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Welcome to Bruhs podcast! Just a couple veterans who like to get together and talk family, sports and current events. And also talk a lot of Trash!

Welcome to Bruhs podcast! Just a couple veterans who like to get together and talk family, sports and current events. And also talk a lot of Trash!
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Welcome to Bruhs podcast! Just a couple veterans who like to get together and talk family, sports and current events. And also talk a lot of Trash!






Bruhs Podcast Episode #40 "Unfortunate"

In this episode the guys pay appreciation to the late great Martin Luther King Jr. The guys briefly talk about the Conor McGregor fight against Donald Cerrone that lasted 40 seconds. Chico brings up watching the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix. After break the guys jump right in and try to figure out why people cheat and whats the difference in emotional and physical cheating. Join the conversation.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #39 "just friends?"

In this episode the guys pay tribute to Neil Peart. Ken talks about the racism he and his daughters had to deal with this week at the local high school. The guys double back and talk about Iran shooting down their own passenger plane. Chico brings up President Trump signing the bill for tobacco 21 and the effect on the military. Finally Chico asks the ultimate question, can men and women just be friends?


Bruhs Podcast Episode #38 "Know your enemy"

Happy new year! The guys are back for 2020. The guys talk about how they spent new years and how their weeks went. The guys jump right in on the Texas church shooting. Chico praises Jack Wilson for neutralizing the threat in 6 seconds. Next the guys cover the attack on the US embassy in Iraq and the death of Irans general Ghasem Soleimani. Lastly the fellas give their thoughts on the Australian bush fires. Join the conversation.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #37 "The Be-Jerker"

Happy New Year!!! The guys are recording from their new location. In this episode the guys wrap up the last podcast of the year and discuss how their Christmas turned out. Chico asks the guys to read off their predictions for 2020 and they briefly discuss.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #36 "Lil biscuit"

Merry Christmas! In this episode Chico tackles the podcast all alone. Chico covers the trump impeachment and the craziness around it. Also Chico covers an article that suggests Santa Claus should re brand and transition to female or gender neutral. Finally Chico brings his son on lil biscuit. They talk about the soon to be released rap album and his inspiration on rapping.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #35 "whore in the drawer"

In this episode the Chico talks about is anniversary trip to Tahoe and wanting to fight his masseuse. Ken drops big news on the guys and they react. The guys cover the Hallmark channel to now make movies with gay and lesbian story line. Also the guys talk about ww2 in the "battle of the bulge" and Millennials developing mental health issues learning about ww2. Lastly the guys talk about Greta Thunberg and being named Times "person of the year".


Bruhs Podcast Episode #34 "Stay vigilant'

In this episode the guys talk about the 3 ups trucks robbed in San Jose. Eden talks about discussing his problems with the mall Santa. Ken gives us his product review of his dick pill. The guys then discuss people and activism. Finally the guys cover the shooting at Pearl Harbor and in Pensacola.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #33 "The PC episode"

Happy holidays! In this episode the guys are back to discuss their thanksgiving holiday. Ken talks about his special rich people thanksgiving. Eden explains why he ate so many rolls. Chico brings up why so many millennial's want secret Santa removed from the work place. Also the guys discuss that a recent study suggests that 20 mins of full sun exposer to your asshole equals a full day of sun.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #32 "Happy Thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode the guys do some reflecting. The guys talk about what Thanksgiving memory stands out the most. Chico talks about his memories of being a civilian and Thanksgiving and also being deployed during Thanksgiving.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #31 "In veteran fashion"

In this episode Chico and Ken are without Eden and catch up on the last couple of weeks and also talk Veterans day weekend. Chico talks about his #livemore moment doing the Spartan race. Ken talks about being home alone without his girlfriend and his birthday party. The guys also give an update to the Clint Lorance story they covered a couple of weeks ago. The guys also cover Kaepernick special workout and Disney+ and the racist content.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #30 "National hero"

Happy birthday Ken! In this episode Ken is absent celebrating his birthday weekend. Eden and Chico hold down the pod. The guys double back to last weeks episode and talk about 1LT Clint Lorance again and acknowledge not being fully informed on the topic. Chico and Eden discuss the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They also talk about Conan the national hero. Join the conversation.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #29 "19 years?"

It's Halloween week! This week the guys dive right in to Clint Lorance. An Army 1LT that was arrested for murder. He is accused of killing 2 afghanistan men. and currently serving 19 years at Fort Leavenworth. Chico tries to break down the story and get the guys thoughts. Details later surface when the 2 men killed were Taliban bomb makers. The guys also talk about CAHOOTS. A mental health team that respond to assist those in need instead of police. Join the conversation.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #28 "Breaks my heart"

In this episode Chico announces Eden as a full time member to the podcast. Ken is absent from the episode but later contacted to check in on him. The guys discuss their week and Chico talks about his daughters birthday. The guys later talk about Keanon Lowe the high school coach that disarmed the high school student. Later Chico asks if professional football players deserve lifetime health care from the teams.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #27 "rest in paradise"

In this episode Eden joins the podcast again. Ken talks about his uncles untimely death. Chico talks about Aftershock and the crazy shit that happened. The guys talk about Mark Allen and his untimely death.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #26 "are you kidding me"

In this episode the guys are joined by a special guest Eden Mullett. Eden is a Navy veteran. The guys talk about their weeks and ken speaks about losing his job. Chico talks about his birthday and the amazing week he had. Eden briefly explains his amazing week and quitting a side job. Chico brings up the recent DOD report on suicides in the military. The guys later talk about Amber Guyger and her 10 Year sentence.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #25 "I am the law"

In this episode Chico and Ken talk about Tekashi 69 and declining witness protection. Ken talks about taking his daughter to Rupaul event. He also talks about his application on being a correction officer. Chico talks about his daughter and the medical issues she has been going through. The guys talk about Elon Musk and his plans to build a human brain out of AI. Chico tells Ken he can no longer use the "ok" hand signal as it has been claimed by the white supremacy. The guys talk about how...


Bruhs Podcast Episode #24 "Never forget"

In this episode Chico and Ken discuss Ken wanting to get married. Ken talks about being focused after drink a special mushroom drink. Ken and Chico reminisce about the're childhood and Chicos stepdad. Chico talks about his 9/11 5k he ran and talk about where they were on that horrific day. Chico talks about his phobia of holes and not buying the new Iphone 11. Ken begins to talk about paying spousal support and child support.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #23 "I stole valor"

In this episode the guys catch up on the last few weeks and what they've been up too. Ken talks about how happy he is and why. Chico covers his camping trip over memorial day and the friendly deer. The guys cover the show Power and the new season. Chico brings up football and the new deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. Chico reads a story about stolen valor and a savage judge that really did his job.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #21 "I got questions"

In this episode you might hear a familiar voice, Brock nasty is in the building! The guys get reunited and Justin explains whats been going down for the last 10 weeks. Chico talks about the rough week he had and his truck breaking down. The guys quickly shift gears and talk about what are some of the ways you would like to die. Chico brings up a story about schools back east doing active shooter simulations firing blanks in the hall ways.


Bruhs Podcast Episode #20 "Killeried"

In this episode Ken and Chico Invite a special guest to the podcast, Cameron! Cameron is an Army veteran that served under Ken. In this episode the guys talk about their weeks and Chico tries to get to know Cameron a little better. Ken and Cameron reminisce a little about old battle buddies and that one time Cameron entered a MMA tournament. The guys go over the start of football season. They also go over the mysterious suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. The fellas wrap up the podcast by asking if...