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Episode 165 - Guest: Nicole Dambro and Poppin Bottles

Blame Your Brother is joined by actress of Nicole Dambro, who is the lead of the movie Groupers. She joins the program to talk about the movie, her career as a Miami Heat Dancer, her love of Pittbull, and answers question about pizza and Hot Cheetos. We also find time to discuss the worst Candy Bars and talk more about The Masked Singer. Listener J Rob calls in with the question: Who is on your list of most hated and who would you pop a bottle for if something bad happened to them. The...


Episode 164 - The Masked Brother

The show starts off with talk about the results of the #ReleaseTheNumbers campaign against the Nashville Scene. We received a response from a staff member of The Scene and weren't happy with the answers. This leads into talk about a possible BYB Award Show at the end of the year. John loves the show The Masked Singer and David wants to know why. This also leads into John ranking some of his favorite shows with David and Lee joining in as well. Halloween is approaching and everyone talks...


Episode 163 - Squeezy Terror

Episode 163 features the three boys back together again. They start off by discussing Lee's trip to Alabama and a new instrument in his life. This also leads into talk about the institution of marriage and do the guys enjoy attending weddings? David went to a haunted house (Nashville Nightmare) and gives a review after John went a few weeks ago. Then everyone talks about Horror Films and their favorite horror films from childhood and even a few ones from today. Blame Your Brother was...


Episode 162 - Guest: Anderson Cowan (Director of Groupers)

On Episode 162, David talks to Anderson Cowan, who is the director of the film Groupers. The movie is about a grad student who kidnaps two homophobic high-school bullies to use as her subjects in an experiment performed at the bottom of an empty swimming pool. David asks about the making of the movie, how the idea came to be, and what influenced him to make such a unique film. Anderson is also the host of the podcasts: The After Disaster, The Film Vault, and Cinemaddicts. If you want to...


Episode 161 - Monkey Loving Snakes

Episode 161 is here! We discuss a blow up on last week's aftershow, Lee's fascination with custom license plates, and John's attempt to make a cave for his son. The news talk features stories about Donald Trump vs Nickelback, Donald Trump's border plans (that involve moats with snakes and alligators), equality in the justice system, and the Toy Hall of Fame. John gives advice to a woman who is married to a control freak, who regularly checks her social media accounts in Dear...


Episode 160 - The Impossible Joker Burger

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Episode 159 - Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $500

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Episode 158 - Big Bad Nudes

Episode 158 features the following topics: LeBron James was denied the 'Taco Tuesday'The Devil and Daniel JohnstonFace/Off Taco Bell goes Vegan Want a Blame Your Brother Shirt? Go get one at: Follow Us On Social! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: *LEAVE A RATING AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS! *


Episode 157 - Y2Gay

Episode 157 is back to the 3 Hosts talking and features the following topics Follow Us On Social! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: *LEAVE A RATING AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS! *


Episode 156 - Guests: Bring Dad A Beer

On Episode 156 we are joined by Kent and Jeff of Bring Dad A Beer (podcast). They are a podcast based out of Nashville and are two stay at home dads that talk about their life, sports, and news. The guys talk about their beginning as a podcast and then jump into the following topics: Dear John features a person asking questions about their family member who is looking at medical records of family members, which is illegal! Make sure to check out the guys from Bring Dad A Beer on all...


Episode 155 - Guest: Christina "Wee Wee" Porcelli

On Episode 155 the guys are joined by Christina 'Wee Wee' Porcelli, who is the author of the book "F*ck Them All Big and Small. The book is a comedic and inspirational look at her life. She chronicles her life as a singer, reality contestant on VH1's Dating Naked, an assistant to a Chef, contestant and winner on the game show Beat Shazam, and a life changing surgery later in her life. She talks about all these things and also answers the ultimate question, "Do you like pineapple on...


Episode 154 - Guest: Amanda Gentry

We are joined by Amanda Gentry on Episode 154. Amanda is a lawyer in the Nashville area and has a lot to say about the law and your rights. She talks about what to do when you are pulled over, the difficulties of working in the court system. She also answers a lot of questions from the live chat, which include leasing rights to juvenile records. The Jeffrey Epstein situation is discussed as well as Connor McGregor knocking out an old man. John helps a woman with bathroom problems in the...


Episode 153 - Guest: John Cooper

Blame Your Brother is joined by Nashville Mayoral Candidate John Cooper on Episode 153. John is running for Mayor and finds time to talk about his campaign and some of the following hot issues They also get John's opinion on Pineapple on Pizza and one of his favorite foods. He also finds time to help John T with some advice on the Dear John segment Find more information about his campaign at and remember to vote on September 12 in Nashville Follow...


Episode 152 - Big Dunham Sightings

Episode 152 features the following topics: We tried Sonic's Reaper Spicy Margarita and give reviews on it. Also we were sent LeChosa's Hot Sauce collection and will try it on next week's show! Check out Christina 'Wee Wee' Porcelli's new book: F*ck Them All Big and Small! Follow Us On Social! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: *LEAVE A RATING AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS! *


Episode 151 - Hamilton is for Hipsters

Episode 151 features the following topics Follow Us On Social! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: *LEAVE A RATING AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS! *


Episode 150 - Guest: Lelan Statom

Episode 150 features Lelan Statom, Senior Meteorologist of News Channel 5. If you live in the Nashville area, you are definitely familiar with one of Nashville's News Icons! He comes on the program to discuss his start in the news business and how he got there. He also finds time to talk about the city of Nashville, his favorite foods, and drops some true weather knowledge. John attempts to help a man in his Dear John segment and Lelan has to step in to help out.


Episode 149 - Rip, Punch, and Wave

All the guys enjoyed the week up and talked about their vacations and celebrations of the 4th of July. R.I.P. to Ross Perot and Rip Torn The Women's Soccer Team won the Championship and they talk about the win and the politics involved with certain players. A fight broke out in Disneyland! Dear John helps a grandmother with a video game problem in her house with her grandson.


Episode 148 - DeepNudes Undercover

Episode 148 features the following topics: Follow Us On Social! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: *LEAVE A RATING AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS! *


Episode 147 - Kenny The Incel

The following topics are discussed on Episode 147 of Blame Your Brother. Everyone attended John’s Son’s Birthday Party at his house. David has questions about the grill situation and a good time was had by all. All the hosts talk about their Father's Day experience. Lee had a Flat Tire and needed to call AAA for help. Lee also went and saw Caroline Spence at the Basement and Becky Warren at the Bluebird Cafe. Last week, Twitch banned one of its top streamers — Guy Beahm, better known as...


Episode 146 - Guest: Bob Mueller

We are joined by Bob Mueller on Episode 146. Bob is a News Anchor for WKRN - News 2 and has been a Nashville staple for almost 30 years. Bob has had quite the career and shares some amazing stories, which include David Duke, Bill Clinton, The Other Bob Mueller and a lot more! He also gives his thoughts about Pineapple on Pizza, lists some of his favorite food spots, and answers a lot of listener questions. This is one you don't want to miss! Follow Us On Social! FACEBOOK:...