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Brother Extra: On Mentoring

Happy (nearly) Christmas! NTA, Taz and Jack are spending the first Sunday of December at Brother HQ with a Curry and few beers discussing mentoring within Freemasonry, We discuss what some ideas, the role in general and some ideas for the future of the role. What do you think? let us know your thoughts as always on our twitter page and our NEW facebook page we will be back super soon with Brother 7!


Brother: Episode 6 - Knowing me, Knowing you.

Welcome to Brother HQ! NTA, Taz and Producer Jack are back in the saddle at our new location to bring you Brother 6! We cover off where the devil we've been, discuss all of the main stories from the world of Freemasonry since Brother 5 and are joined by our VERY special guest Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master and Grand Summus of the Scarlet Cord Ian Currans! We discuss all things Scarlet Cord, his journey into freemasonry and everything in between! This is a rather long episode, but we...


Brother Extra: On resigning

NTA, Producer Jack and Taz sit down and discuss the elephant in the lodge room the topic of resigning from a unit. This taboo subject is approached from different views and we discuss the for's and against's in leaving a masonic order. As always, let us know your thoughts on our twitter page @brothermasonic!


Brother: Episode 5 - The Taz Wears Prada

Join Taz, Neil and our newest member of the team, Producer Jack, as we once again bring you the latest Masonic news, a roundup (and thank you!) for all of our iTunes reviews, and an incredible interview with the CEO and Head of Fundraising of Lifelites.


Brother Extra: With the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the HFAF

We are absolutely honoured to be joined by M.W. Bro. Christine Chapman, Grand Master of the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons. In a week where Freemasonry was once again in the news for UGLE's latest ruling on the rights of transgender members, what a perfect time to speak to the Grand Master of one of Britain's two Grand Lodges for women.


Brother: Episode 4 - The Sweaty Stripes

Whilst recording on one of the hottest days of the year, we welcome back Harry after his initiation to find out what he thought of the whole experience, and for any tips and tricks, he can share with future initiates. Of course, we also enjoy a delicious Wine of the Week, read out some of your wonderful messages and clear up a few things in this week's Masonic News Round-Up! Plus, we're now on Vivino! Just download the app free from your app store and search Brother Masonic to follow our...


Brother: Episode 3 - The Excited Jowls

After a little bit of a scheduling delay, we're back with Episode 3, and boy have we got a lot in store for you! In this episode, we discuss Taz's plums, excited jowls, and Neil conducts our first ever recorded interview with newly-installed Worshipful Master, Stuart Harker! As always, we'd love to her your thoughts so please get in touch with us @BrotherMasonic on Twitter, with the hashtags #tazsplums and #excitedjowls


Brother Extra: Some Thoughts on Masonic Engagement

Welcome to the first ever Brother Extra! After recording episode 3, we realised we all had a little more to say about Masonic Engagement, all sparked off by a conversation about Taz's (actual) brother's journey through Freemasonry. Have a listen to us all having a gloves-off, no airs and graces conflab about it, and let us know your thoughts on Twitter @brothermasonic


Brother: Episode 2 - U with a House

Episode 2 has a distinctive French flavour to it, kicking off with our French Wine of the Week, "Le Petit Gascoûn Rouge, and more specifically Taz's inability to pronounce it! We also take a look at the latest Masonic news headlines including the recent Grand Lodge appointments and investitures and a Business Insider video on Freemasonry. Plus, in this episode, we welcome our first ever guest, Harry, who will be initiated into the craft in June! We ask him what he thinks he knows so far...


Brother: Episode 1 - Client Wine and Self-Indulgence

Welcome to the first ever episode of Brother. The Masonic Podcast! In this episode, meet our two hosts, Neil and Taz and hear them discuss how they came into Freemasonry, answer their own questions about the craft, offer advice to new and potential Masons and talk about the Fire Brigade Union's disapproval at a donation of two fire engines made by London Freemasons. All this over a glass of "Client Wine" found in the filing cabinet of Taz's office!