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Welcome to Bruhs podcast! Just a couple veterans who like to get together and talk family, sports and current events. And also talk a lot of Trash!

Welcome to Bruhs podcast! Just a couple veterans who like to get together and talk family, sports and current events. And also talk a lot of Trash!
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Welcome to Bruhs podcast! Just a couple veterans who like to get together and talk family, sports and current events. And also talk a lot of Trash!






Bruhs Podcast Episode #24 "Never forget"

In this episode Chico and Ken discuss Ken wanting to get married. Ken talks about being focused after drink a special mushroom drink. Ken and Chico reminisce about the're childhood and Chicos stepdad. Chico talks about his 9/11 5k he ran and talk about where they were on that horrific day. Chico talks about his phobia of holes and not buying the new Iphone 11. Ken begins to talk about paying spousal support and child support.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #23 "I stole valor"

In this episode the guys catch up on the last few weeks and what they've been up too. Ken talks about how happy he is and why. Chico covers his camping trip over memorial day and the friendly deer. The guys cover the show Power and the new season. Chico brings up football and the new deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. Chico reads a story about stolen valor and a savage judge that really did his job.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #21 "I got questions"

In this episode you might hear a familiar voice, Brock nasty is in the building! The guys get reunited and Justin explains whats been going down for the last 10 weeks. Chico talks about the rough week he had and his truck breaking down. The guys quickly shift gears and talk about what are some of the ways you would like to die. Chico brings up a story about schools back east doing active shooter simulations firing blanks in the hall ways.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #20 "Killeried"

In this episode Ken and Chico Invite a special guest to the podcast, Cameron! Cameron is an Army veteran that served under Ken. In this episode the guys talk about their weeks and Chico tries to get to know Cameron a little better. Ken and Cameron reminisce a little about old battle buddies and that one time Cameron entered a MMA tournament. The guys go over the start of football season. They also go over the mysterious suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. The fellas wrap up the podcast by asking if...


Bruhs Podcast Episode #19 "Thank you"

In this episode the guys discuss their weeks. Chico and Ken break down the mass shootings that happened over the weekend. Chico explains why he created the #livemore movement and what its about. Ken breaks down men masculinity. Chico asks Ken if it would be ok if his girlfriend was still friends with her ex.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #18 "you know you're old when"

In this episode the guys talk about their weeks and the joys of moving. Chico talks about why is it such a crime to leave your ring at work. They also discuss the joys of getting old and everything that comes with it. The guys talk about the garlic festival shooting that happened over the weekend. Ken asks whats the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #17 "suck it up"

In this episode Ken talks about moving in with his new girlfriend. Talks struggles of making a dog run and his new job. Chico talks about his camping trip to Santa Cruz and his Mom coming to visit. Chico also talks about seeing the lion king and gives his thoughts. The guys discuss military habits they have not let go yet. #podernfamily #veterans #veteranpodcast


Bruhs Podcast Episode #16 "They can't take us all"

In this episode ken and Chico catch up on the two weeks they were gone. Ken talks about his 4th of July and how he spent it. Ken talks house shopping and his new job that's not new. Chico talks about his camping trip with family over the 4th. The guys talk about all the current events that happened over the course of 2 weeks. They also talk about Nike and recalling their new shoe.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #15 "goodbye"

In this episode its still just Chico and Ken. The guys briefly talk about there weeks and Ken talks about a solider he was in command of recently passing away. Chico talks about selling his grandpas boat and not sure how he feels. Is it a man or Veteran thing? The guys briefly cover the funeral of Tara O'Sullivan and the Marine veteran bikers that were slain. NO PODCAST NEXT WEEK! Have a safe an happy 4th everyone! We will be back the following week.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #14 "Wack"

In this episode Justin is on break from the show. The Chico and Ken discuss Fathers day and how its not commercialized the same as Mothers day. Ken talks about his new girlfriend and how in love he is. Chico talks about Netflix and the movie "Murder Mystery" and the record it broke. The Podcast makes history by having their first ever special guest. Chico's wife Katie joins the podcast and have some playful banter.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #13 "Operator level"

In this episode the guys talk military! Ken discusses how he quit his job and his next steps moving forward. Justin talks military Navy customs on Navy ships. Chico talks about seeing Mc Hammer in concert. The guys discuss their military involvement during deployments. Chico asks the question what is middle class? The guys finish up with breast feeding in public.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #12 "I'm on Drugs"

In this episode Justin returns to the podcast. The guys cover their weeks and Ken talks about being on edibles. They all tell stories of being high. Ken asks whats appropriate to say to people when around people you don't know. Chico reads an article calling dodge ball "a tool of oppression". The guys discuss.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #11 "Know your child"

In this episode Chico and Ken hold down the fort while Justin is handling family affairs. The guys learn something very important about Justin. The guys talk about their weeks and Ken talks about the Godzilla sized raccoon that folded up his Honda. Chico talks about camping over the weekend and watching Aladdin. The guys talk about Kids and the age in which its ok for them to have social media. They also cover kids an CBD oil.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #10 "Just log out"

Its been two weeks but the boys are back! In this episode the guys cover how their small vacation from podcasting was spent. Justin drops a bombshell on the group with the upcoming pregnancy. Ken talks about his weird 1 week relationship he was in but was dumped from. Chico goes over his family camping trip and his interesting interactions with the other guests. Ken and Justin talk MMA. Then the guys debate the beta testing of the softer gentler Instagram.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #9 “Roll Tide”

In this episode the guys cover their week and Ken goes into his experience with dealing with employees with little work ethic. The guys cover the Canelo fight and Ken doesn't pay his debt for his loss. Justin leaves for family business and Chico and Ken talk about being dads and the awkward talks that we have to have.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #8 "Who do men turn to"

In this episode the guys briefly go over their short week. Ken talks about a angry customer he had to deal with. We also briefly discuss Avengers end game (spoiler alert). Justin and Ken make another bet on the Canelo vs Jacobs fight. Chico asks the question, if men have to be good fathers and role models and men have to be good husbands and boyfriends. Who do men have to turn for their strong supporter? Is this why suicide is higher in men then women?


Bruhs Podcast Episode #7 "Amazing"

In this episode the guys talk about Aftershock an the bands that will be there. Kenneth briefly talks the draft and the Niners drafting Bosa.The guys briefly talk Avengers End Game. And also Game Of Thrones. The guys discuss "man up culture" and there military experience. Justin announces his big surprise. We finish out with "Time vs Money".


Bruhs Podcast Episode #6 "Guy code or friend code?"

In this episode the guys discuss guy code. Is it a thing? Is friend code a thing? And what is the difference. Chico gives Ken and Justin scenarios of guy code or friend code. Chico tells a story about being deployed in Kuwait and soldiers dipping and being sick. Justin and Ken recap UFC fight night. Chico reads emails from listeners and the guys answer the questions.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #5 "The Best Ever"

In this episode the we talk about Clint Eastwood in the Mule. We also discuss the Auburn gymnast that broke both legs. Kenneth and Justin go over the TJ Dillashaw scandal. Chico talks about Roid rage and debates Justin. The guys close it out with honoring their fallin brothers and the Doolittle raid.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #4 "Who's gonna carry the torch"

This episode the guys break down Nipsey's untimely death and ask the question, who's gonna carry the torch?. The guys talk Conor McGregor and his disrespect for Khabib's wife. Kenneth and Justin also go over last weeks fight out come and Kenneth pays his push up debt. Lastly the guys talk about the Navy and the discontinue of the red chevron. Chico closes out with an important question.