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Blackhaven episode 203: Jamgate

In the third outing of the Radio Blackhaven News and Chat Show, the village is agog over the theft of the Womens Institute’s hallowed Jam recipe. Phyllis Ferrier and Charlotte Goodfellow give us arcane details about the “Reading of the Smeaton.” Rev Leviticus offers his unforgiving “Thought of the Day.” Doris tries to deliver the Sports Report. Finally Inspector Macyard turns up with a dramatic reveal.


Blackhaven episode 202: The Foggerty Bypass

The big news item on Radio Blackhaven this week is the controversial bypass being built around Auld Foggerty’s house. We hear more about his saliva problem than is really necessary. Headmistress Shona Macbride vents about the psychological warfare she suffers at the hands of the Primary 6 boys, and Dr Leckie warns us to avoid the Giant Blackhaven Assassin Midge.


Blackhaven episode 201: It’s not a shed, it’s a studio

Seymour Strangely, aided by Doris Macallan and impeded by Tufty MacNicol, sets up a local radio show called The Radio Blackhaven News and Chat Show. Its first broadcast features Brigitta Bovril’s existential horoscopes, Fergus Lamentable’s theory of salesmanship, and the village crime statistics from Inspector Macyard. Biggles the cat maims everyone on principle.


Blackhaven episode 103: This Might Sting a Little

Episode 3 of The Unwelcome Visitor: "This Might Sting a Little" Brigitta administers a severe remedy for Tufty's condition. Macyard plumbs the depths of the Guggenheim Library and even braves the Rogue Brothers garage in pursuit of the missing Visitor.


Blackhaven episode 102 : On Not Being Undead

The plot thickens, as Inspector Macyard chases a rum baba, and gets stuck in Foggerty's glue. Meanwhile Tufty seeks medical advice for a strange metaphysical problem.


Blackhaven episode 101 : It’s not over till the hairy man sings

Why has the unwelcome visitor to the strange and sinister Scottish Highland village of Blackhaven disappeared? Why does the local Guggenheim Library have such a huge collection of weird and occult books on its shelves? Why is Doris Macallan knitting a jumper for her pet iguana, Igor? Why is Tufty MacNicol's beard so extremely glossy? What does Augustus Morte find in his rubbish bin on Sunday morning? And will Inspector Macyard ever solve a Case? Listeners may fnd the answers to some of these...