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Bucky Booze is a podcast hosted by Jules and Hope (the booz) where they have uncensored bar talk. There’s enough beer here for everyone, and the first round’s on us. Get ready to blackout with the booz.

Bucky Booze is a podcast hosted by Jules and Hope (the booz) where they have uncensored bar talk. There’s enough beer here for everyone, and the first round’s on us. Get ready to blackout with the booz.


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Bucky Booze is a podcast hosted by Jules and Hope (the booz) where they have uncensored bar talk. There’s enough beer here for everyone, and the first round’s on us. Get ready to blackout with the booz.





The booz talk about guy code, girl code, how stupid it is to have codes based on gender, BBC, the chicken or the egg, and uhhh twilight, as usual. Listen up, bucky up. Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


hell yelp!

The booz read some reviews! Yelp and amazon mostly, they also give great lessons. Like don't be a racist, but do steal from Walmart. Stick around to the end for an amazing guest (benji) Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


quirky clout chasers

The booz talk about modern trends. Mostly tiktok quirky people. It's like if your uncle who's mad about everything was a 20 something year old girl. Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


pick a flag any flag

The booz talk about red and green flags in relationships and friendships! Honestly becoming therapists at this point. This episode is really interesting, so share any thoughts you have about it at buckybooze.square.site Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


normalize shutting tf up

The booz talk about normalizing. They share funny ones, judge all of them, and have a couple surprise ones that make you think. End normalization. Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


are we there yet?

This episode the booz share road trip stories! It is a mix of POV you take us with you on the road, and swapping stories. We could've also labeled it piss stories, since that's what half of them are about!! listen up ya nasty Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


spilling the arizona tea

The booz spill TEA. They read and react to anonymous gossip, and some of it is weird af. Send your drama, gossip, questions, and really anything to buckyboozepodcast@gmail.com Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


POV we have technical issues

The booz had a terrible time. They wanted to do a POV you're HAPPY but it did not work out. The Rock must have sabotaged out computers. Still a fun sweet episode, PS send us your drama. Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


RIP yahoo answers

The booz pay homage to yahoo answers, and also have an interview from Bill Nye?? or is that just their new lying bit, listen to find out. F in the chat for yahoo answers Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


pics or it didn't happen

The booz talk about OBVIOUS LIES some people post online for attention. And holes, the movie. Which is a masterpiece you all need to watch. Anyway what if we started lying? For fun :) okay not really but enjoy the episode Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


move in more silence

This is a controversial episode. Maybe? Not really. The booz share more unsolicited opinions!! This time it is all about twitter. The booz can acknowledge that they are not the best "tweeters" but that doesn't mean they can't complain about everyone else! Moral of the story is, stop being weird, it is cool to care about others, stop posting your L's, and most important, SHUT UP! also don't get too mad, they're mostly joking Support the show...


shower thots

You guys, WE’RE BACK! First of all, I missed you. Second of all, love you. We’re here with an episode full of really weird whacky shower thoughts!? It’s fun, it’s wet, and it’s not clean!!! #BUCKYUP Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


back that fad up

The booz talk about FADS. Planking to shatter nails, they cover it. It is fun and nostalgic af so take a listen. Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


no ragrets

the booz reflect on the decisions they have made and what differences their lives would have! no regerts baby! Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


ya nasty

the booz share what they think is gross that others find normal. this episode gets controversial and, quite frankly there was no clarification. SOOO don't be upset, it is all in good fun!! (DISCLAIMER bucky booze podcast does not hate children or pregnant women hehe) real disclaimer: the views of Bucky booze do not reflect any of their affiliates Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


jet lag

The booz talk about traveling! They share stories from trips they've taken and some tips about traveling. Although traveling is not really possible now, it is always fun to reminisce and plan for the future, Also they try redneck mimosas so stay tuned for that. Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


bucky boyfriends

Today we have a short lil episode for valentines day because we KNOW y'all will be a little preoccupied. We had Rob and Hunter on to play the newlywed game! It is fun and a bit competitive. Check it out!! Get 15% off your first order using code BUCKY at check out! https://liweli.com Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


feelin bucky

The boys from the Feelin Lucky podcast join the Bucky Booze! Go check out the collab on their podcast, search for Hop News on all streaming platforms. They did a very fun episode over there. This episode is a truth or drink episode and it gets weird. Bucky tf up. Lucky up? Who knows Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4) Instacart - Groceries delivered in as little as 1 hour. Free delivery on your first order over $35. Disclaimer: This post contains...


your new bucking therapists

The booz react to morning routines and more Pinterest self help crap. They judge it hypocritically as usual, and go off on some tangents. Stay tuned for a hot sex tip tho Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)


that's my OPINION!!!!

The booz read your unpopular opinions. This episode gets controversial and weirdly self helpy?? They are growing. Listen up and grab a beer Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)