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Episode 97 – Chris Hardwick, Space Force, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Topics on Episode 97 Lee beomes a Lyft Driver John takes his kid to Chuck E Cheese David had new carpet installed and debates Pizza in the process Rapper XXXTentacion was Shot Dead at 20 Chris Hardwick is apparently a creep Donald Trump unleashes Space Force Lee and David debate Flamin’ Hot Cheetos John gives […]


Episode 96 – Pickle Slushies, Anthony Bourdain, and Roasted Eggplant

Topics for Episode 96 The guys try Pickle Slushies from Sonic at the start of the show. Do the slushies pass the test? David flew his drone and may have encountered ghosts in the process R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain. The famous chef killed himself this past week and this brings another talk about suicide Trump, Kim […]


Episode 95 – California, Roseanne Barr, and The back-flipping FBI Agent

Episode 95! Topics this week John went to California and gave this thoughts The Philadelphia Eagles were disinvited to the White House by Donald Trump…after they said they wouldn’t show up Kate Spade committed suicide. If you need help or are struggling with depression, call 1-800-273-8255 Kelly Marie Tran deleted her IG after fans attacked […]


Episode 94 – Rap Mt. Rushmore, Pusha-T, and I Am A Feminist Too

Topics for Episode 94 John is out on the West Coast, so the guys are joined by Bobbi Jo Hennessey David went to see the crowds at the Trump Rally and made a video David made an appearance on Little Geek Lost to talk about 90’s Rap. This inspired talk about the RAP Mt. Rushmore […]


Episode 93 – Morgan Freeman, Kendrick Lamar, and Jeff Dunham’s Puppets

Episode 93 features the following topics: The NFL Draft is coming to Nashville Morgan Freeman has been accused of inappropriate behavior. Was the behavior out of bounds? Kendrick Lamar called a White Fan on stage and she said the N Word. Was Kendrick to blame? or Was the fan out of line? A 30 year […]


Episode 92 – Arkansas Sucks, Madonna, and Flying Poop

Episode 92 features the guys talking about the following topics Lee fights the internet on Nashville Reddit John made a trip to Arkansas and had a lot to say about it David loves BIRD Scooters Vape Pen Explosion kills man A woman pooped inside Tim Horton’s and threw it at employees Should woman shave their […]


Episode 91 – Donald Glover, Electric Scooter, and Las Vegas

We are joined by Josh Baker for Episode 91! Josh talks about making a new album and we listen to a song off of it during the show. The album is for the band Charlie Abbott and it’s called Nirvana. You need to get it! Topics Discussed John is working on a book…about leprechauns. Josh […]


Episode 90 – Trump’s Nobel Prize, Playmate of the Year, and Guitar Solos

Episode 90 David and John both saw Avengers: Infinity War and give spoiler free thoughts on it Lee went to the Zoo and ran into Star War Nerds Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Does he deserve it? Will the haters give him the credit for it? A Playboy Playmate claims […]


Episode 89 – Guest: Jessica Jaglois, Bill Cosby is Guilty and Kanye’s Dragon Energy

Jessica Jaglois of News 2 joins the program this week! We discuss the following topics: The Waffle House Shooting in Nashville was tragic and James Shaw Jr. was a hero, who was honest about his experience Bill Cosby has been found guilty of sexual assault. What does the future hold for Mr. Cosby? Kanye West […]


Episode 88 – Crazy Parents at Skyzone, Starbucks, and High Fives

Topics for Episode 88 Dave witnessed crazy parents at Skyzone Barbara Bush passed away and Randa Jarrar had something to say about it on Twitter Two Black Men were kicked out of Starbucks and then escorted out by police officers Babies are now allowed in the Senate Floor A dinosaur puppet got National Guard Members […]


TeeVo & The Beard S04E09 – Challenging Your Trauma!

TeeVo & The Beard S04E09 – Challenging Your Trauma! In this episode, TeeVo & The Beard talk about what scared them as a child but doesn’t now, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and do the #ArmWrestleChallenge. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram:


Episode 87 – Zuckerberg, Tony Robbins and Hockey

Topics for Episode 87 John lost weight through a water fast, Lee got attacked by Nashville Reddit and David went to a Sounds Game David and John give their thoughts on Wrestlemania and Ready Player One Mark Zuckerberg had to testify before Congress and issues about Data sharing was addressed Tony Robbins is under attack […]


Episode 86 – Meeting the Usos, Easter Black Magic, Barefoot People, and River

Topics for Episode 86 David gets attacked on Reddit, has a big announcement, and Lee apologizes to Katie Quackenbush A group of people want to be Barefoot all the time! A man is banned from a Hotel because of Pepperoni and Birds Sinclair Media has made it’s Anchors read statements that presents some problems Who’s […]


Episode 85 – Presidential Fights, Quackenbush Update, and Disney Movies

Episode 85! Topics discussed on this episode: Who was the toughest president? Who would win in a bracket style fight? Who would win in a fight among the hosts? The guys have a Katie Quackenbush and Stormy Daniels A Volleyball player is kicked off the team for ‘sexy’ IG Pics Are Disney Films good or […]


Episode 84 – Catfishing, Ben Affleck’s Tattoo and Kevin Smith’s Career

Episode 84 Apologies are made by all three of the hosts at the start of the show! Facebook is in trouble after data was used and #DeleteFacebook is trending Have the guys ever catfished someone online? Ben Affleck has a tattoo on his back, is it good or terrible? The hosts debate Kevin Smith’s career […]


Episode 83 – Stephen Hawking, Jack White, and Katy Perry

Topics for Episode 83 Stephen Hawking passed away this week What voice would you want for your talk box? Jack White doesn’t understand DJ Khaled Bruno Mars has been accused of cultural appropration Katy Perry kissed a contestant and he didn’t like it John helps a listener stuck at a gym with a friend The […]


Episode 82 – Felony Jail Time, Kobe Bryant, and Women’s Basketball

Episode 82 tackles the following topics: David and John attended MACK (Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Convention) Megan Barry left the Mayor’s Position this week and pleaded guilty to Felony theft A Man punished his son by making him run in the rain The Oscars 2018 happened? Kobe Bryant won an award, was there outrage? Who’s […]


Episode 81 – Bitcoiin 2GEN, Twitch Girls, and Joss Whedon

Topics on Episode 81 John responds to a listener who believes he’s homophobic Steven Seagal is the brand ambassador for Bitcoiin 2GEN. The guys are ready to invest! Purdue has banned the word MAN from papers, will this cure toxic masculinity? Is the fact that atttractive girls use their looks on Twitch to make money […]


Episode 80 – Megan Barry’s Nudes, The Selfie Olympics, and Fergie

Episode 80! Megan Barry, Mayor of Nashville, is alleged to have taken nude pictures while having an affair. She says she was unaware of the pictures and is a victim Kids are getting into #SelfieOlympics, which are selfies in wacky situations. Is selfie taking a bad thing? David and Lee debate the subject on Who’s […]


Episode 79 – Stormy Daniels, Happy Meals, and Rolling Coal

Episode 79! The following topics are discussed: Stormy Daniels allegedly slept with Donald Trump and was paid off to be quiet Happy Meals are supposed to be healthier by 2020 An Elk took down a Helicopter and Animals are not happy Michael Anthony shares a story of Representatives Fighting Dave retells a story about a […]