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Episode #10: Hot Dog Meat Snack

My friends, I am so sorry for the 3 week hiatus. I am hoping this episode makes up for it. I finally had the chance to sit down and record; I talked about my upcoming tour, a recent TV taping I did, a potential 2019 comedy special, take fan questions and much more. Find me @DanLaMorte on social media!


Episode #9: Things Are Good

Hey friends, here's another episode of Breaking the Fourth Wall. I am Dan LaMorte and as always, thanks for tuning in. I skipped last week so hopefully all the fan questions will make up for it this week. I talked about so many comedy things as well; Skankfest, going on the road with Frank Caliendo, a few headlining road dates and much more. Check it out, tune in and enjoy. Leave a review if you haven't already!


Episode #8: The One Where I'm Stoned

Hey folks, welcome to episode number 8 of Breaking the Fourth Wall with Dan LaMorte. This originally was a 45 minute long episode of me recapping my week on the road at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle. However, that episode decided not to record. So instead you got a brief 7 minute recap and a stoned me (Dan LaMorte) commentating an entire episode of The Office. Season 5 Episode 1 to be exact. I hope you enjoy.


Episode #7: Rejection

Hey friends. Thanks for tuning into another episode of Breaking the Fourth Wall. I am Dan LaMorte, this is my podcast. On this weeks episode I basically just rambled for a half hour. I talked about my first big opening gig as a 20 year old, getting my first adult physical and rejection in show business. Thanks as always. Follow me @DanLaMorte and leave a review baby!


Episode #6: Spit-Take

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to Breaking the Fourth Wall. This week I talk about what it's like to book a tour, making an audience member spit-take, garbage truck traffic, double-breaded chicken cutlets, twitter backlash and more. As always, follow me at @DanLaMorte and leave a review!


Episode #5: The Origin Story

Welcome to episode number 5 of Breaking the Fourth Wall with me, your host, Dan LaMorte. Thank you for supporting this project of mine and tuning in every week. It means a lot. This week is no different, just me and a microphone in my home office. I answer a bunch of fan questions, I get the diagnosis for my spine and I share my comedy origin story. Also, my grandparents ranked me as the least favorite grandchild. Enjoy!


Episode #4: Flames of the Past

Hey folks, welcome to episode number 4 of Breaking the Fourth Wall with Dan LaMorte. I must be honest and say this episode gets very serious near the end. Often times I answer questions from listeners and someone asked a question that meant a lot to me. I'm sorry for the lack of humor, but the honesty is there. Besides that I talk about life, being at Madison Square Garden, my current neck pain and much more. Thanks for listening, leave a review if you haven't already! Follow me @DanLaMorte.


Episode #3: Online Candy Order

Welcome to episode 3 of my new podcast. I'm not sure how much longer I can call it new but just know I'll milk it for as long as possible. In this episode I ramble about a lot. We break the fourth wall on what it's like to sit on Media Row for sporting events, booking the road as a comic without massive credits, getting passed at comedy clubs and my favorite audition story. I also talk about family game night and finally getting the dessert shop by my house to deliver to me. You guys know...


Episode #2: I'm Happier

This is a really fun episode. I recap every single day of my headlining run at Zanies in Chicago. I met an NBA star, a few angry ladies, saw a guy sing music while eating a sandwich and saw a guy get rejected while eating a sandwich. To clarify, I ate a ton of sandwiches. I also answered some twitter questions. I hope you all enjoy. You know where to find me @DanLaMorte and leave a 5-star review for the pod if you can!


Episode #1: "It's Pretty Comfortable"

Hey folks, welcome to the first ever episode of Breaking the Fourth Wall with Dan LaMorte. If you're listening, you probably already know who I am. This is a new podcast for my fans and friends and whoever wants to listen. Each week I'll talk about the behind the scenes of comedy, what's going on in my life and whatever pops into my head while I sit alone in a room and record this. Enjoy!