, mad dash to finish what you set out to do. This week we're giving you...


E64_Checkers, Pain & Progress

It’s that time of year when your BZ team prepares for its annual December break. This is when we re-center, re-charge and practice personal wellness just as we encourage you to do each week. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna leave you hangin! This week and next week, we’re providing you with a wealth of useful tips and helpful life hacks to dig into while we’re away. There were so many lessons learned this year from the Weekly Wellness archives that we decided to pick out a few of our favorites...


E63_The New Definition of Success

Usually when we hear the word success, we think wealth, perfect relationships, professional accomplishments, and essentially, all the typical outward examples of doing well. But the truth is that once accomplished, those ideal circumstances will only amplify the characteristics of our inner self. It's for these reasons we’re proposing a new definition of “success.” If you don't have peace and joy throughout life, how successful can you really be? If you haven't developed a deep, inner...


E62_Not Your Typical Proverb

Have you ever had a day where everything and everybody seemed to be working on your last good nerve? Maybe it's not even a person, but a situation that just brings on a rant as to why this [insert annoyance here] is so horrible and completely unraveling your peace. I did this a lot when I was a kid. My family can attest that my nickname was Stacey Complain Johnson. You name it, it annoyed me. My grandma would listen intently to these rants and add an occasional "No she didn't?!" At the end...


E61_The Best Way to Play Your Hand

For the longest time, there was one card game I could never seem to win. One day, I finally realized it was possible to win by playing each hand I was dealt (good or bad), really really well! I started to play with strategy, patience, and stopped taking every bad hand as a sign that that would be my position forever. It turns out I had a wild card - my ability to make decisions as best I could from the position I was in. Slowly but surely, I started to work my way up from the bottom. Even...


E60_Winter Is Coming!

Maybe it’s just me, but as soon as I hear the days are about to get shorter all I can think is…winter is coming! It’s a time when I usually stay in the house more often than not, and end up sitting with my thoughts for far too long. It’s no wonder that so many of us can get trapped in a loop of negative thinking and may even be affected by the darker days of daylight savings time being gone. And while a meditation practice can definitely help keep the SAD’s at bay (Seasonal Affective...